It’s still hard to believe the Jays record is not part of a bad dream, but nonetheless, Toronto will once again try and stop their losing streak as Brandon Morrow takes the hill against left-hander Joe Saunders. Morrow, still winless on the year, looked good last time out against the Red Sox, for three innings anyways, as David Ortiz and Mike Carp open the flood gates by homering off the right-hander in the fourth inning. Morrow has still be unable to go more than 6 1/3 innings in any start this season, and needs a good outing for more reasons that we can imagine.

The lineup shuffle continues today, but this time it’s due to a banged-up Brett Lawrie, who gets the day off.



Scott MacArthur has more on the quote from R.A. Dickey following yesterday’s loss, when he said the team was “somewhat of a dysfunctional team right now”. MacArthur adds that John Gibbons disagrees with Dickey’s choice of words, specifically the term dysfunctional

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And now, the lineups, by way of the live box score at And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

LF Rajai Davis (R)
DH Melky Cabrera (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
C J.P. Arencibia (R)
3B Mark DeRosa (R)
2B Maicer Izturis (S)
CF Emilio Bonifacio (S)
SS Munenori Kawasaki (L)

Brandon Morrow RHP

Seattle Mariners

CF Michael Saunders (L)
3B Kyle Seager (L)
DH Kendrys Morales (S)
RF Michael Morse (R)
LF Jason Bay (R)
1B Justin Smoak (S)
2B Dustin Ackley (L)
C Jesus Montero (R)
SS Robert Andino (R)

Joe Saunders LHP

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  1. 6-9 in the lineup could be a tough watch today.

    • So should 1-2, and 5.

      • Bonifacio has a career OPS of 1.115 against Saunders.

        Davis hits Saunders to the tune of a career .306.

        Melky has a career .350 BA against Saunders.

        You might be surprised.

      • It’s working, you guys! Keep on prognosticating piss poor play, sit back and watch those guys explode!

  2. I really hope Lawrie is actually only out a day or so for lots of reasons:

    1) he’s a good baseball player
    2) so I can stop sympathizing with the tin foil hat wearers who think the Jays mislead fans regarding player injuries

    • How is he “banged up” again? Brett Forseberg.

    • @Cdnbeermaven

      Sadly the ” tinfoil hat brigade” is amused that the Jays continue to play around with the media.

      Today’s mysterious injury is Brett “banged up Lawrie” who received a ball after the 6th inning 3 outs from Henry Blanco, & started throwing it around the field.

      In baseball, you return to the dugout after your team has made 3 outs against the hitting team.

      They showed the clip on TV yesterday. Buck Martinez was baffled as to why the Jays were still on the field after 3 outs.

      Even Stoeten conceded that Josh Johnson’s DL stint was “odd”.

      It’s comical what the Jays are doing. It’s hard to take them seriously anymore.

      • Frankly, I think it’s far more likely that Lawrie is hung the fuck over so they sat him down today.

  3. Oh my god. That’s a tough line-up to watch today, 5 through 9

    Going to the game, looking forward to sitting in the sun for 3 hours watching baseball but with that line-up it could feel a lot, lot longer.

  4. Too much focus on what’s wrong; not enough focus on how to take a step forward. This merely deepens the problem. Labeling the team “dysfunctional”, however accurate you consider the label, only makes it worse.

    • True JB.

      • @ Radar.

        Gibbons was upset that Dickey called the team dysfunctional.

        Zaun now says that Lawrie is not banged up but should be playing every day. He also said Colby should be playing every day.

        The career splits favor Bonafacio,

        If the Jays have a small lead by the 8th inning, I would bring Colby back for defense in the OF.

        A Bonifacio defensive miscue in a late inning would be bad.

    • fuck you and your positivity

      • I’m not sure that’s 100% if I agree JB.

        If a team is dysfunctional, sometimes it has to be brought out in the open to deal with it. I have no idea whether they are or aren’t, but they’re sure playing like there is dysfunction somewhere.

  5. My god that is awful. DeRosa batting sub .200 batting in the 6 today?

    • I’m getting tired of pointing out the obvious, but since it’s apparently needed….

      DeRosa is a career .296 against LHP and is a career .308 against Saunders. Lawrie is hurt.

