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Mark Zwolinski of the Toronto Star reports yet another incident between fans and security at Rogers Centre, as last night a pair of cousins were told they’d be ejected if they were seen having an additional beverage– which, according to their story, would have been their second each. Because, that’s really going to go over well, eh Rogers?

Dan Syzmborski writes at ESPN.com (Insider Only) about ZiPS-based playoff projections, which now has the Jays way down… to 26.3%. I’ll take the shit out of that, for sure. (They began the year above 60%, though.)

At Sportsnet, Ben Nicholson-Smith runs down a bunch of middle infield options from throughout baseball that the Jays could– and, let’s be honest, probably should– be looking at.

In a notebook post at BlueJays.com, Evan Peaslee looks at the struggles of Melky Cabrera, and the medical issues of R.A. Dickey (whose MRI came back clean today, aside from some inflammation) and Josh Johnson, who remain slated to start Friday and Saturday for the Jays. Ricky Romero, John Gibbons said today, is an option if DL time becomes necessary, but the club says they’d prefer to have him stay in the minors longer, ideally– more on this in tonight’s Game Threat!

According to a team release, the Toronto chapter of the BBWAA has named Edwin Encarnacion the Jays player of the month for April. Shocking, I know.

Mike Rutsey of the Toronto Sun tells us that Brett Lawrie is going to stay in the lead-off spot for a while.

Gregor Chisholm writes at BlueJays.com about the players-only meeting called over the weekend by Mark DeRosa, speaking to the man who brings the Veteran Presents about the situation. Jeff Blair speaks to this in the Globe and Mail, as well.

At gamereax, Dan Toman spots a spectacular reaction from John Farrell following Edwin Encarnacion’s second blast last night. Suck it, Farrell!

At NESN.com, Jarrod Saltalamacchia talks to Boston reporters about the fact that his hand supposedly hit the umpire’s mask on his errant snap throw to first base that ended up costing the Red Sox two runs last night. Apparently it should have been ruled a dead ball at the point of contact between the catcher and ump– though… you’d think the umpire might have noticed a thing like that, eh?

The other day I mentioned a Globe and Mail piece about Rachel Robinson, Jackie’s widow, and the season she and her husband spent in Montreal, which prompted some folks to remind me that the Canadian Baseball Network Podcast had an excellent chat about that very subject earlier in the month.

Charlie Caskey indulges all things negative in the Vancouver Sun, pivoting off some tweets from yours truly! One, I’d like to point out, is slightly out of context, though. In response to someone revelling in negativity telling me that “some people are just realistic,” I replied, “It’s true. But not the ones into week three of panicky idiocy.” Maybe it got lost in the brevity of Twitter, but the intention wasn”t to scoff at the negative, but to scoff at the people who’d been gearing up the negativity for weeks, including back when it was much, much, much less warranted than it was following the Baltimore and New York road trip.

One more time, just so we’re all clear: I do not work for Rogers. Rogers bought the Score’s TV properties only. The digital media properties (the blogs, website, and mobile app) have become their own company, which has retained the name theScore. The TV station, which is officially owned by Rogers now, following this week’s CRTC approval, will change its name on July 1st. I understand that the shared name is going to continue to be confusing, but this really isn’t rocket surgery.

Lastly, CBS Boston tells us of a New Hampshire man who lost $2,300, his life savings, on a carnival game while attempting to win an Xbox Kinect– which last I checked, cost less than $2,300. He ended up walking away with only the exact same Rasta banana as Brett Lawrie won last summer. Think he didnttt?

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  1. I was at a game earlier this year where the guy next to me had 13 (YES, THIRTEEN) beers in the 7 innings he was there. I’m not even sure how that’s mathematically possible.

  2. ricky could be back sooner than we think

  3. That carnival game story is a metaphor for the 2013 Toronto Blue Jays season.

    Think about it…

  4. I am highly sceptical that nothing else went on with those 2 cousins. Maybe they were swearing and someone with a kid nearby complained. Something.

    My experience has been that security is useless until actual punches are flying.

    • It could’ve just been that they arrived mega-smashed after downing 5 jugs of coors light and four rounds of jagr bombs.

      So second beer at the dome was actually beer 12.

  5. Fire hot Clam Chowdahhhh down on da bayhstawds.

  6. I wish we would ignore all these projections and odds calculations.

    One little win streak and it completely changes.

    For example, we are in the midst of a 10 game winning streak (almost halfway there) and by the end of it we will be in the supposed playoff race again.

