The Blue Jays will try and stop their three-game losing streak, and once again have the right man on the hill to do just that. R.A. Dickey, who appears to be healthy after having his MRI on his neck and back come back clean, will take the mound against fellow right-hander Hisashi Iwakuma. Iwakuma, who has registered 37 strikeouts to just five walks, has a 1.67 ERA and 3.24 FIP on the year in 37 2/3 innings.

Dickey, who has nine career appearances against the Mariners, hasn’t faced too many of the current Seattle roster, although Ibanez has had success against him in the past.

The lineup shuffle continues with the Jays, as Colby Rasmus is in the five-hole and Melky Cabrera will DH, after it was revealed he has some sort of leg soreness.


John Lott writes about the last 24 hours for last night’s starter Ricky Romero, which happen to include being pulled over by a cop.

Chris Toman has a different look at Romero’s first start of the season, giving us a review in GIF form.

TV: Sportsnet

And now, the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.com. And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

3B Brett Lawrie (R)
DH Melky Cabrera (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
LF Rajai Davis (R)
2B Maicer Izturis (S)
C Henry Blanco (R)
SS Munenori Kawasaki (L)

R.A. Dickey RHP

Seattle Mariners

CF Michael Saunders (L)
3B Kyle Seager (L)
1B Kendrys Morales (S)
RF Michael Morse (R)
DH Raul Ibanez (L)
C Kelly Shoppach (R)
2B Dustin Ackley (L)
LF Endy Chavez (L)
SS Robert Andino (R)

Hisashi Iwakuma RHP

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  1. If you wait around for the players to get it together you’ll be 57 games back by August.

    • where the fuck is AA? He created this fucking monster, every loss is a nail in the coffin at this point! fire someone, trade someone, or just fucking bring up guys from the minors for the love of christ!! just fucking do something!!!

      • It’s this hysteria that leads to bad decisions being made. Look, the team on the field right now is leaps and bounds better than the one they had last season, yet at this date that team was 16-12. Long seasons give you the advantage of time. They are certainly capable of playing 600 ball for the rest of the season.

        They could use a better second baseman, and if one’s available, I’m sure AA has his eye on it, but the asking price is probably sky high right now given the difficult situation the Jays find themselves in. If they drag themselves back up to 500, the asking price will drop. And they can do that by the All-Star break.


  3. If this shitshow continues into June, I say fire all the coaches, and hold back the players’ paycheques. MLBPA be damned.

    • Idiots in 118l doing the wave. Go home.

      Jays also got rid of jays squad girls that gave out t shirts and got fAns excited. My kids want the t shirts they throw into the crowd.

      AA should apologize for this mess.

      Rasmus gets a 9.th inning walk . Who cares?

  4. Don’t see much ” Lo Viste” anymore.

  5. I think other teams take a look at our media and the way they glorify Jays players in commericals and it must just stick in their craw.

  6. Cecil. There’s another useless little piece of fuck.

  7. Not like it does in Toronto.

  8. Holy fuck, Suanders is some kinda wizz, driving in 6, but only getting credit for 3

  9. Cito’s not coming back

  10. Jays seriously need a team-bonding incident. Like a bench-clearing brawl.

  11. One thing is for sure, this team has derailed.. what ever is going through their heads needs to be replace with unicorns and rainbows so they can get this thing back on the road.

  12. Get out your rally caps!

  13. I give up, until tomorrow.

    Just can’t believe we’re seeing this bad a team after it had an extended spring training to get its shit together.

  14. sorry 0-2 just needed to vent

  15. Need a lead off hitter with speed and enthusiasm.
    I touched on it when Reyes went down. AA should trade for the blocked Dee Gordon.

    His numbers this year :.306/.393/.418, 0 HR, 11 RBIs, 13 SB in 24 games at Triple-A Albuquerque

    Move him to second base when Reyes comes back.

    Do it AA.

    Shit, do something.

