The Blue Jays will try and stop their three-game losing streak, and once again have the right man on the hill to do just that. R.A. Dickey, who appears to be healthy after having his MRI on his neck and back come back clean, will take the mound against fellow right-hander Hisashi Iwakuma. Iwakuma, who has registered 37 strikeouts to just five walks, has a 1.67 ERA and 3.24 FIP on the year in 37 2/3 innings.

Dickey, who has nine career appearances against the Mariners, hasn’t faced too many of the current Seattle roster, although Ibanez has had success against him in the past.

The lineup shuffle continues with the Jays, as Colby Rasmus is in the five-hole and Melky Cabrera will DH, after it was revealed he has some sort of leg soreness.


John Lott writes about the last 24 hours for last night’s starter Ricky Romero, which happen to include being pulled over by a cop.

Chris Toman has a different look at Romero’s first start of the season, giving us a review in GIF form.

TV: Sportsnet

And now, the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.com. And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

3B Brett Lawrie (R)
DH Melky Cabrera (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
LF Rajai Davis (R)
2B Maicer Izturis (S)
C Henry Blanco (R)
SS Munenori Kawasaki (L)

R.A. Dickey RHP

Seattle Mariners

CF Michael Saunders (L)
3B Kyle Seager (L)
1B Kendrys Morales (S)
RF Michael Morse (R)
DH Raul Ibanez (L)
C Kelly Shoppach (R)
2B Dustin Ackley (L)
LF Endy Chavez (L)
SS Robert Andino (R)

Hisashi Iwakuma RHP

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  1. Why isn’t thole up yet again?

  2. Does it even matter anymore?

  3. Look at the jays lineup 6-9. Tells you all you need to know as to why they cant score any runs.

    • look at the lineup 1-9 ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh Has gibbons heard of starting runners slow Blanco batting easy double play do something. How many dp can they hit into. Right now I say get on steal whats worse could happen maybe game will be shorter. Just amazing how every pitcher vs Jays starts with 2-0 count for those saying gibbons isnt hitting what can he do sit them call up someone da them. Ship is sinking. Early my — something should have been done much earlier. They are worst team in baseball

  4. Fuck you, Fat Andy

    You don’t own this anymore, Rogers does.

    You are a whore that is fat with a beard.

    • Stoeten, you are an employee

    • I’m gonna cum right in your stinking mouth you awful piece of shit. Don’t talk to Stoeten like that you fucking low life cunt nugget. He does a great job running this site and doesn’t have to answer to basement dwelling shits like you who suck on their mother’s clits for comfort.


  5. Oh Oscar, you are so stupid. No one cares what you think.

  6. Jesus Fuck! Some don’t deserve sports or enjoyment in general.

  7. Dickey pitching on May the 4th be with you. Coincidence? I think not …

  8. Lineup is pathetic. Unless Dickey throws a shutout, this will be another loss.

  9. I’d rather watch the grass grow than watch this uninteresting shitshow.

  10. :S strange crowd

  11. I thought Iwakuma was pushed back a start to Sunday?

    Anyone sitting by the Mariners’ pen pleasse confirm.

  12. Wish I was able to go, this is a beautiful day for a ballgame.

    • wouldn’t waste my money on this turd, myself. For entertainment, I;m going to watch the grass grow-it’s cheaper and just have to watch out for dog shit

  13. The trolls are out early today.
    Must be the weather.

  14. Ok. Bad start to the season, but we got our two best, going against Seattle, at home, with Felix out of the way.

    Let’s get something going.

    Can I get a Hallelujah!?!

  15. where are all the highly legal streams of the game at?

  16. This blog fucking sucks now that Stoeten has been neutered Wilner-style.

  17. Eric Wedge has a scary goatee. I predict another stunning defeat for the home nine. : (

  18. Went to a Jays game and a nerd convention broke out! My god, never seen so many fucking nerds in my life in one place! Can we please get some real sports fans in the Dome. These geeks are killing me…..

    • Wait a minute. I need to check my calendar. What day, month, year is it? The exact same retards that were bitching about hoarding prospects are now pissing in the wind about an under performing line up of marquee players. You can’t win for trying.

  19. Aaaaaaand this is why there’s negativity.

  20. game over already, awful stuff Blue Jays.