    • It’s true… that’s why the ‘it’s over’ talk is dumb.

      It’s DEFINITELY going to be hard. There is NO doubt of that.

      But, say the Jays get back to .500 at the end of May. Roughly 30-30.

      Is anyone really going to tell me that a .500 team 60 games into the season has no shot at the playoffs? Does anyone really believe this team isn’t capable of going 20 – 13 in its next 33 games (for example)?

      I’m not saying its likely or probable. They’ve put themselves in a major hole. But, this early in the season, of course there’s a fucking chance.

      • And, just as an arbitrary goal … if going 20 – 13 sounds daunting, it would become far less so if they can put together a winning streak.

        Say they can win 5 in a row. Pretty reasonable. Then you’re just looking at going 15-13 to reach that 30-30 mark.

        I guess my point is… we have yet to see an unusually lucky/well played stretch where the Jays have put together any wins at all (I believe they’ve only one 2 in a row once?).

        Lets judge how fucked we are in a month or so and give a chance to see if some of the luck and shit play evens out.

  7. In the Chisolm piece, DeRosa says not a lot of guys spoke up in the team meeting. Edwin spoke loud and clear last night.

  8. Like to hear the other side of the stoy…doubt if skydome security just randomly picked innocent guys & treated them like that. Irresponsible of the star to present one side and lead us to believe these guys wete innocent victims of overzealous secuity

  9. You know what Rogers security ought to do instead of count people’s drinks? When they pick up those paper airplanes off the field (which are usually people’s folded up e-tickets), they should take a trip up to that seat and BAN THE FUCKER for life.

  10. For Game Threats….

    I like to fire pure angst at underperforming Jays like everyone else, but please, for the love of all that’s holy, try to be creative. Reading Lind sucks is boring. Watch a little George Carlin on youtube if you need inspiration.

  11. I thought the list of middle infielders was pretty decent. Given the performace we’re getting at 2nd, ideal situation would be someone to fill in at short till Reyes is back, then side over to 2nd. Any middle infielder available is going to be light hitting but I’d take solid to good D right now. Troy Tulowitzki would be sweet.

  12. Re the Smith article. I am surprised he didn’t include Chase Headley. Headley would play 3b, Lawrie to 2b and leave Bautista in RF. Headley is a switch hitter and would, I think, slide nicely into the 2 slot. he gets on base, hits for some power, and is serviceable at 3b (he’s no Lawrie).

    headley would help fix the jays infield problem.

    Gose, Nolin, and a low minors prospect SD can dream on like sanchez, osuma, afford, dj davis types

  13. Gregor got a nice little jab in on Omar Vizquel in that item on DeRosa’s meeting, didn’t he?

  14. I thought it was common knowledge that carnival games are rigged and favor them.
    Next he’s going to say casino blackjack dealers have an unfair advantage with the tie breaker.
    These are things every one should know in life, you play the carnival game because your drunk, their fun, have kids, or trying to impress a date and maybe you get lucky….. but to spend your life savings.

    To be a total dick can having $2,365 in your savings account really be called life savings.
    Only life you save with that kind of cash in the states is your pet.

  15. I think that they should cut ties with Blanco and Derosa, because besides character and a careers worth of experience, they are not doing very much. It almost felt like when they pinched hit tonight, they were auditioning for their future here. Probably not the case. Thole has caught Dickey effectively in the past and is hitting well in AAA. Negrych has yet to make it to the majors, despite batting .300 in the minors over 8 years, is ripping it up. Blanco hasn’t been that great with Dickey, better than J.P., but his bat is less than desirable, especially this late in his carrer. It might just be the spark this team needs. I thought they just came out flat, but the two reserves that aren’t used very often could be replaced with more potent bats and late game options that this roster doesn’t have right now. They need to be able to claw back into this, and those are their two weakest roster spots. Besides the over worked bullpen, who hasn’t seen one starter reach it the 8th inning yet.
    This has been a hard season to watch so far. I can only hope that that the baseball gods see to the law of averages, and hard hit balls find holes, errors come back to haunt our opponents, and umps call some games in our favor.
    Basically, if we could do the opposite of April, that be the bomb.

  16. Thanks for the link to that Nicholson-Smith piece. I thought the Jays might go out and get Brendon Ryan right after Reyes got hurt, and now that the Mariners aren’t even playing him it would seem to make even more sense. Surely their asking price for their backup shortstop isn’t prohibitively high. Having the best defensive shortstop alive, even if he can’t really hit, would be a hell of an upgrade.

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