Boston Red Sox v Toronto Blue Jays

The Jays got a big win last night to stop the streaking Red Sox, and as much as I chose the image above for this post specifically to revel in it for just that little bit longer, all those good feelings don’t stand much of a chance of lasting through the night if the Jays revert back to their turd-laying ways– especially with a Leafs playoff game (note: weird thing to write) taking place at the same time, ready to overshadow… everything.

And perhaps the Leafs game will make tonight’s Rogers Centre crowd virtually nonexistent. I’ll be there, so… that’s at least one person.

Let’s just hope the good Mark Buehrle shows up, too. Or, y’know, enough defence behind him to get his strand rate back up 10% to something closer to his career mark.

Should be an adventure! But… let’s hope it isn’t. In a good way for once, for fuck sakes.


John Lott informs us that Jays management have discussed the possibility of promoting Ricky Romero, if a starter needs to go on the DL.  However, he adds, they’d like Ricky to make at least one more start in the minors.

Romero starts in Dunedin tomorrow, according to a tweet from Mike Wilner.

Not sure Ricky will need to be rushed, as Shi Davidi tweets that R.A. Dickey’s MRI came back clean, with the exception of some inflammation in his wonky back/neck. He’ll start Saturday.

Barry Davis adds that he spoke to Josh Johnson today, who says his arm is much better than it was when the club determined he needed to miss a start over the weekend, and that he expects to start against the Mariners on Friday.

Davis also tells us that, while reports earlier about the Dome being open were accurate, they were simply testing it, in anticipation of having it available to be open later in the week. It will not be open tonight, both because it hasn’t been fully tested yet, and because the club expects it to get colder.

Reporting from the field earlier today, Lott tweeted that “For some reason, Luis Rivera is working with Kawasaki, Izturis and Bonifacio on turning double plays.” *COUGH*

Speaking of coaching stuff, Wilner tweets a picture of John Gibbons on the mound, helping Melky, Adam Lind and Kawasaki take some extra batting practice. Davidi adds that Gibbons says he sees some balances issues with Melky.

Wilner tells us that the Jays say that they have now abandoned the idea of moving Brett Lawrie to second base and Jose Bautista to third. No official word, but I suspect Jose’s back flaring up not long after making the switch probably had something to do with that.

Chris Toman tweets that there’s proof that Jarrod Saltalamacchia did indeed hit the umpire’s mask on his errant snap throw to first last night. The Jays caught an umpire-influenced break, believe it or not.

Lastly, just because it’s still kinda too awesome, why not mute the audio on your TV tonight, and call the game yourself using Scott Johnson’s amazing Buck Martinez Soundboard!

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app

Toronto Blue Jays

3B Brett Lawrie (R)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
DH Adam Lind (L)
DH Melky Cabrera (S)
C J.P. Arencibia (R)
2B Maicer Izturis (S)
SS Munenori Kawasaki (L)

Mark Buehrle LHP

Boston Red Sox

CF Jacoby Ellsbury (L)
LF Jonny Gomes (R)
2B Dustin Pedroia (R)
DH David Ortiz (L)
1B Mike Napoli (R)
RF Daniel Nava (S)
3B Will Middlebrooks (R)
SS Stephen Drew (L)
C David Ross (R)

Clay Buchholz RHP

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  1. Lotta talk about Buchholz and him greasing the ball.

  2. Well there’s always the Leafs…. Oh wait.

  3. lol what is bautista doing, there were many a perfect pitch to swing at, no need to argue

  4. What the fuck is Bautista doing? He got two borderline strikes called his way. He also let a straight down the pipe strike go by.

  5. ESPN should do a story on how the man in white is helping Buchholz when he’s in Toronto.

  6. Typical Buccholz start in Toronto. I swear I remember them scoring a run off him once, at some point, in the past. Might have misremembered tho.

    • They probably read that they don’t do well against Buccholz which in turn makes them do poorly against him.

      • I don’t know. But Masterson, DiceK, and Buccholz are the three pitchers I never want the Jays facing, because they simply can’t hit them. Just can’t. Lukcily I think DiceK’s out of MLB now.

