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Not a whole lot of Scuzzlebutt here, but on thing I’m curious about is how Kendrys Morales faces Ricky Romero tonight. With a couple of left-handed hitters off the top, you wonder if perhaps Seattle manager Mike Hargrove John McLaren Jim Riggleman Don Wakamatsu Eric Wedge might turn his switch hitters around and take advantage of Romero’s reverse splits. Full credit to him if he does.


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And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app

Toronto Blue Jays

3B Brett Lawrie (R)
DH Adam Lind (L)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
C J.P. Arencibia (R)
LF Melky Cabrera (S)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
2B Emilio Bonifacio (S)
SS Munenori Kawasaki (L)

Ricky Romero LHP

Seattle Mariners

CF Michael Saunders (L)
3B Kyle Seager (L)
DH Kendrys Morales (S)
LF Mike Morse (R)
RF Jason Bay (R)
1B Justin Smoak (B)
2B Dustin Ackley (L)
C Jesus Montero (R)
SS Brendan Ryan (R)

Felix Hernandez RHP

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  1. Wishing Ricky the best. Go Blue Jays!

  2. The mariners have Jason Bay in the lineup and still have a better record than the jays

  3. Smoak, Ackley and Montero batting 6,7,8 for the Mariners, see the Marlins trade won’t look so bad after all, they were prospects who are fizzling out.

  4. Remember that time that Maddon did that with the switch hitters, and Ricky was like “doesnt matter what they do out there, Im gonna find a way to get it done” and we were all like “Now THATS a savvy vet who knows how to win!”

  5. Rickey with a NO NO tonight and the start of a ten game winning streak. Book it Bitches.

    • ^^^ This. So this.

    • I said last night, given the way the season has gone for our starting pitching, it would only be fitting that Ricky would go out and throw a complete game. Can only hope that we see the strike thrower of old, and chew up some innings by putting the ball in play.

      I can’t stand watching game in, game out, and with none of our starters bringing their A stuff just once, or being able to throw strikes. At all.

      I don’t know about a no-no, but a complete game would get the pen off their heels a little bit. Hope Rickey kicks ass tonight!

  6. I hope Edwin hits a homer and takes his time rounding the bases. I haven’t been taken out for a while, and need the fresh air.

  7. OK, I accept that there are no baseball gods, but I am nonetheless certain of their complete power over all aspects of the game. I am certain that after punishing us for four weeks for our lack of humility coming into this season they will now see fit to start turning things around with a great outing by Ricky tonight. It is the only narrative that makes sense!! Right?

  8. Nothing but best wishes for Ricky tonight.


  10. Man it really would be nice to get a quality start out of Ricky. This Mariners team is filled with some serious prospects that were really hyped in 2009, who then fizzled right out.

  11. At least Romero gets to start his journey against the Mariners followed by the Rays in Tampa.

  12. Come on Rickey!

  13. Does Ricky make it out of the first?

  14. We should be ok tonight, they got some Spanish guy on the mound I’ve never heard of.

  15. Sweaty pig is in the booth. Holla

  16. why roof closed

  17. Let the anxiety attack begin…

  18. Wow, his mechanics are different.

    He reminds me a little of David Price.

  19. god dammit. They have one out in the 1st, that’s not a good sign……here we fucking go again!!

  20. 1-2-3! RICKY

  21. Ok, now. Offence, score some fucking runs.

  22. The first 1-2-3 by Jays pitchers this year, or at least that’s how it seems.

  23. Ricky’s got the best ERA in league!

  24. Good start, and against 2 decent lefties.

  25. Fuck! Romero’s no-hitter got broken up with one out in the first.

  26. Lets go ricky! The fan base can definitely relate with him more, having seen what he’s done for the Jays for the past few years. Hope he come’s out strong, and somehow that motivates the team.

  27. Why the fuck is Cabrera playing tonight?

  28. What? Our starting pitcher has only thrown 23 pitches through 2 full innings?

    Where am I? What year is it?