    • Gordon got called up today. Ramirez is on the DL and probably will be for awhile. We don’t have anything the Dodgers would want anyway.

      I’m actually starting to look forward to the trade and prospect porn possibilities once we start selling. Only problem is that right now we wouldn’t get anything for any of our top guys. Really have to hope Bautista, Dickey, Encarnacion catch fire for a month or so.

      • I saw the HanRam injury but I can’t find where Gordon was recalled.

        • Heyman mentioned it. Gordon has a .614 career OPS anyway, I think Kawasaki can probably do about that well. Unless we can trade Johnson and Buehrle for him to shed payroll, we’re better off sticking with what we have. The big job is firing the entire coaching staff and starting to look for trading partners for anyone who makes more than the league minimum and/or could possibly bring a prospect in return.

  16. Un fucking believable. Riveria thinks their goin to throw home leading 8-1?

    • AA was very wrong to leave Butters twisting in the wind while he was making his managerial choice. He might have left for Boston regardless, but we didn’t even make an effort to keep him.

      • He didn’t have a manager at the time. Until he did, he couldn’t make a decision on coaches.Butterfield was up in the air and had to jump at a guaranteed job.The timing was fucked all around.

        • Besides SP, should be baseball 101 at this level.It’s like not knowing how many outs there are.
          This team is mentally fried.

      • Butter knew his shit. I miss him too.

        • I only heard one interview with him and I thought he could be a manager. The guy knows his stuff and is respected throughout MLB. Just have to watch balls drop to miss him.

      • @Small Potatoes.

        AA screwed up because he knew before the 2012 season began that Farrell wanted out of Toronto.

        By August 2012, it was clear that Valentine would be fired from the red sox & Farrell was the leading candidate to replace him.

        The Jays were falling apart, so AA could have let him go anyway.

        AA could have scored a coup by hiring Francona & dumping Farrell.

        Red Sox Nation would be stunned. I trust Francona ( former expos player who has own 2 world series ) more than Gibby.

        AA botched that.

        • +1 Farrell should have been canned at the end of the season since everyone knew he wanted out and that would have given AA a shot at Francona. IIRC the Francona hiring happened within days of the end of the season so AA would have acted quickly.

  17. Hopefully one of our players will be unfairly beaned or an opposing player makes a disrespectful comment to the press so there can be a team reaction.

    I would love to see this team feel like the world is against them and get a sense of pride back.

  18. Most runs allowed, fewest runs scored in the A.L. East. Playoffs!

  19. Can’t wait for Zuber’s graph post to be a magnet for 200+ rage-filled comments.

  20. Maybe time to unleash Hustle and Heart 3.0!

  21. Missed the game, but WOW! just WOW! I can’t believe we are this bad a baseball team

  22. This team needs Travis Snider.

  23. This is embarassing—this is the worst team in baseball. Anyone on this team should be tradebait. I really don’t quite hold this against AA–this is on the players and they awful

    • And who would trade for anyone on this team? This is a problem that goes beyond 2013

      • dickey, johnson, melky, EE, j bau, lawrie, rasmus, happ, janssen, santos, etc. etc.

        we don’t have a pile of shit players like miami our houston

    • I think this team needs more humility. They’re playing like garbage — we don’t need them pumping their muscles and flashing the ‘Lo Viste’ sign after hitting a goddamn solo home run.

      How about our pitchers flash ‘Lo Viste’ when they give up a grand slam? As if to say, “You see that meatball that I just threw?”

      It needs to start being used in a negative context, because that is where our team always finds itself.

      • I could not agree more. When you have been playing the way they have, they should be absolutely goddamn humble just to have fans go out and watch them play, and yet there seems to be an aspect of arrogance still lingering around, which I find incredibly irritating. Is it something cultural?

    • We could move to a top 5 farm system by unloading everybody. You could probably keep some of the cheaper, cost controlled players like Lawrie to rebuild around. Although Lawrie doesn’t really offer much on the offensive front.

