May 2nd vs Red Sox

Batter pLI WPA
Lawrie – 3B 1.62 0.090
Lind – 1B 2.03 -0.147
Bautista – RF 1.51 0.011
Encarnacion – DH 1.55 -0.193
Arencibia – C 1.29 -0.064 Pitcher pLI WPA
Cabrera – LF 1.39 -0.144 Happ  – SP 1.29 -0.080
Rasmus – CF 1.39 0.146 Lincoln – RP 1.40 0.107
Bonifacio – 2B 1.37 -0.118 Delabar – RP 0.78 -0.021
Davis – PH 3.51 -0.079 Cecil – RP 0.53 0.031
Kawasaki – SS 1.66 -0.060 Rogers – RP 0.51 0.019
Total 1.59 -0.557 Total 1.08 0.057

Bests / Worsts of the game after the jump!

GBOOT: Colby Rasmus, 14.6%
Griffin: Edwin Encarnacion, -19.3%
Impact At-Bat: Encarnacion 6-4-3 Double Play, Bot 3, -17.8%
Impact Pitch: Mike Carp RBI Single, Top 2, -10.0%
Highest Leverage AB: Adam Lind Based Loaded Strikeout, Bot 7, 5.24
Highest Leverage Opp. AB: Dustin Pedroia Bases Loaded Fielder’s Choice, Top 4, 2.86
Lineup Contribution: -55.7%
Pitching Contribution: 5.7%
Average Leverage Index: 1.32
Chart explanation

- J.A. Happ’s line: 3.2ip, 3h, 2er, 7bb, 2k, 95 pitches, 5 swinging strikes, 42 game score, 7.65 FIP.

- Ryan Dumpster’s line: 6.0ip, 4h, 1er, 3bb, 4k, 100 pitches, 10 swinging strikes, 61 game score, 5.35 FIP.

- Brad Lincoln mopped up the rest of 4th and the 5th inning. Steve Delabar allowed an inherited runner to score in the 6th, but after that he, Brett Cecil, and Esmil Rogers held the Sox bats mostly at bay.

- I attended this contest and I have to say that even as someone who considers myself an appreciator of all things baseball, a game where 15 total walks are issued is among the most boring live events I’ve ever experienced. This is a list of events that include beginner-level sketch comedy, Bruce County high school talent shows, and community college film festivals. It’s nice to see the leverage stats agree, as pretty much every high leverage at bat ended with a big fart.

- Brett Lawrie (3) led off the game for the Jays with a solo home run and everyone agreed it was so nice that there was no point in trying to do anything that compared to it.

-  The Jays had several chances to score multiple runs and steal this game. They loaded the bases in the 3rd and the 7th without scoring, and had runners reach base in 7 different innings.

- After a week of constantly hitting home runs, Edwin Encarnacion went 1-for-4 and grounded into a pair of double plays, one of them with the bases loaded in the 3rd.

- Munenori Kawasaki drew 2 walks, giving him 7 on the season, which kind of makes you wonder how many walks every player in the league would draw if they just never swung. I mean, there’s no way anyone is pitching around Munenori Kawasaki, is there? He of the .192/.257/.202 slash line (or .215 wOBA / 35 wRC+) last season? Am I taking crazy pills? How does every player in the league not have at least 7 walks at this point?

- Colby Rasmus went 3-for-4, repeatedly getting on base in a game where the Jays desperately needed base runners.

- Melky Cabrera went 0-for-4 with 3k’s, Emilio Bonifacio was 0-for-3, Adam Lind went 0-for-3 with a walk and 2 k’s in the 2-hole.

- The Jays managed 6 hits, aside from the Lawrie lead-off HR they were all singles.

- This evening’s projected match-up is Ricky Romero (Wait, What?) v Felix Hernandez (2.36FIP, 1.3fWAR). So yeah finally some good news.  

{All numbers via Fangraphs}

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  1. Will be at the game tonight and get to see a great starter……and Romero too.