  29. RICKY!!!!

  30. One thing about Romero is that he hasn’t been around for the shitshow first month. He doesn’t have the stink of fail on him from April.

  31. They really need to find another song to spam.

  32. Go Ricky!!!

  33. Just joining. Just in time for the Ricky Romero Metric ad break. Ricky looking good?
    I’m so excited + I just can’t hide it!

  34. Oh Ricky you so fine

  35. Ricky looks great. Finally something to get excited about.

  36. Command is on. Change-up looks nasty. Love it.

  37. Colby fixin to go deep

  38. Not wanting to jinx it, but this is the best a starter has looked so far this season.

  39. Fuck this strike zone.

  40. looks like this game is gonna end nice and early. I’ll be able to fully prep myself for the Nuckers

  41. All right, BBiP’d!

  42. He’s upset because he didn’t get a no hitter? Guys, it’s the 3rd inning. Stfu already.

  43. Ricky’s looking OK but facing King Felix is a tall order.

  44. Only 33 pitches in the 3rd inning for Ricky.

  45. First walk … Here we go

  46. Those first 3 innings were awesome.

  47. and a wild pitch.

  48. Get him out of there now so Wilner can still call this a pretty good start

  49. Dirk ragging on JPA a bit on the radio

  50. The no-hitter was broken up. I’m satisfied for tonight.

    Lowered expectations.

  51. Is it bad to be worried that 2 runs is all they need

  52. With the way the offense has been, a 2 run deficit against a good pitcher feels so deflating.

  53. Romero has lost so much velocity that his fastballs show up as change ups on Gameday now. Getting into Buehrle/Moyer territory now, but I guess that’s what it takes for him to be able to throw it across the plate occasionally.

  54. Oh good. Everything is back to normal.

  55. Well atleast he showed promise before he lost the strike zone

  56. That’s cool Ricky, fake an injury when the going gets tough. But none of this is mental, right?

  57. Now he’s a 2013 Blue Jays pitcher.

  58. yes, uh, a blister!!!…..its a blister!!….Dont worry, Romeros fine.

    Its that blister.

  59. Hard to imagine this inning will end well.

    Another wild pitch? Bases clearing double? Botched Double Play? Couple of walks?

  60. Is that Duane Ward on the broadcast?

  61. Quit playing games with my heart, Ricky.

  62. I’m out! bye!

    • you guys are crackin me up :)

      DJF was funny… leading up to opening day.

      Then two weeks of…it’s still early, don’t panic.

      Then, this anger and disillusionment…

      Now. SEE POST ABOVE lol

      • btw….always funny :)


      • Well, it WAS way too early to get worked up when this team was 2-5 or 8-11. Really, that was nothing, and people were overreacting to it.

        But 9 – 17 is a shit load more fucking daunting than being a couple games under .500 a week in. So is 10-20.

      • Anger? I was here to watch Ricky pitch and now he’s out. So I”m leaving to get ready for the Canucks game.

        tl;dr you’re a fucking moron

  63. nice

    that really escalated quickly

  64. that’s the Ricky we know! But Wilner will claim this is a “quality start”. Fuck you Wilner!!

  65. Good chance they’ll be 10-20 by tonight. In the 25ish years I’ve been watching the Jays, I doubt I’ve enjoyed a 30 game period less than this. Pure, pure garbage.

  66. More BBip’in.

  67. Who is in the booth tonight with drunk uncle Buck? All I know is I miss Tabby.

    Also, I fear my unbridled enthusiasm derailed Ricky.

  68. Loup is in already? Awesome!

  69. These game comments should be in a format like Doug Smith Raptors in game blogs. Would be easier to read all the comments.


  71. Ward is hilarious with his metaphors. “He throws his changeup off his stink-finger.”

    You can’t make this shit up.

  72. Yeah, don’t see the Jays getting 3 or 4 runs off Hernandez tonight.

    Or 1 run.

  73. Never before have I seen such bad pitch recognition. Rasmus is even shittier at the plate than the collective SP this year.

