April 30th v Red Sox

Batter pLI WPA
Lawrie – 3B 0.99 0.002
Davis – DH 0.98 0.120
Lind – PH / DH 1.42 -0.036
Bautista – RF 1.26 0.150
Encarnacion – 1B 1.15 0.570
Cabrera – LF 0.61 -0.079 Pitcher pLI WPA
Arencibia – C 0.57 0.050 Morrow  – SP 1.34 0.029
Izturis – SS / 2B 0.59 -0.048 Loup – RP 1.01 -0.112
Rasmus – CF 0.54 0.045 Delabar – RP 2.55 -0.348
Bonifacio – 2B 0.49 -0.040 Oliver – RP 2.64 0.124
Kawasaki – SS 0.34 -0.005 Janssen – RP 1.00 0.078
Total 0.82 0.730 Total 1.50 -0.230

Bests / Worsts of the game after the jump!

GBOOT: Edwin Encarnacion, 57.0%
Griffin: Steve Delabar, -34.8%
Impact At-Bat: Encarnacion 2-run Home Run, Bot 7, 44.1%
Impact Pitch: David Ortiz 3-run Double, Top 7, -36.1%
Highest Leverage AB: Brett Lawrie Flyout, Bot 7, 1.91
Highest Leverage Opp. AB: Ortiz RBI Double, Top 7, 4.52
Lineup Contribution: 73.0%
Pitching Contribution: -23.0%
Average Leverage Index: 1.17
Chart explanation

- Brandon Morrow’s line: 5.0ip, 6h, 2hr, 3er, 3bb, 7k, 96 pitches, 7.19FIP, 47 game score.

- Aaron Loup and Steve Delabar combined to give up 3 runs and 3 hits with 2 walks in the 6th and 7th. Darren Oliver and Casey Janssen battened down the hatches in the 8th and 9th. Credit Delabar with a meltdown, blown save, and win.

- Rajai Davis hit 2nd, going 1-for-3 with a walk and scored 3 runs.

- Edwin Encarnacion (9) took the parrot for a walk twice with a pair of homers, including a 5th deck monster shot in the 5th to extend the lead to 6-3.

- Jose Bautista went 1-for-2 with two walks and scored a pair of runs. J.P. Arencibia and Colby Rasmus also added a pair of hits each, which added up to an insurance run in the 8th.

- Brett Lawrie made a very nice diving stab to start a double play in the 4th and reacted exactly how you think he would.

- David Ortiz, Mike Carp, and Jonny Gomes all hit homers for the BoSox.

- John Farrell sighing.

- Munenori Kawasaki’s throwing error in the 7th opened the door for Ortiz’s game breaking double. The Jays benefited from some sloppy play as well, when Jarrod Saltalamacchia’s errant snap throw allowed 2 to score in the 3rd. 

- I feel the need to mention Encarnacion’s 5th deck home run again. Because damn. He became the 14th player to put one into the fighting and beer-throwing section in the Rog Mahal.

- This evening’s projected match-up is Mark Buehrle (5.36FIP, -0.1fWAR) v Clay Buchholz (2.30FIP, 1.3fWAR). The Sox starters have had a great start to the season and the Jays have had a bunch of shit luck, so hey! Here comes regression, right? 

{All numbers via Fangraphs}

{gif via Gamereax }

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  1. This was the first time i heard the phrase ‘taking the parrot for a walk’ and it is hilarious

    Lind looked good in his at bat last night, hope he slots in and does good things

    Janssen mentioned that the Jays are looking up at everybody. Here’s hoping they start picking off a new team every week and passing them.

    • +1 for taking the parrot for a walk awesomeness

    • Disagree about the Lind at bat – Tazawa was clearly not locating his off-speed stuff and the count was 3-1. Even I was positive that he was going to be throwing a fastball right down the middle, not wanting to walk Lind who was the tying run, with Bautista and EE coming up next. Lind, now being the walk machine he is, took that meatball right down the middle, putting the count to 3-2, and followed up by striking out on a high fastball that was probably ball 4.

