Tampa Bay Rays v Kansas City Royals

Stick to your day job, buying old storage units at fake TV auctions, Barry.

The Jays are one win away from guaranteeing at least a draw in this series in Tampa, which in previous years was practically an impossibility. This year, at this point, it’s pretty much a necessity. At the very least.

Hey, small victories, y’know?

Oh! And how about Joe Maddon, failing to sufficiently to inspire his team to be better so far this year? He’s not threading the fucking decisions-needle on the first try every night, and has generally just not been pushing the right buttons, en route to a dismal 14-17 start that could be made even worse tonight at the hands of the red hot *COUGH* Toronto Blue Jays (or… y’know… mostly his starter, Fausto Carmona Roberto Hernandez.)

That worthless lump, Maddon, should probably totally be fired, eh? Or… I dunno, maybe they can be nice and find a way to just reassign him.


Sergio Santos, Kyle Drabek, Drew Hutchison and Luis Perez came up from Dunedin to visit the Jays in St. Pete today, and Shi Davidi notes that Santos says that he’ll be pitching in an extended Spring Training game on Thursday. He still feels the triceps issue, apparently, but says that he’s strong enough to pitch.

“”We’re going to find out one way or the other,” Santos says, according to John Lott. “I don’t want to waste any more time. I want to get healthy. We’re going to push it.”

Barry Davis tweets that Kyle Drabek has dropped 30 pounds, and says that his arm feels great. Drabek expects to throw BP in the next two weeks, Davis adds.

Gregor Chisholm tells us that both Drabek and Drew Hutchison are on similar schedules, and hoping to get into extended Spring games in about three weeks.

Meanwhile, Brendan Kennedy says that Luis Perez, who had his Tommy John surgery after Kyle Drabek (though I don’t think it was after Drew Hutchison, despite what the tweet says), and yet is ahead of both of them.

Dustin McGowan is yet another Blue Jays pitcher who is working with the shoulder-strengthening weighted ball program that Steve Delabar is noted for using, says Gregor. John Lott adds that McGowan expects to start a rehab assignment with Dunedin next week, and that the heavy ball program has really helped McGowan’s next-day recovery.

“Rasmus says he lost KJ’s fly ball among the catwalks last night,” according to a tweet from Mike Wilner. “No clue where it was even before he ran back to the track.”

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.com. And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app

Toronto Blue Jays

3B Brett Lawrie (R)
LF Melky Cabrera (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
C J.P. Arencibia (R)
DH Adam Lind (L)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
2B Maicer Izturis (S)
SS Munenori Kawasaki (L)

J.A. Happ LHP

Tampa Bay Rays

CF Desmond Jennings (R)
2B Ryan Roberts (R)
RF Ben Zobrist (S)
3B Evan Longoria (R)
DH Luke Scott (L)
LF Sean Rodriguez (R)
1B James Loney (L)
C Jose Molina (R)
SS Yunel Escobar (R)

Fausto Carmona Roberto Hernandez RHP

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  1. Ha. Barry.

  2. the caption under the picture is priceless. That show appeals to the lowest common denominator, much like most television.

  3. Escobar playing bad again would be nice

  4. The way I see it, Barry, this should be a very dynamite show

  5. I wonder if they ever found the real Fausto Carmona’s corpse.

  6. I much prefer facing Roberto Hernandez then Carmona Fausta

  7. How good would I look at 2B tonight??

  8. Go Jays

  9. I thought that was gone.

  10. a fan should have reached down and caught that, fak!

  11. Geez lady, just reach out and collect a souvenir.

  12. I just watched Luke Scott here last week playing for Charlotte. He went O’fer.

    Sit his Hairy ass down.

  13. 30lbs Drabek?
    That’s not getting in shape, that’s Aids.

  14. Last night’s hero sure, But JPA’s OBP is still embarrassing.

  15. The Man from Muncie strikes.

  16. A Jays comeback last night and a Lind HR today? 2013 Bizzaroworld!

  17. Grab the Kitty Litter, that cat just made a deposit.

  18. Not a strike to Cleats on first pitch.

  19. Gose just stole home!

    We need his speed up with the big club but it won’t happen. The Jays have been mismanaged for years and years now and nothing will change. What’s the point?

    I’m Out!

    Furthermore, I won’t be back today or ever again. I will not return to the site!
    I absolutely refuse to be subjected to this anymore. I don’t know why I keep coming back for more! I’m done!

  20. I was only paying half-attention to Buck talking about the Rays starting pitcher + his name change/name stealing fiasco. Wouldn’t one get into legal trouble for this? And yet, there he is…pitching his little heart out @ the Trop, not in prison.

    Also, good for the Sleepy Kitty on the dinger.

    • He did serve a suspension I beleieve. As far as the law, lying about your name is probably not the kind of thing people do time for.

      I found it interesting that they arrested him walking out of a consulate, for attempting to get a visa with a fake name. Which means they already knew and didnt do anything until he tried to get some official documents.

      On a related note, Pujols is 3 years older right?

      • Okay – gotcha. I thought it was more of an identity theft kinda situation. I use a sly alias – but not for official things – just because I’m a bit of a kook.

