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At Fanatico, Parkes examines the pressures of child-athletes, and in a particularly Jays-related twist, speaks to Tony Rasmus about the baseball and workout regimen his sons, including Colby, were on at a very young age. Interesting, illuminating, and terrific stuff.

Ricky Romero’s start in Dunedin, scheduled for today, has been pushed back until tomorrow– ostensibly to accomodate for Aaron Sanchez’s latest turn getting rained out, though Bluebird Banter wonders if it’s actually to have him as insurance in case Josh Johnson can’t go on Friday.

Bob Elliott of the Toronto Sun talks to Phillies scout, and former Jim Fregosi stooge, Dave Hollins, who says he never would have done a thing like Mark DeRosa did, calling a team meeting so soon after joining a club full of established veterans. “”Yeah, right. I’m going to come in, tell Carlos Delgado and Shawn Green how to do things.” Sure, OK.

Elliott adds that, in addition to DeRosa, Jose Bautista, R.A. Dickey and Darren Oliver spoke during the closed-door meeting on Sunday.

According to Richard Griffin of the Toronto Star, John Gibbons spins it to suggest that it was both DeRosa and Jose Bautista who called Sunday’s meeting, which– shock!– “has not seemed to have any lasting effect,” according to Griff.

Griffin’s piece also rounds up last night’s baseball-like activity for the Jays, as he notes, among other things that, if Mark Buehrle’s “streak of 12 straight seasons with 200-plus innings were to continue, at his current pace the former White Sox and Marlins pitcher would allow an outrageous 51 homers.” The record, by the way, for most home runs allowed in a season is 50, set by Bert Blyleven in 1986. He pitched 276 innings that year.

Elsewhere in the Star, Mark Zwolinski notes looks to Buffalo, where things are absolutely peachy. Well… at least when it comes to the Bisons, who set a franchise record for wins in April with 17.

“Location’s the biggest thing — keeping the ball down,” Buehrle said according to John Lott’s wrap-up for the National Post. “I’m not overpowering guys, I’m not going to go out there and strike guys out. I’m hoping they put the ball in play the first couple pitches. When I’m throwing pitches and fastballs away, I need to keep them down.”

In a notebook post for BlueJays.com, Chris Toman talks about John Farrell’s interest in the weighted ball program used by Steve Delabar, and now Brett Cecil, to great effect for the Jays. He also talks to John Gibbons about R.A. Dickey and Josh Johnson, who are both still on track to start this week. Of Dickey, the manager explains, “The doctors indicated that it’s just a matter of time before it goes away. But you keep irritating it when you throw it, but we need him out there and he wants to be out there. Plus, they looked at it and there’s nothing serious at all.”

Chris’s partner in crime at gamereax, Dan Toman, writes about Clay Buchholz, who mesmerized the Jays for however many innings he stayed in last night (I actually left that steaming turd of a game– a serious rarity for me– after the Sox went up 8-0).

Jack Moore of FanGraphs also looks at the excellent work Buchholz– who may be the best pitcher going in all of baseball right now– has done this season, in a post that really drives home the point that, y’know, it’s still early May.

But that won’t stop Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe from having the same sentiment come pouring from his red and white pom poms onto your screens– y’know, should you choose to actually click that link.

At MLB Trade Rumors, Marc Hulet reviews how the transition to new organizations has gone for the prospects traded away by the Blue Jays in their big, splashy, distant fucking memory of an off-season.

Tom Maloney of the Globe and Mail looks at the Sox’ Canadian pitcher, Ryan Dempster, and focuses, in particular, on the great charitable work he does off the field.

And one more Sox-related item, because… who doesn’t love that, right? Actually this is a good one for us, as Matthew Kory of Baseball Prospectus (paywall’d) compares Boston third baseman Will Middlebrooks to Kevin Maas. KEVIN MAAS!!!