      Again, when Gibby trots out the shambling corpse of Mark DeRosa, you can be sure it’s because his career numbers are high enough to have it make sense, not because they feel like a little bit of necromancy with no reason that day.

      • @ Farrell.

        +1. Besides it may be Derosa’s last appearance at Rogers Centre before he is dfa’d.

        It would be hilarious if Derosa had a great game.

        • Haha he will be on the roster until the end of the season

          • I hope DeRosa has this exchange taped up on his locker next time he’s inserted into the line-up. Seemed to work out for him today, huh?

            • @Puddhead.

              I dare Gibbons to bench Lawrie in favor of Derosa. Let’s see how the “fanboys react to that”!

  6. Go Leafs Go!

    • FUCK YOU….take that shit somewhere else.

      Makes you wish you could reach out and punch dumb fucks like this.

  7. Ugh. I hope no kids will be in the crowd today. No good parent woud expose their children to this filth. But hey! Look at the brightside: it’s still early (in the day).

    • Any parent that takes their kids to Jays’ games should be arrested for child abuse.

      • I thought that was the Leafs slogan. Oh wait, Leaf fans leaves their kids in the car when their at the Leafs game with tickets they bought with money they got from remortgaging their house.

        Try commenting on sports you give a shit about for a change, troll.

  8. I’m really hungover. Like really hungover.

  9. Got to think this is probably Gibby’s last game if the expected happens and we get shut out by Joe Fn Saunders. The lineup indicates we’ve already conceded. It’s not Gibby’s fault but someone has to be the fall guy. I hope they clean house completely, all the coaches have to go. AA will get until the end of the season to see if he can turn it around.

    • Love Gibby too, but something’s gotta change and fast

      • I didnt follow the team nearly as closely during Gibbys first term, so I have no opinion….and maybe thats where your opinion comes from.

        But I watchd every single game since 2011 and there is nothing Gibby has done to make anyone “love” jlhim. Hes done, quite literally, nothing.

        Not saying all this is his fault and I def see where someone is coming from when they say they have no issues with Gibby. But what about Gibby do you “love”exactly?

        Hes been the epitome of out of sight out of mind.

      • and if Gibby doesnt think this team is dysfunctional, then hes clearly not paying attention.

    • He’s got to go. I can’t believe he’s been telling them to not pitch or hit well! Might be just me but that’s the sign of a bad manager.

    • @CG.

      I doubt AA would fire Gibby aftr 32 games. That would be a panic move. It would destroy his credibility.

      AA had to keep Cito for 2010, because Beeston did not want Cito fired over the clubhouse revolt in 2009 in Baltimore.

      Cito left the team with 85-77.

      AA chose Farrell who had a good reputation & is a good speaker especially with the media.

      Farrell waited around & wanted out after a year. Jays forced him to stay, so he waited around till the end of year 2 & asked out again.

      AA knew Farrell wanted out, so instead of doing whatever it takes to get Francona, who has experience with veteran clubs, he lets Farrell go, Francona gone…to the Indians.

      AA gets his “yes man”, Gibbons who was shocked to have been picked for any coaching job.

      Gibbons on field game day startegies seem to be OK, but Zaun says the lineup keeps changing every day. No one knows their roles.

      It would be a good post for Stoeten to write,

      Stand Pat Cito Gaston lineups vs Gibbons, every day we have a new lineup. Maddon changes lineups every day & it seems to work for the Rays.

      • As far as I can see using Baseball Reference, Gibby’s been making all the right moves based on career performance and this year’s performance when he sets his lineup.

        I’m not sure I buy this whole “nobody knows their role” thing — their role is to hit the baseball. They aren’t doing that. Batting order really only matters the first time through… then it’s all about situational hitting. Runner on third with less than two out? Either sky that ball or drive it through the right side of the infield.

        That’s your role. Hit and advance the runners. Score runs. If these guys don’t understand that by now, there’s not a lot Gibbons is going to do to change it at this point in their careers.

        • +1. but I wonder what our “bearded leader” has to say about Cito vs Gibby lineups.

          Farrell was in between both.