      I understand the desire to walk, but when you know a fastball over the plate is coming, you have to take a hack at that.

      • he laid off the 2-2 pitch. In hindsight he should’ve been looking fastball 3-1 but perhaps he wasn’t. so he takes the meatball. same pitch is probably coming 3-2, it does but is elevated, tough luck.

        I had your reaction last night. it was a beautiful pitch he took.

      • Also, just because he knew it was coming didn’t mean it was gonna be a fat fastball over the plate.

        • Any good hitter (see Ortiz bases-clearing double) in a 3-1 count against a hard-throwing pitcher struggling with off-speed pitches will tell themselves “I am gonna get a fastball, will gear up early and if it’s a good pitch, I am swinging hard at it”. Lind took it and struck out on the next pitch. Ortiz in the exact same situation (except with bases loaded), took a good hack and almost hit a grand slam.

          Just saying, I wouldn’t call it a good at bat when he struck out and had a great pitch to hit in a great hitters count that he didn’t even bother swinging at. Not going after Lind, just saying I disagree with the poster who said Lind looked good in his at bat. Though he was probably referring to his ability to lay off pitches earlier in the count that he would have swung at in the past – at least earning himself that great hitters count. So, I guess those things even out and it was simply an ok at bat.

          • And any good pitcher (or amateur paper-rock-scissors enthusiast) would say, perhaps he’s sitting on a fastball so i may try and put an offspeed pitch over.

            The good hitter may then say, maybe he knows i’m sitting fast ball so he’s gonna try and get me to swing through a breaking pitch, I’ll look off speed.

            at which point the catcher, reading both their minds, calls for a fastball down the cock and manages to catch the batter looking.

            all and all I was referring to the early part of the at bat and getting himself a good fastball count…and how that may translate into 4 at bats tonight…so ok at-bat will have to do

            • Not trying to argue with you, but just for discussion’s sake, I would normally agree that you can’t completely sit fastball in a 3-1 count, but Tazawa had already badly missed with a few off-speed pitches in that at bat, which would have made it extremely unlikely that he would throw another one 3-1. It was the exact same thing with Delabar against Ortiz (except his 2-1 fastball should have been a strike) in a 3-1 count and had badly missed with his offspeed pitches, Ortiz knew he was coming in with the fastball and he was all over it. I guess Ortiz also had the luxury of bases loaded though and could be almost positive he was going to get a good fastball after Delabar had already walked Pedroia.

              Anyway, I agree that Lind had laid off some tough pitches and is showing much greater plate discipline overall.

    • SQUAAAAAAAAK! *flap flap flap*

  2. Rog Mahal too, gold! Great game to watch last night!

  3. You summed up everything that is wrong with official scoring with one sentence.

    “Credit Delabar with a meltdown, blown save, and win.”

    • Baseball is awesome.

      • It is time to just replace Win and Loss with “Meaningless Stat”. A no-decision is “Failing To Get A Meaningless Stat”.

        “Happ pitched well, despite getting a Meaningless Stat due to poor run production by the batters. Read on if you want actual information about how Happ pitched …”

        “Morrow pitched into the eighth, but Failed To Get A Meaningless Stat due to the score bouncing around a bit in the ninth. … Gibby said after the game, ‘It’s too bad Morrow didn’t get a Meaningless Stat after a performance like that. The guys really wanted to give it to him, but they just couldn’t do it.’”

  4. whatta bomb!

  5. Great play by Lawrie. As long as he doesn’t injure himself, he can react however he damn well pleases.

  6. Speaking of the 500′s, in a previous comment section I mentioned that I was nearly struck by a beer thrown from the 500′s during the Friday night game of the Yankee’s series a few weeks ago.

    At the time a Blue Jays employee requested that I provide my name and email address, which I did. Yesterday I received an email explaining they were sorry for the negative experience acknowledging how much worse it could have been (had the beer actually struck me) and requested I provide three dates that I would be available to attend a game on the house.