  24. the one time we have a big off season and everything goes to shit. and then the yankees and boston do fine putting out new players with less promise. so frustrating

  25. Jays have to go 71-60 rest of the year JUST TO GET TO 500 (542 winning percentage)

    an 88 win pace rest of the year JUST TO GET TO THE BREAK EVEN MARK

    think about that. how impossible would that have seemed to be the case 31 games in before the season started?

  26. I am completely at a loss with this team. Yes, I hear the rumblings of people wanting Gibby and the coaches to be sacrificed, and it’s not really their fault but could this team need another Manager to light a fire under their asses???

    I’m not one to blame it all on Gibby and the coaches, but somethings gotta give!

  27. I’ve sat through the Shea Hillebrands, Josh Towers, Eric Hinkses, Russ Adams, David Coopers and Gustavo Chacins. The Troy Glauses and Kevin Greggs, Kelly Johnsons, Brandon Leagues, Raul Mondesis and and Frank Catallanatos.

    I have never, in 25 years or more now, been this fucking embarrassed to be a Toronto Blue Jays fan.
    I feel like taking my memorabilia and burning it, I’m so ashamed to even have it in my possession.

    It’s fucking time to try something! ANYTHING! You can’t just keep throwing the same pathetic, sad motherfuckers out there and hope maybe something magically changes.

    This is a serious problem, because now we have a whole team full of shitty spare parts, with maybe a few decaying assets. Get ready for years of bad baseball in Toronto, because Rogers took a really long time to pony up the cash to put this crap together, and man are they ever gonna be reluctant to do it again, and who can blame them?

    I don’t know what to say, other than I’m finished for now. I neglect other things on my Saturday afternoon so that I can watch this team, and I’m done with that shit.

  28. I don’t care what anyone says, but I think Gibby’s gonna be out soon. Maybe even after a loss tomorrow.

    • I gotta say I agree. I haven’t been at all impressed with his level of give a fuck, and it seems to be going downhill from there.

      Like I posted yesterday, he didn’t know Brett Lawrie’s last name! How do you fuck that up? It’s something he sees every goddamn day.

      Hell if I was Gibby I would turn the fuck around and run, cause this may very well just spell the end of his coaching tenure in the major leagues.

      • @moseby,

        Sad but True. He may have to take the fall for the jays.

        I suppose Demarlo Hale would be the replacement?

        Wilner said Thole wouldn’t help the eam that much compared to Blanco & Thle needs regular at bats.

        Blanco on a winning team is OK, but he can’t be an effective pinch hitter in late games.

        Thole has a better at bat & could be a regular catcher if JPA gets hurt.

    • @Bluejayway.

      Gibbons said he wasn’t bringing in Tony Robbins to help the Jays. It was sarcastic, but you know Farrell would give a better PR answer.

  29. Ladies and gentlemen, your 2013 Toronto Marlins!

    Stick a fork in em, they’re done.

  30. On a side note, out of which fucking Mexican prison did they get Blanco from? I think they should just send him out to cut the opposing pitchers cheek with a switchblade for intimidation!

    • Venezuelan prison. Too bad he would be the last one to the show if the benches cleared.

  31. Dickey only sucks because JPA catches him….If they got a real catcher, the Blue Jays would have a good pitching staff

  32. Sigh of resignation. Forlorn look out the window. Cloud of melancholy settles over my life. Fuck you Arod.

  33. harumphhhh harumphhhh

  34. I knew it! Those Mariners pitchers must be cheating using the spitball! Only way to explain it. Selig needs to do an investigation on all the teams like the Red Sox, Indians, Yankees, Orioles, White Sox,

  35. I feel like we’ve swapped places with Baltimore, now they’re the above average but not great team that will come close to making the playoffs but won’t get in and the jays are the punching bags

