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Not a whole lot of Scuzzlebutt here, but on thing I’m curious about is how Kendrys Morales faces Ricky Romero tonight. With a couple of left-handed hitters off the top, you wonder if perhaps Seattle manager Mike Hargrove John McLaren Jim Riggleman Don Wakamatsu Eric Wedge might turn his switch hitters around and take advantage of Romero’s reverse splits. Full credit to him if he does.


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And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app

Toronto Blue Jays

3B Brett Lawrie (R)
DH Adam Lind (L)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
C J.P. Arencibia (R)
LF Melky Cabrera (S)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
2B Emilio Bonifacio (S)
SS Munenori Kawasaki (L)

Ricky Romero LHP

Seattle Mariners

CF Michael Saunders (L)
3B Kyle Seager (L)
DH Kendrys Morales (S)
LF Mike Morse (R)
RF Jason Bay (R)
1B Justin Smoak (B)
2B Dustin Ackley (L)
C Jesus Montero (R)
SS Brendan Ryan (R)

Felix Hernandez RHP

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  1. Blancos girls

  2. The only reason I’m still watching is because King Felix is awesome.

    • King Romero

    • He is… can be really hard to tell against this team. I personally dont think he even had his good stuff tonight. Now tomorrow we go up against the guy who struck us out like 15 times last year when he was shit..and now he’s actually good.

    • AA is getting head from 2 thai girls right now on a beach, not even thinking about the jays. i know this because im getting head from 13 thai girls on the beach right beside him!

  3. KittenFace and Cleetus finding holes.

    • Yknow, I’m starting to appreciate the Sleepy Kitty. Sure, he kinda sucks, but I feel like he knows that. He’s not really part of the undeserved cocky/swagger thing going on in the dugout/clubhouse. Also, I’m a crazy cat lady.

    • Cletus should climb into his.


  5. Great approach at the plate Maicer. Swing on dogshit.

  6. Unfuckingbelieveable

  7. ahahaha

  8. Fuck this.

  9. Getting pretty damn close to unwatchable at this point.

    • It’s not so much I hate losing. I’m used to the team not doing particularly well. They haven’t done particularly well for 20 years. It’s just I hate that among other things we’ve turned into The BoSox’s bitch and they get to crow and write hilarious articles about how bad we are. And we are. But I hate that we read about it in the Boston Goddamn’ Globe.

      • That’s what AA gets for trying to abort his rebuild strategy midway through. Fucking stupid… now the fans can pay for the next 4-5 years while they rebuild again.

      • @isabella. I agree, This was the first year in a long time when the Jays “won the off season” & made moves which made sense at the time.

        Now after 30 games, he jays have a record that is similar to an expansion team.

        It’s very disappointing. every game someone key is missing. I am happy Romero is back but we lost Johnson for at least 15 days.

        Santos is still on the DL.

        I hope Rogers doesn’t pull the plug on AA & gives him 2 more years to fix what needs to be fixed.

        Biggest problem is weak bench & 2B. We don’t have the luxury of getting mascots like Omar Visquel, Derosa & Blanco.

        Molina, Buck ,Barajas, the back up we had last year were decent.

      • It’s not just Boston. The Cleveland dudes took a pretty good swipe at us this week too. Have a look about 4 or 5 posts back.

  10. cotton candy tho

  11. This thing is becoming hilarious. No point in being frustrated, I guess. Enjoy the comedy that is the 2013 Blue Jays lineup.


  13. It’s early guys.

  14. Sigh.

  15. I can’t wait for wilner to once again say the jays are gettig babiped to death. Nothing to do with skill,all bad luck

  16. That was an embarassing inning.

  17. God, 1st and 3rd, nobody out then a double play and a ground ball and that’s it. Story of the season so far.

  18. cletus is the dumbest fucking tool in baseball

    remember this is the guy that wore rain boots to the caravan


  20. I can’t wait for Jays Talk tonight. Shit will be so cash.

  21. jays have scored 2 runs last 3 games. future looks bright

    • Don’t worry brah, they are on the verge of reeling off a 9-game win streak.


      I can’t even say it with a straight face.

  22. Don’t worry everyone, when this team gets hot everyone will get excited again.

  23. Janssen getting a pity inning.

    He’s going to forget how to pitch seeing as we never have a lead in the 9th.

