Leading off, as always (or usual), it’s today’s edition of the Getting Blanked Podcast– which for the duration of the season will be coming at you daily! We’re not double posting this year, but I’ll be sure to include the link in the first Daily Duce or Game Threat that follows the post going up over at Getting Blanked. Otherwise, you can find the podcast at Getting Blanked on iTunes, get it via the RSS feed we have setup, or like Getting Blanked on Facebook in order to get each day’s podcast straight into your news feed (and while you’re at it, go ahead and like DJF on Facebook, too).

Programming note: There was so much Jays-related content on today’s Getting Blanked Podcast that we declared it a de facto DJF Podcast as well! Big blocks devoted to last night’s win, plus the fate of Mark Buehrle, plus talk of Colby Rasmus, John Farrell, Spit-Gate, the Red Sox bullpen, Travis Snider (I think), and more! Check it out via one of the links above!

Speaking of podcasts– which, FYI, I just was– I was one of the guests on this week’s Blue Jays Plus Podcast. So was Jason Collette of Baseball Prospectus, so have a listen!

Grant Brisbee of Baseball Nation has an excellent piece on the various places the mind– or a reasonable facsimile in Buster Olney’s case (HEYO!)– will wander when presented with Melky Cabrera’s dismal post-PED suspension statistics. Ultimately, he decided that “blanket statements are silly after 100 at-bats in any context. In this case, any kind of blanket statement about Melky would be especially silly.” Uh-huh. For the record, I think Melky’s going to come around, personally. And I base that, of course, on absolutely nothing.

Michael Baumann of Grantland preaches patience when it comes to the Toronto Blue Jays– though probably a whole lot more patience than any Jays fan is going to want to exercise at this point in the coronation.

On a less pessimistic-optimistic tilt, Sam Miller of Baseball Prospectus pulls a similar trick to one I did last week, noting all the brutal streaks suffered by last year’s playoff teams– including the ones not wholly dissimilar to what the Jays are currently going through.

On the negative end of things, if you want to be made fucking dumber by reading something, try this steaming pile from Steve Simmons of the Toronto Sun, which narrowly beats a Jays Journal piece on why Pete Walker needs to be fired as the most ludicrous thing I’ve read so far this week.

No, really, they’re even worse than Richard Griffin’s nonsense about how the Jays can replace John Gibbons while not exactly firing him from this week’s Bullpen post over at the Toronto Star.

Griff’s ridiculousness seems to have prompted some witty person on Twitter to quip, “Let’s pretend baseball managers are super special, all-inspiring spirit animals, then rip on ones who don’t live up to that asinine billing.” Because… that’s pretty much what the whole exercise was.

Speaking of– sort of– on Sportsnet’s Baseball Central, it appears as though Jeff Blair and Dirk Hayhurst have run out of things to talk about.

On his personal site, Hayhurst continues calling out the Boston Red Sox and Clay Buchholz for cheating, and the baseball establishment for looking the other way.

On the Buchholz issue, over at FanGraphs, Drew Sheppard makes some excellent GIFs that interestingly show the difference between how the supposedly-loading pitcher’s pitches moved last year as compared to this.

Elsewhere at FanGraphs, Jack Moore writes about the history of spitball accusations. Oh, how apropos!

And at Getting Blanked, Jack gives us his play of the week, which has some Jays flavour to it: Adeiny Hechavarria’s grand slam off Roy Halladay.

Speaking of, at Grantland, Jonah Keri writes about poor ol’ Doc’s A-game seemingly riding off into the sunset– and hot off the presses, it’s back to Getting Blanked, where Scott Lewis takes us through some selected readings from Halladay eulogies.

Similarly– though, uh… hopefully not– Bluebird Banter wonders whether anybody actually thought Mark Buehrle would be this bad. It’s a subject we talked about at length on today’s Getting Blanked (aka DJF) Podcast (see above).

Meanwhile, Mark Simon of ESPN.com looks into what’s wrong with R.A. Dickey, and finds that his velocity just isn’t quite the same– which, for now, I’m going to just go ahead and attribute to the back/neck issue. Sounds right, right? Right????

