So much for Josh Johnson feeling a lot better, eh? According to an official release from the Jays, Ricky Romero is heading back to join the club, and will take Johnson’s start on Friday. 2013, you guys!

In last night’s Game Threat I pointed to a tweet from Barry Davis of Sportsnet, who spoke to Josh Johnson, and told us that the pitcher had informed him his arm was “much better” and that he expected “to be ready to go Friday night.”

Well, like I say, so much for that, as not only has Johnson been placed on the DL, but– curiously (and hopefully incorrectly)– the release from the club says that it isn’t backdated to his last start, which Mike Wilner points out was on April 21st, but to April 29th. There’s no reason for the club not to backdate it to the 21st, so I can’t see how that’s right. If it is, he won’t be eligible to pitch again until the visit from the San Francisco Giants mid-month.

Of course, not backdating it does give the club a little extra time to figure out how the rotation is going to work out, now that– sooner than the ever planned– they have six guys for five spots, and the nominal lowest guy on the totem pole, J.A. Happ, pitching as good as anybody.

Or, y’know, it’s happening because, according to a tweet from @BlakeMurphyODC, the Jays “could only backdate to 29th if they wanted to recall Lincoln, who was optioned down on the 28th.”

Fun, huh?

And apparently they really do want Lincoln, who has been recalled from Buffalo and will be in the bullpen tonight, with a reciprocal move to be made tomorrow– likely the sending down of Justin Germano.

The entire move certainly raises some questions: How badly hurt is Johnson? How ready is Romero? Why do the Jays seem to keep misdiagnosing their players?

On the latter point, I will submit to you that it’s because they’re not fucking clairvoyant, but… OK, I’ll concede, it’s getting a little odd. And the Johnson/Lincoln  issue seems to me can only mean two things: either the injury is worse than we were being told (though I’m hearing that it really is minor), or they’re locking in extra time off to a pitcher with a somewhat spotty health history in a massive contract year, which I’m thinking can’t possibly sit well with Johnson or his agent. I mean, do they really want Brad Lincoln on the roster that badly over the other options?

But I guess if they need time to sort the rotation out, maybe it makes sense– and hoo boy, they do need that, with the most obvious current candidate to lose his rotation spot being the guy who is owed $39-million in salary for 2014 and 2015.

No, really: fun, huh?

As for Romero’s readiness, John Lott of the National Post wrote about his impressive first start… in High-A ball, last week:

Romero gave up six hits, walked none and struck out four. Fourteen of his outs came via the ground ball.

General manager Alex Anthopoulos said Romero’s mechanics were consistent and effective. The GM was most impressed with those ground-ball outs.

“His ball moves so much, when you have that type of action and life, you’re going to run some deep counts at times,” Anthopoulos said Sunday in New York. “When you see him getting ground balls, that’s what allowed him to go so deep into games in the past and rack up 220 innings. If he does walk a guy, he can get two outs with that ground ball. That’s probably the most encouraging sign, getting all those ground balls.”

Good thing the Jays will have such a great defence behind him, eh?

Good lord. Hey, but at least it’s against the Mariners, right? I don’t know. The mess on the Jays hands probably just got a little bit messier, because, y’know, why would anything ever actually go right for this club? Then again, for there to be an actual mess, I suppose that Romero will have to look something like his old self, which is light years from a foregone conclusion, a month after his demotion to effing High-A and a year after the disasterfuck of 2012. Not that Johnson has set the bar terribly high in his starts so far– so I’m not really sure why people are freaking out about the difference between the two– but… yeah. This happened.

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  1. Holy fuck

  2. Is the stint backdated?

    Also, at what point do we just stop listening to the team when it comes to player injuries?

    • You understand that injury recovery times aren’t an exact science, yes?

      • It’s just frustrating to go from “Well, we thing this person’s gonna be back soon!” day after day and then all of a sudden, “Whoops! DL!” If they don’t know, they should couch their statements differently.

        • Yeah, thats the thing with me as well. For sure you can’t be 100% sure with an injury right after it happens so they can’t know for sure how long the guy will be hurt for but that works both ways. Don’t say he should be good to make his next start or he’ll be OK for the next series until you are sure of that as well.

        • +5.

          The Johnson injury didn’t happen suddenly. There was an upbeat prognosis last night & today it’s 15 day DL.