  24. That fucking playstation player of the game shit is starting to piss me off

    • Not one Blue Jay has lived up to their video game potential yet this year.

    • I was going to say the exact same thing #pointless

    • They’re never even close.

      “Player of the game is Colby Rasmus, who hits 5 inside-the-park home runs and catches a foul ball with his teeth — all in front of a sold-out crowd at Rogers Centre.”

  25. Don’t blame gibbons, he was my hand picked puppet that I can control.

    I don’t want a manager that will upset the clubhouse with rules and crazy stuff like that.

  26. Chances of the Jays picking up the win here?

  27. #fuckthisteam

  28. I think I’m gonna drink a bunch of whiskey and then eat some cookies.

  29. If I’m John Gibbons, I am walking into the clubhouse tonight with cases of tren. I am telling this team they are riding cycles right now or I am putting them on the fucking DL or DFA’ing their asses.

  30. “Take it to the shower + watch his buddy clean up…”

    Taken out of context, I KNOW, but we have so little joy + no Tabby…
    I’ll takes what I can gets.

  31. fuck osmak is looking totally slutty tonight

  32. THAT, my fuckos, was fat Melky hitting it on the screws and not hitting the warning track.

  33. Didn’t SI or someone predict this team to make the World Series? We’re going to be one of those laughing-stock cases every sports writer cites for decades about how buying/or trading for star players doesn’t necessarily make you a winner

  34. I wonder what rock bottom will be?

    • Wait until the day after the trade deadline. You’ll know when Aaron Laffey is our staff ace how bad it is going to get.

    • Kind of frightening to think it is yet to come.

    • No possible way to tell. 0-21 O’s comes to mind. Though this somehow feels worse.

    • It’s still early (May). In all seriousness, we should remember that the ’89 Jays were 12-24 when Gaston took over. How much longer Gibbons et al last is another matter altogether because Rogers sure as fuck doesn’t like dropping $100 million+ on this shit.

  35. Most predictable shutout ever.

  36. Fuck JPA in the mouth with a fat cotton candy cock

  37. How many times have we scored 0,1 or 2 runs in a game so far?

  38. When ever they get runners at third I don’t even get a bit excited. I know they’ll fuck it up.

    4-14 since the middle of April.

  39. You can say that the 8th inning was
    Bad luck, sure. But wtf was lawrie doing swinging at that awful 2-1 pitch when they need baserunners in the 9th? And ee looking at that pitch right down the middle for the last out? Thats just bad hitting. Nothing to do with luck.

  40. There’s no sugar coating this anymore. This team is shit. Shit, shit shit, shit, shit. That can change, but my goodness are they shit right now. I feel like we go into every game thinking “This is when they’ll turn it around” and instead they find an entirely new way to suck. There has to be some kind of change and it has to be soon: a callup (and not a new 7th reliever), a new coach, new manager, a different mascot, anything! These guys are playing either expecting to fail or trying to put us back at .500 with one swing or one pitch. It’s painful to watch.

    Also, Gibbons should never have let Romero continue pitching with a blister. NEVER.

    • The Jays have squandered the farm system.

      • Alright … Let’s be reasonable for a moment … Prospects are currency. If one of those players we sent Miami’s or the Mets’ way become an alright player, they did well for themselves. We only gave up three roster players in the trade with Miami too.

      • Osuna ,Sanchez, Gose, Stroman , DJ Davis, Alford,

        Plus Hutchison , Drabek and 10th overall pick in the June draft.

    • This team definitely needs change for change sake. I think Mottola is gone soon. One of Izturis or Bonifacio has to go, Blanco has to go and Melky needs to be benched or platooned or driven to the edge of town.

      The coaching in general seems to be bad. The whole team looks like a deer caught in headlights.

  41. Through all the funny and sarcastic comments we use as an attempt to deal with this, it remains really rather shocking. I totally can’t believe what’s happening. I’m still in a state of disbelief trying to come to terms this season really is probably over.

    • I know, it’s sad. It’s like having a brother who plays slowpitch.

    • Yeah, I was looking forward to a fun baseball season, but it really is over for the most part now. I’ll be happy with a 500 team now

    • The season was over since mid-April. We all saw it… people were just in denial with their “it’s early” bullshit.