  7. Gibbons looks weird wearing a white jersey, very Eddie Haskell. On the road he’s got the windbreaker.

  8. So what is the plan with Buehrle? I guess just have this happen every fifth night for the next few years and hope we learn to score runs at some point?

  9. About Beurhle, he got to the seventh and had one horrific inning.

    The Jays aren’t hitting. That Bautista at bat was ridiculous.

  10. The fuck? That 2-2 pitch has been a strike all evening…

    • Trying to be an umpire is FAILURE. If it’s close, you spoil it.

    • ive been complaining (crying; whin-ning) about that for years now and some more here: the ump-ing vs. the jays is bullshit.

  11. Alex Anthopolous is never wrong. Kind of like how Dick Cheney was never wrong.

    • On the other hand Cheney was a major asshole about it and , a lot of people died in a war that Cheney started. So, not like AA at all.

  12. Control freaks that never admit fault

  13. Esmil esmil esmil, I was never sold on you, and you are not helping your cause.

  14. Did buck just say “Ishmale ” Rogers?

  15. lol Napoli loves the jays

  16. Tonight’s strikezone can go eat a dick

  17. This is when the PTA gets disbanded again, right?

  18. Can these fucking hitters learn to make adjustments at the plate? How long
    Is bucholz going to dominate them? Yesterday morrow was on fire for 3 innings and the red sox figured him out. What the fuck is it with these hitters? This is supposed to be a team that was going to compete for a playoff spot. These hitters are a huuuuuge disapppintment.



  20. Also esmil rogers and mark buehrle fucking suck

  21. Shut up, shut up, SHUT UP JACK MORRIS! Sweet merciful crap. You’re the reason my teddy bear from 1992 or 1993 had his ears chewed off + you’re making this miserable game infinitely more miserable. SHUT IT. We know we suck – we don’t need you banging on about it.


  23. sorry he is slow

  24. God damn Cabrera is slow!

  25. That’s our blue jays, down by 8 get thrown out at 2nd

  26. Melky, looking like my dad out there running the bases.

  27. Wow jp nice AB. Fucking pathetic hitter.

  28. Just wait everyone, when this team gets hot everyone will get excited again.

  29. Trade everyone at the deadline and rebuild. This team is terrible.

  30. remember when the AL east was supposed to be weak this year? now we know why

  31. I like Melky’s sense of humour. Just getting thrown out on the bases to lighten the mood.

  32. I honestly can’t even imagine paying for a ticket to watch this garbage. Fans are going to stay away in droves, this team will be 30 games back and beeston will order a massive salary dump.

  33. guys got a 6.65 ERA in the minors. Lets promote him to the big leagues!

  34. Fucking Germano…they wouldn’t need a 12th reliever if they werent getting blown out every couple days…the days of my pseudo positivity are dwindling…

  35. Highlight of the night: little girl in the sick hat stuffing her face with popcorn.

    Atta girl.

  36. Gonna be a hum dinger of a JaysTalk tonight!

  37. jays are 1-9 after a win

  38. Fully dimed muscle head in section 116, guzzling that beer.

  39. I blame this game on Gibbons.

    He clearly needs to tell Buehrle and the hitters to “not suck” more sternly and often. The only solution is to find a manager that can communicate this obscure concept properly.

    • while that was an awesome comment (literally laughed out loud – had gf curious what happened), i still blame gibbons for a lot of this mess. those tweeted gang pics are but one example. if i am a pro baseball (hockey, etc.) player and i am losing every goddamn night i sure as shit an not posing for joke photos. and if i was, i would expect my manager/coach to come down on me.

      • but one example…shift issues, batting order issues, motivation issues, coaching staff issues…and on it goes

  40. Don’t worry everyone! We will get a high pick again and then I can draft tyler beede again! I will stock the farm system again and then trade them all for washed up 34 year olds!

  41. Maybe the Florida Marlins’ GM wasn’t a complete idiot

  42. “Bucholz is smart enough to know not to walk anybody late, although he did walk Lind in the 7th”

  43. in previous years at least we had prospects to look forward to and we were all aware the Jays were rebuilding. Now? We are screwed with nothing to look forward too.