        I’ve heard about the age thing before with a few players. Or just that it’s something that’s commonly done. Makes me feel better as I’m getting to that awkward age where I’m starting to be older than players. Bah.

        I’m totally going to look up that player who killed someone!

  21. where can i watch the game online

  22. In the Dominican you can kill a man and if you have enough money and pay the family you can avoid jail. – See baseball prospect Angel Villalona

  23. Buck Martinez just said

    “Loney drops down in the lineup with a lefty on the mound”

    Only Buehrle who pitched yesterday was also a lefty.

    So technically what he said was true..but he was implying that last night he was higher because a lefty was NOT on the mound

  24. Hehe. Anything that pisses Maddon off is good.

  25. he was safe

  26. Nice to catch a break for once…now Yunel will hit into his patented DP

  27. yeah but you dont want to see shitty calls deciding games even if it does break your way

  28. Happs got nothing tonight…everything is either a ball or a fat pitch right down the middle

  29. Can we please sit JP after that last wild pitch?

    (I know it wasn’t his fault – I just want to fit in here)

  30. FUCK, good thing jose is slow

  31. A classic Jays shut down inning circa 2013.

  32. Oh shit.

  33. I wish someone went and picked up the ball.

  34. oh fuck that is fucked

  35. fuck fuck fuck fuck

  36. was that the sound of the ball hitting his head?

  37. Whatever, we score 9 runs per game now. This is fine.

  38. That didn’t sound very good.

  39. oh man that is not good. nobody wants to see that happen

  40. Oh fuck… Oh no.

  41. I guess the nightmare 2013 season is back on schedule.

  42. This looks really bad.

  43. who is warming up

    • fuck that, how do you even continue if that’s your teammate? even the rays players look shook up

      • Winning the game is still important. Unfortunately, that’s going to be incredible hard now. It’s going to suck for the rest of the series too if the bullpen is used heavily. Goddamn.

        • LS, are you for real?

          • Yes. It sucks about Happ and of course I hope he’s ok (who doesn’t?) but there’s still a game to play unless you’d prefer the Jays to just forfeit and go sit at Happ’s bedside all night.

            • LS comment #1: I wish someone went and picked up the ball.

              LS comment #2: I guess the nightmare 2013 season is back on schedule.

              LS comment #3: Winning the game is still important. Unfortunately, that’s going to be incredible hard now. It’s going to suck for the rest of the series too if the bullpen is used heavily. Goddamn.

              LS comment #4: It sucks about Happ and of course I hope he’s ok (who doesn’t?) but there’s still a game to play unless you’d prefer the Jays to just forfeit and go sit at Happ’s bedside all night.

              • Come on..the dude from Lousivilles bone popped out of his skin for all the world to see and yet his team kept on playing and beat duke. and those are amateurs in college. it sucks but you are a professional and have to keep playing. whether you continue to play hard or mail it in is not going to effect how Happ recovers.

              • I know. I’m not exactly the most caring person around. But there’s still a game and a series and I want them to win.

                I do wish someone picked up the ball to prevent Escobar from scoring and Jennings from going to 3rd. Maybe it wasn’t the first thing on your mind but you do too. Nothing you can do about Happ now other than hope it’s not a Brandon McCarthy brain surgery situation.

  44. It’s not even worth worrying about him pitching right now, you’ve got to worry about the guy’s health. Jesus. I feel sick.

  45. what the fuck..is he alive? it would be nice if they said something to the effect that “he’s moving” or something like that. I mean they ARE there

  46. what happened??? i assume Happ got hit by a liner? is he dead?

  47. his legs are moving

  48. he was hit in the head? Jesus

    • kinda seems wrong that theyre allowed to keep running the bases. Should be dead as soon as an injury occurs and he runners advance a base.

      • Isn’t that on the umps to stop play? Can they stop it if the ball is still out there not in someone’s hands?

        It may be cold but the Rays did nothing wrong, IMO.

  49. saw him talking..big patch over his eye..bad news if it hit him there..likely an orbital blow out fracture if that is the case..but better than the temple where an epidural hematoma is far more likely.

    • So what would the patch mean? Orbital blow out? I’m not sure I want to know

      • Well, the only reason to put the path there is if he got hit there. And the orbital floor is very susceptible to fracturing when the orbit takes a direct blow…its how people get fractures there when people punch them in the eye…im quite sure a ball hit at that speed would be able to exert far more force than any human punch could. So i would be very surpised if he did not have a facial fracture.

        the complications of an orbital fracture would include extraocular muscle entrapment as sometimes the muscles that control eye movement get entrapped when they get sucked downward from the floor being fractured.

        also you have to worry about injury to globe itself…although that would have to be one perfectly placed ball for the globe to take a direct shot. theres just not enough room between the maxilla and the overhanging frontal ridge.

  50. Happ is talking, conscious and moving his limbs. Patch over his left eye. Strapped into stretcher and wheeled off the field. Just waved as they moved him off the field.

  51. wow. Ive never seen an injury like that before.