    • Oh please. All these comments are so silly. When they regress things won’t look so bad. Probably no playoffs this year, but hey. Contrary to the advice of great leader Harper, if we commit some sociology maybe we can figure out some of the social facts behind this debacle… Instead of pretending that it’s merely coincidental that the entire team is performing below their typical lines, or that the science of baseball isn’t open to non-economists

  36. Glad I had the game on the radio while gardening. There was no shortage of manure to spread.

  37. Man, if they were 21-10, that’d be a heck of a ball team…

  38. Orioles pick up Freddy Garcia off the scrap heap and had a no hitter into the 7th. You cant script this shit. Fuck do we suck. How many wins are we going to finish with 65-70? Do we at least come back near .500???

  39. The best part about this mess is we have no farm system to fall back on. BRILLIANT!

  40. everyone in Toronto showed a total lack of humility to start the year. we thought we had a playoff team because of a few big trades. the media, the fans, the players, this blog, everyone thought it was going to be easier than it has actually turned out.

    • I didn’t. People needed to have realistic expectations and they didn’t.

      Granted, I never thought it would be this bad. But in baseball, it’s either make the playoffs or get the number 1 draft pick. Which are we rooting for at this point?


      • Stoeten wrote an article a day or two ago about how good teams tend to have bad stretches at least once in the year, and that if the Jays magically started to play like a 95 win team overnight then they might end up with a wild card spot. I think we have all overrated this team quite a bit

        • A bad stretch is one thing. This is 10-21.

          The Jays are pretty close to being eliminated already. If they haven’t been.

        • @Diogenes. Very true but I haven’t seen any indication that this team can play like a playoff calibre team.

          The biggest missing piece is Jose Reyes, which is worth a few more wins had he played the full time.

    • You forgot Vegas

  41. Run differential:

    Houston -51
    Miami -53
    Toronto -55

    • We got the league right where we want them.

      • You need fucking therapy.

        • Or a real vagina.

        • It gives me immense pleasure seeing people eat crow on this team. Expectations were way too high, people thought we were going to walk right into the World Series.

          I was one of those people this blog lambasted for daring to question the Marlins and Dickey trades. Now look what we’re stuck with. This rebuild could take another half of a decade.

          • ‘Lambasted’ is much too kind a word. Most commenters here have been telling you to plain and simply fuck off for years.

            Take your ‘immense pleasure’ and shove it up your ass sideways, troll.

            • People should have tempered their expectations. Take a dogshit team (2012 Blue Jays) add pieces from another dogshit team (2012 Marlins) add a pitcher from another dogshit team (2012 Mets) = World Series champion?

              • Wow. What a horrible way to evaluate a team.

                Jays were bad last year, but far from shit. .500 record through 100 games before injuries pulled the wheels off.

                The players from the dogshit Marlins were their best pitcher, perennial all star SS, workhorse starter and a super utility player with speed.

                And the player from the dogshit Mets was the reigning CY Young champ.

                Basically the best parts of some bad teams to make a solid contender. They’ve flopped this year big time, but it’s hard to fault the process used to put this team together.

                • …and that, bean weasel & gentlemen, is your 2013 jesuscristo.

                  Meet the new jesuscristo
                  Same as the old jesuscristo

                • The trades were flawed.

                  Bonerface had one nice season, that’s it.

                  Buehrle has never been good against AL East opponents.

                  Johnson and Reyes are injury prone players.

                  Dickey is getting exposed in the American League. The National League is pretty much AAA when you compare it to the talent in the AL. Doesn’t help that he’s old and a “gimmick” pitcher.

                • Lets stop with the “super utility” and “workhorse starter” talk from now on… It’s clearly more like shitty bench player and batting practice pitcher.

            • I’ll take the being told “fuck off.” In the end, I’m right.

  42. At this point, it’s basically hail mary or fold.

    Maybe something desperate like trading for Chase Headley but most teams aren’t going to trade anyone this time of year so anything like that is not likely.