      • You’re starting to sound like an apologist.

      • I get that Stoeten but as a group of professionals diagnosing injuries, they seem to be underestimating recovery time. It seems to happen, not some of the time but most of time.
        Dunno,kinda weird.

        • It really doesn’t, though.

          • The short of it is, I think we’re dumping on you Stoeten as you seem the only man standing/speaking/writing with any hope of an interesting season ahead. Sadly, I’m following the rest of the season because I can’t get St. Louis Cardinals games on my TV (unless I buy subc).

            May 2 and we’re cooked. At what point do we as smart fans, and the organization, need to re-evaluate what seems like smart process, but always leads to poor outcomes?

          • I am going to go with more often than not so far this year.

          • Like most things it only stands out when they get it wrong. Like the umps. Might make 299 out of 300 right calls but it is that 1 that stands out.

            Diagnosing a players health is not like diagnosing a broken car. It isn’t an exact science. Can’t really pop the hood and see whats going on and can’t just get new parts.

          • I know different people have different recovery times but when JB says he can’t tie his shoes or put on a shirt and the Jays say he maybe ready to go the next day, I gotta go WTF?

            • @ Radar


              The bautista injury communication was very confusing.

              AA was like day to day, Bautista was , I can’t tie my shoelaces.

          • @Stoeten, Perhaps a bit of research about what other teams do in similar situations.

            Good idea for a post?

            It’s baffling

        • @radar

          Agreed. After being ripped by Stoeten’s for Bautista back injury I find it refreshing that he conceded that Johnson DL was odd.

          Of course injuries occur but it’s pretty strange how AA handles these sudden chAnges.

          I wish Ricky well but it’s pretty nervewracking to go from Dunedin to the jays in 1 week

      • Its not that injuries are inexact. Its being honest to your fanbase and professionals constantly misdiagnosing injuries as radar pointed out. . Its almost as if this team uses the DL as a built in excuse every year for bad performance. ” Well, of course we suck because we have all these players on the DL.” That were supposed to be ok btw i might add. Very odd management.

        • I’m so tired of the complaining that comes with revising injury times that I’d prefer if the Jays just went the NHL route and declared everything either an “upper body” or “lower body” injury and never gave any details or timelines until the player was back on the field.

        • @afdg.

          At some point the training/health procedures will have to be reviewed again.

          Jays seem to have weird injuries .

      • Typical Stoetes. Criticize (effectively) the Jays’ lack of clarity on this front, but then when one of the “lesser” posters says something it’s pushback.

        • I did the pushback first, then reconsidered slightly. The post was written in stages, and I commented as it progressed.

          Love you too, though.

          • Alright alright. Kisses.

          • @ Stoeten. It takes a big man to concede that there is something “odd” with the Jays communication strategy with respect to injuries.

            Gibby was mentioning Romero as a possible call up a few days ago, & look what happens.

      • Sweet Jesus, would you fuck off and die already, ya smug prick!

      • You understand you should go fuck yourself, right chump?

  3. Hopefully Ricky making the trek north on a white horse.

  4. What in the FUCK.

  5. first

  6. This whole season is Romer-woe.

  7. I mean… I don’t even… *sigh*… COME ON!

  8. Rally Caps! The savior has risen!

  9. Pretty much everybody in baseball thought this team was good. Get your head out of your ass.

  10. and you played what that makes your opinion more vaild?

  11. blue jays translation

    healthy = I have soreness

    soreness = miss 1 start

    miss 1 start = 15 day dl

    15 day dl = gone for the season

    • You’ve nailed it. These are the literal translations I’ve used anytime the organization talks about health and return dates re: Sergio Santos

      • you have to give them credit re santos. He wasn’t injured, he was just learning a changeup! JP ricciardi would have been proud.

    • By your logic, Reyes will be out this year, and next year. Which, I guess is possible.

    • It’s not a lie if they know the truth.

  12. I’d get pissed off, but Johnson hasn’t exactly been lights out so far.

    Blech. What a fucking month.

  13. Lets talk it a step further and put Mark Buehrle on the DL for giving up home runs every game he’d started. The ship has sunk.

  14. It’s not that Stoeten is a genius, it’s that you’re a fucking moron.

    • Since you clearly hate this team and blog, why don’t you just shut up and waste your time somewhere else?