  10. It’s Kenny Powers day today, maybe he would help the team. He couldn’t hurt….

  11. Remember the Tigers from a couple years ago? They were supposed to be great and flopped. The following year they had basically the same team and dominated. No need to dismantle this Jays team. Minus JJ, they’ll all be back next year. It just might take a bad year for this team to gel.

    • Right. Rogers will be fine paying almost $120 million for a losing team at the end of te season. Sorry, folks. Shareholders don’t like money being wasted, so a salary dump at the end of the season shouldn’t be a surprise.

      • @ Derp.

        It’s an interesting debate.

        Will Rogers demand that AA dismantle the team after 1 year & go back to getting prospects with “upside”??

        I am reluctant to believe that. I agree the Jays don’t need Johnson . Johnson’s injury may be worse than expected, so if he is out till June… his value is somewhat damaged for 2014.

        Where is Sergio Santos? His DL stint should be over?

        Gibbons said that Romero did not have a blister but was looking at a callous. Romero pitched poorly in the 4th inning.

  12. So much hope and excitement…all gone, washed away. Baseball makes me depressed right now.

  13. Lots of games this year I’ve looked at the starting pitchers and lineups and thought the Jays had the edge in talent and ability. Today I don’t. Which would be fine, except we’re playing the Mariners.

    • I looked at the Bisons’ lineup today and thought they would probably kick the shit out of us. That’s how bad we are right now.

  14. With how cold our hitters are, Saunders will look like true ace today!

  15. Trying to look at it logically and what various factions think/have thought about the Jays.
    Before the season started 24 of 31 writers from fangraphs,a majority of SI baseball writers,oddsmakers from Vegas,picked the Jays to make the playoffs.Just watched MLB player poll, players from other teams picked the Jays to make the playoffs.So a majority of experts and non experts picked the Jays to make the playoffs.
    A lot of people are scratching their heads as much as Jays fans are.

    • @RADAR.

      I agree most of the experts were wrong.

      However, on the day the season began , there was a guy from ESPN, who the Jays,& Dodgers would have problems “gelling” & it would take a few months to sort out.

      Also the fluke injuries, key players missing have made it tough to get going.

      From a Sabr perspective, the Jays performance has been mystyfying.

  16. “Dysfunctional” isn’t really the choice of word I’d use. “Clusterfuck” seems appropriate.

  17. If they get killed today. You have to fire the manager. Gibby is a good guy, but this team is not going in right direction

  18. So Wilner says the word from the Jays is that Thole cant come up because he needs to play everyday?

    Why the fuck does he need to play everyday? Hes not a prospect. Hes goong to to be a career backup, so he better get used to it. But hes light yars ahead of iur current backup and theres a very good chance hes better then our current starter.

    AA is probably just too terrified to be alone with Blanco in his office to tell him hes cut.

    I dont for the life of me understand this obsession with horrible old crappy players because of their “veteran presence”.

    You know how has verteran resence? Guys who are older BUT are star players or at least were at one point. Nobody gives a fuck what Derosa has to say just because hes 65. AA has no clue as to social dynamcs of a pro ball team. Hes just a pure stats guy. The best GM’s know how to take the best from both approaches.

    • Next time you’re in the clubhouse — since you obviously hang out there a lot and can totally quantify Blanco and DeRosa’s contribution to clubhouse chemistry — can you ask Lawrie for an autograph? My niece loves him.

    • @ Roba


      Well AA has made handshake deals with John Buck in 2010 to give him full time at bats. despite the fan base demanding that JPA get called up to experience on a team that wasn’t playoff bound.

      No one could figure out why JPA wasn’t called up. It turns out the Give Buck at bats to getto 20 HR to get a contract for 2011 was AA’s idea, but most people blamed Cito.

      While Buck got a great contract, 3 years 18 million, it didn’t really help the Jays.

      The Jays only hope to get rid of Blanco would be to have him go on the DL. Then the Jays would be force to call up Thole.

      You never want to hope that a player gets hurt.

    • My guess is to save a service year on him.

    • So AA is mistakenly keeping all the veteran presence good clubhouse guys despite their bad stats? And he’s doing this because he’s a pure stats guy who doesn’t understand a clubhouse?

      Think about that for a minute.

    • DeRosa is married to a former fashion model.

      One up on many members of the Monkey Army.