      The shitty thing is waiting for another fucking YEAR before we even have a CHANCE again. In reality, we’re probably going to see another rebuild… meaning it will be fucking 2-3-4-5 YEARS before we have another shot again.

      We fucking premature ejaculated with our farm system. Now we’re fucked.

      • We did not do this prematurely, the players they got should have worked out and I mean how can you really say the prospects they traded were going to amount to anything, name the last time the Jays had a prospect who panned out, I can’t

        • That is an organizational problem… this team cannot develop its own prospects. Even FOR SURE things like Travis Snider.

          Casey Janssen looks good, Brett Cecil… Aaron Hill looked good (career turned around as soon as he was traded).

        • Travis Snider is hitting 300

          • When the farm was stocked with the lansing 3, et al. For the first-time ever, I followed minor league ball. I was getting pretty excited to see them all graduate to the next level.
            I liked Jake Marisnick and Darnaud too. I think they will have good careers. Also liked Travis lol.

            Any way…now I stuck with the dancin dominicans :(

          • He’s had something like 11AB’s against LHP and hitting .200. So I’m happy he’s hitting RHP’s well but his LHP problem still persists.

    • I’m the same way, I keep thinking they can turn it around but at this point I think the season is probably lost no matter how well they start playing, I really hope they don’t get swept in this series, I think tomorrow is probably a lost cause as well but they better beat fucking Saunders

  42. .167 OBP tonight.

  43. The good thing about them being this shitty is instead of doing math and saying “they’ve lost 7 of 8 or 13 of 17, you can just look at their total record and say..

    The’ve lost 20 of 30!!!

    see how easy that was?

  44. I can’t wait to see our top prospects in the line-up.
    Any word on when Travis D’Arnaud is gonna be called up?
    How ’bout that Nicolino fellow?
    I heard he’s a keeper!

  45. In all honesty has anyone heard a reasonable narrative to explain how fucking horrible this team has been? They are not this bad surely but fuck it’s getting hard to watch.

  46. I’m still holding out hope for a wildcard.
    I won’t give in until I can understand why it’s happening. It still doesn’t make any sense to me.

    Even if the point comes that it does make sense, I’ll still watch them, and I’ll still find ways to enjoy it.
    Litres of rum won’t hurt.

    • Why it is happening? Do you watch the games?

      Terrible pitching (both starting and the bullpen). Inconsistency from guys like Morrow, Happ… Buehrle is absolutely terrible.

      The hitters are a bunch of fucking hackers. Can’t grind out at bats, can’t take a walk, OBPs suck.

      It is just a bad team overall. They are here to collect pay cheques, not bring a title to Toronto. That’s pretty much all there is to it.

      • I guess you’re a little thick.

        Any asshole can see how the games have been decided, what is baffling is why 9 guys every night, this season, are playing miles below their career numbers.

        There’s no valid explanation why these guys who are still in their prime have had their skills seemingly diminish at unprecedented rates.

        Call them shitty, call them hackers, their career numbers say otherwise.

        So again, I’m having trouble understanding.

        • Maybe coaching has a bigger effect then we thought. In hindsight, Im not so sure if bringing up some guy coaching independent league baseball whos been out of MLB for a couple years was the best thing. How can he be expected to command a room of prima donna superstars?

          I mean, i never used to believe coaching did to much but now Im not sure. Just look at other teams. Morrows last start vsm Boston he was dealing the first cpl innings, looked unstoppable…..then the Sox hitters adjusted to him, and hit him around.

          At the plate, how often has it been latrly where weve gotten a couple runs early, and then their pitcher makes adjustments (i can think of two games off the top of my head, Dempster last night and Kuroda in NY) and hen settle down and dominate us.

          The well coached teams are making adjustments mid game and we are absolutely incapable of it.

        • Players like Lind, Rasmus, Lawrie and Boner were flukes.

          Bautista is coming off injury, getting old, and getting further and further from his prime.

          Maicer was never good.

          Melky is off the juice.

          Kawasaki? ’nuff said.

          In terms of pitching, Morrow has always been inconsistent, Happ is a one year wonder, Ricky got exposed, Dickey/Johnson aren’t doing terribly, and Buehrle has never pitched well against the AL East.

          Does that cover it?