  21. I understand why Dicky has sore neck now.

  22. Don’t cheer too loud or dare to heckle! You may upset a mom or seven and security will toss your ass! Baseball is a family event!! #WORSTATMOSPHEREINBASEBALL

  23. Does anyone have a stream?

  24. Romero’s start was amazing, too bad about the blisters but he’s back and that is what this team needed. Now I think it would be cool if AA did something like get a second basemen or get a real DH but I thin this team is about to go on a 20-10 run to get back to .500 Not to be too optimistic but when Rasmus Jose Lawrie Melky actually start hitting this team is going to be insane to play against.

    Just an idea : Make Melky the perma Dh and bring Gose up to bat lead off until Reyes is back. Or since we pretty much went all in for this and next season see if the Indians would take the rest of our prospects for Kipnis. Or

  25. Walk? base hit? Am I dreaming?

  26. Looks like the 4th may be with us.

  27. did we just catch a break? what the….

  28. Sometimes you don’t have to be good to be lucky.

  29. Iwakuma has 37 K in 37.2 IP coming into today, but he left his last start with a blister. It might affect him today. All the more reason to get to him early.

  30. FLOW

  31. I’m Out!

  32. Duane Ward is the best!

  33. Colby strikes out because, well, of course he does.

  34. Fuck Cletus

  35. I revise my past prediction – with the long socks, I predict certain victory.

  36. fur fuck sakes

  37. Fire Mottola

  38. 1-0 after 1 inning? Damn. This is going to be really difficult to come back from now. Hopefully the Mariners make a lot of errors or something because this game is pretty much over.

  39. Enjoy the day guys! I’ll be in the garden with the radio tuned into the Jays game.

  40. Wow, between the battery and Ibanez, these some old ass players

  41. I love dicky….umm wait no what?

  42. Okay, game’s already over. Time to do something interesting of our lives tonight and not think of who to fire from this awful squad. I put an option on Mottola.

  43. These bottom three are gonna be hard to watch.

  44. MLB the show had Blanco projected as the player of the game!

    • The game itself is great, its projections so far have been fucking awful. I think that’s because the Player of the Game is always from the winning team so they’re predicating this whole thing on the Jays winning.

  45. Dickey is getting the benefit of the doubt from the ump while Iwakuma is being squeezed a bit.

  46. Henry Blanco. The scrubbiest of the scrubs.

  47. They need to put a Febreeze clip on when the Jays are batting these days.

  48. holy cow we would almost be better off to recall the entire AAA team to play in the bigs, they would average more than 5 hits a game :( I was at the game yesterday and not only was the roof closed (I don’t know why it was sunny and 25 at first pitch) but it was some of the worst display of baseball I have seen in some time.

    Either way, they will get better in time, maybe they won’t win games but they will get more fun to watch.

  49. Base runners in 3 straight innings!

    Stay positive my friends!

  50. K 2 to 1

    DP 4 to 1

    HR 10 to 1

  51. Hey, at least Colby didn’t strikeout. Mildly more interesting to watch I suppose.

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  52. is the game online anywhere

  53. Looks like Dickey has a case of the Ricky Romerwoes

  54. is name is Iwakuma, but I don’t see him walking his mother.

  55. haha thats it walk 3 and give up a homie

  56. Fuck

  57. Time to start drinking.

  58. I’m passed the gas, now have diarhhea. Who gets fired first?
    Honest to god, what a fukin dogshit team

  59. Ha Ha Ha Ha….

    Everyone, shut off your tv’s and go enjoy the beautiful weather.

  60. Just tuned in to the craptacular shitshow and I see I’m not disappointed. 3-2 pitch with 2 out, bases loaded. Sweet Dickey! Worst fucking most annoying team in the history.

  61. Game officially over. Time to go outside.

  62. I am at the game now and swore in front of my you daughter. Dickey gives up a grand slam. Jays in a similar situation in first inning can’t get any runs.

    It’s frustrating to be A jays fan. Crowd is chanting go leafs go.

    Why is rajai Davis facing a Rhp?

    Is Lind Hirt? Tired?

    • Melky has bad leg.

      Therefore, Melky to DH, Davis to OF, Lind odd man out.

      Rational, Melky over Lind?

      • @Famous.

        OK thanks. Wireless reception at the Dome is very poor, so I didn’t realize why Melky was DH’ing.

  63. FIRE someboy, FUCK. Just for the sake of showing you give a fuck at least. I would seriously fire Gibbons. Fair or not, I don’t give a fuck. Get him the fuck out.