    • Wilner is a doofus, and a politically correct one at that, which is the worst kind. Pudge face Mikey is such an Aaron Cibia lover that he can’t even consider the fact that if tholes numbers go back to his career norms, we are likely looking at a platoon catching situation. Give me his obp anyday over Aaron cibias rob deer-like K numbers.

  19. John Gibbons should be FIRED!

    He’s proven himself completely unable to cast MAGIC SPELLS on his players to BE BETTER!

    The Jays should replace him with GANDALF!

  20. Sigh. On the bright side, think of the prospects we can get when we burn this motherfucker down. D’arnaud, Syndegaard, Hechavarria, Nicolino……

  21. 2013 Blue Jays theme: “Look to avoid the sweep”. Pathetic.

  22. Why haven’t the pitching and hitting coaches been fired already? Seriously why?

  23. #Unsweepalble(ByTheMariners)

  24. Buck and Jack just cited an example of a team that turned itself around: the 1987 Detroit Tigers. Because bringing up the 1987 season in any form is a fucking fantastic way to calm the masses in Blue Jays land!

    • Because anyone even remembers the 1987 Tigers, and yeah, you know it’s bad when you have to cite a team that existed 26 years ago.

      • Shhh. Let the old men relive their glory days. It’s like the guys who haven’t bought a new album since high school because that’s when their world ended.

        • I know my dad is still bitter about 1987 (I was 3 weeks old). I have a feeling that whenever the time comes his last words will be “fuck you Larry Herndon.”

    • In fairness the 89 Jays did it too.

      12-24 to division champs.

  25. Hoping Mario is the video game player of the day!

  26. 2012 jays > 2013 jays

  27. “…R.A. Dickey following yesterday’s loss, when he said the team was “somewhat of a dysfunctional team right now”. MacArthur adds that John Gibbons disagrees with Dickey’s choice of words, specifically the term dysfunctional.”

    I think that pretty much defines ‘dysfunctional’, no?

    • “Dickey later clarified what he meant by the term.

      “Dysfunctional in the sense of baseball team, on the baseball field,” he said. “Not because guys are fighting in here or bickering or second-guessing each other, because I don’t feel that.””

    • +1.

      Dickey & Gibby are not on the same page. Dickey uses big words. Gibby doesn’t know what the words mean.

      Gibby gives great interviews.

  28. I guess I will watch, although it is starting to hurt my feelings. At least the roof is open!

  29. Why bunt there, just why

  30. Sac bunting with a runner already in scoring position and in the 1st inning? Holy shit this is fucked up worse than I thought.

  31. This is what Blue Jays 2013 have come to. Sac bunt in first inning. Terrible.

  32. Playing for one run in the 1st with Bautista and Encarnacion coming up … Hopefully whoever replaces Gibbons after today will be smarter than this.

  33. Weird, it took 4 strikes to get Ackley out.

  34. Is that that James Brown calling balls and strikes today?

    Listen to his strike call and tell me I’m wrong.

  35. Great 2 -0…. oh fuck you JPA!

  36. What is happening?

  37. Well looks like Gibby’s line up decisions are working, the decision to sacrifice is working, maybe the idiots who spent the pre-game complaining specifically about Gibby will shut up now.

    • An idiot by nature never knows when to shut up.

    • @ Damn.

      While Jays fans should rejoice at finally winning 1 game against the Mariners at home, I don’t think Gibby has done anything to “inspire the team” or whatever coaches are supposed to do. The team plays horribly on most days and are making mental erors on a regular basis.

      I have no complaints about his bullpen management or game day lineups, although I wonder if this constant lineup shifting is helping or hurting.

      I don’t know what he is saying in the clubhouse.

      However, the record of 10-21 , soon to be 11-21 is very bad & certainly not what was expected of this team.

      I am sure most of the “elite media” will defend Gibby . He is likeable with a funny Southern accent.

      Is Gibby the best guy to manage different personalities & all the new players? I don’t know.

      Morrow came close to imploding earlier in the game with 7 or 8 straight balls.

      Luckily they got the 3rd out, but that game could have easily been lost.

      • The club house is fine. The players know they are under performing and the start of the season is from poor hitting, poor pitching and poor fielding. Doesn’t matter how good of a coach you are, if your team doesn’t hit, doesn’t pitch or doesn’t field… all at once… your not going to win many games. Casual fans are just looking for a fall guy, nothing new. Gibbons is just the easiest target.