  74. How many strikeouts is the record, I think Rasmus is on pace for around 230 right now. Fuck prospects

  75. They got to make some changes to this lineup. Not in the order but the personnel. First guy that needs to see a cut in playing time is jpa. Bring up thole to start against righties. Dfa blanco. Dfa derosa or davis and bring in casper wells. These are minor changes im aware but should help the team in terms of obp which is a MAJOR problem for this lineup. AA has gotta try everything he can to salvage the season while time is left.

  76. Hahaha…. awesome! A home run to Jason FUCKING Bay.

  77. .groundhog day again

  78. why does morris look like moses?

  79. #fuckthisteam

  80. If this was basketball, some douche bag would be already be saying we should tank for the number 1 draft pick. Seriously though, it’s too early to write the season off, but we are entering the danger zone. As it is we have to play above .600 ball for the rest of the season to win 90 games.

    • We should tank for the #1 pick. Moreover, they need to trade *everybody* at the deadline.

      • So we have to play at a rate that no other team all of last year did? Yeah, I would like to be optimistic but my realist side takes over here and tells me that that is definitely not happening.

      • It’s not like Basketball or NFL, draft picks don’t pay immediate dividends and are often riskier than those two sports. Besides the “tank” for draft picks argument has very little backing in any league. Crap teams stay crap for a long time when their only plan is to tank and take a roll of the dice at the end of the season.

        • It is a better strategy then what we have been doing for 20 fucking years. Look at the Rays and the Nationals.

          The Marlins and Athletics have fielded multiple playoff calibre teams in that time frame. Same with the Orioles. God damn, even Houston made the fucking World Series.

        • @katata.

          Very true. It could take years for a high draft pick to be MLB ready

          AA’s bread & butter is trades, waiver wire & now he has a decent budget.

          He should be able to upgrade 2B.

          Drabek & hutch should be available in 2014.

    • well, there would be nothing worse that playing like a piece of shit in the first half and being the best team in baseball the 2nd half, only to finish with 85 wins and a mid to late 1st rounder.

      I would rather see them be just awful the whole season and get a top 3 pick if that’s the case.

      • This is what has fucked the Jays most over the last 20 years. The mediocrity. Look at what a few years of absolute shit play gets you with the Rays and the Nationals. Houston should be right up there soon in a couple of years if their number 1 picks pan out.

        Either make the playoffs or fucking tank.

    • Not quite the same though, #1 overall picks in the NBA draft have the chance to make an immediate impact and in some cases are franchise-changing talents. Baseball isn’t quite the same.

  81. Nice catch!

  82. we have 4 players that would be dfa’d by other teams that are starters on our team.

  83. The moment the Mariners scored their first run, their win probability for this game jumped up to 98%.

  84. The two highest batting averages in this lineup right now?

    1) Colby Rasmus (!) .247
    2) JP Arencibia (!) .241

  85. Shit players: Blanco, DeRosa, Bonifacio, Davis, Rasmus, Izturis, Kawasaki, JP
    Can’t win with that.

    • Bautista hitting like shit. Cabrera hitting like shit. Lawrie hitting like shit. No mention of Lind?

      • Well Lind is going good right now, Bautista still has the power I think, Cabrera and Lawrie could hit better

    • Seriously. Josh Thole, please.

      He’s not going to be any sort of saviour but at this point, incremental upgrades is all the Jays can do so why the fuck not? Blanco is a waste of space and Thole should be able to challenge shitbag JPA for playing time too. Fuck why isn’t this happening already?

  86. Having watched now thirty games vs good teams, bad teams, and middle of the pac teams, its becoming quite obvious that this team simply lacks the talent to win anything close to 90 games. Im not sure why people are thinking they are suddenly go to play at a 600 clip. I think they will pick it up to their true talent level eventually (which believer it or not is not THIS bad)…but that level is probably in the low 500s…not good enough to get in the playoffs from the jump let alone when starting off this shitty.

    In fact, Id rather have the Mariners lineup than ours. They dont have the huge thumpers like Jose and Edwin, but they dont have the 5 auto outs we have either.