    • Good to hear. They are now cognizant of the marketing adage that it is cheaper to hold onto the fans(customers) you have than get new ones
      Now, if they could just catch some of those arseholes throwing beer ( what a waste of$10)

    • That’s cool – though they need to triple security up in the 500′s. Nip this shit in the bud.

    • That’s awesome, and great customer service. Good on them.

      I have a friend who’s an usher and my cousin is in field conversion and helps with security on occasion, so I do know from them that they have caught at least one beer thrower thanks to some great cameras all around the stadium, and some extra security in the 500s at the Friday Yankees game. They also get every single paper plane thrower because these fucking idiots buy and print the tickets online, which of course means they are throwing their name and seat number onto the field and within 5 minutes they are gone. And then the Jays and Ticketmaster block their credit card from buying another ticket to a future Rogers Centre event. So they are having some success.

      • Glad to hear that Sharkey.

      • Gee in this instance I’m ok with cameras being everywhere

        All I can say is how smart can these guys be if they’re throwing $10 beer?
        Is NOTHING sacred?

      • I actually think that’s hugely inappropriate (the paper airplane thing, not the rest). I see paper tickets lying around all the time in the 500 section if the game isn’t packed. Hell, sometimes I’ll leave mine lying around if I’m sitting up there, because no one gives a flying fuck where you sit in the 500s.

        To ban someone from buying tickets because they found a piece of paper with their name on it is completely retarded. I get that they want to discourage people from throwing airplanes but are you fucking kidding me? Some idiot grabs some garbage with my name on it and turns it into a paper airplane, and suddenly it’s a capital offense? Fuck off.

        “You can get, anything you want, at Alice’s Restaurant”

        • Ray, I’m sure you could calmly state your case. At the same time…. why would you leave the ticket and whatever personal info is on it, laying around? Why not just throw it in the garbage or stick it in your pocket? Not that big a deal.

        • and yes, that’s an apt song reference…

      • If you buy the tickets from stubhub it will have someone else’s name on it.

        • I don’t know what would happen if it was off Stubhub and the name/card on the ticket was different than the person sitting there. What I do know is they open the plane, radio the seat number, and whoever’s sitting in that seat at that moment is gone within minutes.

    • @ Caught
      Good to hear that Rogers Centre takes it seriously.Sounds like you’re satisfied with the response.
      Now about those tickets,if you’re looking to do some charitable work for seniors and are at a loss how to accomplish that…..
      I’m so sleezy.

  7. Rajai Davis actually went 1-for-1 with a walk and a hit by pitch

  8. It’s almost impossible to sum up the emotional swings I had in that game. Actually, it can probably be done pretty easily by reviewing the Game Threat comments.

    I’ve never felt so invested in an April baseball game.

    • I was watching at a bar…. When Ortiz got that big hit to take the lead I stormed out and went home.
      i got home just in time to read on twitter that EE… or E500 if you will… had done it again.
      I then ran to my TV and watched the rest of the game from the from the front 1″ of my couch cushion.

  9. season over….season back on…..lets keep it on for now please so we dont see people jumping from the 5th deck of the Rog Mahal – lol great new name for the dome.

  10. Dirk Hayhurst is a bit annoying sometimes. He and Wilner were talking about who was the player of the game. He’s so obsessed with “quality at bats” that he tried to say Bautista was the player of the game for being on base for EE.

    Come on dude.

    Home runs are actually pretty ok.

    And he seems to think that you can just magically keep hitting home runs but also change your appraoch and start walking. Just by doing it! AA set him straight in that interview that was linked yesterday. Basically said, JPA has never walked much and telling him to do so is probably not going to magically make it happen… so at least be glad for the homers.

    • That actually reminded me how fucking miserably terrible Jack Morris was last night. He basically trolled the entire fanbase for 9 innings. No matter what Dirk Hayhurst does, has done, or will ever do, Jack Morris is now my least favorite announcer.

      • I didn’t hear jack say anything too stupid during my watching of the game. I did laugh when he talked about going after Napoli. He criticized Aaron Cibia for setting up outside in Napoli’s last at bat after they had noticed Napoli wasn’t getting around on inside pitches. He said it was dumb cause you should keep trying to beat the guy through his weakness until he proves you wrong. I’d say, in a close game you can’t wait to be beaten to change your plan, Jack should know this from pitching to the score. They eventually struck Napoli out on an inside pitch after putting outside in his head.