    • I think the worst thing to come out of the hyped off season are all the fuck giraffes that found this blog. If you don’t like it fuck off, don’t read and don’t leave the comments section. The comment section use to be an enjoyable read. I’d understand it if it was one or two people, but its an epidemic. Unless Stoeten bagged your girlfriend/wife/mother it makes no sense to come on here and be a douche.

    • looks like a troll that is begging to be banned to me

  15. So basically we took on Burley’s contract to obtain Bonafacio..and gave up some decent prospects. ruh rohh george.

  16. Man, I was been calm throughout all of April, and they do this to start May? I hope it works out for Ricky, but I highly doubt he is ready now.

  17. FUCK! What is wrong with this team and injury diagnosis? Also, they have injury problems every fucking year. Is it the turf? Training staff regimen? It cant just be bad luck every year. Lastly, i think its dumb going with romero so soon. Let him rebuild his confidence with a few more good starts.

    • not sure why you are questioning the team….Johnson has a history of injury.

      They already said they’d leave him down there unless somethign drastic happened. guess what happened?

      • Apparently, “drastic” = one starting pitcher missing a couple of starts.

        That’s a very sad commentary on the lack of organizational pitching depth. For the first fill-in, they needed to bring in someone off waivers, who they subsequently waived following one start.

        And now they need to grab the reclamation project after one start in A ball?

        What will they do if Dickey’s neck/back issue forces him to the DL? “Buy a ticket, try out to be tonight’s starting pitcher” promotion? Check local pediatrician’s offices to see if any kids had their tendons fuse together after breaking their arm?

  18. This team is good.
    Good doesn’t guarentee wins.

  19. And Romero will be facing just some scrub named Felix Hernandez.

    Who knows, maybe Ricky goes toe-to-toe with the guy, his extended spring training might’ve gotten him right. We’ll find out tomorrow!

  20. jays were 51-51 when snider was traded

    jays 32-56 since

    coincidence? I think not. Great for team chemistry trading a popular player.

    • not sure if srs?

      If you are this is truly one of the most idiotic posts Ive ever read.

      What about Thames? He was traded the same time.

      And what makes you think Snider was popular on the team? I dont think he was any more so then any other young bench player.

      But most importantly, if you think pro baseball players were so upset by the trading of Snider that it affected their play…..continuing into 2013 no less, when half tyese guys have probably never heard ofnTravis Snider…then there isnt much hope for you man.

    • Jesus man, even oakville has forgotten Snider.

      • i think jaded is trolling (fishing) with this post

      • +1. I like Snider, but Melky was suppose to be an upgrade at LF.

        Snider is suffering a power outage . Melky’s power outage is more explainable.

        Jays never gave Snider a full season of at bats. Partially his fault with injuries.

    • +1

      Sniders revenge.

      U have to wonder if other teams have similar ways of dealing with injuries.

      That would be a good post for Stoeten

  21. well, time to out this vaunted “depth” to the test. Frankly it might be a good thing. If Ricky can be the Ricky of 2011, that woukd be a huge boost.

    The question is, hypotheticaly if Ricky does really well, does AA have the balls to put Buerhle in the pen when Johnson comes back?

  22. This team is bad, Mark Buehrle’s playing himself off the team, because of his fucking dog. Mark my words, he doe not want to be in Toronto, because of the Pit Bull Ban. Johnson is on the DL, what a shocker.

    Dickey, who I think is a great person, had a few good years, and one exceptional year, and the Jays traded for him thinking they had their ace. Wrong.

    Bonny, and Izturis are horrible, Johnson is on the DL, Reyes is gone for an extended period of time, and the rest of the team can’t hit for average.

    Someone, please explain to me who this was marked to be a playoff team?

    • Fuck, I mentioned Johnson twice.

    • Buerhle is not playing badly, either purposefully or not, because of the fucking pitbulls. Give the determination and mental toughness req’d to even MAKE the major leagues a little credit. If he was that fragile, he wouldve washed out in high school ball.

      Hes sucking because hes old, and his velocity is down to the low 80′s. its always been low, of course, but hes done managed by having great command, which he doesnt have so far this year.

      To say that a 14 year vet is going to be so rattled because he cant see his dogs everybday is an insult to him, and to common sense.