  64. Dickey to the DL?

    • And dickey gives up another home run.

      Leave the roof open so I can get a tan.

      My other daughter wants to return the dickey t shirt she just bought.

      This is becoming embarrassing. Where is Stoeten’s to call out the fans for not supporting the team?

      Get blanco who doesn’t know how to bunt s at age 41.

      AA has to make some roster mov

  65. I don’t care. Fire the ball boy even. SOMEBODY!

    • at the beginning of the year i didn’t even expect them to win it all, i just thought they’d be entertaining to watch all season long…fuck me.

  66. Turn on the set…1-0. OK, I can live with that…jump in the shower, come out and it’s WHAT THE FUCK?
    Maybe there’s darts on the other channel or something.
    Don’t get me wrong, I am BIG FAN…I bleed blue, and I’m NOT a bandwagon kind of guy….but holy fucking geez, guys. You’re making it really fucking hard to do anything but join the fucking mob with pitchforks and torches.

    • With every start I think “this is where they are going to turn i ti around. last game had to be bottom” but NO. They keep fucking sucking. I know it is early but there chances of making the playoffs keep diminishing. They are going to have to play that much better to catch up. I am going to continue to watch and continue to suffer but god dammit help me out a bit please my heart cant fucking take this shit.

      • PLAYOFFS?!?!?!



        Don’t talk to me about Playoffs…

        I just hope we can win another game.

        Courtesy of Jim Mora, greatest post game rant ever.

    • 4 flex pack tickets in section 118 $256

      Parking $ 22

      4 slices of pizza 3 beers $75

      Souveni rs $. $150

      Crowd chanting go leafs go.

      I brought my expos cap which I will wear from now on until someone is Dfad or fired.

      Time for another clubhouse meeting.

  67. Jays getting destroyed by the Mariners! Later this year, the Jays shall be swept swiftly by the Astros.

  68. On the plus side: I started Saunders today.

    On the down side: I started Dickey and (accidentally) benched Iwakuma.

  69. Get on the bats boys…this can be made up over 5 innings

  70. They don’t even know how many outs there are. Holy …. Disgust turns to hatred.

  71. I’m been holding on to the “It’s early” reason to be optimistic so far, but I don’t feel that way anymore. I think our playoff hopes are finished for this year. I won’t be watching any more games until to come to within 5 games first game

    • Bullshit!!! If you are watching this game you have not given up!! I know I say that every game but fuck every game is a chance to make it up.

    • No playoffs for this team. Let AA bring up Gose Thole negrytg. Obviously ferias and Blanco are not needed for their veteran clubhouse skills.

      Trade Johnson. Dfa Lind let Sierra play.

  72. When is Reyes back again? Not that I think it would have made that much of a difference but casper wells would have helped a little. No?

  73. so strange that this is the worst Jays season at this time of the year in a long time. talk of the playoffs is becoming absurd, I don’t even know if this team will be able to finish .500.

  74. What pisses me off is that this could cost AA his job which I think would be unfair. The ownership is going to say to him “look you asked for this money and said these were good players and you guys are worse with more money than you were with less” It is going to be that much harder for him to go to ownership and ask for money for extending Johnson or signing a FA or throwing in cash on a trade.

    • at least there is still a decent enough core in place. 2014 they could bounce right back if AA is able to make a couple of good moves.

      • No Doubt. This is a good team with a lot of talent. But it is going to be hard to get the ownership off there wallets if the team does not produce results. They could have had fucking darvish but AA couldn’t guarantee his success. Well this only shows that no success is guaranteed which makes me think that ownership is going to close the purse strings.

      • What on earth makes you think bringing back the same stiffs that sucked balls this year is going to suddenly result in great things next year? Who is inclined to get better?

        All I can think of is Lawrie due to his youth and the natural peak of hitters to begin in the mid to late 20′s. Everyone else..downside of their peak…

        if anything they need to trade guys like Jose and Encarnacion and get some young talent that is one or two years away. this shit didnt work.

        we are stuck with buehrle
        we are now stuck with trick pitch bitch Dickey who has been figured out.

