New York Yankees v Toronto Blue Jays

Not sure what to make of this one, as we’ve heard nothing of the sort from the club or the local media, but Jon Morosi of Fox Sports laid down this tweet earlier today, and I didn’t even think it warranted a Trolololosi GIF in response:

So… uh… yeah. 2013, you guys!

I’m sure this will set a few people off regarding the questionable reporting of injuries that has come from the Jays so far this year– Johnson’s triceps soreness was initially thought to be minor, and the DL stint was a bit surprise– but I’m not sure about all that. For one, this is certainly not a confirmed report, and Morosi himself says that they only “may not” have him back.

On the other hand, Johnson was sent to Florida to rehab his injury, so it’s entirely possible the severity of it is maybe a little worse than first believed, and that may have been hinted at, actually, when the Jays chose to call up Brad Lincoln as a replacement on the roster for Johnson. Doing so forced them to backdate the DL stint to just April 29th– when Lincoln was last up– rather than to Johnson’s last start, which was back on the 21st.

If it’s another example of an injury “misdiagnosis” to go pointlessly handwringing about, be that as it may.

As for the practical side of it, as I noted in the Griff Bag I posted earlier, it’s not like Johnson had been going so great that he’s going to be tremendously missed right now or anything. At his best, absolutely he would, but he just hasn’t been able to find his command this year– he sits dead last among 311 pitchers with more than 10 innings pitched this season in percentage of pitches thrown in the zone (per the adjusted, Baseball Info Solutions data at FanGraphs), at just 34.6%.

So… sure, let’s see what Romero’s got. Whatfuckingever at this point, amiright? And, as we said at the time of Johnson’s placement on the DL, the club could probably use some time to sort out what happens with their rotation anyway, so… maybe this is OK? If, y’know, it’s even news. I mean, we knew Johnson was going to be out until the middle of the month.

Gotta get him healthy for the trade deadline, right? Jesus fuck.

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  1. yeah, whatfuckingever at this point. Sigh.

  2. It’s late May. Which isn’t great but it isn’t July either.

  3. 2013….woohoo…?

  4. He’s lucky. He could be like Sergio Santos, who’s been a ghost in 3 weeks since he was shutdown “for a week”.

    Not a fan of all the truth-stretching when it comes to the Blue Jays. Even if JJ comes back in a relatively short time, Bautista’s bad back out for 1 game (benched for 4), Lawrie’s ribcage out for 2-3 weeks (ended up being almost 6, would have been more if he wasn’t rushed up), it’s getting crazy.

    I don’t expect the Blue Jays to know the exact dates as the injury happens, but how many times will we accept a BJ Ryan “lower back injury” that turns out to be a career-ending Tommy John surgery, or a Drew Hutchison TJ 2 months after the injury before enough is enough? Just be honest and upfront.

    • Hutchison had the choice to try to rehab it and then eventually changed course, I believe.

      The big thing for me is, what does it possibly matter?

      • Fan apathy. Just simply not caring or accepting bad behaviour because they’re so used to it. Perhaps even getting angry about it.
        Misleading your fan base is exactly what the last GM did.

        (I am a fan of AA in most aspects, but this is the one bad thing that transferred over in management).

        • It’s exactly what the last GM did, but how was it to anyone’s detriment?

          Also, the whole idea of talking about this as though anyone really knows that they’re being misleading is bullshit. They might be, I suppose, and there have definitely been some curious things that have gone on with that this year, but we have no idea. Players don’t always tell the team the full truth and doctors don’t always pinpoint recovery dates accurately, so we have all that to think through before we even get to the point of talking about it like it’s actually some kind of conspiracy. There is far too little for anyone to talk seriously about it as though it is.

          And to the people suggesting that the Jays would be better off not saying anything at all, like… honestly. Think about how that would go over by comparison.

      • @ Stoeten,

        Isn’t there a marginal loss of revenue when you promise the fan base, pitcher X will be pitching, then he gets scratched for mysterious reasons?

        I doubt there are many fans who would base a buying decsion of tickets on whether or not Johnson is starting but it’s still disappointing.

      • It wouldn’t matter if it was just random bad luck stretching these out. When you start getting the idea that you are being bullshitted right from the start, it just gets a little irritating. Like why say anything if it’s BS.

      • What does it matter?

        Kind of an odd thing to say. It is incredibly annoying for the fans, you know the consumers who are the reason for the team’s existence.

        • So naive. Fans are not the reason for the team’s existence; content is the reason.

        • @diogenes.

          +1. Agreed. Let’s say it’s a Saturday morning & you find out that the Manager gave the day off to bautista,Edwin, Reyes, lawrie etc & Justin Germano is pitching instaed of Brandon Morrow, the walk up crowd would probably be a few K less than expected.

          I also wonder whether Josh Johnson’s agent is as happy with the Jays over the injury issue. One night Johnson said he is ready to pitch. Next morning DL.

          Any extended time on the DL hurts Johnson’s free agent value. His pre injury pitching performance is not good either.