    • Calling it right now, Romero dominates tonight and becomes the best pitcher on the team – inspiring the rest of the roster to display emboldened play en route to a 92-win finish.

  2. Wilner is the biggest moron. For all of April, he was constantly trotting out his “it’s only April” and “small sample size” horsehit, and know because Rasmus is 5 for his last 11 or something stupid like that, he now says that “Rasmus is heating up”. Wilner’s wet dream is a meanage-a-trois with Rasmus and Lind. Getting this guy off the radio!!

    p.s. who won last night?

    • it’s too early. my spelling is atrocious!

      • It is a disgrace to Tom Cheek’s legacy having Wilner call games.

        • This is somewhat true. Too many inside jokes is the major problem. Some issues with inconsistency (like the one pointed out above). But actually, I like his enthusiasm, and do not mind when he is doing the announcing. I like it, in fact. Now his radio program is mostly just dark humour (probably unintentional).
          To tell you the truth, I like the interplay between Jack Morris and Jerry. It really seems as though Jerry is having a good time, and genuine laughs. With Jerry and Dirk, or Jerry and Mike, it seems pretty strained at times.
          I don’t need my announcers trotting out BABIP and so on – I can look at that online. I like to hear them having a good time, describing the game well, and having respect for each other and the game.

          • I really should clarify what I mean by “somewhat true” here. I have a lot of respect for Mike Wilner in the announcers’ booth. What I really wanted to convey was my utmost respect for Tom Cheek.
            No disrespect for Mike Wilner at all intended. If he continues for 30 years, he could have a legacy like Cheek’s as well.

    • Maybe you should pay some respect to a guy who lives and dies with the Jays. He has paid his dues, listening to moron callers year after year, doing all he can to temper a mostly moronic fan base. To be honest, the two Jays media guys who get the least respect, Wilner and Jamie Campbell, are the ones who should be respected the most! These guys are true Jays fans. Not just hopping on for a fucking job. Well…yes they are in it for a job, but you know what I mean. The whole point is, check yourself before you put down guys who are doing overall a great job dealing with douchebags like you. I’d love to hear your ideas on who should be doing the Jays radio gig.

      • Ashby was great because he wasn’t afraid to call out the team and certain players when necessary. Wilner is an apologist, plain and simple. After he got suspended from the FAN for criticising Cito, he becamse an uber pussy. He is also an asshole and disrespectful to people that call him or tweet him. The fact that he used to constantly correct the spelling and grammar of people’s emails shows how big a jerk he is. Fuck him. His mantra is the same as George Bush, i.e., “either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists”.

        • Are you out of your fucking mind? LOL…comparing Wilner to dub-yah? I didn’t realize what I was dealing with here. I find it hilarious when he is rude to callers who say stupid shit. I mean, what the fuck should he do? Also, what kind of person are you if grammatical errors don’t bother you?

          • I’m pointing out that both Bush AND Wilner are buffoons. If Wilner gets a boner by playing Grade 5 grammar teacher, then good for him. But his job is to discuss and analyze the team, not read from a teleprompter that is penned by a Rogers P.R. person. It’s an embarassment. He’s a homer like the Chisox broadcast crew.

      • Look, you can’t just say that everyone who has a challenging job is good at his job. The fact is that the Jays could feed Wilner a bowl of shit and he’d thank them for the chocolate fondu.

        Often he is Ash Williams fighting off the braying hordes of darkness with only a microphone where his hand used to be. But equally often he’s just reflexively defensive of anything related to the team, management or ownership.

        He spent almost the entire season defending Francisco Cordero last year! And the year before that was all about how Edwin’s 3B defense wasn’t as bad as we all think (spoiler alert – it was). Hell, I once listened to him defend JPR’s drafting for an entire hour! A whole fucking hour!

        • Ray is spot on. The biggest problem with Wilner is his approach on communicating with people. It is as if he is always putting someone down for their opinion. Even if that person is dead wrong, you should never belittle them, never. I remember last Sunday Wilner is telling callers to calm down, calm down. After Jays Talk was over the first thing Roger Lajoie and Jeff Blair said when they came on the air is never calm down if you have passion for the Jays.

