Boston Red Sox v Toronto Blue Jays

The Jays got a big win last night to stop the streaking Red Sox, and as much as I chose the image above for this post specifically to revel in it for just that little bit longer, all those good feelings don’t stand much of a chance of lasting through the night if the Jays revert back to their turd-laying ways– especially with a Leafs playoff game (note: weird thing to write) taking place at the same time, ready to overshadow… everything.

And perhaps the Leafs game will make tonight’s Rogers Centre crowd virtually nonexistent. I’ll be there, so… that’s at least one person.

Let’s just hope the good Mark Buehrle shows up, too. Or, y’know, enough defence behind him to get his strand rate back up 10% to something closer to his career mark.

Should be an adventure! But… let’s hope it isn’t. In a good way for once, for fuck sakes.


John Lott informs us that Jays management have discussed the possibility of promoting Ricky Romero, if a starter needs to go on the DL.  However, he adds, they’d like Ricky to make at least one more start in the minors.

Romero starts in Dunedin tomorrow, according to a tweet from Mike Wilner.

Not sure Ricky will need to be rushed, as Shi Davidi tweets that R.A. Dickey’s MRI came back clean, with the exception of some inflammation in his wonky back/neck. He’ll start Saturday.

Barry Davis adds that he spoke to Josh Johnson today, who says his arm is much better than it was when the club determined he needed to miss a start over the weekend, and that he expects to start against the Mariners on Friday.

Davis also tells us that, while reports earlier about the Dome being open were accurate, they were simply testing it, in anticipation of having it available to be open later in the week. It will not be open tonight, both because it hasn’t been fully tested yet, and because the club expects it to get colder.

Reporting from the field earlier today, Lott tweeted that “For some reason, Luis Rivera is working with Kawasaki, Izturis and Bonifacio on turning double plays.” *COUGH*

Speaking of coaching stuff, Wilner tweets a picture of John Gibbons on the mound, helping Melky, Adam Lind and Kawasaki take some extra batting practice. Davidi adds that Gibbons says he sees some balances issues with Melky.

Wilner tells us that the Jays say that they have now abandoned the idea of moving Brett Lawrie to second base and Jose Bautista to third. No official word, but I suspect Jose’s back flaring up not long after making the switch probably had something to do with that.

Chris Toman tweets that there’s proof that Jarrod Saltalamacchia did indeed hit the umpire’s mask on his errant snap throw to first last night. The Jays caught an umpire-influenced break, believe it or not.

Lastly, just because it’s still kinda too awesome, why not mute the audio on your TV tonight, and call the game yourself using Scott Johnson’s amazing Buck Martinez Soundboard!

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app

Toronto Blue Jays

3B Brett Lawrie (R)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
DH Adam Lind (L)
DH Melky Cabrera (S)
C J.P. Arencibia (R)
2B Maicer Izturis (S)
SS Munenori Kawasaki (L)

Mark Buehrle LHP

Boston Red Sox

CF Jacoby Ellsbury (L)
LF Jonny Gomes (R)
2B Dustin Pedroia (R)
DH David Ortiz (L)
1B Mike Napoli (R)
RF Daniel Nava (S)
3B Will Middlebrooks (R)
SS Stephen Drew (L)
C David Ross (R)

Clay Buchholz RHP

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  1. Sweet, 2 DHs! Does that mean Izturis gets zero at bats? Hope so.

  2. Two DHs… What is this? A Game Threat for the Seattle Mariners?

  3. If a lefty comes into face Rasmus in an appropriate situation does Gibby bring Davis in to PH?

    • You really think Davis has the range to cover center and left like Rasmus will be doing with this 2 DH lineup?

  4. Rasmus batting #2 again. :(

    What’s the o/u on # of Ks for him? I’m thinking 2.5. I doubt he will see many FBs.

  5. “We just need to keep playing, as offencemen…”. Adam Lind May 2013 golden nugget of information.

    In all fairness I think he had a couple of walnuts in his mouth at the time.

  6. Blue Jays will provide quality television during tv time outs in the Leaf game, unless Buehrle gets as reamed as it likely seems he will be.

    Here’s to a two game winning streak!

  7. Fuck you Red Sox. Tonight is phase 2 of the sweep. Bautista is going to have a monster night.

  8. I want the Jays to win really badly, but I don’t see this ending well.

  9. The pitching match up both for this year, and player vs. pitcher are really not in the Jays favour tonight……

    So……. If the Jays do win it will be clear that is would be due to Mark DeRosa’s team meeting, and Mark Buehrle’s veteran stewardship…….