Lastly, at Getting Blanked, Scott Lewis looks at the report this week that the Red Sox also explored a trade for Josh Johnson and Jose Reyes this winter, but didn’t pursue it after the Marlins asked for top prospect Xander “Crews” Bogaerts. Oh, and free-agent-to-be Johnson like him some Boston– hint, hint. Ugh.

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  1. Stoeten, how does it feel to be a Rogers employee?

    • I can’t tell if you’re being facetious or if you’re actually uninformed/ignorant…

      • I’m guessing uninformed/ignorant.

        TheScore TV is owned by Rogers.

        TheScore Digital (web, etc) is not.

        • Despite not being a direct corporate subsidiary, how much influence does Rogers have on TheScore Digital one way or another? Is TSD dependent on a gigantic contract with Rogers for revenue? Is there any kind of contract for Blue Jays-related content that could be cancelled / not renewed if TSD made Rogers angry? Couldn’t they at least force you to stop calling yourselves TheScore, and distance themselves from your brand or launch a competing, in-house offering? The answer to at least one of these has to be yes (or does it?)

          The way I see it, Rogers probably still has a whole lot of power and influence. I’m also ok with this. Just stop pretending Rogers doesn’t have any sway.

    • Wilner already hired Stoeten as his personal cocksucker!

  2. If Boston goes .500 rest of the season they’ll have 90~91 wins.

    • Urgh – that’s the shit that depresses me the most. Same last year with the fricking Orioles. I remember Parkes saying in about mid May ‘they only need to play around .500 to make the playoffs’, when the rest of us were waiting for them to fall to earth, and he was right.


  3. It was a good time to have a meeting. Jays have issues right now no matter how you look at it.

  4. Got to love it when a guy with a -0.4 fWAR in 14 games calls a team meeting. Maybe DeRosa should focus more on correcting his own shittiness before worrying about the other 24 guys.

    • When you sign a guy who’s only “skill” is being over the hill you have to expect him to try to pull the veteran card to try to add something.

      At the end of the day it’s not his fault the team signed him.

      • I don’t blame him for being signed by the team. I just don’t see the point in wasting a roster spot for another coach. It’s only the 25th roster spot, but giving it away for someone who won’t provide any meaningful value is just retarded. You’d think they would have learned their lesson with Vizquel last year.

        • I agree. I just don’t think any amount of work is going to help DeRosa’s game. This was the role given to him by the team it’s hard to criticize him for filling it.

          The blame should be dropped at the right door in this case.

  5. FWIW (not much!) Hayhurst heavily implied that there was an awful lot of funny business going on with Buchholz last night. I can’t recall Hayhurst’s exact phrasing but he basically said that Buccholz was not doing a very good job hiding the fact that he was doing a lot of shady things (wiping his hands repeatedly on very specific areas of his jersey & such). Of course, this stuff goes on all the time & not that the Jays would’ve gotten a sniff anyways…but I thought it was a bit more interesting at how blatantly obvious it was to Hayhurst.

    • A commenter here yesterday said the same thing, apparently independently. He said Bucholz loads his cap with shaving foam before the game, and then tipped water on his pants after each inning. I know from Hayhurst’s other musings that shaving gel, mixed with the right way (I think small amount of water), can create a sticky goo with which pitchers load the ball.

      • ps I have no problem with the cheating per se – in so far as I’m sure they all do it. If the Jays can see it I have a problem with them not calling him on it. Fuck we’ve had to put up with the ‘white man’ crap for long enough. At the very least the accusation might throw his game.

  6. This team frickin SUCKS. Think about all the guys AA traded our farm system for, plus the copule of loser FA’s he signed:

    1. Buehrle – getting destroyed by the AL East
    2. Johnson – average at best thus far, plus likely to be injured
    3. Reyes – great player, but injured!!!
    4. Izturis – $10MM for a guy who can’t field and has an anaemic bat,
    5. De Rosa – De “fucking” Rosa!!!!
    6. Bonafacio – what a bill of goods we were sold on this guy. Can’t hit, can’t field.
    7. Dickey – with Reyes, the only player who has been good. But now he seems to be slightly injured.