        • I like you.

  47. Lolligaggers.


  48. The first move the Jays need to make is hiring Kevin Long and paying him whatever it takes. I don’t care if it takes $10 million/year.

    • And Dave Duncan. Fuck bring in some quality coache with track records instead of that brachiating Gibbon and his team of clowns.

  49. we all laughed smugly at hownridiculous the comparisons to he 2012 Marlins were, but really, why?

    There isnt a huge difference. They had JJ, MB, JR, same as us. Stanton is prob equal to EE. And so the only significant piece in the lineup they didnt have that we do is Bautista. Would Bautista in the 2012 Marlins made them a playoff team? I doubt it.

    Our pitching should have been a little better with Dickey, but they had Anibal Sanchez and hes not a huge downgrade.

    All in all, this team realistically was only ever maybe 5-10 wins better then Miami last year. So the comparison isnt ludacris.

  50. They are lulling the league into a false sense of security, then POW! They’ll win enough games to near .500

  51. This team and this season almost makes me want to go over to Hum And Chuck and read about Colby’s hair.

  52. So, I had to work tonight. What did I miss? Romero looked great through 3.

  53. WTF was that? HA HA HA! Stadium love! HA HA HA! Toronto is cursed. Wait until the Leafs get pounded into oblivion tomorrow night. WTF’s wrong with this city and their sports teams, holy fuck!

    • It’s beyond frustrating. We are the laughing stock of professional North American sports. Fuck me!

  54. Some thoughts….

    Blanco and DeRosa need to be dropped immediately

    Thole should be starting, JP is a backup

    Romero is done as a starter

    Bonifacio, Rasmus, Lind fucking suck yet it’s too early to drop them due to their contracts

    The bullpen sucks

    Morrow is not nor will ever be an ace

    Buehrle doesn’t give a fuck anymore

    Melky just might suck without PEDs

    Dickey is ok but not worth the price

    EE looks like a retard with his arm like that

    Bautista acts like a spoiled brat

    Lawrie is a fucking spoiled brat

    Reyes is still alright, that injury was unpreventable

  55. What he said ^^^

  56. Did anyone else think that Nick on Jays talk sounded a lot like Rob Ford?

  57. Without a good throw from Davis and nice hitting performance from EE and we’d be in a 47 game losing streak now….

  58. holy fuck… the “it’s all over” people are getting damn close to being spot on. this team will battle to finish .500 at this rate, let alone battle for a playoff spot.

  59. Jays have to go 80-52 to win 90 games. Seems rather improbable with how shitty this team really is. Pretty soon no amount of cotton candy will salvage this season.

  60. This team is selfish and full of hot air and shit.
    Basically it is now an exhibtion season with the payoff being who gets dumped or traded by July 31
    They simply cannor keep runiing out there every day the same collection of shit.
    Not only does a head have to roll, which will likely be Mottola the “hittng” coach but possibly also walker the useless pitching coach.
    Then, just to shake the monotony, They MUST bring up Sierra and likely Thole and Negrych. Maybe nothing changes but only an idiot would keep doing the same thing and expecting a different result. Like at Loblaws, pick any 3 of Lind,boni,izturis,Davis, blanco or derosa to CAN-just fukin release them. Let teh farting begin before the big shit hits the fan

  61. I was walking home from work and saw it was 2-0 with the bases loaded. I didn’t even bother to stop and see what happened. What’s the point – it’s a forgone conclusion.

    I absolutely refuse to expose myself to this nonsense anymore. I can’t believe I’m still doing it more! It’s absolutely all over. The season is shot and..

    I’m OUT!

    I will not watch another game this year and I will not return to the site. Do not try to convince me!

  62. Anyone know what time the game starts tomorrow?

  63. Ricky will tell you himself all you have to know about what happened to his swag…here is a direct quote from him post game today.

    ” I was trying to get it up and couldn’t.”

  64. A link to the good old days for Jays fans.

    It’s unbelievable what has happened to the team after 30 games.

    I watched the game late & am shocked that Gibby didn’t remove Romero earlier in the 4th inning. Ricky appeared to be bothered by a blister.

    The daily lineup changes are getting very confusing.

    The 8th inning was just sad for the Jays.