          Wilner’s looks up a bunch of pointless numbers to justify his point of view. He doesn’t understand that baseball is more then numbers. A players character comes into it as well. Any dip shit can read a bunch of numbers and think he or she is a baseball expert.

    • Wilner does not understand statistics, probabilities etc, and rather han admit it, he just criticizes people who are smarter than him. He’s an arrogant tool. Here’s a hint . . If a team is a 500 team, and hey lose the first 20 games, you ddont expect them to end up w. 81 wins, you expect them to end up with 71 wins. That’s what statistics over long time periods do. Same as red & black on roulette…..over 100 spins you expect 50 red….if you start with ten red in a row, then your expected outcome is 55 red at the end…….just because you lose a bunch of games to start, does not imply at all that you will average out over 162 games at your original epected outcome . Wilner doesn’t understnd that and made a jackass of himslf by constantly braying that losses didnt matter. Rogers should turf him.

  3. Tough to watch any loss, but I’m with you – last night with all the BB’s was incredible boring.

    Does Romero come through tonight?

  4. I don’t even care if they put grass in the Rogers Centre anymore…

  5. I really like Gibby and I though having Mottola as hitting coach was a good move, but somethings gotta change with the coaching staff. Endless errors, stupid base running (yes I’m talking about you Melky), swing for the fences at every at bat…
    Maybe this bunch needs a manager who is not laid back?
    What else is there to do? You can’t fire 24 players (I wish you could)

    • When is Gibby laid back? The guy has a history of fighting players. Is that laid back to you? Gibby is not the issue.

      • Hitting for thé fences at every atbat is a problem. What is mottola’s responsibility with that?

        • The problem is you can’t move these overpaid stiffs, so other than waiting until the Jays are 20-40, is to redo the coaching staff as a sacrifice to the baseball Gods.
          Heads gotta roll.

          Maybe Alex Cantstopthelosses as well.

  6. your sarcasm is hilarious
    this is the worst Jays team i have ever seen, my jays tattoo plan is deff postponed!

    • Soooooooo…wait. You’re only getting a Jays tattoo if they win? I’m guessing you have barbed wire around your bicep too? Lol, give me a break.

      • A metallica one on the other arm as well.

        • How about — get the tattoo if they reach .500.

          Or maybe .600. Damn.

          This is hard.

          What is the threshold of wins a team needs before you can show you are a true fan?

  7. we need Billy Beane.

  8. I was at the game last night and I have noticed over the last 2 games, Its time to sit Melky for a game or two. How many one handed, outside, half hearted swinging strikeouts do you give the guy.
    Just really disappointing. When you need to hit a long fly ball or even hit towards 1st to bring a run in and you can’t get it done. It just bad baseball.
    They had a lot of baserunners last night that they couldn’t cash in.
    I hope Ricky brings back the mojo of this club.
    OK I feel better now.

    Go Jays.

  9. King Felix tonight. Even with an awesome team we could probably put this one in the loss column. So with this team we’ll definitely put it in the loss column. That puts us at 10-20. Everyone still feeling optimistic about the season?

    • Sample size is too small, don’t panic… blah blah will revert to average..

      Lets just say Melky’s career before KC is his average.
      Lets just say Jose career 2010/2011 years was a long version of 1995 Brady Anderson and that his other 8 seasons are the norm
      The Colby we have is the Colby that he will always be maybe La Russa had a better baseball brain than the Ninja. To be fair the Cardinals do seem to be very good at identifying and developing baseball talent so it may not be just down to Mr La Russa.
      The one good year of Lind is Rich Aurillia 2001

      I would just like to see some good baseball being played by the team I support.

      Although I don’t know why it is such a shocker that we should be 2013 Marlins.