    Because that fact don’t add up, but the chemistry might!

  10. Stoeten: If you’re all alone at the center, do the wave, and don’t make an arse of yourself by trying to sneak down to the T. D. seats. We will be watching.

  11. These CBC hockey montages are fantastic

  12. What is the over under on the digital Honda ad sapping all the power out of the audio feed?

  13. love it… the Buck Martinez soundboard is genius

  14. and go Jays

  15. Aaaaand soundboard on.

  16. Sausage and friiiied onions

  17. How many barehanded play attempts in the past 10 days by Lawire?

    It’s got to be at least 8.

  18. Buck already fucking up names, calling Jacoby “Mark Ellsbury.”

  19. Iron glove at 2nd

  20. There goes the gold glove.

  21. Sweet catch

  22. Leafs already up 1-0. C’mon Jays, you can’t take this in front of your 3 fans.

  23. Ok I get it now. It’s gonna be a Houdini type win.

  24. I grow weary of this team, Jays step on the freeeeking gas and score a bunch in inning 1

  25. Wow. That had Gif written all over it.

  26. Jack Morris: “One thing not reflected in those stats (about Clay) is that he’s limited his opponents to 2 runs or less over the course of 7 innings. His ERA reflects that.”

  27. Bucholz is putting in his best effort for ugliest fucking guy in the league

  28. Rasmus walked?!? Is this game being played in the Bizzaro Dome?

  29. Buckholz is such a greasy looking motherfucker, he could be Cletus’ brother.

  30. Fuck a cracker, Polly wants a walk.


  31. Good at bat Jose.

    • If it’s spinnin, he ain’t swingin.

      Problem is, Buckhole can get uncle charlie in the zone.

  32. Napoli almost hit the Orange Julius sign!!!

  33. Mark Buehrle you are so fucking shitty.

  34. It was only a matter of time before one of those went out.

  35. oh my *sigh*

  36. These fans must be superimposed too.

  37. It’s crazy Drew got on top of that 85mph fastball right down the centre of the plate…

  38. If anybody has a fireplace and would like some free wood I’ve got these parade floats you can have.

  39. I hate to be superficial [no I don't] – but what is going on with Buchholz’ hair? He’s grea-zy – real grea-zy. The umpires should make sure he’s not putting any of his hair splooge onto the ball.

  40. the game online anywhere?

  41. One thing is for certain, Lind, Aaron Cibia and Melky all run slower than Big Papi, the question is who is the slowest of the 3?

  42. Wasn’t very optimistic given the pitching matchup. Then again, Buehrle vs anyone doesn’t give me much hope for the game.

  43. On the bright side, Reimer just coughed up an easy one.

  44. Mark Beurhle might not have the best sutff but he also doesn’t have the best control so it’s ok

  45. Fuck I hate walks. Nothing like putting 100 guys on base 27 games into a season.

  46. Nice to see the shift back.

  47. Fuck how had is it to get the sound right?
    I keep having to adjust my hearing aid.

    • Does your attitude need an adjustment as well, or are you still serene?

      • No attitude adjustment neccessary, I’m always cranky.
        Part of the benefits of being old.
        Excuse me while I tell some kids to get off my grass.

    • Transmission was choppy last night too. You would think Rogers had a handle on that by now.

  48. Aaaaaaaand their stupid fucking ads is taking all the power again. WE NEED MORE POWER SCOTTY!

  49. Lol… Maicer.

  50. I thought Clay Buchholz looked familiar:


  51. Fuck shit calls.

  52. Ummm so Lawrie has a massive strike zone apparently…

  53. Cletus needs to ring a line drive off of Buchholz’s forehead.

  54. Colby “one sleeve” Rasmus

  55. Brutal at-bat, Colby.

  56. The ole Erasmus 3 pitch swinging strike out.

  57. Well at least the no-hitter is broken up. That’s good enough for me tonight.

  58. Great approach by Colby

  59. 3 random thoughts as i watch the Jays game.
    -Umps don’t like Lawrie. Really don’t like him.
    -Wonder if J.P. took note of how AJ framed pitches from Mark, because J.P. has the ability of making a pitch on the edge of the plate look a foot outside.
    -Mark Buehrle looks like someone who has never wanted to pitch in the A.L. east.