        • More specifically I found it incredibly tiring how whenever the Jays had the lead he’d say “you can never count out the Red Sox though. They just keep grinding until they find a way to win.” Or when he spent 5 minutes speculating on who the Red Sox would bring in to pinch hit even though Ellsbury was on deck. Or when he kept going on about the impact of the win when there was only one out in the 9th and Pedroia at bat. Fuck Jack Morris.

      • I’m a new school guy but I actually thought jack was good last night.

        • Jack was good last night? If I took a small sip of light beer every time he mentioned “grinding out an at bat” I would have been smashed by the 3rd inning.

          What, exactly, was good about his performance last night?

          • I prefer Jack on TV than in the radio booth. He ends up talking less and him and Buck have a better rapport than Jack and Jerry.

          • What was good about his performance? He’s not PAT FUCKING TABLER. That’s what’s good. Not rocket science.

          • How he called JP out on his bullshit catching ability.

            Count me in the group that like Jack last night. Wayyyyy better than Tabler.

      • I don’t mind Morris.

    • Wilner’s HR call on E-Double’s 500 level moon shot was so good though. Seriously, he made it sound like he hit the ball clean out of the Rog Mahal.

    • Yikes. Bautista only got on base because, for once, he didn’t swing at a ball that was half a foot off the plate. His sub-.200 average is a pretty good indicator of how much contact he’s been making lately.

      In fact, Jose and Melky both need to start doing some BP off a tee before they completely forget what contact feels like.

  11. ” Edwin Encarnacion (9) took the parrot for a walk twice ”

    Never gonna be able to un-see that. Brilliant.. I’m not sure if I’ve proposed before, Mr. Zuber, but consider it official this time.

  12. Lolololol to Delabar getting the win

    WPA: -0.348

    If you missed the game due to Hockey playoffs like I did, you can eaaaaasily tell by these two stats that the batters got the win for him.

    • Hockey playoffs was your first mistake…

      • Hey now we can enjoy both that’s what PVR’s are for!

      • Stop trying to get Stoeten’s attention.

        I am a Canadian, I like enjoy hockey as well as the Jays…get off my back.

        • Seriously, what a stupid comment.
          Its playoff time, and for the first time in damn near a decade my Leafs are in it. Im a diehard Jays fan, but I tell you I’ll be watching the hockey much more closely than baseball tonight.

          Oh no, is the DJF army going to jump all over me now for having an opinion that doesnt align perfectly with the baseball prime directive??

    • Ummmm that’s probably a little deceiving. Actually Delebar did pretty well given the circumstances to limit the damage. He did give up a hit and walk to allow inherited runners to score, but he got 2 key outs, including a strikeout, when the wheels could have fallen off completely.

      • I have no idea what you’re talking about. Delabar came on with two men on base. He proceeded to walk the next batter, then allowed that runner AND the two inherited runners to score. AND he did so while looking terrible and barely being able to find the strikezone.

        You’re technically correct that it could’ve gone much worse. All nine Red Sox hitters could have hit back to back (etc.) homeruns, for instance. Or Delabar could have thrown a wild pitch that caromed off of the backstop, hit Brett Lawrie in the temple giving him temporary amnesia and sending him into a Red Bull fueled murder rampage that was only ended with the use of elephant tranquilizers.

        But under the circumstances, Delabar did about at poorly as you could expect any reliever could do. Loup, on the other hand, was awesome as he’s been all season. I wouldn’t hate to see Cecil take his current ‘fireman’ role and move Loup to the 8th inning.

        • If I had a nickel for every time Brett Lawrie had to be subdued with elephant tranquilizers …

        • Can’t argue with that. Totally agree. My point being simply that the #’s provided seem to imply that the game hinged on Delabar’s performance when, in fact, if the Jays had lost it would have been the result of Kawasaki’s error before he came in.

