The longest home run hit at Rogers Centre last night came off the bat of Mike Carp.

It sounds impossible, given what I’m sure we’ve now all seen with our own eyes, as, in the fifth inning, Edwin Encarnacion joined the 500 club, smashing a ball into the fifth deck, becoming the first Blue Jays player to do so since Vernon Wells nearly nine years ago, in September of 2004. But apparently it’s true.

Encarnacion’s blast travelled a “mere” 427 feet, as we can see in the image above from Greg Rybarczyk, aka @hittracker. Carp’s blast, according to Rybarczyk’s site, ESPN Home Run Tracker, travelled 444 feet.

It’s hard to fathom, because… well… look!

That is one seriously long, hard ding-dong, but it’s so close to the line that I think I understand why it may not quite be as big a blast as it felt like. Two graphs, also from ESPN Home Run Tracker, with the range rings on, demonstrate further.

First, Encarnacion’s blast. As you can tell from the graph at the top, the blue dot is where the ball landed, the green is the point where it would have carried to, based on trajectory, had it not been impeded by the stands:


Now here’s Carp’s:


So… I don’t know. It doesn’t change the fact that Edwin’s bomb still makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up, while Carp’s felt like a relatively ho-hum blast (which you can see here, via, but that’s what really happened. It’s science!

For reference, and because it’s awesome (and also because… speaking of Carps), here’s the fucking fifth deck moonshot Manny Ramirez hit off Chris “Big Carp” Carpenter back in his Jays days, in 2001.

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  1. the shot heard round the world (Canada)!

  2. lies and slander. I’m surprised brian burke aint suing.

  3. The crowd is applauding the other team’s play, and I didn’t see one beer thrown at the 100 level! What city was this in?

  4. I looked for a while to find the list of the entire club of 14 who have gone 5th deck, came up empty.

    • Only ones I could get were; Manny Ramirez, Jose Canseco, Mark McGuire, Vernon Wells, Josh Phelps, Carlos Delgado, Joe Carter, Shawn Green

      • I really thought that Snider hit one that went into the 5th deck, and went right into the tunnel? anyone else remember that? I think he hit 2 that night and it was his first stint up with the Jays.

        • That was in the Twins’ old stadium.

        • Pretty sure the two homers you’re thinking of (including the one that went down a tunnel) happened in Minnesota. At least that’s what I remember. I also remember that they were his last two homers for a good long while, unfortunately.

      • I thought Colby hit one up there last year. Might have just been near the top deck.

  5. Farrell’s facial expression after that blast was great.

  6. It’s all about trajectory. I’m not surprised at all. Ramirez’s shot probably “only” went roughly as far as Carp’s did last night.

  7. uh…didn’t Bautista hit a bomb that folks thought actually went OUT of the park???

    was that in 2010?

    oh…..although maybe that was a foul ball on that hit. I may be remembering this incorrectly…

    • It was a foul ball, and I think it may have been 2011. It wasn’t even anywhere near the foul pole though. That thing was simply yanked.

    • Encarnacion hit one at Miller Park that would have actually left the stadium if it didn’t hit the beer slide thing… that was cool.

  8. yeah Jack Morris. Take that.

  9. I dont believe in Science what so ever…..soooo, im going to just go with my gut here and say it would have cleared Yankee Way down south.

  10. Yeah Bautista has hit a few foul balls out of the stadium.

    Gotta love Brian Williams doing baseball. What a knob.

  11. Wow. The Rogers Centre really looks a lot better now than it did then.

    And that’s saying something, because it still doesn’t look too great.

  12. I remember Jose Canseco hitting a 500-level bomb against us… was it in the 1989 playoffs?

    “Such renowned sluggers and extraordinary physical specimens as Jose Canseco and Juan Gonzalez have never come genuinely close to the 500-foot threshold. The best effort on the part of either player was Canseco’s famous blast into the fifth level at Toronto’s Sky Dome during the 1989 American League playoffs, which was estimated at 484 feet.”

  14. I miss John Cerutti…

  15. it is amazing that someone who looks so much like a clown as Ramirez does could be such a slugger and hit the ball so hard.

  16. It certainly went higher though.

    If you combine height x distance, EE wins. Or something like that.

  17. Found the Canseco HR… I dunno, EE’s seemed better…maybe it had a higher arc though.

  18. I didn’t hear Carp’s blast and only saw Edwin’s online but the crack of the bat was astounding. They must be better at putting a mic on the field for ambient noise. It was amazing.

  19. If you measure the length of the trajectory, it may measure more than the trajectory of the Carp hit. I forgot my calculus though so don’t ask me to do the math

  20. Anyone have a list of all the homers hit to the 500 level at the dome?

  21. Gregor Chisholm ‏@gregorMLB 17h Encarnacion becomes the 14th player to reach the 500 level with a home run. It has been done 17 times total

    Josh Phelps twice. Canseco three times

  22. Actually, this discussion reminds me of the 20,000 leagues under the sea SNL skit with Kelsey Grammer

  23. If the Jays don’t sweep Boston, then they are going to have to put a tarp on the 500 level seats, a la Blue Jays circa 2001.

  24. It’s a little unfair that a hitter can hit a home run 500 feet off a pitcher, but a pitcher can only strike a hitter out…REALLY WELL.

  25. [crickets]

  26. Distance is for bean counters.

    The home run was majestic.

    Another example of how the narrative is far more entertaining than analysis.

  27. Manny Ramirez, Jose Canseco, Mark McGuire, Vernon Wells, Josh Phelps, Carlos Delgado, Joe Carter, Shawn Green

  28. Manny Ramirez, Jose Canseco, Mark McGuire, Vernon Wells, Josh Phelps, Carlos Delgado, Joe Carter, Shawn Green also Jayson Werth

  29. Waiting for some ambitious person to make a compilation of all the 5th level blasts. Perhaps The Score could pay for the time?

  30. EE homer was hit a mile high, I’m not surprised it didn’t carry as far.

  31. Chicken Wing’s shot didn’t travel as far because it is still in orbit.

  32. [...] official distance was recorded at a whopping 427 feet. Complete BS. “Only” 427 Feet? | Drunk Jays Fans | Blogs | [...]

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