  60. Up to 41.9% now.

  61. Jays should release Buehrle… this guy is such shit.

    • Just leave Buehrle in there for a good 5 innings and then let whatever shit long-man (Germano?) is currently with the team to finish it off. No point in using any useful pitchers tonight.

  62. I don’t even care anymore.

  63. When’s batting practice over?

  64. Jesus fuck, Buerhle. Back to back?


  66. God, I hate the Red Sox. And I hate how good the Jays are making them look right now.

    The umps do have it out for Lawrie. Did any of those strikes that he didnt swing at actually cross the plate? Call the outside corner, fine. But be consistent.

  67. Just spotting them a lead to be sporting I’m sure….

  68. I get hit by balls frequently.

  69. I miss my bulldawwwwg!!!

  70. Mark Buehrle would do well in the N.L. west with all those big ball parks. This is getting ugly. He, out of all the players acquired this off season, had the largest $/risk factor. Hope he can string some outs together here, give us a chance to get back into it.

    • No way the Jays actually asked for him to be included in the deal. Unfortunately, he was a big part of the cost of getting Reyes and Johnson.

      The worst part is that he’s probably going to stay in the rotation unless he gets injured because of “veteran experience” and all that other bullshit.

      • You can’t get rid of him… who wants that fucking contract?

        • No, I mean just not have him start or pitch any important innings anymore. Obviously the Jays are stuck with him until the end.

        • I know they probably won’t be able to unload him any time soon, but was just thinking that his fly ball ratio would play out better there. After watching his last game, and then seeing the replays, his body language and expression look like he feels he never signed up for this. He wanted to be in the national league, and probably got traded to the one division in base ball that he didn’t want to be in (strong division with 3 of the more dangerous hitting ballparks in baseball). But he is a professional, and he signed that contract, albiet Miami, and hasn’t bitched. I just hope he can reel his numbers in as we progress through the season.

    • The Jays brass were hoping that bats would carry us through Buehrle’s starts. Too bad the Jays cannot hit.

    • +1.

      Having Buerhle is OK if you get a full year of Jose Reyes.

      How did he get a perfect game?

      Mind boggling.

  71. lol should I repost my Shitacular Show™ post from last night again? It seemed to do wonders for the Jays fortunes right after I did.

    Man hard to believe Buerhle dropped off the cliff like this so quickly. Never was a huge fan but I certainly expected better than this. Seriously disappointing.

    • He was never GOOD. Look at his career numbers vs. AL East opponents.

      This albatross contract will fuck the Jays for the next two years.

      • Career ERA+ of 118 begs to differ but right now he’s Shitacular along with the majority of the Jays starters.

        I will be curious to see how much rope they give him if Romero has another good outing. It’s not like the Jays are 5 or 6 games above .500 and can be overly patient while he decides to stop throwing batting practice.

      • Does AA try to trade Buerhle & a prospect to get a 2B prospect?

        Does AA ask Rogers to “eat” part of Buerhle’s contract to get rid of him?

        Is Buerhle an acceptable 5th starter at 18 million per year???

  72. Just didnt have a chance tonight…probably one of the worst matchups we’ll have all year, a red hot Bucholz who dominates the Jays…against Buehrle who was bound to give up multiple home runs tonight…just not cut out to face the Sox in this ballpark especially. Go win the series tomorrow.

    • All aboard the excuse train. Choo, choo.

      • Not really making excuses you moron…Buehrle isnt that great and Bucholz is…thats the reason were going to lose tonight, simple as that, I would have been shocked had we won this game. Buehrle can maybe be average in a bigger ballpark against a worse team…but against the sox? in the dome? not a hope.

  73. I clench my spinster every time the attempt a double play.

  74. Gets fisted

  75. Mark Buehrle in way over his head!

  76. SQUAAAAAAAAK! *flap flap flap*

  77. The question (and worry) is this:

    If Mark Buerle puts up 2012 Ricky Romero numbers all season will he remain in the rotation based on the fact he’s a vet (and the contract).

    Will anyone have the balls to yank him out of the rotation?

    • Many other things to worry about until we get to that point.

      • well, it certainly could be one of the big problems however. Running a guy out there like that every 5 starts is not the way to get back in the race and get on a streak.

    • lol Just asked basically the same thing above. I could see him going to the pen possibly but is there really a spot there for him? How long do you keep Romero down if shows all the improvement you’re asking for? Again the Jays blew all their leeway in allowing a starter to work things out in the rotation with this Shitacular start.