        But if you choose to follow this logic, why fire Gibby? The pitching has sucked, so get rid of Walker. Defense has let us down, down with Dwayne. Hitters aren’t hitting, mash Mottola. Base runners have made too many mistakes, epic fail for Hale.

        Seriously, this has been a rough start, but we may have been asking a little much with the amount of over turn with the roster coupled with an almost complete overhaul of the managerial staff. The talent is here. Lets see what this coaching staff does over the year before we start thinking we know what these guys are bringing to the team.

  38. Good start, but I’ll feel better when I see this…..

  39. When everyone regresses back to the mean at the same time the Jays should win like 30 of 40 or so. Right?

    That’s how this works. Isn’t it?

  40. Pairing Dickey with the fat kid from the Goonies is just not right.

  41. Now it’s very clear it’s better Melky sacrificed in first. Fugly swing in third.

  42. It’s encouraging to see the Jays getting hits other than homers. Then again, it is Saunders.

  43. That Honda thing in CF is fucking retarded. I am never buy a Honda out of spite

  44. Stoeten sighting….

    Guy in red pants in Honda ad!

  45. I don’t see him play much, but I always get the feeling Michael Saunders is a total stiff against teams not in Ontario.

  46. Morrow had some swag on that last pitch!

  47. Double steal! Love it!

  48. Dont care that Boni was safe.

    If I see another steal of 3rd with 2 out I’m gonna lose it.

    Baseball 101. With speed at second you don’t steal 3rd with 2 outs.

  49. Morrow getting squeezed a bit?

  50. And here we go…

  51. Quick! Hit the ‘snooze button!

  52. Need this out.

  53. Sweet mercy.

  54. Terrible inning. Agree with Jack Morris, where’s the adjustment?

  55. Holy shit – just throw some strikes? Is it that hard to ask a professional pitcher not to walk 4 guys in an inning?

  56. Gotta run, hang in there Die Hards!

    Hopefully we’ll see this…..

  57. Take that!

  58. Fuck running, trot it out

  59. That’ll do.

  60. I don’t believe in catcher ERA but some of that fuckery was the result of JPA continuing to set targets right on the corners as if Greg Maddux were out there. Just set a target right down Broadway and chances are the ball will sail or sink to the corner anyway. How come JP can’t figure this out?

    • Agree. I remember the same thing with Juan Guzman. Set up middle and let balls find the corner. I’ve thought the same thing with Kyle Drabek. Quit trying to hit corners. Let the ball’s action do the work.

    • Assuming a victory today, we only need to win 71 more for .500 ball and 79 to hit 90. Life is good.

  61. where can i watch onlne?

  62. Take that too!

  63. Saunders must REALLY fucking suck.

  64. I like this DeRosa kid. He seems like a good kid.

  65. Season back on!

  66. Macierere !

    Did I spell that right?

  67. Atta kid. Great inning.

  68. So this is what its like to hit against beurhle.

    I kid, I kid. But seriously… Saunders sucks.

  69. Thanks Blue Jays, i’m really enjoying the game. please have more….lots more

  70. This is what I was talking about yesterday. Let’s enjoy this for what it is!! Like Kawasaki says. Drink a beer. Have fun.

    • @Phil

      Kawasaki’s theory of drinking beer & having fun is fine.

      However, the fans that want a playoff calibre team should be disappointed with what they see on the field in games other than today.

      • I also am not enjoying the mounting losses, but the crying that goes on in here is very tiresome. If they don’t like it, don’t watch it. I dunno.

  71. If Eddie hits this out I promise to eat a salami sandwich.


  72. WE ARE WINNING A FUCKING GAME!!! The parade is back on!!! Where can i watch it online. I promise I am not a curse

  73. Hey look! We’re winning! Too fucking little. Too fucking late. I’m not watching this one or the next lots and lots. Off to look at cherry blossoms in High Park.

    • Good luck navigating the crowds + the cars. Maybe bring a baseball bat.

    • The very definition of over-sharing under-illuminating details of lives.

      • I miss Karen and her beer can collection.