        I just dont see any upside here

    • I like AA as much as the next man but when you look back how good have his moves really been? Other then a few good trades all he has been good at is loading up on prospects. Most of his trades for major league players haven’t worked out. Players like Morrow, Escobar, Rasmus all show flashes of brillance but are too inconsistent to be considered ‘good’ trades. A lot of AA’s moves look like wins at the time but haven’t turned out that way

      • Morrow is a damn good pitcher and what did he give up for him? Brandon Fucking League. No matter how inconsistent Morrow is he is still going to be better than League.

        Escobar didnt work out but they wont always.

        Cletus is not bad and a good defensive center fielder who is hitting okay right now and has some pop. Still worth not giving up on him.

        • Christ.

          We gave up Alex Gonzalez in his walk year and Tyler fuckin Pastornicky for Escobar.

          We may have gotten more value from him in his first year than the Braves ever get from these guys.

          Not a home Run to be sure but I’d still call it a win.

    • If this keeps up Johnson is either traded at the deadline or non tendered for a FA.

  75. I’m not sure who is option-able if anyone, but it’s time for a little fresh blood.
    Bring up Negrych, Thole and Sierra from AAA.
    Bring up Clint Robinson and Chad Beck from AA.

    Robinson and Sierra platoon at DH and put EE at first fulltime.
    Negrych gets the ball at 2bag.
    Beck makes it unnecessary to bring up shit bags like Ortiz, Germano and Laffy anymore.

    You’d have to sneak some guys through waivers but at this rate who is dumb enough to claim a Lind, Bonifacio, Blanco, or a Lincoln.

    • Lind’s lack of power is unacceptable at this point.

    • Our second basemen are hitting .191 and .171
      Negrych is hitting .403

      Take out the competitive balance between AAA and MLB and he’s still miles better.

      • Smasher: Negrych also hit .412 with no errors in ST. I think though it’s one of those things wherein they have to buy his contract from the Bisons and if it doesnt work out, he’s DFA’d or waivered.

        • At this point we need to risk it.
          This team needs some sort of life injection.
          They are a bunch of fuckin corpses.

          • Absolutely. I’d love to see something happen after this game. They have to shake something up.

    • Robinson is a 6’5 230 pound lefty hitting firstbasemen with a career slugging of .518 in the minors.

      He’ll give us more then Kittenface

    • Time for a little fresh blood, Youngsters who will be happy to be in the show.
      Guys who will know when we have 3 outs.
      Guys that are spirited and charismatic like Sierra.

  76. It’s getting harder and harder to want to watch this anymore. Hell, I’ve been to 5 games and each one has been more miserable. And it’s only May….fuck!

  77. Things are so bad I think that Honda and Orange Julius pulled their ads!

  78. Blow it up. AA falls on his sword. No depth? He got had. NEXT. Fk sakes ..

  79. Not knowing there was three outs is the most telling thing about the team.
    I’ve seen it before.
    They’ve given up on themselves.
    I’m literally shocked.

  80. It turns out that Jesus hates Dickey. Time for him to find a new religion because there is no sense kissing the ass that’s shitting on you.

  81. They are making Iwakuma look like clayton fucking kershaw.


  83. I’m patient as anybody but it’s tough to be a Jays fan right now.

    Keep waiting for the expected turnaround but with the current spiral and 2 runs in the last 4 games it’s getting harder to hold out hope.

    Cut Blanco and call up Thole. Pick a righty and lefty lineup and stuck with them for a while. Don’t start Davis and Boni in the same game so you have a pinch runner.

    Every player on the team can’t perform this far below their career norms all season. Can they?

    • Look, it’s done

      Gibbons and his staff will be gone. AA might be gone too.

      This is not just a disaster. Stoeten will have to eat a mile of shit from a fat German man’s asshole.

      • Definitely not done. But it’s getting more and more necessary to turn things around.

        The hole can’t get much deeper or it will be too big to climb out of. As of now it’s a tall order but doable.

        Would be stupid to fire Gibby or AA for this. Not saying they won’t do it, but I can’t put the blame for this anywhere else but on the players.

        Gibbons, Mottola et al don’t completely screw up a team in one spring training.

        • +1
          It’s the players. They’ve gone for a collective honk. Including the pitchers.
          Not to say however that guys like Mottola and Gibbons wont pay for it though.
          Thats always the way.

  84. Meanwhile Steven Brunt tells us how Boomhauer is a great guy


  85. Losing tight games is one thing, but gettin blown out everytime is gettin fuckin ridiculous

  86. This… is… sooooooooooooo… fucking depressing.

  87. I was pretty neutral to the idea of bringing Gibbers in as manager after it first happened, but after seeing him at work again I think he wasn’t the guy to break a 20 year playoff drought. Francona was the best option probably.