    • I have been saying this all along… we will be a last place team with the 25th best farm system.

      • Can the comment section be mined and curated for short bus gems like this? Just bold them so they can’t be missed. They’re truly the best. As you’re reading them you can literally hear the mouth breathing.

        • And if these short bus comments prove true, and you prove to be even more foolish than the mouth breathing crowd, will you own up to your FurtherDown’s Syndrome at the appropriate time, or will you just run and hide, or, perhaps, hem and haw about a broken clock being right twice a day?

          • If I didn’t know better I’d have to check my calendar to see what day, month year it is. The same Wilner call-in show half-wits that bemoaned AA’s hoarding of prospects are now bellowing about the team of marque players he put together. Nice work kids.

  44. 80% of the time when Stoeten goes to the game, they lose.
    Add that to angering the baseball Gods.

  45. I am a ninja GM! I steal all the benched and dfa’d players off of other teams and make them starters! corey patterson I want you back!


  47. Alright, let’s work up Wilson’s pitch count so they can’t use him tomorrow! That’ll show them.

  48. Cleatus on track for apx 249 strike outs!

  49. Hey everyone, join the blue jays for sleep over night! Bed time starts at 7:30pm sharp.

  50. What’s with all that attitude from Bautista?

    And maybe the guy up-thread has a point about doing business with Loria…

  51. When is Rasmus traded?

  52. I enjoyed the last 20 years, not this so much.

  53. Two wins in a row will be our World Series. I’m going to celebrate like a madman the next time the Jays win twice in two games. I know Buchholz is pitching well early this season, so tonight was a tall order, but still. Time for these guys to sack up.

  54. Don’t worry everyone, once we face tampa’s inferior pitching staff, our hitters will improve. Wilner told me so!

  55. Jays losing 10-1, Leafs lost 4-1, TFC lost 6-0(yep in soccer 6-0). Mercy….MERCY!!!!!!

  56. Isn’t it amazing how I’ve fooled everyone into thinking I am smarter than all other gm’s?

  57. Jays losing 10-1 in 9th and Jose Reyes feels the need to tweet about his new tattoos.

  58. Useless character guy alert!

    Useless character guy alert!

    Useless character guy alert!

  59. Derosa!

    It wouldn’t be a blowout loss without seeing him fuck up in some kind of way! Can we get Blanco in here for a strikeout too?!!?

    • I still don;t understand why they didn’t start the season with thole over Blanco. Not that he’d be the difference maker.

      • It’s because they think that JPA needs a babysitter like Lawrie.

        • Really? Retarded. Hire the old wash up as a fucking coach then.

          You know what else grinds my gears? Character guy DeRosa telling the media the club house is tense or whatever bullshit he said.

          Thanks, Character Guy. That helps a tonne. Shut the fuck up and continue being worthless, De Rosa. Asshole.

  60. Blanco swingng at a breaking ball that bounces in front of the plate to end the game sums things up quite nicely…

  61. Wow. Woooowwwwww. This team really, honestly IS total dogshit after all. May 1st, 10 games out and only the MARLINS and the fucking ASTROS are worse in ALL OF BASEBALL.
    This. Season. Is. Over.

  62. I realize that batting average is a largely useless statistic, but it is kind of funny/depressing to look at a Blue Jays’ boxscore and seeing that no one in the entire lineup is batting above .245

    • Batting average is not a useless stat.
      Most stats, used in a vacuum on their own are useless, but batting average is adecent indicator. Don’t discount it.

  63. Just heard Buerhle to go on the DL with BSS – Bulldog Separation Syndrome.

  64. Red Sox on based a paltry .432 tonight. Jays came in just behind at .273. The season in a tiny, small sample size, nutshell.

    • Yep. And AA will tell you he’s “happy with the job” Chad Mottola’s been doing. Riiiiigggghhhhtt

  65. This season has been a donkey punch. I didn’t see it coming and don’t like it

  66. press the panic button nowwww

  67. motherfucker, people just don’t get it. look, it’s not like you need to either believe that the trades were perfect or that they were disastrous. The Jays are not going to end the season as one of the worst teams in baseball. Just not going to happen. But even if they unfuck themselves, it’s looking pretty unlikely that they’re going to be any better than a borderline postseason quality team. Which is indeed a bummer, considering the age of the players that came over, and the quality prospects the Jays gave up.