    • Forgetting how to turn on your TV is a better excuse for not watching the Jays than watching hockey

    • I wouldn’t have had to look beyond the 9-7 score to tell you that the batters won the game for the Jays, and not the pitching.

  13. Thank you in advance Steve Jobs for inventing the iPad so I can watch playoffs and Blue Jays at the same time.

  14. Man they really tried to give that game away! Edwin saves the fucking day.

    At least watching that game provides some empathy for me on how women feel during menopause.

  15. E5 took on a whole new meaning last night.. Seriously he is dialed in right now.

  16. Can we get some video of Edwin taking the parrot for a walk. I could watch that shit all day! It adds an extra cuntpunt for the pitcher having to see that as he trots around the bases. #E-Rex

  17. I can only dream that instead of high fives when he returns to the dugout the jays make birds with their hands and land on his perch. It would look incredibly stupid, and it would make me incredibly happy.

  18. Anyone have a gif of Edwin beginning putting up his chicken wing just before 1B?

  19. Morris really is an intolerable dipshit.

  20. How long before Thole and Negrych gets a call? Does it make sense for Boneface to be sent to Buffalo to work on “some things” at 2b, and have Negrych play 2b? Thole over Blanco is a no brainer. What is AA waiting for?

    • If you’re going by batting average, I’d say they should just play the entire AAA team for the rest of the season. Almost everybody there is hitting .300-.380, and this isn’t the PCL, either.

  21. Man, what a strange night for me. I finally decide fuck-it, I believe in this team and will go down the gutter with them if I have to. Then my wife decides we need to try this Take the Screen-Free Week pledge (link: http://www.commercialfreechildhood.org/screenfreeweek) and our household will go the whole week with no TV, iPhone, iPad, computer, etc… Since our two year old is already addicted to iPhone and iPad and TV, I figured it was not a bad idea (it’s only a few days) and I would be on board to support her.

    Of course, after pledging my love for the Jays, I had to know how they were doing, so i was sneaking peaks at my phone every once in a while to see how they were doing. Around 9:15 she is putting the kid to bed, and I see that it’s the top of 7th, so I figure I can secretly watch a few innings to see the Jays win, as they were up 6-4 at the time.

    I turn on the TV, and the first thing I see is the replay of the ground ball to Kawasaki – and my reaction is sweet! a huge double-play!, only to see the ball sail over Izturis…I could not believe it. I then get to see Delabar walk Pedroia, JP mess up the at-bat against Ortiz by missing a strike that would have made the count 2-2, but made it 3-1 instead, and then Ortiz hit the bases clearing double on a fastball down the middle. WHAT THE FUCK! So I shut off the TV in frustration and start getting the feeling I am a curse to the team.

    A few minutes later, I check my phone and see that they got out of it only down 7-6 and figure I can watch a bit more to see if the Jays can come back. 1 out, 2 out, hope dying…then I see Bautista earn the walk, and EE come up to to bat. I saw the first couple pitches of EE’s at bat and then hear my wife coming and don’t want her to know I cheated on the screen free thing first chance I get, so I turn the TV off and pretend like I was reading a magazine.

    Check my phone a few minutes later to find out that I turned off the TV, and right afterwards, EE hit another fucking home run to get the lead back. The Jays go on to win the game. WTF – how can I not feel like the Jays do better if I don’t watch?

    I won’t watch AT ALL tonight and we’ll see how it goes. I am willing to sit the games out as long as they keep winning as a sacrifice.

    • Yeah, I’ve been doing that all season. I basically stayed away the entire month. I had serious concerns about the team and still do and was superstitious enough to think if I didn’t watch they’d win and I’d feel bad. But they’ve lost so much I started watching last night in the back innings because they’re still my team. No idea whether they will win again, but it was good to see another team having bad luck last night. Because I don’t know what the Jays did to the Gods of Baseball, but they have been having shit luck for years and years and years :(

      • “I had serious concerns about the team and still do”

        What does that even mean? We had an ok team in the hardest division. Then we added several all-stars without losing anyone significant or that would play this year anyway.