  52. They had his eye covered.

  53. fuckin a hope he is okay. forget baseball that could be life

  54. Well that puts things into perspective doesn’t it? I really hope Happ is okay.

  55. super glad I checked twitter before the 3-1 pitch and that my mlb.tv was lagging. Hope Happ is ok.

  56. Saw him wave…hope he’s ok

  57. nothing he could do about that, short of putting his glove over his face the second he released the ball.

  58. i know it is pointing out the obvious but when are pitchers going to start wearing helmets? They are so close to that ball. The batter wears a helmet, the catcher wears a helmet, the ump wears a helmet. It is my understanding that a ball coming off the bat comes off with almost the same velocity if not more than the pitch being thrown.

  59. I know it’s baseball but it’s a bit fucked to see the aggressive base running when the pitcher is lying on the field.

  60. ooooh boy! That replay is hard to watch!

  61. Omg it bounced off his head as fast as it came off the bat…fucken nuts

  62. Did Jennings run to third after that went off his head?

    • Apparently. I thought he had stopped at first.

      • wow. is that what happened on the triple? He got hit in the head?

        The Yahoo score read “Jennings triples to the pitcher.”

        I was trying to figure out how a guy could triple to the pitcher. I thought it must have been a typo.

    • Can’t blame Jennings. You hit the ball, put your head down and run. He may not have known it hit Happ in the head

      • I don’t know – he’s still on the follow through on the swing when the ball hits Happ.

        A triple is kind of selfish there but whatever – I hope Happ is ok.

  63. I showed up in the worst way possible tonight, folks.

  64. That was horrible. I hope Happ’s OK. The eye was covered but if he was hit anywhere on that side his eye might swell up wouldn’t it? So maybe that’s why the cover. I don’t think he was unconscious at any point and he waved at his team mates on his way out. Apparently he’s gone to the hospital.

  65. Gibbons is a diet pepsi kind of guy. Would not have guessed that.

  66. The Rays are The Enemy.

  67. I can see the runners who were already on scoring but Jennings lines the ball off of the pitchers head and goes to third. Classy you asshole.

    • I kind of agree – most teams would do the same thing though.

      I wouldn’t even wish that injury on A Rod.

      • EVERY team would have kept running, i’ve never seen an instance where that hasnt happened. It sucks..baseball needs a rule where the play is stopped dead (as in other sports) when a player is quite obviously injured on the field. It is a little ridiculous to see guys running the bases when that sort of things happen…but everyone does it.

  68. Cant imagine that the skull didnt fracture……and the patch ocer the eye suggest some type of orbital blowout.

    This injury could end up being pretty gruesome….

  69. Hopefully he didn’t get it in the eye. Former Jay Huck Flener lost an eye that way.

  70. Back to the game. Have you ever seen a right handed pitcher throw so many changeups to right handed hitters?

  71. If you’re leaving don’t tip the boat over

  72. No way Melky got 51 hits in a month swinging at all the shit he’s swung at in a Jays uniform. Where did the eye go?

  73. They need to get pitchers to wear helmets similar to coaches. One of these days a pitcher is going to get killed. No sense in waiting for that to happen.

    • It’s not macho though to wear a helmet when you pitch. i swear to you these guys would rather risk getting killed than look like dorks wearing helmets.

      in fact i bet if batting helmets werent mandatory youl would have a significant percetange of morons not wearing them.

  74. Buck talking about JPA’s “improved approach at the plate”. Are you fucking serious?

  75. I’m just not up for this tonight – sorry folks. Going to go play some guitar….

  76. Still feel good about this game for some reason

  77. Amazing catch by Melky. I thought that ball was outta there.

  78. Also, anyone else getting holes in the sound on this game? Every so often the sound just blanks out.

  79. Swing at balls, take strikes. great recipe guys.

  80. Lawrie missed a meatball right there

  81. Really not a fan of swinging at first pitch there.

  82. Is it just me or has Jose hit into a lot of double-plays this season?

  83. down by three runs, needing base runners…all jose has to do is litterally get a bunt down and its an automatic single…normally I would not be in favor of him bunting..but needing three runs..yeah, not a terrible idea.

  84. Kitten face!

  85. Nice swing by Lind.

  86. That’s my boy Cletus!

  87. FLOW

  88. Lefty magic!

  89. Does any one else hate it as much as i do when buck constantly says “it’s a brand new ball game” when the Jays are still down one or two runs

  90. Remember when the mets “robbed” the twins in the santana trade?

    well check out our friend carlos gomez….


    not too shabby..and he was solid last year too, once he got regular playing time starting in June, he was a top producing OF.

    remember when we didnt want to trade Doc to boston for Buchholz and ellsbury? hmm. wonder how that would look right now.

    • Yeah, cause Gomez produced a lot of value for Minnesota…

      And were people really saying that was a bad package based on value? It was more about a steadfast refusal to trade him within the division.

  91. How bad is Izturis??????

  92. Remember when you couldn’t throw a fastball by me? yeah.. those days are gone.

  93. If the Jays were serious about trying Lawrie in the middle infield, you’d think this would be the defensive alignment for it.

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