      • @ SP
        Do I need to decipher everything for you?
        Cherry blossoms refers to the cycle of life that all fans endure.
        High Park is a metaphor for the cosmos and the time/space continuim.
        Not sure of the too fucking little,too fucking late stuff.
        I think she’s pissed.

        • Too fucking little; too fucking late = relativity?

        • It’s about the 5th time isabella has popped in to inform us that she’s pissed, won’t take it anymore, and furthermore won’t be paying any attention going forward.

          We already have Its All Over for that schtick.

      • To add my own overshare – I’ll be out doing some hanami instead of watching the game tomorrow evening.

        • What’s hanami?

          • Japanese flower appreciation.

          • Never mind, googled it.

            Sounded like something out of the Kama Sutra.


          • Hanami = flower viewing.

            • Typically, o-hanami is an excuse for the otherwise rigid social expectations of Japanese society to let loose and get shit-faced. Companies will send newly hired grads (they start each April) with large blue tarps to scope out prime viewing spots under huge cherry trees in public parks. They basically sit there all day keeping the tarp warm until their older colleagues arrive with the beer, sake and food in the evening after work. Then all proper etiquette it thrown out the window while the “salarymen” let ‘er rip. College kids will also be doing this. As a foreigner you just walk through the park, start up convos and get invited to sit, eat, drink and be merry.

      • Nope. Pointing out that even struggling through the crowds to gawp at cherry blossoms is more interesting to me at this point than watching the Jays win a game. If someone had told me this a month and a half ago I would never have believed it.
        And by the way, SP, you’re the one who remembered and asked after (a) my Auntie Dora and (b) the level of my religious observance. So I have reason to believe that you are fascinated by the minutiae of my life…

        • Don’t stop believing, Isabella, whatever you do.
          (And try to have some faith in the Jays too.)

    • My cherry tree is in full bloom right now.

  74. I must be hallucinating, wtf is going on.

  75. We needed this.

  76. Old Man DeRosa is gonna be sore tomorrow from all this exercise

  77. Fuck ya! The wave!

  78. Bonifacio is really fucking terrible. Send him back to the NL where he belongs.

  79. Hey who the hell are these guys in the blue uniforms?

  80. It’s so nice to see the shitkicking going the other way for once.

  81. Bautista is due for a monster HR.

  82. So did anyone else want to second-guess Gibby’s decision to start DeRosa today?

    • Has he started since calling the team meeting?

    • Thought you explained it well at the top.

    • @ farrell.

      It’s was a good match up today because derosa has a good career stats against LHP & I think Saunders as well.

      However, would anyone take Lawrie out in a tie game to put Mark Derosa in?

      , De Rosa has been used sparingly.

      Would Gibby take Lawrie out of the lineup on a regular basis against LHP , so that Derosa can get a crack at LHP?


      DeRosa is a mascot who Gibby won’t use in late innings as a pinch hitter. He can’t pinch run either.

      He is a waste of space & I support DFA’ing him.

      Does Gibby have enough faith in Mark Derosa to have him pinch hit against the yankees or red sox

      • You know that he has good numbers against LHPs and Saunders because I told you back at the start of the thread.

        Would Gibby take Lawrie out for DeRosa? if DeRosa is OPSing 800+ against the pitcher he’s about to face, and it’s a pinch-hit situation, I sure as hell hope he would.

        Of the 15 games DeRosa’s had this year, 1/3 have been against the NYY or BOS.

        Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that Mark DeRosa is the answer, but deployed in the right situation, he can be useful. Like today. 3/5 with two doubles and a homer and 3 ribbies. Everyone clamouring for him to be cut just for the sake of cutting him needs to understand this better.

        • @Farrell.

          In Today’s Toronto Sun they said that Saunders hated to face Bonifacio 6/13 & Lind 4/11.

          I agree there may be a pinch hit situation where he is used if his projected matchup is good. They are probably small sample sizes anyway.

          The problem I have with Derosa is that he i rarely used as a defensive backup which he cant because he isn’t that good.

          We saw what Derose did at 3B for a few games while Lawrie was out. It wasn’t pretty.

          Unfortunately, the team needs more production from the 25th guy, especially when the other 24 aren’t doing that well.