        Are you waiting for AA to clone the ’27 Yankees?

        We have a good team. Maybe they’ll play like shit. It’s a game. Stop acting like Nostradamus.

        • If I want to have concerns I’ll have ‘em. This team has not done well with too many expectations and the expectations at the start of this season were sky-high. and I still have concerns about the defence. However, since for the past many days I’ve been posting that the team is stocked with talent and sooner or later will improve and do extremely well, I can only conclude that you’ve just joined us and haven’t read earlier threads.

      • not you too….

    • Same for me. It seems like clock work that if I don’t watch the Jays do well, and if i watch they suck.

    • Keep not watching, do what it takes.

      I like to think the fact I changed one of my main passwords yesterday to no longer mention the Jays and winning it all impacted last night’s outcome.

      Walking parrots, Rog Mahal, the E500 gif AND Farrell sucking, I mean sighing – this post has it all!

    • Dude, if that’s true, I am SO sorry, but please don’t watch the games.

  22. That Delabar got the win epitomizes how useless pitcher wins is as a stat that means anything at all.

  23. Bucholz tonight scares me

  24. haha, Parrot for a walk! perfect description…

  25. Okay I’m glad we got this edWin (obviously) but something has really been bothering me: the pathetic way that Casey Janssen has been used this season.

    Listen, I like Gibbons. I think he’s great at creating batting orders and using the batters he’s got. I like his calls on the basepads and his pinch hit decisions. However, the bullpen decisions are going to hurt us in the long run. I think right now it’s fair to say that we have 6 bullpen guys: Janssen, Delabar, Cecil, Loup, Rogers and Oliver. I think it’s also fair to say that our bullpen has been one of the few bright spots on this team (imo). And I think it’s even more fair to say that Janssen has continued to show that he’s our best reliever by a country mile.

    Now, all save-stat and lefty-righty splits aside, when the game is 7-6 and there are runners on the corners with 1 out, how is Janssen not even warming up? Why are we saving him for the ‘save situation’, which is on average either not going to happen (because a worse relieve r may have given up the lead) or at most will be a lower leverage situation?

    Let me try to put it into perspective here: Janssen, before last night’s game, had not pitched since Apr 24, and before that since Apr 20. He has the least amount of innings BY FAR of the 6 relievers on our team. Now if we assume that Boston takes the lead and holds onto it by 1 run for the rest of the game, would we not see Janssen because it’s not a save situation again? Are we actually deciding to use our ‘best’ reliever for the least amount of innings possible?

    Before this win, we had lost 4 close games in a row. Not a single one of those games saw Janssen pitch, and the only reason I can think of is because the *all-important* 9th inning save was not available. The three most recent games we actually gave up the lead in the 7th, and we did not see our best reliever in ANY of these situations. We still just waited for the 9th inning. Well the 9th inning save situation doesn’t happen if you can’t get through the high leverage spots in the rest of the late innings.

    Now I know this comes off as a bit of a Janssen circle-jerk, but really I’m just detailing one aspect of the bad bullpen management caused by the belief that you need your best two guys pitching the last two innings no matter what happens the rest of the time.

    • Also I’m not necessarily saying the bullpen decisions have hurt or helped us this season. Frankly, it doesn’t matter what the results have been. I’m just troubled by the decision-making.

      • What interests me is that the bullpen handling was seen as a strength of Gibbons and I agree he has not handled it well so far. It’s like last year when FuckFace–who was a pitching coach–managed the starters and they all fell apart. I agree, if the game is on the line you bring in your best reliever especially if you have a couple that can take the back end innings well. The closer doesn’t get the save, but the team wins, and that’s the goal here.

    • Right on the fucking money.

    • What about tonight though. if its a 1 run game in the 9th tonight, who do you want to close it out, Jansen who if you pitched with him for 3 innings last night isn’t available, or one of the other guys who have shown that they are capable of giving up a 1 run lead. Personally I would pick Jansen who has only pitched 1 inning the night before, and rely on the other guys who have been doing fine.. The walk that Delabar was brutal, but he has the ability to strike those guys out no problem. If you are looking for clutch strike outs, Delabar is our man, he just looked very nervous out there last night and it cost him big time. And in all fairness Loup should have got out of that inning but the middle infield fucked up again so how can you Blame Gibbons for that.