    Otherwise it’s cheering on teams like the Astros and Marlins so the Blue Jays get a better draft pick since it’s already over.

  43. last season and the years before I would listen to the Jays game on the radio sitting on the front porch with a beer, after the game was over, I would read all the comments on here, read other articles, keep updated with all the prospects and even listen in on a Fishercats games once in a while. kept thinking to myself, the Jays are going to have a great team down the road.
    Now you watch the games and think fuck this team is going to be bad for a long long time. Nothing to look forward to now at all. Its not like, ok well we probably wont make the playoffs this year but next year we can get it all back together and make a playoff run. Without major changes this team doesn’t make the playoffs this year, next year or any year.
    My friend emailed me and asked if I wanted to go to a game and my reply was, I wouldn’t spend a cent to watch these fuck ups. if I got tickets for free then I would go just to drink some beer.
    I have tickets for a Jays game in august, if I could get away with it I would sell them for half price on stub hub. This years attendance wont be embarrassing because a lot of people pre bought tickets like me, so have to go. next year attendance is going to be back to 12,000.

    • Real fans, like those who tend to be attracted to sites like this one, had a strong farm system to look forward to. We knew that within a year or two, being a competitive team would come naturally… some of this talent was bound to work out. How excited were we for the Lansing 3?

      Now the farm system has been squandered and we’re stuck with assets getting further and further from their prime. Some of these players we are going to have to sell for pennies on the dollar. Others (Mark Buehrle), we are going to have to pay teams to take off of our hands.


      • Like a 38 year old cy young winner? What did you expect to get out of him? 2 years? run a 40 year old out there as your big hope for playoffs?
        oh I forgot knucklers can go until they are 50 right? that is if the arthritis and neck stiffness doesn’t act up.

        • I remember people on this blog saying “HE DOESNT HAVE A UCL! HE CAN’T GET HURT!”

          • Well maybe he cant get hurt, but he can sure become shit. or at best average.
            IM with you, im not just ranting because the team is losing and wont make the playoffs this year, im pissed off because the future is fucked now too. bad team for years to come.
            fuck I hope someone can copy this and use it as a signature if they win so you can embarrass me.

            • Trust me, I’d love to be wrong.

              I think if there is any GM in the business who has the ability to do that, it’s AA.

              The problem is that so many players are playing like absolute dogshit… it’s not going to be that one player adding 1-3 marginal wins that is going to put us over the edge. Not one player at this point is playing to their potential…

              • @jesus.

                AA is a wheeler dealer , but I wonder if Rogers will let him absorb the cost of these contracts to get prospects.

                This is what caused problem for Riccardi. DFA’d JP Ryan etc….

                If you traded Buerhle, Rogers would have to absorb part of the contract.

                It wasn’t windy today, yet Dickey was giving up HR’s & long fly balls.

                Is Rogers Centre the best park for Dickey to pitch in?

                It continues to be confusing how an entire team could all be having off years at the same time.

                • Ever thought that this isn’t an off-year, but actually closer to their true talent levels?

                  Look at Bautista’s career numbers. Look at Lind’s. Look at Edwin’s. Look at Dickey’s. Look at Melky’s.

            • I’m making a list,
              Checking it twice;
              Gonna find out who’s naughty or nice.

      • @jesus.

        I know the Jays had a top farm system over the past 2 years, but I was concerned about the teams inability to develop home grown talent.

        It would seem to make sense to trade prospects for “proven MLB talent”.

        It is shocking that almost everyone has regressed.

        I thin back to when I started following this team. Adam Lind,Aaron Hill & Travis Snider were supposed to be the future. Lind has not hit 1 HR & it’s May 4th. Hill is hurt now but had an excellent 2012 in Arizona. Snider is PH in the Pirates system, but I think he could still play excellent defense.

