May 5th v Mariners

Batter pLI WPA
Davis – LF 0.53 0.007
Cabrera – DH 0.53 0.083
Bautista – RF 0.47 0.059
Encarnacion – 1B 0.43 -0.043
Arencibia – C 0.46 0.032
DeRosa – 3B 0.59 0.201
Izturis- 2B 0.40 0.068 Pitcher pLI WPA
Bonifacio – CF 0.61 -0.036 Morrow – SP 1.03 0.103
Kawasaki – SS 0.36 -0.026 Delabar – RP 0.00 0.000
Total 0.49 0.397 Total 0.94 0.103

Bests / Worsts of the game after the jump!

GBOOT: Mark DeRosa, 20.1%
Griffin: Edwin Encarnacion, -4.3%
Impact At-Bat: DeRosa 3-run Home Run, Bot 5, 12.2%
Impact Pitch: Michael Morse Flyout, Top 5, 10.5%
Highest Leverage AB: Jose Bautista Sac Fly, Bot 1, 1.31
Highest Leverage Opp. AB: Morse Flyout, Top 5, 4.07
Lineup Contribution: 39.7%
Pitching Contribution: 10.3%
Average Leverage Index: 0.69
Chart explanation

- Brandon Morrow’s line: 8.0ip, 3h, 2er, 5bb, 8k, 115 pitches, 10 swinging strikes, 71 game score, 2.87 FIP.

- Joe Saunders’ line: 5.0ip, 9h, 7er, 2hr, 2bb, 0k, 82 pitches, 0 swinging strikes, 19 game score, 9.40 FIP.

- Steve Delabr swept up with an 8-run lead in the 9th.

- A mild “Here we go again” washed over Jays fans in the top of the 5th, when all 3 outs Mariners came with the bases loaded and a 3-0 lead was cut to 3-2.

- The Jays responded in the bottom half, when Melky Cabrera (1) hit his first home run as a Blue Jay and was greeted in the dugout with the silent treatment. 4 batters later Mark DeRosa (2) hit a 3-run shot to put the Jays up 7-2.

- The Jays stole 4 bases in this game. Emilio Bonifacio had his first two steals of the season, Munenori Kawasaki stole his 4th, and even Jose Bautista got in on the act.

- DeRosa had 3 hits, 3 runs and 3 RBI, getting the start at 3rd in place of Brett Lawrie.

- Edwin Encarnacion and Bonifacio were the only Jays to not record a hit. Encarnacion drew a walk.

- As a team, the Jays combined for 10 runs and 15 hits, to go along with 4 drawn walks.

- After a slow start to the series the Jays finally found a way to figure out the Mariners lineup, holding them to just 3 hits. Morrow’s 8 innings are the most by a Jays starter in one game this season. Other than the 5th inning, Morrow saw very little trouble.

- The (11-21) Jays now head to Tampa Bay (15-18), opening a 4-game set against the Rays.

- This evening’s projected match-up is Mark Buehrle (6.31FIP, -0.4fWAR) v Jeremy Hellickson (4.43FIP, 0.2fWAR). 

{All numbers via Fangraphs}

Comments (67)

  1. You know fans have to thank for those homers and Morrow throwing a gem? It’s John Gibbons.

  2. Great at bats today, Gibbons.

  3. Was at the game and it was awesome to see all the bats come alive. I tried hating on DeRosa but he had a damn fine game. There were a couple plays he didn’t make where I thought how Lawrie probably would have made them, but overall great effort. Morrow is looking like a true ace again.

  4. Well there’s one, now to make it two.

  5. Glad to see them (somewhat) salvage this series. Hoping this wakes up some bats as we head into these next two series.

  6. So, how many Jays will be traded by the ASB? If I were AA I’d take offers on anyone except Lawrie. None of the other players are young enough to bother keeping, when you consider the team probably won’t be competetive for 3-4 years.

      • I wasn’t kidding. This year is gone, I hope we can all recognize that. Next year?

        Dickey is 38. Johnson will be gone. Buerhle might bounce back at 35 and give you 200 IP next year with a 4.00ish ERA – for a cool $18 million. Rasmus is Rasmus – a fine CF who will be lucky to ever have a 100 OPS+. Lawrie is an excellent defender at 3b, but a mediocre hitter, and its clear he’s always going to have trouble staying in a lineup. Cabrera was a creation of whatever PEDs he was on, and along with Lind, Izturis, Bonifacio, and Davis should not be starting on a team that expects to make the postseason – this isn’t the NL Central.