          Zaun made an excellent point today. He said that the current roster is virtually all locked up on long term contracts or without options to allow them to get sent down. Thus, no one is worried about losing their jobs & are complacent.

          I know these players are professionals , so hopefully they will get better, but even an 85 win season would be disappointing from them.

          I will still watch & comment & use my flexpack tickets , but I was hoping for a more exciting season.

  83. Someone just run on the field?

  84. Given the score, I can laugh at the infield double. Nice one chicken wing!

  85. That’s more like it boys.

  86. Poor Halladay is getting spanked by the Marlins. Yech hit a slam off of him.

  87. Is this the magical turnaround game that solves whatever clubhouse issues are contributing to the general suck of the team?

    Probably not because I don’t buy that kind of sudden change thinking but it sure does feel good. It would be nice if the hitters could continue to keep their heads out of their asses going forward.

    • I felt that way when they had stole the getaway vs the orioles…

      • This feels different. Even in that game the Jays threw away a 3-run lead late.

        This is the first game where both the offense and pitching has looked dominant.

        • I’ll start being more optimistic if they can get some offense going vs Moore and Price rather than Saunders

    • 4 at Tampa.
      3 at Boston.
      We’ll know in a week.

      • @Small Potatoes.

        If the Jays could somehow go 4-3 or 5-2, then this would be a great sign hat they have turned the corner.

        Unfortunately 2-5 or 3-4 seems more likely.

        Dickey will pitch at Tropicana field so that should be good for him.

        Is it just me or is Adam Lind an afterthought now.

        Would dare get rid of him if a hafner type gets released by a team.

        They won’t let Lind near LHP & they trust Melky as a DH more than Adam.

        Mr Kittenface should put his home up for sale in Toronto because he won’t be here next year.

  88. After the first feel good game in forever Sportsnet now wants me to watch the Sox? I think not.

  89. The impressive thing about tonight’s game?

    One strikeout. ONE. That’s how you win ballgames.

  90. Holy shit, Hech has 7 RBIs against Doc. After 3 innings.

  91. Thats more like it. Now time to get a ball and get it rolling.

  92. I know that this is a good win, but we are truly fucked if this week goes to shit like it probably will

  93. My batting average on balls in play improved today. I took them out for Stoeten and he sucked on ‘em like nobody’s business. His beard is extra hairy now!

  94. Darvish at 125 pitches and has the longest hair about it.

  95. Yay! We’re above the .333 mark guys!

  96. I don’t know, but now I feel like if somehow they can get back to .500 by the time Reyes comes back, the season could still turn out alright.

  97. Jays fans did not deserve this win today. That’s because Stoeten said so, that fat fuck!

  98. Can’t believe Stoeten and Parks were doing this today.

  99. They put a lot of really good ABs together today, finally. Working the count, going with the pitch, hitting the other way, shorter, line drive swings. A refreshing change from the hacky, try to hit it 900 feet every swing approach. Where was this offense all year?

    • Could it be that Mottola is finally sinking in?

    • It was Joe fucking Saunders. Let’s not start sucking eachother’s dicks just yet. I want to see an 8 game fucking win streak first… at the minimum.

      • @What.

        +1. This was a great victory & hopefully they will hit better against Tampa Bay which has historically had very good pitching..

        the team has a big mountain to climb to even get to 500. The next 7 games are against Tampa Bay & Boston.

        A 3-4 record on the road would be an outstanding achievement for this Jays,

      • Yeah I know it was Saunders. I’ve also seen Saunders throw his junk and the Jays hack away at it like they usually do. Today was totally different; right from the beginning the hitters looked like they had a plan. It was like a switch was thrown and the whole team decided to change their approach at the plate.

        It was one game. I hope it continues.

        • I wouldnt bet on it continuing. Especially going into tam and bos. Those teams have good starters like price, hellickson, bucholz that usually eat up the jays. The most infuriating thing is they see them a lot so they should know what they throw and how to approach. Yet, they continously get shut down by those starters historically. Just too many hackers in the lineup.

          • @afdg

            Sad but true. Tampa has great pitching & Boston usually finds ways to beat the Jays at Fenway.

            Should be some great baseball.

  100. Beltre wins it for Texas.

    Fuck you, Massholes.

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