Yesterday on Prime Time Sports, Alex Anthopoulos– according to a tweet from Bluebird Banter’s @Minor_Leaguer– said that Jose Reyes is currently in a walking boot, but that he should be out by mid-May, and that it “wouldn’t surprise” him to see the shortstop back by the end of June.

Today, while I suspect only temporarily out of the walking boot (though I actually don’t know, to be perfectly honest), Reyes stood on his own two feet, under his own power– and then showed the world via Twitter and Instagram, as you can see above.

On the Instagram post, he shared his thoughts on the humbling process of recovery:

Sometimes in life we lose track and forget how important the little things really are. We forget that before we could run we walked and before we walked we crawled. No one really remembers that as an essential part of their life once upon a time. Today I stand here humbled and grateful to be able to stand on my own 2 feet and do as much as carry my own weigh for I know that I am truly blessed and that god has granted me health for me to make a difference in many ppls lives thru the way I play the game, thru these social networks and most importantly thru my daily actions. Years ago I was just a little kid from a small town with big dreams today I represent the motor that’s keeps working nonstop to keep those dreams alive by giving them hope. Give a kid money and he won’t know what to do with it, but give a kid a dream and There is no limit to What that kid can do in this World!!! I know that first hand… Dream big, work hard and never Forget where You come from!!! #lovebaseball

What an amazing complement to last night’s ridiculously awesome comeback this is. Sure, I recognize that I’m saying that while entirely caught in the warm rush of one of this season-of-many-ebbs’ too-few flows, but so what? I’m perfectly OK with taking a moment– a few moments, even– to soak in this little reminder that the Jays still employ Jose Reyes, and that he’s kind of seriously ridiculously awesome.

Getting healthier now, too.

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  1. Hang on, still dreaming that last night was a microcosm of the season.

  2. Truly a shame he’s not pointing at his feet in these photos.

  3. Dat ass

  4. Aww… just like Rory Calhoun.

  5. Needs more donkey, but it’ll do I guess.

    Pretty fucking sweet.

  6. they put him on the 60 though, so when is he eligible for return?

    • He went out in mid-April, so I’d say mid-June. That doesn’t mean he’ll be back then because he might not be fully re-habbed, but were some miracle re-hab to happen, he would be eligible then, I think. Unless the 60 days started when they transferred him over from the 15-day to the 60-day, in which case your guess is as good as mine.

      • no I’m pretty sure its retroactive to the day he went on the DL.

        so mid june would probably be the earliest we would see him.

      • The move to the 60-day DL is retroactive to the day he went on the DL. Just pretend the trip to the 15-day DL never happened.

        Also, I think him returning by the All-Star break was conservative because they had no idea how his healing process would develop, or how desperate the team would need his presence. I personally have great optimism that he’ll be back by mid-June, given that he seems to be healing pretty quickly – granted it’s still early in his recovery – and that the team (currently) is pretty desperate for what he brings.

        I suppose in ~2 weeks the picture will be far more clear on how everything will play out. In 2 weeks he could be back playing in minor-league games and the team is back to .500, or he has a setback and the team is still shitting the bed. Too many variables to produce an educated guess at this time.

        • If you look at the standard prognosis for recovery from a grade 2 strain (which he had, severe but not severe enough for surgery) it’s usually 4-8 weeks. That puts us in June sometime.

          Who knows, though.

          • Does a standard prognosis apply to an elite athlete versus a regular slob?

            I would would think a guy like Reyes would recover faster but on the other hand puts the a ton more stress on the injured ankle than the average person.

            • Because elite athletes (not necessarily in this order):

              1 – are generally younger
              2 – are healthier
              3 – are stronger
              4 – have access to high-end medical facilities and 24/7 access to physiotherapists

              Their healing times are generally faster than your or I.

              • All what you say is true BUT you also have to factor in this…

                That elite atheletes also STRESS their bodies much more than the average person. So when you talk about recovery time…you have to clear as to what the activity is you are recovering to do. He is recovering to play fucking shortstop in the bigs..and to run the bases with aggression…so his level of recovery needs to be pretty damn near complete before he goes out there and performs. he isnt recovering to the point where he can do a brisk walk or light jog like most schleps.

          • You have to add minor league rehab (essentially another spring training) to the recovery time.

  7. Guess you believe that he writes his own material too?

  8. For some reason I continue to believe that the July return is overly pessimistic and we’re looking at mid to late June.

    I say this in spite of the fact that they’ve provided us with overly optimistic prognoses on the other Jose, Santos, JJ, etc.

    • Speaking of Santos, WTF?

      • Last I heard he was “playing catch” but no mention of timelines.

          • Thanks!

            Having him back in the BP will be good.

            • Yup, having an established closer will be good for this team

              • Because our current closer has struggled so mightily?

                • Santos has a 30 save season under his belt, Janssen only had 22 last year…you do the math

                  • Please be joking….

                    • Yeah i was joking…i thought the word ‘established’ was the dead give away.
                      Casey has been lights out

                  • that’s the equivalent to saying so and so pitcher had a 20 win season, but brandon morrow has not.

                    casey janssen’s last 2 years of whip and so far this years have all been lower than Santos’ whip his good year, which was 2 years ago. and since then he hasn’t been active for longer than a month

                    • How about ‘Mark Buehrle has had several 200-inning seasons, and Brandon Morrow has not’.

                  • @ Brain Santos 30 save season was the year before last, after missing all of last season, besides the couple of games to start the year. And he barely had 100 innings in the minors since being converted from a shortstop. Jansen has pitched threw college and the minors, and has been in the majors since ’06, except the season he missed for injury. Oh, and he is 9 for 9 this year, and 31 of his last 33 save oppurtunities.

                    Lets just get Santos healthy for the majority of one season, before we try to use him to replace our most reliable player so far this season.

              • I don’t know about “established closer”, but another tough righty to spread the load and provide pitching depth until (hopefully) the starters can get deeper into games.

              • Look like some other people did the math for me. Casey has been *the* man–closer is the one position the Jays would be foolish to tamper with.

  9. uh, as much as i want him back ASAP, if for no other reason than to make this team (somewhat) watchable, as someone who’s dealt/been dealing with ankle issues for the better part of the last decade, can we maybe temper ourselves a bit, and just hope that when he does come back – whenever it is – he’s 100%…and to not come back until then?

  10. Good update, good news. I was hoping that he would be pointing at his strained ankle.

  11. The photo is perfect now. It’s almost as good as a Cibia HR in the 9th.

    Thank you.

  12. This guy is awesome. Everyone needs to be a little more like Jose Reyes. Hopefully he does give some of his money to kids though.

  13. My new favourite Jay of all time!

    Respectful thoughts, well written and thought out, and said with seeming sincerity. Alas, it seems rare to meet athletes of his talent that can/do articulate thoughts such as these.

  14. Stoeten, there’s nothing wrong with savoring the victories whether it’s last night’s win, Reyes being back on his feet, or the first 3 innings of Romero’s last start. It is a long season, and we have suffered through a lot of lows to this point. Enjoy the good; forget the bad. Go Jays!

  15. Good to see Jose making progress, and nice to hear some humility and perspective from a pro athlete other than Tim Tebow.

  16. as shitty as it is to already basically be out of the playoffs for this season, i think im actually more disappointed to not be able to watch Reyes play ball.

  17. I can’t stop looking at that photo!
    Nailed it!

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