  65. If anyone writes small sample size at this point, I’m going to scream. No where else in life, is 18% of a final product considered small sample size.

    Stick a fork in this bird, it’s done.

  66. Let it begin. Too much gas in this pressure cooker

  67. What’s going on with Gibbons ever-expanding waistline?

    Don’t usually care about another guy’s eating habits. Not my business and whatever. But …. when he’s the guy who is leading a group of (supposedly) top tier professional athletes, it’s not a good example to be setting when he’s having a hard time even sitting comfortable in the dugout. He’s only fifty. And it points to emotional problems. Even if the team doesn’t think about shit like that, unconsciously, players know that there is dysfunctional behavior going on there. At the rate he’s going, it looks like he’s packing in every last desert he can before somebody catches on that he’s not the right guy for this job. Just saying.

    • @Sr Mint.

      Did Gibby always walk with a waddle?
      Did he have hip surgery?

      Anyway, I don’t care about his weight.

      Wilner made an interesting comment last night. He said he couldn’t understand how the entire offense is underperforming at 60% of career numbers.

      He defended Gibbons, saying he had made no egregious on field errors.

      The best Jays Talk caller last night said that Janssen,Cecil, Loup & Delabar should be promoted to the starting rotation. Buerhle, should be demoted to reliever.

      Wilner got exasperated when someone asked for Cito Gaston to come back.

      • This is a team wide problem and requires a team wide solution. The problem & solution is internal – JPA hit it on the nail a little while back when he said they all gotta look in the mirror. While not ideal, fighting through and overcoming a tough period such as the current Jays are going through builds team character, chemistry, further defined roles, etc. and the mental fortitude to avoid relaxing after winning some games cuz they remember how much it sucked to lose.

        This is perhaps the biggest “test” for AA during his tenure as GM. The easy way out is a major change(s), whether coaching or players The hard way out and with perhaps ultimate benefit to the team/culture of this club moving forward and beyond is to see if these guys are able to fight through this. Especially if this is a team built to compete for 3 + years.

        While these games are tough to watch at times, I do have a much longer time horizon and appreciate over the years that this is part of the reason I love baseball – anything can happen over the course of a 162 game season or, I hope, in the 3+ years the core of this team will be together.

        Often, the best teams in major sports went through some tough times before an identify was formed/culture set in/minal turnover of core players thereafter forming the core of a winning team for years.

        And baseball being baseball, 7.5 games out of a playoff spot on May 4th when this team is nowhere near playing what its capable of playing as a team, is not the end of the world, season nor the end of the long term vision for this club moving forward.

        • 7.5 games out of a playoff spot is reasonable when you have one team to get above. For Christ sake you need every other team in the American League to lose 8 straight and we have to win 8 straight – AT THE SAME TIME.

          So that won’t happen.

  68. I was at the game last night, sitting behind the Mariners dugout. I’ll leave Ricky out of this analysis, though I thought he did okay outside of that fourth inning and also considering he might have been throwing with a blister or something. Now, yes, the Jays offence can’t do shit lately. But my analysis of the game is summed up like this:

    Felix fucking Hernandez.

    They were lucky to get as many hits as they did last night, and at least one should have been an error. The guy throws a 95 MPH fastball touching the corner with perfection, and then comes back with some kind of slider/curve/fucked up breaking thing of beauty landing right at your knees at 73. It’s just not fair. The guy’s a joy to watch, especially from the angle we were at. And honestly, it was frustrating watching them flail at some of that stuff, but at the end of the day there’s no shame in being beaten by the very best in the business, no matter how bad or good things may be going. Tip your cap to King Felix and worry about the next two. These Mariners are beatable outside of Felix.

  69. I’m seriously going fucking insane.

    Let’s be honest about how invested John Gibbons is in this team: HE DIDN’T KNOW BRETT LAWRIE’S LAST NAME AFTER MONTHS OF COACHING HIM! Every baseball person in the world know’s his name, and a fucking 5 year old could literally read it off the BACK OF HIS FUCKING JERSEY, or when YOU WRITE UP THE LINEUP CARD.

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah! I am seriously going insane!

    And I’ll still watch today’s game!

  70. If this weather keeps up, I won’t be coherent by the first pitch. Shitty baseball is better than no baseball at all.

  71. Relocate to Montreal? Anybody?

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