    • it is amusing reading some of the comical posts like this one

    • #torontoweak

  23. While we’re at it we can call Dusty and spot start for Dickey.

    I still cant understand if we were going to dish out money on the crap we’re on the hook for why didnt we dish out cash and overpay for Edwin Jackson or A. Sanchez , and sign Darvish and Fielder. and keep our prospects in our pocket and still have the capital to sign roidless cabrera.

    I hated the Florida trade from the start but now everyone is back pedaling AA is no ninja guys…. greekbailout anyone ?

    • Texas outbid Toronto for Darvish, and none of those other players had one fucking molecule of interest in playing for Toronto.

  24. Who knows. Maybe Ricky comes in and throws a good game. This team lost it’s mojo when Ricky started to suck. I’m still a believer in Ricky.

  25. Well, here is hoping the Rickey is good again, and if he is great, then we can expend Buerhle, Rasmus, and Izturits to a team for eitehr a real second baseman or a real pitcher.

    • Expend Ramus? You mean the guy with elite, gold glove caliber defense at a premium position on this incrediboy defensively challenged team?


      I understand the strikouts may be emotionallly damaging to you, but we know that strikeouts arent really a whole lot different then any other out. Braves are doing ok with a ton of K’s.

      Hes still on pace for 3.5 WAR and 25 HR or so. I can handle the K’s if I get 25 HR plus GG defense at CF.

      • what?? how many gold gloves does Rasmus have?

        • re: “gold glove caliber”

          • if you think Rasmus is gold glove calibre you are on the wrong forum. you should be on the Sun or TSN forums.

            • If you think gold gloves mean anything…

            • check again there buds. Hes got a 24 UZR/150.

              Its exactly on the TSN forums (re: unimformed, going by the “eyeball” test) that would agree with you Around here where we try to quantify things we use stats.

              Fangraphs lists +10 UZR as “great” defense, and +15 UZR as “gold glove”

              So your right, Rasmus isnt playing GG caliber defnse. Hes playing better.

              • Those stats are terrible indicators over a small sample size……………………not that he hasn’t played well in CF but jumping to the conclusion that he’s GG caliber is like saying Carlos Gomez is MVP caliber.

            • I think the tsn comment section is just the place for a guy who thinks rasmus doesn’t play elite defense.

    • It says here we’ll be stuck with buehrle for the duration of his contract. Only hope we got is he turns it around.

  26. Thank Christ they didn’t sign Johnson to a big fat contract before the season started. Let’s hope he comes back quickly and returns to form.

    Also, I can’t say I’m not going to be glued to the TV for Romero’s start on Friday. If he has a meltdown, it will be an extreme extreme low point. If he kills it, I’m going to lose my shit.

  27. is JPR still GM? why do they consistently downplay injuries and lie to us a about the extent of injuries? is it because their marketing department is worried about ticket sales for the few days between the time they learn the truth and they give it to us? this is bullshit. enough lies. they really are still lies even if you know the truth.

    • I agree. By default the Jays should just say that every player is out for the season, so if anybody every plays at all, then at least they were just being causiously pessimistic. Does that work for you?

    • Well based on the mid week crowds, & reviewing tix available for upcoming games, I thimk they should be worried about ticket sales

  28. Also, Id like to point out why the fuck is johnson backdated to apr 29? Shouldnt it be retroactive to his last start so he can be back ASAP? Weird happenings in jay land lately.

  29. I never would have guessed David Wells bleached his bum-hole.

  30. Stoeten is the new Wilner

  31. Funny to see so many people that were jacking off to the genius of AA and his new lineup at the beginning of the season now surging forward to slice the first available throat and then take a steaming shit into it.


  32. Baseball. Huh.

  33. keep the 5 man rotation but rotate starts between Happ and Romero. Fuck I don’t know anymore. Still confident as a monkey throwin poo that the Jays will turn this around.

  34. Romero was left in spring training to change his delivery, and now they’re bringing him back after he made only 1 start using the new techniques instead of the 3 starts they had planned on…, A.A hires Gibbons for reasons only he knows, because Gibbons’ track record as a manager didn’t warrant it….then Gibbons hires hitting and pitching coaches who have proven they are too young and not ready….and now under adversity, A.A is rushing a pitcher who mentally and physically is still miles away from being ready for the majors again….this smells like desperation….maybe in the end A.A wasn’t ready to be genius everyone has annointed him as…

    • It might be a desperate act but that the only option that they have. What do you want them to do?