      • **should say ‘rather than rely on the other guys who have been doing fine at what they have been doing’

      • Assuming you’re going to have a save situation is the very reason I made the post. IF you end up with a ‘save situation’ tonight, then you leave it to somebody else.

        The take-home here is stop assuming ‘closer spots’ will open up in a game and start using your pitchers in the high leverage situations that arise.

      • I dont think the idea was to leave Jannsen in there for 3 innings, but to run him out there when the Jays still had the lead before Ortiz hit the double. If he does what he can do, the Jays dont give up the lead and they dont need Eddies second homerun to regain it.

        Sure you wouldnt have Jannsen in for the ninth, but bring in a Delabar or an Oliver or whomever with a 2 run lead in the ninth and nobody on base and chances are they fare a lot better than they did last night.

        The point was you dont need to save your best reliever ONLY to be used in the ninth inning. A lot of times in baseball the game can be won, lost, or saved in the 6th, or 7th, as could have been the case last night.

      • And the results of the inning don’t matter to me at all. Yes, it sucked that Delabar walked someone there, and yes, it sucked that the infield failed. And yes, the inning would have been over. The point is the decision-making was not very good. Janssen had not pitched for nearly a week, and we’ve had 4 close losses since then. How is that excusable in any way?

        Being down a run is still a pretty high leverage situation and still a great spot to use your best available bullpen guys. Gibbons seems intent on not doing that and pitching Janssen 50 innings max this season.

        • Some of the rationale could be Janssen’s shoulder – nagging issues, trying to keep him from too many innings and taking longer to warm up. I’ve noticed that they start warming him up at the start of the previous 1/2 inning.

    • Eric I have said much the same – the best guy should be used when the lead is on the line or the game is about to get away.

      Coming on with the bases empty in the ninth with a 3 run lead and calling it a “save” is even stupider than pitcher “win” stats.

      But don’t talk about this like every team in all of baseball doesn’t use relievers the exact same way.

      • Yes I am aware that most other managers have similar shortcomings. However, this does not excuse the decisions. Gibbons is still responsible for making good decisions and giving this team the best possible chance to win each night.

        And it’s not always going to hurt us. Other relievers will perform as they are expected to perform. Results will be results but making the best decisions, when extrapolated over one or multiple seasons, will give you more wins on average.

        • Are there ANY managers that bring in their closer before the 9th inning in a high leverage situation?

          I agree that Janssen would be valuable in that situation, but right now without Santos, I am not sure there is anyone I would trust in the 9th inning with a small lead. I guess if you brought in Delabar with no runners on in the 9th, he would be less likely to implode as he did.

          Overall, I find not having Santos in the bullpen to be almost as devastating as not having Reyes.

    • Is it true that Janssen’s shoulder is still a cause for concern? I remember reading that somewhere a week or 2 ago, but don’t remember it properly

    • He’s coming off of shoulder surgery. I think Gibby is trying to make sure his arm doesn’t fall off.

      • Agreed, we over used BJ Ryan and sparks started flying out of his elbow.
        He tried to put the flames out with one of the stacks of cash we threw at him and that went up in a wisp too.

    • I agree that “saves” are a dumb stat, but it’s a commonly-cited one (like RBIs). It’s used as a factor in contract negotiations and arguably affects the pitcher’s compensation. Pitchers know this, so racking up saves is important to the pitcher himself. Also, middle relief, regardless of the leverage of the situation, is generally regarded as being “unprestigious”.

      Naturally, pitchers (like all of us) ultimately look after themselves. So putting your best pitcher in an unprestigious, less compensated role (even if that role carries higher leverage for the team) is likely to create negative consequences to that pitcher’s state of mind and, perhaps, his performance.