        Encarnacion, Bautista, Morrow and Reyes, and maybe Dickey, still have some trade value. Probably a good idea to use it. Let’s face it, this team was never a lock. A lot of things needed to go right for them to contend. So far every conceivable thing has gone wrong, and with the season 20% gone its too late to recover, even if the majority of the team performs at or close to career-best levels of performance for the rest of the year.

        I’ve been a die-hard Blue Jays fan since ’85, but I’m not big into delusion or denial. This was a valiant effort by AA, but it didn’t work. Fire the coaching staff, gut the roster, and start over. I’m not saying trade everyone now while their value is low, but if the bankable stars can turn their performance around by the ASB, they should be on the block.

        • Ya dude you need to relax and enjoy the ride. If AA makes any moves its going to be a tweek at the ASB. Even then he will only do it to help the club next year too.

          • Sorry, but I don’t call watching a team with a $128 million payroll finishing last in the division (they will) “enjoying the ride”.

            • You were doing ok until you got to this point: ” Lawrie is an excellent defender at 3b, but a mediocre hitter, and its clear he’s always going to have trouble staying in a lineup. Cabrera was a creation of whatever PEDs he was on…”

              Lawrie is 22 years old…. 22!! You really think we’ve already seen everything he has to offer?
              And Cabrera has not demonstrated anything yet except that he continues to be a slow starter, with or without PEDs. Look at his April vs May from last year.

              I get that people are frustrated, but you can’t start planning to blow up the team already. 1 it’s only May and the trade deadline is a long way off and 2. At a certain point you gotta dance with the girl you brought for better or worse… at least for a little while.

    • Shut up

    • First of all Rants, you are an idiot. Almost every player on this team is locked up for 3-4 more years and switching up a good team on paper for a good “future” team on paper is a waste of time.

      I’ll still answer though. If they are clearly still out of it at the trade deadline, Josh Johnson seems the most obvious to be moved. We do still have a lot of pitching in the system that could be playing for the team next year if he leaves. And he may leave of course anyway, whether we want him to or not.

      You never know – if he gets hot someone might see value in Rasmus too. If the circumstances all lined up.

      • If you could get a left-handed power bat for Johnson (one NOT named Morneau) I’d consider moving him; if not, I’m throwing a ton of cash at him because he IS worth it.

        Other than that, there’s not a whole lot here to replace. If the Jays can get Brian McCann form Atlanta, I’d move JPA in a heartbeat to get him. That’s about it though.

        • I wouldn’t mind seeing Utley in a Jays uniform. There is a lot of talk around Philly blowing things up and Utley at 2B makes a lot of sense.

    • I don’t know how many Jays will be traded by the All-Star Break. I do know that I’m glad you are not the VP of Baseball Operations and General Manager of the Toronto Blue Jays.

  7. This counts as a winning streak right?

    • During EE’s 2 HR game, I was going on and on about it being the start of a 10 game win streak to wipe all this bad start.

      That sure fizzled fast.

      I’ll take a month where we are 6 or 7 over .500. If we can get into a rhythm like that and get Reyes back… it’s some hope at least.

    • One in a row!

  8. In fairness to EE, he looked good at the plate. He stung three balls, sending at least two to the warning track.

  9. Just when I thought I was out. They. PULL. Me. Back. In.

  10. Honest question:

    The Jays were supposed to be so good this year because they basically took all of the Marlins best players and added them to our team. Would you consider the Marlins World Series contenders if they had added Lawrie, Bautista, Encarnacion, and Morrow and kept the players they traded away?

    • Yes.

    • Yes.

    • Yup.
      The Marlins of 2012 were thought to be a playoff contender.
      Even the best teams on paper can shit the bed.
      Remember when the Bosox had the best team ever assemmbled, the Philles had the greatest starting rotation, the 2013 Angels are an allstar team.
      Shit happens,baseball like life can be very humbling.
      Just when you think you have evrything to succeed, it slaps you upside the head.

      • I gotta learn how to type.Son of a bitch,fat finger syndrome.
        And don’t say it’s spread to my head or my gut either.
        I’m not a fat head.

    • This is a poor analogy of the offseason. Yes the Marlins trade was the main course. But we also made the bullpen a lot stronger. We got Happ late in the year and extended him so he is still kind of “new”. Santos was supposed to be back for the first time – “new” also in a sense. Melky was a huge upgrade over the replacement level guys we had been using in LF. And then of course, acquiring Dickey was a big deal.

      I guarantee you we will be much better than the Marlins were, even before Reyes is back.

  11. I’m not going to get my hopes up, because I was at the last game like last night, and they lost 10 of 12 directly following it.

    Don’t get me wrong I want them to win, but I’m not letting my hopes get crushed again quite yet.