        I would have rather seen Snider on the Jays bench this year than Derosa or Blanco or Bonifacio.

    • @Bruce. There were several thousand disgruntled fans today. Many of them appear to be casual fan who pre bought tickets & were there for a nice Saturday afternoon. The Jays couldn’t score in the first inning despite bases loaded & 1 out. Colby & Davis couldn’t put a ball in play.

      I suspect attendance will fall as the season progresses assuming the team stays in last place.

      Even an improvement towards 500 won’t really do much.

      I wonder if this blog will continue with daily game threads if the Jays continue to suck.

  44. Next year, the Jays go out and get Righetti and Long. They pay them whatever the fuck they want.

  45. Helloooooo loss column………….

  46. Was watching the O’s vs LAA on Fox (great game BTW, it seems as if this season I have forgotten what watching a good game is like – Thanks Jays!)

    Anyways, on the Fox ticker they were listing scores of completed games followed by the top pitching and hitting lines from said game. When the ticker got to the Jays v M’s game it listed Dickey’s line and then for the top offensive performance from the Jays all they could put was:

    R.Davis, 1-3, R

    Embarrassing. I guess their other options were
    M.Kawasaki, 0-2, RBI
    E.Encarnacion, 2-4

  47. Where is Willie Canate when you need him?

  48. Well its time to pick another team to follow…sadly I like the Cubs

  49. Anyone else notice that Santos has been eligible to be activated from the DL since Tuesday but we haven’t heard a peep about him coming back any time soon?

    • We’ll see Dustin McGowan before Sergio Santos.

    • @Brumfield. I noticed that. he went on the DL on April 15th. Last year he pitched 4 or 5 innings, then got hurt. I hope he will be able to pitch by June??

      I am happy that his agent was able to negotiate a long term contract for him . AA picked up a good contract in terms of $$$, but so far the injury risk is very high.

  50. They were 8-11 which wasn’t good, but also not terrible.

    Now they’ve gone 2-10. That is a bad stretch of baseball. 10-21 is not the entire story.

    It looks like they will be hard pressed to make the playoffs, but let’s at least drop the negativity and try to enjoy this for what it is. Baseball.

    Will you guys please shut the fuck up?

    • Because we’ve been waiting for 20 years for a fucking winning team and it hasn’t happened yet?

    • @Phil.

      I would like to see some nice baseball as well. Unfortunately, The jays are playing very poorly & it is in all facets of the game. It’s pretty annoying to spend $400 to go see a game & be out of it in the first inning.

      This is not a one time occurremce. Getting blown out by the Mariners at home is embarrassing.

    • Today probably isn’t the right day to slag fans for being negative.

    • Hard pressed to make the playoffs? Where do you get your crack??! They don’t have a chance in hell of ending up at .500, and I’d bet $50 they finish last in the division. They probably won’t even win 70 games.

      Its not early anymore, and 10-21 with the worst run differential in the entire major leagues is not simply bad luck. They suck.

  51. Sure Phil, nice approach….what exacttly are we ‘enjoying”?

  52. (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction


    • It was ever so.

    • I would have preferred “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” followed closely by “Your Time is Gonna Come”.

      • I hear you.

        I forgot that I was after ‘teachable moments,’ and just spent some quality time in the 60′s courtesy of Eric Burdon & The Animals. No one could touch Eric when it came to British Soul/R&B.

  53. OK. This is getting ridiculous. We’re no longer talking about ever making the play-offs – ugh – we’re now left to talk about how to make the game at least semi-fun to watch. In that loser vein, can AA please call up Negrych and at least give him a chance?! After today, he’s hitting .416 at AAA. Or…we can keep letting Bonifacio, Izturis and Kawasaki bat less than .200. Ugh.

    • Not ever, Joey?
      Really? Ugh.

      I’m all for your hope for Negrych, but prefer to think of it as a ‘looser vein.’
      Different strokes, I guess.

