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Denis Brodeur Collection

The Blue Jays could go a long way towards actually inching their way up the standings with some good play this week in Tampa, as they begin a four game set that… ahh, who am I kidding, you’re totally watching the Leafs right now, aren’t you?

And you know what? With the way Mark Buehrle has been going– and this whole team has been going– I can’t say I entirely blame you.


No J.P. Arencibia in the lineup tonight, and according to various tweetings, it’s because John Gibbons made the call to go with Henry Blanco himself, just to see if that helps Buehrle get going. No input from the pitcher, Gibbons says, and you almost want to believe him. Almost.

“Asked Arencibia if he was hurt or nursing anything,” tweeted Brendan Kennedy. “‘Ask Gibby,’ he said.”

Barry Davis adds that Gibbons said Arencibia wasn’t happy about being told he was sitting, and that he doesn’t expect him to be. Maybe JPA can smell Josh Thole getting closer to a promotion.

Shi Davidi tweets that the MRI on Josh Johnson came back clean, that he’ll resume throwing on Thursday and is expected to need a couple of rehab starts to build up to the point where he can go seven innings. So… there’s that.

Kennedy says that he asked Melky Cabrera about what John Gibbons had been calling his “sore legs,” and Melky tells him his left hamstring had been tight, but it feels fine now. He adds that Melky doesn’t believe the issue is related to the Rogers Centre turf.

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.com. And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app

Toronto Blue Jays

3B Brett Lawrie (R)
LF Melky Cabrera (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
DH Adam Lind (L)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
2B Maicer Izturis (S)
C Henry Blanco (R)
SS Munenori Kawasaki (L)

Mark Buehrle LHP

Tampa Bay Rays

CF Desmond Jennings (R)
LF Kelly Johnson (L)
2B Ryan Roberts (R)
3B Evan Longoria (R)
1B James Loney (L)
SS Sean Rodriguez (R)
DH Luke Scott (L)
C Jose Molina (R)
RF Sam Fuld (R)

Jeremy Hellickson RHP

Comments (621)

  1. this SI shit is bullshit

  2. This ump is actually so fucked

  3. Fuck

  4. To be fair that was a strike but he is still a terrible ump

  5. Yeah, I am really not sure what you do with Buehrle. I think the only answer is you have sunk so much money into him for so long, you just keep running him out there.

    But it is not really as if there are flashes of anything that give hope – I mean is there anyone who really believes he is going to get better from here?

    • shoot him

    • @Garth.
      I guess Buerhle could be an OK 5th starter. The problem is the Jays play 76 games against the AL East, & Burhle doesn’t pitch well against them.

      The deal with theMarlins was you get Reyes but have to pay for Buerhle with a shot of Johnson.

      Here’s a question for the DJF posters.

      When Jose Reyes was a free agent before, would Rogers have let the Jays pay any price to get him?

      Edwin & Bautista were on the team, so if Jose Reyes wanted to play with Dominicans, he would be happy in Toronto.

      In retrospect it would be cheaper to overpay to get Reyes by himself rather than have to accept the cost of reyes,buerhle,Johnson

  6. Well at least the Rays will have to use their bullpen early tonight with this pitch count. At least some benefit of this game will carry over to tomorrow.

  7. they are stranding too many runners

  8. Jays need to chip away here. Try to ruff up their bullpen a bit. A come back win here could really get them some momentum.

  9. Right or wrong, the ump’s been calling that pitch a strike all night, both ways.

  10. If Pat Tabler says “I think Hellickson is just trying to be too fine with his pitches right now” one more time, I will jam a q-tip through my eardrum.

  11. I would love to see a comeback.


  13. Leave the bat on your shoulder Kittenface.

  14. Time to knock Hellickson out of the game.

  15. CLETUS

  16. The fuck Burhle?

  17. Why in FUCK can’t the Jays EVER hit a catwalk in this fucking barn?

  18. I guess that qualifies for luck.

  19. I’m surprised Gibby is letting Buerhle face gonorrhea.

  20. Longoria must rescue pit bulls in his spare time.

  21. hahaba Tabby.