    • Cant blame the manager, what do you expect when half your startin line up shud at best be comin off the bench

      • I’m not going to blame gibbers for their current record, but I still don’t think he’s the best manager for this group of players. I do think the coaching staff deserves their fair share of blame thus far. the team just looks out of sync on a fairly regular basis.

      • Not sure that’s true at all.

        Pretty sure most other teams in the league would have loved Bautista, EE, Lawrie, Melky and yes even Rasmus and JPA in their starting lineup a month ago. Even Izturis and a Lind/Davis DH platoon didn’t look too bad at the bottom of the order.

        The lineup looked spectacular before the season. AA did his job. Players aren’t doing theirs.

        • what’s not true? their lineup still isn’t atrocious, but it’s not all that impressive either without Reyes. not having a legit everyday 2b or DH is still a pretty big issue, not to mention the question marks surrounding so many players (at least more question marks than usual).

          • Of course it’s better with Reyes. But Lawrie, Melky, Bautista, EE, Rasmus, JPA, Lind/Davis, Izturis and Kawasaki still isn’t a bad looking 9.

            Sure as hell looks better than the group the Stankees are running out there everyday…. And a lot of other AL teams too.

      • YES

        The buck stops somewhere! Stoeten and that SHITHEAD Parkes need to realize that they won’t draw paychecks anymore.

        Bottom line, If the team is a disaster, which it fucking is, the manager and his staff have to get canned!

        For all you assholes bloating about Snider. He has ZERO power anymore.

        • He’s Adam Lind, consider that.

        • As the team becomes irrelevant. Page views go down.
          Revenues go down etc. short term plus is fans griping About the team.

          AA has to do something before June

    • Franconia would have been much better than Gibby and motivated to crush the red sox.

      AA knew that Farrell wanted out, so he should have fired Farrell & hired Francina before Cleveland got him.

      Jays get a run whoopty do.

      • I agree with this. hardly anyone on the team has ever made the playoffs, getting a manager that has taken teams with big expectations to world series titles is a much better option than a manager that was never going to manage a game in the bigs ever again.

      • I always thought before Farrell that Sandy Alomar was the guy

      • And Gibbons is what? Indifferent to beating the sox? Unlike Francona and his need for vengeance?

        Really overestimating the impact a manager has on the game.

        • pitching changes, defensive set ups, making lineups, managing base running, making sure the team gets every edge they possibly can over a 162 game grind. managers actually have a decent amount of impact. and I dont think anyone is saying the team is where they are because of gibbons, but I still think he isn’t the best guy to take this team to the playoffs.

          • also the teams that have made the playoffs in the AL east have had great managers. Showalter, Maddon, and Girardi are better baseball minds than Gibbers in my estimation. same with Torre and Francona.

            • +2.

              Gibby is a like able guy but for whatever reason the team doesn’t respond to Gibby.

              The team can’t All be bad

        • Cult of stats: pitch framing has always been important. We have never been at war with Eastasia

  88. That is the only double Blanco will hit this season…

  89. The mock standing O.

    Love it.

  90. Dickey says success is in the release. I agree. Release everybody.

  91. The Blue Jays got a run. And there was much rejoicing.


  92. Cletus needs to spend a few weeks in Buffalo.

    They did it to Travis twice, they can do it to Rasmus.

  93. 49 wins tops this season.

  94. I also ask why the f- Lincoln wasn’t on this team to start.

  95. Up – Negrych, Sierra, Thole, and Clint Robinson.
    Down – Blanco, Bonifacio, Lind and Anyone of the extra arms.

  96. When the lone Jays highlight in Gameday is a SAC fly, it’s a rough day

  97. Look, Zaun you little fucking runt. The blame HAS to fall on somebody.

  98. why can’t the jays hit the ball anymore. are we missing something?

    • ,,,grasping at straws here but…. maybe the Dominicans will warm up with the weather.

      A man can hope.

    • bautista looks really one dimensional right now. he looks more like an adam dunn than 2011 bautista

  99. Now I can understand why Miami blew up their whole fucking team after one year (aside from the owner’s douchery).

    I hate this team. Fuck em all.

  100. a DH was (and is) a huge need for this team. what was the plan if Lind was going to shit the bed again? DH boni?

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