    But Jays fans are the last people who ought to complain about this stuff. Jays fans have been screaming at Rogers to spend for years, and they spend, and make what ought to be on paper a fucking good baseball team, and of course they have to give up prospects, and essentially be really not-fucking-smart about how to build a team (unlike the, uh, Rays, or the Jays until this last offseason). But what the fuck do you want? This shit can happen if you spend a fuckton of cash on proven players (old guys with good histories) instead of building a team from prospects.

    The Jays got fucked first by the Reyes injury, then by all the pitchers deciding to have shitty outings early in the season, then by all the good hitters on the team (and you know there are plenty) having shit streaks. Fucking EVERYTHING has gone wrong for the Jays.

    But how the fuck is Anthopolous supposed to have figured that it would? The organization was pressured to spend, he went out and got guys who have done well in the past, who are supposed to win. They’re fucking it up. That’s the whole story. There’s nothing else to it. Predictions are useless for the rest of the year. Predictions based on the past are what got us to these disappointments to begin with. Fuck it. Enjoy the baseball (if possible) and hope for the best.

    • Yes, how dare fans boo when their team loses and judge management by results on the field! Ignorant motherfuckers! I supported the trade when it happened and maybe it will all turn out okay, but if it continues like this I reserve my right to get drunk and throw appliances at the television screen

    • @Kiler

      +10. I don’t blame AA for this mess.

      The Jays recent prospects fell apart for various reasons.

      Snider was supposed tobe a regular middle of the order bat by now. He was mishandled, got hurt etc.. Never orked ut.

      Drabek was supposed to be good, couldn’t find the strike zone , ended up with tommy john.

      Ricky Romero goes from opening day starter 2 years in a row to Dunedin Tourist attraction. That’s pretty rare.

      the 2013 jays won’t be the first team to not “gel” for the lack of a better word.

      Dodgers aren’t looking so hot neither the Angels..

      i hope AA isn’t forced to do a fire sale.

      The team has to get better, It’s the law of averages.

      • For two years everyone, me included, gave AA adoring blow jobs for his work, which was exceptional, to be honest. But like everyone with a job, he has to take criticism when production falls. He’s a big boy, he can take it, we don’t have to worry about hurting his feelings

    • AA needed to get Darvish and Cespedes… would not have cost the team prospects.

      Spending money for the sake of spending money is retarded… that is what gets you Mark Buehrle and Heath Bell on ridiculous contracts.

      This “highly regarded” trade will put the Jays in a rebuild for the next 3 years. I hope this team was worth it.

      Best team on paper? Fuck… my sides.

  68. I’m really not interested in hearing another Jays player or analyst say ‘This is the type of win that will get the team going.’

    • Lol. Luckily you’ve only heard that said 10 times this year – maybe 9 cause there was no panic after the 1st win

  69. We’re up against the Dumpster tomorrow – I like our chances for a series win.

    Everyone needs to cheer up a little – go look at porn or something.

  70. The beatings will continue until morale improves.

  71. It was cool last year when everyone waited all season for the Orioles to regress

    • +1. They turned out to be a good team.

      I wish the Jays were the underdogs that no one thought would work.

      Disappointing loss, but they have a chance to win the series tomorrow.

  72. I think this pretty much sums up the state of Blue Jays land right now.

  73. So, when can we start to panic? I’m finding it tough to refrain from making dumb ass comments after watching this shit show.

    • I’ve circled June 12th on the calendar

    • There are those of us who appreciate your restraint.

      • Maaaaaan … If only I could say what I want to say about why Buehrle is absolutely chowing down on a bag of dicks every fucking time he steps onto the mound.

    • @derp.

      It doesn’t matter when fans start to panic. Buerhle is has a history of being weak against the AL East. Buckholz usually pitches well againt the Jays.

      Blowouts at home against the red sox are too common. Wish we had Mike Mccoy to pitch a 3 up 3 down inning.