      At least with Ossie you get his son’s twitter feed

  10. I was at the game also and, while it was nice to have the Dome open, it was dull. And I’m getting really disheartened with this team.

  11. The way Romero pitched last year we may see 10+ walks again tonight. I hope not but I am not optimistic. I was hoping we would see Ricky July 1 after a bunch of good starts down on the farm.

  12. gotta beat up on the mariners on saturday and sunday

  13. I say get on the phone with the Rangers for a massive deal involving Bautista etc. etc. etc. for Profar, Olt, and Martin. LOL. Fix our 2b and 1b issues for years to come. Sure it is possible they play better baseball this season, but any hope of meaningful August baseball is pretty much gone. The Sox will regress, but there are still the O’s, the Rays will play better and who the fuck knows what the Yankees will do. It is actually more realistic that the Jays finish 5th than a wild card game. Ugh.

    • I know, I love Jose, and I have been trying to avoid even having that discussion, but it keeps creeping into the back of my mind what we could potentially get for him, and then trading Johnson and Beuhrle to someone who wants them too. Johnson has been ok at times, but he is not coming back here, that needs to be accepted now. Plus he’s made of glass.

      • I hate to say this but I think we’ve had the best out of Jose. I would be so thrilled if he now hits run after run and his average rises to .579 and you guys gave me the gears. But I honestly don’t think that’s gonna happen and right now EE is hitting way better than he is. However he’s a plus right-fielder and we need defence as much as we need everything else. If AA made a mistake this off-season it was with 2nd base. We have no one there who can field well or hit the ball. I can understand every other move he made and we were all over ourselves patting him on the back. Buehrle is a disaster and Johnson is meh. the pitching is a problem but the hitting is a bigger problem. the pitchers have (mostly) kept us in the game at least. the hitters have consistently pissed away opportunities.

        • I’ll get back to you at the trade deadline. I will say that last year was NOT the time and trading away a plus fielder, nevermind your defacto team leader will probably not happen for a few reasons: not the least of which is the fact that they seem so hard to find in the draft.

    • Might not be a bad idea actually. Really kickstart a rebuild.

      Long odds it’ll actually happen though.

  14. “Bruce County high school talent shows”
    I grew up in Tiverton!

  15. The Jays SUCK! Worst fkiing team I have ever seen in all sports combined. I hate this team. I hate all players except for couple, I hope Anthopolous is fired. I don’t care if nobody in the universe suspected this team to be as horrific as they are, I still want him fired for presiding over it and hiring John Gibbons when you could have had Sanday Alomar Jr. I’m beinning to see the reason why Florida had no qualms whatsoever in dumping these guys altogether. The season’s already done and we’re just in May. 10.5 back. They aren’t coming back. This team is an embarrassment and stop with that fucking stupid chick and the repetetive stadium love fucking commercials that make me want to knaw my arm off.

  16. I need to step back from this team before the hate sets in.

    I’m going to get drunk around a campfire or 2 this weekend and pick it back up on Monday.

  17. Ok this is a totally winnable series….this is where we turn it around and win 8 in a row…right?


    Seriously though, it has to stop here for real or we are genuinely fuckered.
    It’s not just a small phase now, April is over.

    I know it’s not necessarily the answer, but maybe some roster changes would be a good idea just to get some blood flowing in these fuckers. Gose? How about this second baseman McCowan was talking about yesterday that is hitting .500 in AAA? I understand fully that is Buffalo and it’s not necessarily gonna translate to the majors, but at this point I don’t see what we have to lose in trying; taking Izturis out of the lineup isn’t gonna bankrupt us in the talent department.

    Where is the excitement? This team was supposed to hit and run, steal bases, win a few games.
    I have seen that in maybe two games this season, and I’m getting tired of that sinking feeling around the 4th inning as I watch them take horrible at bats.

    Fucholz cheated.


    • Gose is slugging like .300 at AAA. His low .700 OPS is made up mostly of walks. Major league pitchers will not be walking him.