    • Well said, this has been frustrating me as well. I know Janssen is supposed to be used a little sparingly, but when a win is on the line, you need him out there cause he’s been lights out good. If there is concern that he can’t pitch often enough to do that, then should he really be pitching at all?

      • I’d rather have Janssen pitch effectively in his role as be is being used now than have his arm fall of and potentially ruin his career. I actually thought they handled Strasburg appropriately in Washington too. You want the guy to be amazing for years, not just one.

    • Eric, Gibby doesn’t use Janssen all the time because we need him for those save situations. He’s proven before that he’s less effective when over-used, and on top of that, he’s coming off an injury.

      I’m fine with his results so far, and I’d like to see Janssen avoid the DL for the remaining 5 months of the year.

  26. I have come to the conclusion I get to emotionally invested in the Jays. I am glad they won and hope they continue to do so. I am going to the game on Friday, I will bring a sign that says “Edwin Encarnacion’s Chicken Wing Bonanza”

  27. Sooooo, is it just me, or did anyone else wish they had the power to fire mind bullets when Ortiz flexed at second base after that hit?

    This bullshit seems kinda new to me, I don’t remember all this classless posturing by professional ballplayers every time they did something well; maybe a quick clap of the hands or a nod, but flexing?

    • If he was naked, looking in the bathroom mirror during his good morning piss, then it’s acceptable. Even a bicep kiss, but the door needs to be shut.

  28. Tonight’s starters for me are Mark and Clay.
    Every time I try to spell their last names I spell them differently.
    My mind has no muscle memory for German names.

    Go get em Mark. Pound the mitt like it’s prom night.

  29. Did anyone else notice Tazawa’s excessive celebration of the Lind strike out? I was at the game, so I am not sure if they showed it on TV. It was very reminiscent of Joba Chamberlain circa 2008.

    Regardless, it looked like Edwin was staring Tazawa down as he was trotting to 1B after the HR. I was wondering if the two instances were related, but I haven’t heard anything.

  30. So, I completely gave up on the game last night after Kawasaki ninja’d the ball into right field because, well, I can’t stand watching this team making mistakes that shouldn’t even happen in little league. I can stomach shitty pitching. I can stomach shitty hitting. Throwing the ball into right field when you’re just lobbing it 10 feet to 2B I cannot stomach. After last night, I hope Kawasaki is only ever used as a pinch hitter/runner for late-inning splits (and I don’t mean 7th inning – 9th inning at the earliest). That’s 2 errors now on the simplest of plays he’s committed, one of which cost the Jays a potential win.

    Great to see the parrot being taken for walks, and Joey Bats getting some hits to drop. It would be nice if Rasmus could stop striking out. It would be nice if Davis can get on base more often, like last night. It would really be nice if Boner Face can get his fWAR to the positives for the amount of defensive innings and AB’s he gets. -0.5 fWAR isn’t just bad, it’s DFA territory.

    Nice to see the Jays get the win. I need to develop tougher skin for this team – I’ll need it for tonight’s game.

  31. Another great skydome fail today. With the Leafs playoff game going the ONLY hope they had to perhaps draw some last minute walk up fans was to have the dome open on such a beautiful day in the city. The roof is apparently “not game ready”…. so while the roof was open yesterday, closed last night, open again today…. it’s going to be closed tonight.

  32. Stoeten doesn’t seem to realize that 90 percent of his readership is likely at work and bored. His ludicrous daily 5 paragraph essays he seems to take all day to put together should be replaced with the Daily Duce by noon and not 5 pm.

    Rant over.

  33. I’ve said this a thousand times, and I know that it runs against baseball dogma, but at some point managers have to realize that your closer is your best bullpen pitcher, and as such should be used in the highest leverage situation of the game, not just the end. It would have made so much more sense for Casey to pitch to Papi with the bases loaded. That strikeout would have changed the game. Then let your second best pitcher start the ninth with no men on, in an easier situation. But this isn’t ever done and I don’t get it.

  34. [...] folks at Drunk Jays Fans have been referring to Encarnacion home runs that way since the beginning of May, and they even linked to the above GIF earlier in the month. When Encarnacion hits a home run, he [...]

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