    Plus, we have LInd who walks, hits singles or strikes out; Rasmus who hits a double a HR, but 50% of the time strikes out; J.P., who is brutal on defense and either hits a HR but more often than not strikes out, etc. If EE or Bautista or Lawrie hit the DL, then we will lose a 100 games. That all being said, I still love this team!!!

    • That’s some great fucking insight there kid.

    • I wonder if the Marlins where telling teams that Boni had the “best overall stuff in the org” at the end of last season?

    • Let me correct my post. Johnson IS hurt, on 15 day DL.

      Would love to play poker with AA sometime. Anytime he goes “all in”, you call. Guaranteed win…

  7. Yet another reason to think Buck Martinez and Jack Morris are fucking dinosaurs that don’t (or can’t) know shit. Both seemed to imply rather heavily that Buchholz was off his game or otherwise didn’t have his good stuff last night. It looked to me (and I’ve been reading in multiple places since) that he was absolutely dealing.

    Fuck those guys. So much hate.

  8. IT’S EARLY! Stoeten said so. He knows what he’s talking about. Don’t worry.

  9. Bluebird Banter was right! Welcome back Ricky!

  10. Hi Ricky Romero.
    Bye Josh Johnson. :(

  11. I have team meetings all the time at work. I feel like a professional baseball player now.

  12. Johnson to the DL and Romero to start in his place, per the team’s twitter.

  13. If the Bisons are doing so well, why don’t they send down Melky, Lind, Buerhle, Johnson, Arencibia, DeRosa, Bonifacio, Bautista, Rasmus and Maicer and call up whoever plays those positions down there. The results seriously could not be any worse, and the smack upside the head my knock some pride and sense into them. This season is the biggest embarrassment in MLB in a long, long time. I watched my last game last night (well, I tuned in long enough to find out it was 4-0 in the 4th, watched Survivor and then checked again for 2.3 seconds to see that it was 8-0) until the unlikely event these clowns get back to .500.

    I normally do not agree with booing the home team, but that was before #LoveThisTeam. These overpaid bags of smegma should be booed off the field every night.

    • I know you’re trolling, but it’s gotten to the point where I honestly don’t understand why Thole and Luis Jiminez are being left to rot in AAA.

  14. Where the fuck is Shea Hillenbrand when you need him?

  15. I got stuck working last night so I couldn’t listen to or monitor the game with the Red Sox. The next best thing was to listen to the Indians game on local radio and catch the out of town scoreboard, which they do about 3 times per game. In the bottom of the 6th inning Indians announcer Tom Hamilton gave the Jays – Sox score, (it was 8-0 at the time) and then proceeded to rip the Blue Jay organization to shreds. I was shocked at his ignorant and uninformed rant. Among other things, Hamilton said the Blue Jays threw John Farrell “under the bus” last winter and that privately, the clubs management was blaming Farrell for all the teams current problems. Keep in mind, Farrell spent years in the Indians organization and he and Hamilton are neighbors in the Cleveland area, so it isn’t hard to imagine Hamilton’s source. For Hamilton to opine about a situation he has no connection to was idiotic. If you have the MLB package where you can listen to or watch tv and radio archives, Hamilton made his comments last night in the bottom of the 6th inning. Give it a listen, you won’t believe your ears.

  16. When the Jays won the first game of the series I thought it was interesting that Morrow was pitching with Janssen getting the save. Offense came from Edwin knocking in Bautista and Rajai with a timely hit from Rasmus. The point? Every one of these players was on the team last year. So much for the off season upgrades…

    I went to Pitchfx today because I was curious to see what Buchholz’s strike zone looked like. I counted 22 pitches that were called strikes that were clearly outside of the zone. 22 times a Jays batter took a pitch that was a ball only to have it called a strike. Just sayin’.

  17. It was a half and half, first of all. Secondly, I’m going.

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