      The Jays are what they are. Sad, but still lots of fun baseball ahead.

  74. The Jays continue to struggle reaching that elusive 2 game win streak. Happened once so far and it’s fucking may 1st!

  75. Win tomorrow and then sweep the fucking Mariners. 14-18 by Sunday.

    Do it shitheads!

    • I think the fact that we’re REALLY pining for them to even be 14 – 18 speaks volumes.

      This team has been playing very bad, and everyone’s expectations have been significantly lowered.

  76. Man, Im reeeealllyyy fucking concerned about the offense. Bucholz is a decent pitcher and all but theyve seen him dominate how many times over the years? 30? They know what he throws so make the fucking adjustment like the red sox did with morrow yesterday. They should have been able to get like 3 runs off him and make this team game more interesting.

  77. Is it just me or does that article imply that Bautista was faking his back injury to avoid playing third base?

  78. How come no one talks about how early it is anymore?

  79. Alright I know our team can do better. That was just horrible to watch last night. Hopefully our guys went to bed pissed off about losing 10-1 at home to the massholes. I think they need to have a bench clearing brawl, that would help this team for sure.

    • You mean the way they did when they lost to the same Massholes 13-0 at home a few weeks ago?

      Fans and press can say it’s still early and don’t panic, but I think these players are panicked.

      Playing your entire season from behind is taxing. The Jays are in that position because they were never an underdog.

      • Good point about the ‘under-dog’ status. They were supposed to be the over-dogs. This must be really tough for them.

  80. Poor AA.

    The schmuck got Eiffel Tower’d by Jeffrey Loria and Sandy Alderson, while John Farrell filmed the rape.

    Fool should be held accountable.

  81. Tonight is the game that matters. Win each series and we should be fine.

  82. Buerhle the best

  83. Should of kept Rios

  84. Mark Buehrle is to the Reyes/JJ trade
    Mark Teahan was to the Rasmus/EJax deal

    AA just can’t say no to Marks

    Can’t wait for Staff Ace Ricky Romero to come up and save the season for us

    • I think we got Teahan in the Vernon Wells trade.

      I think Buehrle is fine, he just can’t pitch against the Yankees or Red Sox. I would have been happy if he had gone up against Seattle or something.

      Lastly, I think firing John Gibbons would be the stupidest thing physically possible. However, I wouldn’t object if Chad Mottola got fired. It’s obviously not his fault, but when the shit hits the fan mothafuckas gotta go down.

      • Teahan was the price tag attached to the Rasmus trade. The Jays also sent some real cash. Dotel got them a draft pick too.

        The Jays did in fact give value to get Rasmus it was just value that many fans don’t recognize.

      • It’s time for AA to make a move that would appease the fans:

        Hire the “Professional Hitter” Matt Stairs as the hitting coach.

  85. Romero for Buerhle

    Do it AA…

  86. I wonder what the Dodgers might offer up for Buehrle. There’s an interesting trade match: the Dodgers really need pitching with Greinke and Billingsley injured and Beckett struggling, and could obviously absorb that contract, and Buehrle would be going back to the NL and to one of baseball’s premier pitcher’s parks. The Dodgers have a bit of an OF glut, and that Cuban kid Puig is pushing in the minor leagues (although he was arrested for going 100 MPH in a 60 zone last week). Not sure who it would be…I doubt they’d trade Crawford even in a comeback season unless they were 150% sure Puig could slot in. But there’s two high-priced, hyped up and struggling clubs. Is there some kind of match to help both these teams turn around? Am I talking crazy here (I usually am)?

    • A nice idea but no one takes Buehrle’s contract as it is now.

      • Why not? Throw in cash like Miami did and it’s possible to trade Buehrle. Having said that, AA should send him to another jurisdiction that bans pitbulls as a fuck you for the clusterfuck that he is on the mound for us.

  87. I’m sure Stoeten might poo poo this, but I’ve been on Junior hockey teams where there is a collective shut down because of a clubhouse issue. Generally when the entire team is playing THIS poorly, it’s because they don’t like the coach.