    • @Chief Dan

      The Jays injury estimates have been consistently underestimated. It is becoming a Joke & even Stoeten admitted that it was “odd”.

      It’s becoming so routine now, that the moment a player is listed as “day 2 Day”, you have a feeling he will be on the DL .

      Is there any upside to the Jays telling opposing teams at 8PM the night before a start that Johnson can’t pitch but within 12 hours change their minds & activate Ricky Romero?

      I assume opposing coaches have access to scouting reports on any pitcher that shows up the next day.

      I know Stoeten likes to make fun of the “tin foil Hats” but so far this season, thy have been more correct than listening to whatever the Jays PR Deparment reports.

      Here’s a good post topic for Stoeten: Are the Jays the only team to consistently underestimate injuries to players?

      Topic 2 # Total DL days lost per original 25 man roster.

      Do the Jays suffer more injuries per roster player than other teams & if so, why?

      Training staff? Age of player ? etc.

      I have a sneaking suspicion that AA likes to get discounts so he targets players with an injury history & hopes they don’t get injured while they play for the Jays.

      AA targeted Josh Johnson last year & the Marlins ended up gving him more players.

      Let’s say AA only got Josh Johnson for Escobar & Henderson Alvarez, would the deal still be good for the Jays?

    • Yeah I’m concerned Sergio Santos is turning into this decade’s Mike Sirotka. Although to be fair, Sirotka didn’t make one pitch in a Jays uniform and Santos has at least managed to get in a game or three.

  5. I must say, very questionable reporting of injuries from the Jays so far this year!!!

  6. Can’t wait for Beurhle to go on the DL so the entire Marlins haul can be all disabled together.

  7. The fifteen days would be up on the 14th, I think. One more week would put him at the 21st, which probably would be considered late May by most. Moronsi says may not be back until late may so it’s not even certain.

    My Verdict: Morosi has told us nothing we didn’t know.

  8. what happens with drabek for this year?

    • whenever he is healthy he’d be going to the minors I would certainly think. Worst control of pretty much anyone I’ve ever seen pitch in the majors. He has to sort that out before he has any chance at all to succeed.

    • Who cares? I’d be shocked if Drabek ever starts another game for the Jays. Two TJ surgeries and he was horrendous when healthy. I’ve completely given up on Drabek ever being a useful starting pitcher in the majors.

      Hutchison is the one I’m looking forward to having back maybe at the end of this year.

    • He already threw a nice bullpen- according to himself (Kyle Drabek).

  9. so, Richard Griffin is now saying the Jays should make Gibbons a pro scout and bring in Sal Fasano to turn this ship around. You can’t make this stuff up!!

  10. Key words in tweet is”may not have”.

    2nd thing of note is the vagueness of “late May”, that could mean May 20th, 14 days away with 2 off days around the SF series.

    May 20th is 5-6 days after his eligibility to return, but the off days give the Jays some extra time.

    Troll tweet that spins the obvious.

  11. Late May?

    Compared to what? Almost late May?

    This sounds like potentially one more start lost. Maybe two.

    Though I am starting to wonder if other teams have injuries mysteriously drag out like our team.

  12. Sometimes you just gotta say fuck it, let’s go bowling.

  13. Stoeten, how about keeping a continuous running total on the accuracy of various main reporters on the Jays that would give us more perspective on who is just guessing or speculating beyond what is really there?

  14. I though Johnson was put on the 15 day DL as of friday. if thats the case then of course he won’t be back till late May. any time after may 15 is late may.

  15. This might not be a big deal if Ricky can find himself. Then when Johnson comes back they can decide who to move out of the rotation (Ricky or Happ)

    • If we get the Romero that pitched the first 3 innings if his last start, I’ll be pretty happy. I’m still holding out hope that he can make a full comeback.

      • That means bye bye to jj

        • Based on the results so far, I wouldn’t be crushed. That said, I’m not going to bother trying to predict the future. I’m going to continue enjoying this season, take the good with the bad, and hope for better results and karma across the board.

  16. To be fair, you gotta like having Romero replacing Johnson in the rotation instead of the shitballers that were 6 or 7 on the depth charts this time last year. At least we KNOW that Romero can be good, if he can locate his pitches.

  17. I fail to see how this is a surprise. John was placed on the 15-day DL retroactive to April 29th. Throw in a minor league rehab start and, yeah, again, no surprise he won’t return until late May.

  18. If there is any potential upside to Johnson’s injury, it’s that he may end up in no man’s land if the Jays give him a qualifying offer. Johnson accepting a 1 year qualifying offer if he doesn’t receive strong multiyear offers would certainly help a playoff push in 2014.

  19. This has actually been pretty fun. Watching the battle shift from small sample size to up-in-your-arms bewilderment among the regulars, while they STILL curse and harass anyone with a different viewpoint, has and will be amazing forever. I’m not sure how many different ways you can say fuck you and be wrong.

    • I know, its like Stoeten is the salaried president of the Official Blue Jays Pom-Pom Cheer Squad. Being a dedicated Jays fan doesn’t mean you have to accept and praise every single move they make. Other than the token swearing, this site has completely lost its edge.

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