  12. After pretty much every win this season we got the whole “hopefully this is the start of something” spiel; I’m not getting my hopes up.

  13. I heard Wilner on the radio on the way home Sunday. He said if the Jays are at 500 by the end of June then they should be ok.

    I’m on board for that. Go Jays – you have 8 weeks to get to 500 before I concede my post-season aspirations this year.

    • I completely agree that if the Jays go 32-22 through the end of June, against TB, Boston, NY, SF, Atlanta, Baltimore and Texas, with the easy wins in 6 of the 54 games against SD and the White Sox, yes they will be OK. I also believe the chances of this team doing that, without Reyes, is approximately 0.0000034%. Get real folks.

      • What’s the point of watching if all you want to do is be a miserable fuckface?

        • This is my favourite comment ever thank you.

        • There is no point in watching, that’s my whole point. If they can manage to win two series in a row, I’ll probably start watching again. They’ve only won on so far. There’s a reason shitty teams don’t draw well at the gate you know.

          • Go away then. I’ll see you when the firesale happens.

          • Fair weather fans is why the Jays don’t draw well at the gate when the team is playing poorly. If you only watch teams that are playing well, I’m sure the Red Sox would welcome another fan.

          • What’s the point of watching? Well, for starters it’s baseball – the best sport for watching on lazy summer days (and on crappy winter days too, but that’s not really an option). Secondly, we watch them because it’s our Toronto Blue Jays. We watch them, we cheer for them, we support them win or lose because that’s what we do. We don’t flip loyalties just because the Jays are shitting the bed so far this year. We don’t stop watching them just because they have a crappy start to what was supposed to be a great seaon. We support them in good times in bad times – win or lose we get out there the next day and cheer for them again.

            This doesn’t mean that we can’t get frustrated, that we can’t rant about whether Colby is a mediocre CF at best, that we can’t wonder who ended up getting fleeced in the Marlins deal. But we still watch them.

            Shit, what are we 8 years old and only cheer for the team that is going to win it all??

          • If you’re only willing to watch when the team is winning, you’re not a fan. You’re a passive person ready to hop on the bandwagon when any team starts doing well. Go cheer for the Leafs for 20 minutes or so until they crap the bed and stop sharing useless uninformed insights on here. The bandwagon will be nice and warm for you to hop on when the time is right.

      • To go 32-22 by the All Star break they would have to have a .595 winning percentage. Frankly that is not totally crazy… but it is really tough. They have their work cut out for them, but the trades RantsMull is suggesting is just moron speaking moronically…

  14. I hope not.
    Getting hopes up is what being a fan is all about.

  15. Try looking at 10 game segments. Go 6 and 4 and then try it again. This gets us to the ASB in reasonable shape. Hoping for something like a 10 game winning streak is just setting yourself up for disappointment.

  16. this schedule is brutal …. Rays, Red Sox, Yankees, Giants, Braves, Orioles all in May …

    why can’t we have a home and home with Houston?

    They will be lucky to be .500 this month …

    Need a miracle this month, + 500 record and then tear it up in June vs more beatable teams .. Padres, Rockies, White Sox …

    • Shitty, all the teams that the Jays need to catch, plus the NL teams that the other AL East teams play.

  17. Marlins are worse than the astros

    • Not even the Jays are worse than the Astros, who have a -75 run differential already. Jays are next worse with -47. Marlins are -39.

  18. Good game, but not good enough to make me forget that this team has been horrid to date. What is Lawried banged up from? He seems a little too fragile for my liking.

    I’m actually not getting pissed off anymore when they lose games. I’m learning to control my anger, which is great since it saves me from having to deal with that issue through therapy!

  19. It hurts to think the Jays could go 20-10 over the next 30 games and just get back to even.

    I like the idea of looking at the season in 10 game chunks.

  20. i’m not sure i’ve seen a blue jay swipe a base with a delayed steal since eric hinske about ten years ago.

  21. Jays had 0 swinging strikes? In a whole game? With Rasmus and JPA both in the lineup?

  22. Hopefully the Jays will get hot this month. Lets aim for .500 for the ASB.

    But what if they keep shitting the bed? This is hypothetical, say we have just as bad a record at the ASB, what does AA do? Trade the guys who aren’t locked up for the next season, e.g., JJ, Oliver, ?

    • Oliver’s not a huge loss, since the Jays will have to win in 2014 without him, anyway. If Romero performs near his pre-2012 levels, then trading Johnson won’t hurt as much. Still, if the Jays can get Delabar for Thames, then they probably won’t get anything earth-shattering for Oliver. :)

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