      I don’t think he will ever hit at the major league level but if he does he isn’t ready to do so yet. He’s one of the worst hitters on the AAA team. When thinking about putting him into the majors the fact that he is the youngest player on the AAA team does not really work in his favour.

    • King Felix tonight, Iwakuma tomorrow-Dickey’s gonna have to pitch his Dickey off to
      keep it close on Saturday.
      Go Leafs!

    • Jim Negrych was good in ST too (as well as 1 month in AAA) and Thole HAS to be better than Blanco.

  18. Dempster is awesome.

  19. If I keep watching Jays games I am going to get an ulcer! They are just not executing. The starters aren’t pitching, the defenders aren’t defending and the hitters are trying to win the game with one swing (including Bonifacio who has no business hitting the ball in the air EVER).

    If the Jays hit 3 or 4 homers in a game, they win. Otherwise, they lose. That’s the book on the Jays. Keep them in the park and you’ll win.

    • Nevermind Boni hitting (which he can’t), he keeps fake bunting. I would think that a guy with his supposed speed would want to take advantage of the bunt and be more adept at it. Hell if he’d just bunt on a few of those and run like he supposedly can, maybe he’d have SOME hits

  20. starting to think Farrel was way better than we knew..Last years team playing better and these guys were suppose to be better….yankees get our throw aways and they beat us only difference the manager

    • That’s so ridiculous. Gibbons is doing fine. He sure knew when to take out Happ last night and it worked out best as it could.

      What mystic ability do you think a manager has?

      EE leads the league in home runs and hit into two double plays last night. What was the manager supposed to do? Go up to EE before his at bat and tell him to change something all of a sudden?

      Sometimes a game goes to shit. Sometimes a month does. And sometimes a season does. So far we have a shitty month done. Maybe it is unrecoverable. We’ll see in the next 3-4 weeks.

      • A strange idea that a 10-19 manager is “doing fine” with the amount of garbage we’ve seen this year. I don’t know what planet you’re from where you think a coach has no effect on his players.

        • not no effect, but it isnt freaking little league either where the coaches hold their hands and teach them how to tie their shoes. mlbers have played baseball their entire lives, had zillions of coaches and probably have more major league experience than gibbons or any of the other jays coaches. fans always overestimate the effects of coaching in the mlb. there is nothing any manager can do when 80% of the team starts the season in a slump.

          • Kevin, that’s nothing more than a ridiculous assumption propagated by sabermetricians who consider baseball players to be machines and statistics.

            Name me one other profession where you would make that assumption. (The assumption that your “coach” or “boss” or “manager” or “supervisor” doesn’t have a MAJOR effect on your production as a worker).

            • Zigman do you understand that it is a game played against another team?

              The idea that the outcome of this competition between 52 players and about 10 coaches (combined) is dependant on one coach of one team makes zero sense.

              I’m pretty sure EE’s 2 DP balls had more to do with the loss than what cliche Gibbons used in his pregame speech.

              • Are you saying there is no difference between Bobby Valentine and John Farrell? Or Joe Maddon and Larry Rothschild? It really doesn’t take a genius to see that managers DO have an affect on player performance.

                Again, show me ONE other profession where one’s performance is completely unaffected by one’s boss. And then explain to me why baseball players are somehow immune to this phenomenon.

                You’re speculating, I’m speculating. Just stop getting all self righteous about your speculation, because it is SPECULATION and NOT fact.

            • Yes. Sabermatricians think baseball players are machines.

              Does saying this sort of thing make you feel smarter?

              • Hard-line sabermetricians are those who came up with the assumptions that managers have nothing to do with player performance. Yet they’re the same people who predict that the Rays will make the playoffs with Yunel, KJ, James Loney, Sean Rodriguez, Desmond Jennings, Luke Scott, Matt Joyce and Jose Molina playing regularly.

        • Coaching and Preparation matter. The coaching staff should shoulder some blame for not doing a good enough job. It looks like spring training still.

    • Only one way to measure a coach’s performance:
      Wins and Losses.