    I know a lot of people like Gibby, but I can’t help but think that some of the veteran players perhaps didn’t like a AA coach being given this position, and under Francona would have been excelling.

    I always thought it was a bit of an odd choice for Gibby, but my take on it was that AA wanted a guy he could control, rather than one the players would respect.

    My take.

    • Junior hockey != Professional baseball

    • Gee, I wonder why he might poo-poo your entirely uninformed opinion.

      Not only do I think you’re in no position to make such a claim, I’d like to stress that Gibby was an excellent manager at the MLB level for 5 years. I don’t know why you’d claim that AA wanted to ‘control’ him; Gibby has never worked for AA in his life.

      Gibby has been making the right moves at the right times and been undone over and over by a complete lack of hand eye coordination on the part of the players. Unless he’s been swapping out their contact lenses, I don’t see how you could even begin to blame him for anything.

      Also, congratulations for ticking all of the TSN commenter boxes – link a pro team back to your experience in junior sports, compare whatever you’re talking about to hockey, make a completely unfounded conclusion and support it with evidence that no one would ever have reason to suspect is true.

    • If players can’t get motivated but the 100 million dollar contract being handed out these days then the problem is with your players and not the manager.

  88. Buerhle’s 4 runs allowed was a typical game for him – wouldn’t looked so bad if we coulda scored some fuckin runs and not had Rogers implode on the mound.

    Our starters need to pitch shutouts so we can tie these days!

    • If that is typical for him he will have an ERA in the 6′s and have more value if he were released.

      Buerhle is going to have to be better than that.

      • Yes not a good game but if the team could score runs then the spotlight is off the pitcher – he allowed 4 runs and left with runners on. Rogers was fabulous in relief…….

  89. I take the long term view on this and I think the smart managers at Rogers do too. Other than JJ we have a 3 year window. Just because our team is performing awfully right now doesn’t mean this will occur next year, or the year after. Rather than doing a massive firesale, which would be a huge over reaction, we just need to upgrade a few spots.

    As for the coaching side, whatever metrics the team uses to judge the hitting coaches/pitching coaches I am sure will determine their demotion/firing.

    I don’t think Burhle’s contract is too big of an issue if/when we would want to get rid of him We know that he can pitch decently in the NL and although he would be overpaid, if a team really needs pitching help and has a budget they will take him either for low prospects/ splitting the contract with the Jays.

    • Agreed on his contract not being a big deal to an NL contender.

      And you could slide Romero, or possibly Drabek/Hutchison in his spot.

      I can’t recall, was Buerhle’s contract part of the price for getting Johnson and Reyes? AA wasn’t really after him was he?

  90. Doesn’t this team (and it’s fans) know that it just has to be hovering around .500 until Reyes gets back? That means going 38 – 30 over the next 2.5 months – which doesn’t seem unreasonable (except for the fact that the team is playing poorly).

    • Then what? Reyes takes a .500 team and adds 20 wins to the right side of .500 by going 43-23 the rest of the way? Or is he going to change the rotation of the earth to reverse time?

      To think WAR values him as a 4-5 win player over 162 games. Funny that the Mets weren’t in the playoffs every year and that the Marlins didn’t win 100 games.

      • Right, because clearly Reyes was the reason those teams didn’t make the playoffs, or that the Marlins lost 100 games, and had nothing to do with the other 24 guys on their rosters.

        • errrr, exactly….he’s saying the other players on the jays roster aren’t gettig it done now, so why would they magically start once Reyes gets back.

          your trying to argue the same side of the arguement

  91. It’s obviously the “Stoeten Factor”.
    Everytime he goes to a game, the Jays lose.

  92. If the Jays keep going like this, I wonder who the first to be fired will be. Hopefully Jack Morris.

  93. Man, some of you guys are seriously overestimating the Dodgers eagerness to take on bad contracts. Just because they might have done so in the past and might be ABLE to do so….does not make them actively seeking to take on the worst contracts they can.

    Buerhle will probably be the worst contract in baseball starting next year. Buerhle is not an $18 million pitcher by any stretch. Not even close. Jays would have to cough up probably half of what he’s owed to move him.

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