  54. You know, we are seeing a marvel unlike any other in Blue Jay History; the highest payroll and the worst record all in the same season. This marvel is made more special when you consider that these athletes are trying their best. The Key Stone Cops where similar but they were trying to be clowns. Maybe Phil has a point!

  55. Double ue

  56. what can you really say about the situation.
    tank nation all over again is about the most positive you can get about this.

    • If you have a moment, flip through the franchise encyclopedia for the Jays from 1985 to 1992. Pay close attention to 1986, 1988, 1989 and 1990. If you can stomach it, go game by game through the last 15 games of 1987. Then breathe.

      There’s no need to blow up the team.

      • Of course, I meant the one at baseball-reference.com. It would be nice to be able to edit comments.

      • Well, the problem is that if the Jays continue to play so poorly, their players may not have any trade value left whatsoever (see Snider, Travis).

        It is a calculated gamble… ride this shit out, or sell everything not bolted to the ground. I’ll tell you that if the Jays are playing .300 baseball, we’re going to see a massive player/salary dump at the deadline.

        • @Jesus.

          I can’t see AA trading everyone valuable atthe trade deadline. That would be tantamount to admitting failure. He would be no better than Loria who dumped Reyes, Buerhle & Johnson on the Jays.

          If AA doesn’t get a decent prospect for Johnson, why not offer qualifying compensation to get a pick?

          He needs a real 2B. & perhaps he can trade Colby .

  57. I seriously doubt that there is anything amusing to get out of this. The team is the punching bag for the entire AL, never mind just the AL East. I don’t think I can take watching any more games. That disgraceful bases-loaded at-bat by Cleetus and the one right after him by Davis were like a banner screaming what is wrong with the hitters on this team. Murphy is still in the house. It’s time to put him back in charge of offence I think. Not that it’ll make a lot of difference this season which is totally vekachte. Oh well, maybe my earlier thought was correct. Next year the players who are left will have zero expectations so they might play better. Or something.

    • It’s a good thing the Leafs are still kicking around. Watching the Jays is like somebody pulling out my feathers – painful.

      And my owner didn’t take me for a walk today either. That fucking wank.

    • @Isabella.

      Agreed. I think I will listen to more games on the radio this summer. I like Jerry .

      I have pre purchased tickets for the Rangers series in June & Boston in August.

      I think I I will also go see the Jays play the Astros at home as the battle the the 2 last place teams in the AL.

      How much worse can the Astros be compared to the Jays?

    • vekachte? What is that, Volapuk?

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    These so called vacations
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    • Florida has been nice but 9 men out have my soul in flux.

    • Put the lime in the coconut, drink them both together,
      Put the lime in the coconut, then you feel better,
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      Put the lime in the coconut, and call me in the moooooorning.

    • Also–

      Thanks for the left coast shout-out.

      • Glad you caught that.
        I saw them when I was in Lethbridge years ago.
        They blew the house up. Try to live by the message.

  59. Richard Thompson-God Loves A Drunk

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    And bring up the babies to be just like daddy
    And maybe I’ll be there when he gives out the wings

    But God loves a drunk, although he’s a fool
    Oh he wets in his pants and he falls off his stool
    And he can’t hear the insults, and whispers go by him
    As he leans in the doorway and he sings sally racket
    He can’t feel the cold rain beat down on his body
    And soak through his clothes to the skin
    O God loves a drunk, come raise up your glasses, amen

    Will there be any pen-pushers up there in heaven?
    Does crawling and wage-slaving win you God’s love?
    I pity you worms with your semis and pensions
    If you think that’ll get you to the kingdom above

    Oh God loves a drunk, although he’s a clown
    Oh you can’t help but laugh as he gags and falls down
    But he don’t give a curse for what people think of him
    He screams at his demons alone in the darkness
    He’s staying alive for just one more pint bottle
    Won’t you throw him a few pennies, friend?
    Ah God loves a drunk, for ever and ever, amen

    • You’re a good kid.