      Though you can’t make chicken salad with chicken shit either. You look at the performance of the lineup, you look at the performance of the starting staff, and you can’t help but give Gibbons a pass.

      In my view, as its constructed, the team is just not as good as we originally thought. Its been a month and we’ve been nothing but crushed.

      • “Only one way to measure a coach’s performance:
        Wins and Losses.”

        Ridiculous. The players are the ones playing. They are the ones getting 50M here and 100M there. Not the coach. And judging a coach after one month is stupid anyway.

  21. Ya that was a horrible game, but hey look at Morris and Hayhurst taking one for the team.

  22. People like to say batting average doesn’t matter. But, I imagine it kinda helps to have people hit the ball instead of strikeout seemingly constantly. Anyway, the point of my post was that I was looking at the lineup yesterday, JPA is leading the team in average. Yup. At like 248 or something.

    • It’s not that batting average doesn’t matter, it’s just not nearly as descriptive as OBP or OPS.

      In most cases, a walk or a hbp is as valuable as a single. OBP takes this into consideration, AVG does not.

      In all cases, doubles < triples < HRs. SLG takes this into consideration, AVG does not.

      Combine OBP and SLG and you get OPS. Not perfect but far more descriptive than AVG.

      • It’s true, the BA on this team sucks, but that is also in line with the fact the team simply doesn’t get on base enough. Guys like JPA have great SLG but still make too many outs.
        Some of that is short-term bad luck though. In 100 ABs, every hit is worth .010 in BA. Melky might be getting crapped on now, but he’s had a lot of line drives that simply went straight at a fielder. I think his average could easily be .100 higher just based on luck.

        Problem is, when they turn into outs a few too many times, guys start pushing, and that’s looking like a problem now.

  23. Yeah I was there too, pretty boring game. But on the bright side I got a pack of 1991 Canadian Football League cards from one of those vending machines on the 500 level! Rocket Ismail!

    So yeah, last night sucked.

  24. The way the Jays have played this year has made me into a baseball fan. Wait wait, hear me out. I used to be a Jays fan. Huge Jays fan. Now, that is too painful and I have decided to enjoy baseball for the game itself. Strasburg and Harper. Miguel Cabrera, Andrew McCutchen. Anybody else have any favourites to watch?
    Who am I kidding? Go Jays!

    • Bautista and his 162 OPS+ and two homerun crowns over the past three years has been pretty fun to watch. It would have been three if not for the injury.

      • It’s true! Bautista, when he is on, is simply amazing. I can’t remember seeing anyone destroy like he has in the past. Maybe Bonds during the Dark Ages, Delgado during his MVP-calibre years.

  25. Enjoy your campfires. This mess ain’t goinig away. Jays only show up on payday. Couldn’t be any more obvious than that.

  26. Will there be a DJF podcast today. For some reason I always feel better about the team after them.

    This is worse than that 9 game losing streak from a few years ago (2009)? At least I knew that it would end at some point. I doesn’t seem like the mess this season is will ever end though.

  27. The next person that says this team is going to score a lot of runs I am going to punch in the labia.

  28. Let’s at least make tonight interesting and get some prop bets going

    Which inning will be Ricky’s trademark shit inning? I’ll say the 2nd. Please god, spare us the 1st.

    How many degrees off center will Felix’s hat be? I’m too stupid to do the math on this one.

    How many times will Buck say “a ball and a strike” during a 1-1 count.

    How sexually aroused will Tabby get when talking about Michael Morse’s hands and arms? Is there even a scale for this?

    Over under on the following

    1. Number of walks Ricky Allows – what do you think? I’ll go 4, I think that’s low.

    2. Number of times Romero yells at himself walking back to the dugout – 2

    Please add on more!!

  29. AA is probably sitting in the tub, looking at the veins in his wrist. How could something that had such promise 4 months ago turn into the giant steaming turd that’s in front of him now?
    He did such a great job of collecting talent – only to see them put on a Jays’ jersey and go to sleep.