    “Longoria can turn anyones ball around, hes got those quick hands”

  22. Murderers row coming up!

  23. Welp, now the other Toronto team blows gonads… so I’m back to baseball

  24. Time to slap around Tits McGee.

  25. Let’s do this. BBIP ‘em.

  26. I’m completely forgot about the Leafs game until I saw that picture. Huh. Go Jays!

  27. Now we’re talkin’. Swing for the fences JP.

  28. I fucking hate Mark Buehrle with a passion.

  29. DeRosa playing 2B or are they moving Lawrie over.

  30. This veteran brought presents!

  31. Haha old man Derosa > rest of Jays lately, not that I am complaining

  32. DeRosa is my shit.

  33. DeRosa, HR MACHINE!

  34. Nice call Gibby.

  35. Holy fucking Derosa.

  36. The corpse of DEROSA STRIKES AGAIN!!

  37. Oh, lawrie. If only you had as much talent as you think you do.

  38. I just said “Man, that Mark DeRosa is pretty fucking clutch” out loud, and almost immediately threw up a fairly worrisome amount of blood. I don’t know what this means.

  39. Is it just me or are Lawries F bombs becoming more audible?


  41. Can we call DeRosa at 2B and JPA at C defensive indifference?

  42. Holy fuck, it’s only the sixth inning.

  43. Buhrle is still going!

  44. Nice to see Buehrle figure his shit out AFTER the seven run inning.

    • +1.
      buerhle is not equipped to pitch against any AL East team.

      Rays have a weak offense yet score 7 runs against him.

      Would anyone want to see Buehle pitch against an AL East team in the playoffs? Buehle at Yankee or Fenway would be sad.

      Here’s my new theory.

      AA would have been smarter to overpay Jose Reyes before he became a marlin rather than having to pay Jose Reyes & pay Buehle’s contract as well.

      Wouldn’t Reyes at 24 million per year be better than Reyes & Buerhle.


      Hutch,Romero, Drabek could out perform Buerhle now.

  45. Bautista is due to get on base, right?

  46. Back from successful hanami. Filled to the brim with sushi. Kinda spoiling for a fight. Flower viewing gets me pretty amped up. Like Brett Lawrie on a dozen Red Bulls.

  47. Twins beating the Red sox?? this will be their 4th loss in a row if they can hold on.

  48. C’mon rally killer….don’t kill this rally.

  49. What the….fuck was that

  50. Guess Jose was going on 1st contact but shit that was a rocket straight at the guy.

  51. if you are going to go on contact then go on contact, don’t stand there and watch the guy catch it then decide to go…bad base running there.

  52. FLOW

  53. Sigh.

  54. If you want to commit suicide, pills are a lot easier.

  55. Lind didn’t hit a triple play. Relax, there’s still a chance for this inning.

  56. this is the inning griffon will talk about in the morning paper :(

  57. Holy shit Jose that was fuckin AWFUL!!

  58. Fuck me they have PitchFx in every stadium. You’d think on a commercial break an ump could have a look and see how fucking out to lunch he is on the corner and adjust accordingly.

    • “That’s not my strike zone. I call them consistently three to six inches off the plate. It’s my signature”

  59. Who’s uglier: Peralta or Blanco?

  60. Jays helped the rays out of a tight jimmy

  61. Sigh…

  62. season so far summed up in one inning?
    runners on second and third no out and cant get a single run? ahhhh

  63. rogers is overused out of the pen.

  64. You can only hope to contain Kelly Johnson

  65. any word on how Drabek and Hutchinson are progressing? Still mid season? Although, even healthy, I’m not sure Drabek offers very much.

  66. Why is Kelly Johnson a goddam OBP machine again? Oh right, he doesn’t play for us anymore.

  67. Has there been a game this year Rogers hasn’t pitched in?

  68. Cant wait to hear Wilner after the game “well, if we take away the 4th inning, Buerle actually had a great game.

  69. It’s in the contract I think. Same for Wells Overbay and Aaron hill.

  70. “Lacka-daisy-cal.”

    Seriously, Buck?

  71. bringing the closer in with 1 out in the 8th. Is it me or do most teams treat every game with the Jays as if it was game 7 of the world series.

  72. Joe Maddon’s been paying attention to the Jays season so far, right?

  73. WOW!

  74. that is ironically, jayslike defence

  75. Attaboy, Yunel!


  77. Lol Junel

  78. Thank you Escobar.

  79. Escobar: secret Jays sympathizer?

  80. who’s that maricon playing SS for the Rays?

  81. Is tabler changing his sexual orientation? Suddenly he is talking about two muffs

  82. I’m getting ready to be disappointed.

  83. Yunel is getting into the “2013 Jays” spirit.

  84. oh oh take the walk!

  85. meh I will take it

  86. In play, run(s)

  87. Can you hear the drums fernando?

  88. almost guyiz

  89. Still a chance…

  90. Ah, I see this will be a loss of the “close and heartbreaking” type rather than the blowout.

  91. Tampa is get weaker, and every minute Toronto squats in the bush, he gets stronger. Each time I looked around, the walls moved in a little tighter.


  93. Nice catch Colby.

  94. Colby!!

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