      • I’m just wondering why Ricky is their “only option”?
        I mean, there’s no one in AAA ball that’s capable of making a start? Or does it say THAT much for an organization that a guy who couldn’t throw a strike 6 weeks ago is their “only option”?

  35. Its starting to look that way.
    Hoping we are proved wrong.

  36. everyone can keep saying “IT’S EARLY”, but when management starts making decisions that suggest they are worried that this season is about to get away from them like bringing Romero back early….then i think it’s time everyone worried…

  37. This team, man. This team…

  38. Maybe when Romero said he wouldn’t be in the minors long, what he meant was that he knew that there was a good chance that:

    Buehrle’s left arm shittiness against the AL East would flair up
    JJ would be on the DL within a month?

  39. Aaron Sanchez

  40. Only reason why he s here now is because internal other options not good enough?

  41. Damnit and I am going to the game tomorrow! I will make sure that I am out in the open so Stoeten can take a video of me throwing up and post it.

  42. I would think this means that #56 has about as much time as Johnson is gone to figure out his shit, otherwise he will be in long relief if Romero is indeed able to pitch well.

  43. I wish the Buck Martinez Soundboard had a “Josh Johnson” button so I could hit

    “Josh Johnson”
    “See You Later!”

    over and over and over and over and over and over

  44. has someone reserved the URL: Maybe Beeston has kidnapped his family and is forcing him to continue to say good things about this team.

    • Would it really make you happy if the whole world just shat all over the Blue Jays day in, day out, non stop? Maybe they should make all of Sportsnet a 24-hour Jays hate on just to satisfy you need for blood.

      Have you ever considered not everybody is as negative as you are?

  45. Admittedly I am lazy Stoeten, can you find instances of Clay Buchholz cheating and freeze frame it for a DJF post. On baseball central they were talking about use of a substance on his arm throughout the game.


  46. As someone who has been incredibly disappointed with this season, even I think this fatalism is getting a bit long in the teeth. You need to base before you rebound and this certainly has that feel about it.

  47. Well as Wilner says, what if we say yes its time to worry, its time to panic, well then what happens then? It does no good to panic.
    I guess nothing can be done quickly to turn things around if everyone all of a sudden said yes its time to panic.
    What i think some fans want is not for the Wilners of the world to panic, but for them to admit the team is not as good as what everyone thought.

  48. This is hilarious. I’m still a believer in Ricky but he should NOT be called up right now. This is a guy who was severely struggling both mechanically and mentally. The same pitcher who regressed 5 fold last season and the same pitcher who couldn’t get anyone out in spring training. He has a few bullpen sessions and ONE start 3 levels below the MLB level and suddenly he’s ready? This is terrible mismanagement and a complete waste of Ricky’s option used to send him down in the first place.

    • This would be great analysis if you had a clue.

      • Stoeten, as sick as you are of people complaining on here, I am just as sick of you posting crap like this. I don’t post often but I read here daily, call me a troll if you want because I’m being negative. I realize the Jays don’t have a tonne of other options for someone to come in and start during an injury but don’t give us this crap. Do you honestly believe using an option for a 28 year old struggling pitcher down to Single A ball for one start makes any sense?

        • And like I said, I am one of the few who still believe Romero can turn it around and I honestly believe sending him down was the right management decision. Bringing him back up so quickly is the concern here.

        • You’re not being negative, you’re being hopelessly uninformed. Romero was sent to Dunedin because he was less likely to pitch in bad weather and because the instructors they wanted him working with, Dane Johnson in particular, were there. So using the fact that he was sent there as though it means what it sounds like it means is your first strike. Your second is how you’re pretending that you have some kind of knowledge of what happened or what progress was made between when Romero was moved to the minor league camp more than five weeks ago and now.

          Number three is whatever you think the issue with the option is. Once he’s optioned down, he can go up and down as needed for the full year.

          • You are completely fooling yourself if you think his constant struggles the past 14 months isn’t the main reason he was sent down. Siting bad weather conditions as the focalpoint of a single A demotion is laughable.