    • This is precisely why the Jays need to trade everyone they can at the deadline. They cannot afford a pick that is not in the top 3.

      • The problem is trading them when they’re playing like garbage will net nothing in return. We’re stuck with them until they get hot.

        • Nah, these guys individually will have value (Bautista, Encarnacion, etc.).

          Salary dump Buehrle on some poor NL team.

    • I think AA underestimated just how shitty jpa/ boni/ davis and even izturis are.

      • Like I said in the beginning of the year… AA was banking on that top 4 carrying the offense. Encarnacion is the only one out of that top 4 performing right now.

      • Unless the ESPN boxscore is lying, Adam Lind’s slugging percentage on the year is .269. Isn’t that pitcher level? And he is our DH today

  87. How long will it take until Gibbons figure out that Loup is a classic LOOGY and should never face a RH power hitter? It’s blindingly obvious after you see him throw… oh, one or two pitches.

    • Ive been saying that all season. ” oh, but he was good against righties in a small sample last year” is the response. Once righties see him more he’ll get destroyed. Its already starting to happen.

    • I agree with you that he does expose him to far too many righties in general.

      Today though I think he had no choice..simple function of your starter going only 4 IP.

  88. Here’s whats fucking annoying to me with these guys. Its their stupid antics when they do anything decent. The ornate dance moves in the dug out when they ht a homer…the Lo viste bull shit when any of the dominican contingent does anything it would seem.

    Yesterday lawrie hits a homer leading off and goes into the dugout doing this celebratory dance like they just won the world series. Well they hadn’t..fuck they hadnt even won half of one game.

    Just fucking win a few games before you pull out these stupid antics.

    Stupid antics are for closers only.

    • The cockiness is annoying as all fuck. They have no reason to be cocky.

    • Even the personalities on this team are starting to piss me off

      • Also I’ve stopped following almost all of the Blue Jays on Twitter. Their swagger + cockiness is so, so present there + I just want to shout @ them to just PLAY BETTER BASEBALL rather than Tweeting.

        I do still follow Brett Lawrie because his Tweets leave me totally convinced that he can’t really read or write + is suffering from some sort of brain damaging head injury.

    • YES! Even teams that actually have good, consistent records don’t always behave this way. I have nothing against unbridled enthusiasm + I suppose it’s not causing any direct harm, but it’s a bit ridiculous + almost insulting to fans.Or something.

      I don’t know – bad baseball is making me incoherent.

  89. I kind of wish my expectations had never been raised. Damn AA! There’s something comforting about watching prospects and projecting how good they will be in the future with no expectations of winning today.

  90. Seems like whenever we get a leadoff guy guy hits a weak DP ball.

  91. Can we just dfa jpa pleeeaasse?? I cant bear watching that piece of shit anymore. At the plate or in the field.

    • He’s never going to be DFA’d he’s AA’s man! He’s the catcher going forward! We can look forward to many seasons of JPA chasing after the strikeout record while hitting under 30 homers! YAY!

      • The thing that pissees me off also is the media never mentions how bas he is. Its because hes buds with blair and the rest. Fukcking bs. Instead, they rip apart rasmus who is not great himself, but a better hitter than jpa.

    • He likes hockey. Therefore, he cannot be DFA’ed.

      Moreover, he’s one of the best hitters on this team right now.

    • If we dfa his selfish ass the yanks will claim him and he’ll haunt us for years. Breaks my heart to see wells doing so good there

  92. Josh Thole 2 for 3 with a homer – 369 average and OPS up to 1.008. As good as Blanco? Discuss.

  93. I can already hear the apologists tonight. “well it was king felix so a loss was expected”

    shut the fuck up with that already. If you are a good team, you fucking beat good pitchers once in a while..or at least play them to a stalemate till you get them out of the game.

    far too often this year its been the jays rollling over agains number 1 and 2 starters….

    in the words of rick flair.

    if you wanna be the best, you have to BEAT the best. (at least occasionally)

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