    • My pops who’s a retiree said to me last night “watching these pricks is detrimental to my health.” I laughed at first and then realized my use of curse words, blood pressure and tolerance of ineptitude is up 128 %

      The Jays are killing me too.

    • lol

      I really miss that ‘hope’ we had, with all those prospects…

      Now that the farm is depleted, we are fucked.

      • We aren’t depleted – just middle of the pack now instead of top 5 – and other than Reyes and Buehrle, we have a bunch of quality players locked up for another 3-4 years on average, at decent salaries.

        It’s one horrible month.

        You would be just as dumb to bank on a world series after one good month as to throw away the next 3 years based on one month.

  30. Quality outing by Happ there.

    • Not helped by lousy behind-the-plate umpiring. More than a few pitches were given to Dempster as strikes and taken away from Happ as balls and somehow magically were in the exact same location as each other.

  31. It’s obvious here this team needs more cotton candy.

  32. That bit about Kawasaki was something I was saying to a friend the other night.

    What pitcher in the world isn’t simply throwing three consecutive fastballs down the middle to this guy? For every hit he’d have 8 ground outs. And yet – he’s willing to take the odd strike to see pitches. Thus he has good at bats, and frequently draws walks – even contributing the odd hit.

    If a guy with that little talent can get it. Why can’t the rest of them? If I’m a baseball player I’m watching tape of David Ortiz and Miguel Cabrera and asking myself – “what can I do to be more like these guys?” The one thing they can all do is to take pitches, and be selective. Obviously the talent level will not be the same – but there is something you can do to not constantly be facing 0-2 and 1-2 counts.

  33. Looks like there was a category 6 shittacane over calling Bucholtz a cheater. It doesn’t seem so bad to call the Jays out for having a guy in the White shirt (which by the way is doing a fucking horrible job this year) but holy fuck, call out a guy who is obviously doing something questionable who just happens to play for the Red Sox, and whoa, the whole fucking planet goes ape shit over it. Rogers hiring Dirk Hayhurst as an analyst was a brilliant move.

    • Sarcasm?

      • Re: “Sarcasm?”

        What is the appeal in making this retort the standard DJF comment to just about any opinion anyone voices?

        Despite the apparent claim of many here that they appreciate sabermetrics and the apparent value is trying to critically examine the things we believe, it’s more than a little hypocritical and pathetic that the most common responce is this, or something similar. I suppose it’s the most pithy way to say “I disagree, and think you’re stupid, too”. Classy.

  34. AA rushed the rebuild. Plain and simple. He went all in and ultimately lost.

    The Jays do not have any minor league depth at this point and injuries are really starting to expose the team.

    AA will need to sell everything that isn’t bolted down before the deadline in hopes of rebuilding a farm system strong enough to compete by 2015.

  35. argh…the amount of time wasted in this comments section on announcers boggles mind.

    Yes…I think Wilner is a generally unlikable radio personality (sorry Andrew, but it’s true), yes Jack Morris is old school, yes Tabler is boring…but whatever. Attacking them, or defending them for that matter, is so pointless. Who really cares? If this team was 20-10 would anybody actually care who or how the game was called?

    Can we just get off this whole debate for a while?

    • whatever you say, topic nazi. why don’t you set the ground rules for what can be discussed here.

  36. From this point on, I am just going to hang out in the back yard, listen to the radio and stare into my illegal fire pit. Need to get used to the flames. God clearly hates me.

  37. To Bread Basket: FUCK OFF BIRD BRAIN.

    • I resent that.

      Go resolve someone’s heartburn, nausea, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea.

  38. Well the good news for next year is that I won’t be enduring Chants of USA USA USA throughout the World Series, from the fans of whichever team we would have been playing. We hopefully won’t have those f..king Rock Star poses commercials & stadium love commercials, next year, & Wilner will either be gone or learned some basic math skills

  39. If “small sample size” is now moot, can we label the next month, “medium sample size” as we look for excuses for the poor play?

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