            • He was sent down because of the struggles, yes. He went to High-A and not Triple-A for other factors. This isn’t rocket science.

        • Guess you guys don’t know how options work. You use a maximum of ONE option per year. Romero can be sent up and down all year using only this one option.

          • I apologize, that was my mistake on that one. I realize that but that’s not my beef with the Romero callup. Plain and simple, I feel he needs more than one start at single A. We all got opinions and we all can’t agree on things, but just days ago we were just reading on how they preferred he needed more time down there to work on things.

            • The alternatives are Germano, Ramon Ortiz, Claudio Vargas, etc., though. You don’t think it’s fair to think they stand a better chance with Romero on the hill? Especially if they’ve been the ones actually watching him for the last five weeks?

              • That’s the million dollar question isn’t it? There is also Jenkins who spot started last fall and I think a Cecil/Lincoln start of 3 each is also a very good option. Neither of which are fullproof for success. I get that they’ve been watching Romero first hand but you have to call him up for the right reasons. They obviously found the single A option was best for his development but we also moved from Vegas to Buffalo for a reason too, no? You’ve got the resources, you’ve got statistics that I don’t, but can you ever recall a severely struggling pitcher getting sent down to work things out and brought back up so quickly?

                • I also pose this question for you Stoeten. The Jays are several games from .500 baseball and the alternatives aren’t great to cover off Johnson for the next 15 days, I get that. My question is do you personally feel this decision is best for Romero’s development to get back on track as a quality MLB starter?

                  • Tom,

                    I understand the ultimate point you are making and generally agree – in an ideal case, Romero would spend more time in the minors.

                    But what’s going on with the Blue Jays is not ideal. In my opinion, while the Jays Brass isn’t panicking, short term focus is on winning any ball games they can. And rightly so. The team needs wins.

                    And compared to the other options available, dare I say Romero might just be the best option to give the team a chance to win on Friday night.

        • +1

          Very risky move. If Romero has a meltdown tomorrow, does he stay in the rotation ?

          Hopefully he’s ok

      • lol I can’t believe anyone would argue there is a better alternative than Romero to take Johnson’s place

        • Well, it depends on what you mean by better. If you mean win that one game, then yes, you may have a point . But if you mean long term, Id argue that the plan to let Romero figure out his issues over multiple starts in A is better long term plan that sticking his fragile self into a game you are highly unlikely to win anyway. If anything, Id have Dickey pitch on Friday on his normal rest and move Romero to Saturday. That way Romero has a chance to win his matchup and Dickey can hopefully shut the Mariners down and give us a chance vs Felix

          • My point exactly. Romero is the most talented option available and has the best history and track record available, but he was sent down for a reason. Like Oakville mentioned, what if he has a meltdown? Remember, this guy was sent down to re-work alot of his mechanics from release point, to pitching off a different area of the rubber. Short term with the best chance to win Friday night, Romero is the best option. I know every win is valuable but there is a 162 game season and we have to think long term here too, especially with the money we’ve invested in Ricky. Time will tell, as with most moves

      • You don’t have a clue, you useless fuck! Put your thumb back up your fat ass.

    • I think Ricky’s been in the minors too long and he’s forgotten how to pitch to major league players and his arm has atrophied from only throwing bullpen sessions. I think he should start playing immediately out of the bullpen and we should transition him to closer by midseason.

      See how easy it is to come to unfounded conclusions that make no sense to anyone but you?

  49. I believe in Ricky.

    Kind of.

  50. Sorry if the comments are fucked for a bit, all, the OCD troll doesn’t get to play here.

  51. I hate to say it, but the best thing going for the Jays right now is if the Leafs go on a bit of a run. It buys them an extra month to right the ship.

  52. All this roster juggling is starting to get irritating. If they’re not backdating it because Lincoln needs to be on the roster, then why is there room for Justin fucking Germano up here? Even granting them a little bit of leeway for the long man parade, Germano is a guy with absolutely zero upside (a 30-year-old with no velocity who’s never had any major league success and was getting crushed in AAA? Seriously?) when they might as well just give that job to someone like Lincoln anyway.

    The other niggling thought I’ve been having is that Buehrle wouldn’t be the worst long reliever/spot starter in the world. Obviously contract/pride/injury issues would have to be settled before it was even considered, but if Johnson does come back at some point in the near future and the rest of the rotation is performing….