    • I think that is a reason that AA brought Gibbons to town. If your 18 starts in the season, X starter needs to check their ego, skip a start or temporary relief role, what ever the case may be. I think Gibbons has no problem telling a guy, I know you’ve been this for this long, but right now, we need ball games. And if Mark continues to put up Romero numbers, I think it has to happen. On the business side, the Jays will need to get him back into an effective starter to get any substantial value from his contract.

    • @ White Knuckles.

      I think he stays in the ratoation as 5th starter. He’s the new Vernon Wells albatross.

      If AA could get rid of Wells he can get rid of Buerhle.

      However, Buehle may be useful against Non Al East opponents.

  78. The other day, Blair was saying that Melky can’t catch up to the fastball anymore. Groucho and Hayhurst were actually advocating PED’s.

    • Each + every time they go on about how awesome Melky was in previous years that’s all I think/shout @ the TV – it was because of the PEDs!

  79. I hope so..we cant afford to have Buehrle and what will likely be a 5-6 ERA going out to the mound all year. Hopefully Romero can get his shit together and make some good starts this year.

  80. 1. Shit the bed every time I pitch.
    2. Ignore some kid asking for an autograph, get razzed for it, get recorded shouting “who gives a fuck?”
    3. Get released, Jays eat salary, sign with the White Sox, hug pitbull, nod to family, thank Rios for texting idea.

  81. All is not lost – Scarface is on so I can watch that + decompress during the advert breaks. Let’s get it together, rabbit troop! I can handle losing [kinda], but I cannot handle Boston winning.

  82. When we were champs…lol

  83. Did Morris just concede the game?

  84. Looks like the Jays batters have given up.

  85. Watching Ortiz run actually cheers me up a bit…

  86. Yep, I can definitely see where Izturis is going to help us build a championship quaility club. Fucker can’t hit ,field,throw or run. In wiilner speak if you throw all that out he’s not bad for little league.
    DFA the cunt, no one will take em and send him to buffalo. We’re going to have to eat the 10m anyway. Fuck, little Milto of Jethro Tull fame could do better

    • that’s little milton, sorry

    • @fukstick.

      izturis was a free agent signing by AA, so I doubt he gets DFA’d.

      Could Izturis be a utility infielder?

      Can AA upgrade at 2B? Any prospects in the system? Negrych?

  87. Good to see Germano getting warmed up

  88. How many more games can the Jays really allow Izturis to hit like a fucking grandmother and field like Jim Thome at second base?

  89. Ortiz runs like Archie Bunker. I think it’s his last good year. The Arthritis is catching up ala Vlad Guerrero.

  90. Buehrle could help us stay in the game here by getting traded to Boston in the next inning and coming on in relief for Cletu…errr…Clay.

  91. I’m already sick of the team sucking hobo balls. I realize the season is long, but this is getting depressing.

  92. This definitely looks bad on AA

    Buerle never pitched well against the AL East and he’s not suited to pitch at the rogers center
    Melky has been exactly how he was before the peds
    Rasmus/JPA have been their regular crappy selves
    Neither Bonifacio or Izturis are everyday players
    A bench consisting of Blanco and DeRosa

    • You came like Peter North when that trade and signing was made just like everyone else.

      • I didn’t…

        People jizzed all over the place but most intelligent baseball fans saw problems with it immediately. The Jays were fleeced by Loria.

      • I’m not gonna lie I was excited but everyone was being overly optimistic, If Rasmus can put it together, Bonifacio and his speed, etc.. too many things had to happen

        • Oh, I never expected that playoffs were a given, there weren’t still holes etc…

          But…Jays roster end of 2012 vs. Now?

          Now please.

          Even seeing what’s currently happening early in the season, sad as it might be to behold…

      • FYI

        Peter North is Canadian.

        Greatest Canadian actor ever?

        Played a part in building one of the biggest industries in the world.

        He’s gotta be at least in the conversation.

    • Rushing the rebuild will force the Jays to rebuild in 2014.

    • @Laffey

      I thought the point of the trade was to get Reyes & 1 year of Johnson who was supposed to be in a contract year. Lots of upside.

      Buehrle was the reliable not injury prone innings eater.

  93. Veteran grit on the mound.

  94. He’s hoping getting out of that is a turning point. I want to drink plenty of beer tonight and would like it to be in a happy mood.

  95. Okay, third look at Buckhole….

    Results please :)

  96. *Here’s

    The he is me…I’ll shut up now.

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