I pretty much took a break after Friday night from the soul-crushing experience that is being a Toronto Blue Jays fan this weekend, which turned out to be a great call on Saturday, but not so much on Sunday. And which I point out only because it means this clip is new to me, even though most of you probably already saw it.

You see, Melky Cabrera hit his first home run in nine months yesterday, and when he got back to the dugout, his teammates were… shall we say… unmoved?

You can see the full clip at’s Cut 4 thing, but since it’s not embedable, here’s a GIF via the MLB Fan Cave‘s resident Jays fan, April Whitzman (aka @Alleycat17).

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  1. The best thing about this stunt, imho, is that it suggests there is still a sense of fun and camaraderie in the clubhouse – notwithstanding their dismal record so far.

  2. It looks bad in the picture but, once you see the video, it’s quite obviously a joke.

    -Captain Obvious

  3. awesome, i love watching stuff like that

  4. Clearly…this is what the CBS Sports “Anonymous” source was talking about with their supposed trouble in the clubhouse/trouble in the dugout.

  5. I wonder what they will do to Kawasaki if/when he goes deep.

  6. it sure has been a brutal 5 weeks to be a Jays fan.

  7. Silent treatment? He’s high-fiving a million angels before he lets the rest of the team join in the festivities.

    The post-homer silent treatment is always pretty funny.

  8. The people not getting the joke in the Cut4 comments is hilarious. This is one of the oldest dugout gags going. It would be trite if it weren’t so awesome. Everything about Melky’s HR was great!

    All the Melk bags!

  9. I find it helps (when they are playing so bad) to be doing something else while the game is on. If they are doing well I can focus on it more, if they are playing terrible I focus on it very little (and eventually turn it off).

  10. i like ysterdayt team spirit made better results on field they shod always playthat way would not be 0-900 already in april not early.when they play properly it is easy to see that the ball start droppingisnt when they werenot plaing wuth spirit thius week i was disgusted by how they diont care how basd they slookginbbonsneesd t p take respionsibiltyu mebr=e put derosa on 3d everyday and lorrie at 2nd i like his spirit he knows how veteran presents the game dfa bunifassio.

    • Bartender! This one is cut off!


    • Translation:

      “I like yesterday’s game. Team spirit led to better results on the field. They should always play that way. If they had played that way from the start, they would not be 0 wins and 900 losses in April. When they play properly it’s easy to see that the ball starts dropping in for hits instead of finding gloves. The ball does not drop in for hits when they do not play with spirit like earlier this week. I was disgusted by how they don’t care about how bad they look. Manager Gibbons needs to take responsibility more. And Gibbons should put DeRosa on 3rd everyday and Lawrie at 2nd–I like DeRosa’s spirit, he has a veteran presents in the game. Oh, and DFA Bonifacio.”

  11. Buchholz on the bump today. First start since Spit-Gate.

  12. My favourite all time was Mark Hendrickson getting the silent treatment after going deep in Colorado.

  13. if there’s one good thing that can come from this nightmare of a season, it will be whoever OK’d that Miami Heat-esque concert, world series parade of a commercial/marketing campaign being fired.

  14. This event was real.

    If it was me


  15. i love Gibbons look in the silent treatment (Cut 4 version), like he’s thinking about something else entirely…

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