  53. Mark my words, this will turn the season around. Get your hashtags ready #suckitfarrell.

    Ha, seriously though.. I hope Ricky absolutely kills it (in the good way). He’s got an axe to grind as the number 1 last year who is now the injury call up. Perhaps a strong showing from Ricky will wake everyone up.

    Can’t say this team is ever boring (except… sometimes when they’re playing… ).. But drama! Plenty of it. Love it.

  54. 2012 for Ricky never happened. He’s going to be the 2011 version. And fuck all of you who think otherwise.

    Also 2012 Ricky is better than 2013 Buehrle so far, in my shitty opinion.

  55. who is this Romero kid and how well does he hit?

  56. Don’t worry guys, it’s still early!!! ROLF.

  57. Stoeten read my message above, what you think?

  58. stoeten what do you think about what i wrote above?

  59. I’m on board till Labour Day. There is plenty of baseball to be payed, and there is no way that this team can elude their collective talent for that long.

    That said, If it is still a shit show come the end of August, at least my next favourite sports league will be up and running.

  60. I for one will be cheering the shit out of Ricky and everyone else in that fucking stadium better do the same, regardless of how shakey the start is. I know that I thrived when people were positive around me and encouraged me to get it together, not when I was scolded for trying my best.

    Enough of this negative shit, let’s turn this fucking ship around, starting with the pathetic excuses for people who tend to show up to our home games to boo their team. Let’s encourage our guys to play better and stop with this contagious doom and gloom shit that permeates everything we do.

    Better times are coming and we all need to BELIEVE that we can do better, not only as a team but as a fanbase. (not meaning to sound cooky, but negativity has a way of seeping into our collective minds way too often).

  61. Fuck around boys.

    This ship is sinking.

    • With Shea at the helm, recklessly drunk and driving it toward a reef.

      Hey, I’m pissed, these guys are all playing like ass lint, they smell and can’t get off the nasty ass of losing.

      Fuckin demoralizing.

  62. Jays just released a correction, here was a typo. Apparently they’re bringing NICKY Romero up, the electro-house DJ. Hes being brought in as a character guy for Lawrie to hang out with.

    We know how Brett loves his EDM.

  63. I’m with Simon, as painful as it is right now, at least we don’t have Russ Adams at short.

  64. Got Righthanders?

  65. It’s beginning to look a lot like Shitmas..
    Everywhere you go….

    Nah, I’ve still got some hope they open up a can of whoop-ass and get their arses in gear.

  66. I think it’s clear that Gibby needs to fight someone to turn this season around. Preferably Jack Morris.

  67. hahaha the jayz fucken suk so start waving the white flag people these guys cant beat AAA team trade all the guys you traded for they suk gibbions cant coach a peewee team

  68. I’m going tonight. God I hope the dome is open.

    • Prepare to be disappointed. Pretty sure the roof won’t be done “testing” until this weekend.

  69. Who’s surprised by this?

    Not because you’re a pessimistic turd or have any sort of predictive ability, but because it seems to be about par for the course given how the season has gone so far.

    I’m interested to see how Ricky does. I’m glad he’s back, just not for these reasons.

  70. good you cant b serious this team is down right shitty

  71. Worst case scenario Romer-woe shows up tonight. Would it be that much worse than Johnson has been so far?

  72. People don’t realize how bad the situation is. Not only is this team bad, we have…

    bad contracts
    payroll will be slashed
    no more money to spend
    bautista getting old
    top prospects all gone

    This team is going to be bad for the next few years as the next GM has to try to rebuild the damage.

  73. I like #blessthismess as the new slogan.

  74. Poor AA.

    The schmuck got Eiffel Tower’d by Jeffrey Loria and Sandy Alderson, while John Farrell filmed the rape.

    Fool should be held accountable.

  75. I know he’s not ready, but I for one would love to see Cecil stretched out again, and given the chance to spot start.

    • I like the Cecil we’re seeing again. I don’t think it’s just because he’s pitching in short relief.

  76. I know this is a big “if”, but, what if Ricky pitches well tomorrow? And he becomes a constant starter? Who saw that coming???

  77. The hits just keep on coming. Except on the field… Jays can’t hit for shit there.

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