      If my (and AA’s) worst fears are realized and this place clears out, I know at least I’ll still have some laughs. I’m toasting you with a sun burned/shaking hand full of rum.

  60. all i can say is this hurts, it really does. the season expectations were too high but the way this has gone down just tears me apart…ill still watch every game though i dont know if ill ever be the same, so theres that

  61. Shit, I think I killed the interwebs again.

    I liked it better in days of old, when your TV told you they were off-air with one of these:


  62. i’m not a die-hard blue jays fan like some people here but watching this team getting destroyed by the Mariners today was terrible..it really starts with the toothless offense then onto the starting rotation(which was supposed to be our strength) and then the fundamentals (fielding).After Reyes gone down,this team is like a car missing its engine.There’s no leadership in the clubhouse.Joey Bat supposed to be that leader but he’s struggled quite a bit after his injury..Encarnacion and Cabrera has been inconsistant so far in the season..Rasmus continued to strike out ALOT..Lawrie still trying to get himself back to 100%..There’s holes everywhere in this team.i think JP Arencibia and Janssen are the only two bright spot in this team right now.Dickey giving up all those homeruns are uncharacteristic..Morrow hasn’t been consistant enough..Buehrle has been terrible,Johnson been poor and Happ has been the better pitcher in the rotation atm..This team need to wake up and start winning ugly..this is probably the worst blue jays team i’ve watched for a decade

  63. God help us all….every man for the lifeboats and I’ll ride her down boyz!

  64. I just watched Guillermo Quiroz hit a walk off against Brandon League.
    I watched an ecstatic team celly.

    Two former Jays.

    I still think we can turn this shit around.

    • So AA basically traded for Dickey and two minor league catchers?

      From where I’m sitting as a simpleton it seems to me AA has based his career on trading for/drafting players that look good on paper and have high “upside”.

      Aside from Lawrie/Morrow, who the jury are very much still out on to be consistent, which of these transactions has proven to be so savvy?

      Gose? Drabek? Rasmus?

      Feel free to tell me I’m wrong, but I’m still trying to understand where the ‘ninja’ moniker come from?

      • Rios, Wells…all those slippery ninja moves to free up payroll

        • @Braino.

          Rios was DFAD by JP Riccardi. The move cut payroll & gave a chance for Bautista to play everyday.

          Bautista hit 10 HR’s in August, September 2009.

          Mike Wilner was outraged in spring 2010 that the Jays were giving everyday at bats to Bautista , as opposed to Randy Ruiz.

          • Clearly AA was the mastermind behind the move though. He is a ninja after all.

            • The Wells move was unbelievable, and giving Bautista a shot definitely savvy as well. But neither involved bringing players into the organization from the outside.

              Seems like a good guy who is adept at playing the media and number crunching fans/analysts.

  65. I think we’re still a far time away to start selling this team off for prospects. Even if this current slump continues, which I don’t see happening, we won’t give away anything but Johnson at the trade deadline, and then I still see AA trying with this team again next year (unless it’s just really really bad like it has been). There is just a bunch of talent on this team, and a tremendous amount of underachieving. When the other AL east teams with weaker depth and lesser talents begin to be getting exposed and driving backwards, that’s when we can make our run, maybe reyes or the young pitching of drabek/hutchinson/perez provides that catalyst later.

    The Izturis contract has to be the one I’m most peeved about though, atleast Kelly Johnson was good on D and would have only cost us a 1 year contract. Although if Izturis was hitting like his last 3 year average, he would be our most consistent hitter in this lineup, which just shows as to how badly EVERYONE is underachieving.

    • @oseebhei

      I agee about Kelly Johnson. His strikeouts would fit in well here in Toronto.

      He played solid Defense & did have some pop in his bat.

  66. where in the world is tabby?

  67. I knew there was a reason I haven’t read the comments in a while.

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