Tom Maloney of the Globe and Mail looks into the ol’ WBC hangover as a possibility for the Jays’ sluggish start.

MLB Trade Rumors reviews a recent Ken Rosenthal clip, in which he addresses the Jays trade possibilities, suggesting that Brandon Morrow could be an interesting name for the club to put out on the market. Uh… OK?

MLBTR also notes a minor move: the Jays have released Trystan Magnuson. Shi Davidi tweets another, which is that Chad Beck has been moved from New Hampshire up to Buffalo in order to make room for Sean Nolin, who has been activated from the DL and will pitch tonight for the Fisher Cats.

Mop Up Duty insists that the Jays need to start winning games right now. They are super cereal about this.

At the Tao Of Stieb, the Org Guy humbly requests that the Jays stop digging.

Dan Toman of gamereax takes us through Ricky Romero’s debut back on Friday, through the magic of GIFs, tweets and a chart.

Emily Williams of Runs Batted Out looks at the (alleged?) misogyny of Gregg Zaun.

Interesting tool from the Los Angeles Times that provides graphic representation of how much money is invested by each MLB team in each position. The Jays, for example, outspend the Rays in every area except at third base.

Lastly, some Getting Blanked stuff, as Parkes gives his spit take in last week’s Ten Stray Thoughts On A Friday, Drew clues us into some easy money with some updated prop bet odds (R.A. Dickey at 100-to-1 to win the Cy? Helllooooo!), and Scott Lewis provides the MLB GIFs Of The Week.

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  1. TSTF link goes to Bluebird Banter Buehrle article.

  2. Seeing the worst 31 game stretches for playoff teams last year should make Jays fans feel better. The Jays may not rebound from this stretch, but at least its hardly unprecedented to.

  3. My question for people who want Gibbons to take “blame” somehow is why the coach makes one or two million a year (or less) while the rest of the team makes 120M.

    I can assure you I make far less than my bosses.

    Sports and the real world are opposite in that regard.

    If GSP loses a fight, no one pretends to know what his trainers did or din’t do with him and no one pretends that some unknown trainer or coach needs to take a fall for that.

    • Very good analogy.

    • The difference being that one is an individual sport and one is a team sport.

      But you’re right. Generally speaking, we have no idea what these guys do from the outside.

  4. Lets See the Bailout analysis:
    1) Dickey = Shit the bed / can’t pitch in the AL
    2) Johnson = Career will never be the same
    3) Buerle = Career in Serious decline
    4) Morrow = Arm is destroyed
    Romero = has to date Miss america again to get back on track
    5) Bonfacio= Lansing Lugnuts
    6) Adam Lind = couldnt play any position in my co-ed league except maybe gopher ( get drinks for player that can hit )
    7) AA = BUST
    8) Rasmus = Edwin Jackson ( shouldve kept him )
    9) We shouldve signed Fielder + Darvish instead of BAILINGOUT the Miami Marlins
    10) Gibbons = Shouldve signed Ozzie
    11) GO LEAFS GO at least they’re playing their hearts .

    • nothing makes me happier than when people suggest, with even the smallest hint of sincerity, that their drinking slow pitch league is in any way comparable to the major leagues.
      if the worst low class a replacement level player were to grace your team with his presence, he would without a doubt be the most talented player any of you had ever seen in your lives.

    • Wow some random guy listed a bunch of unquantified and general statements that aren’t even true for the small sample size they’re based on. How exciting.

    • Go to the toronto sun comment page where you belong

    • I wish you wrote 11 first. Then I wouldn’t have wasted my time reading any of that shit.

    • Mr. Greek Bailout, what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever read. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

  5. My question is: Are Ricky Romero and Mark Buerhle competing for a rotation spot? Either would be too expensive for demotion to the bullpen or minors, but J A Happ hasn’t pitched poorly enough to get the axe either.

  6. Regarding the Jays Journal on firing Pete Walker, the author does make a good point on hiring Greg Maddux. I loved Greg as a pitcher with the Braves, why not have him help us out?

  7. Lol at the Zan article


  9. Why do stats guys have such a low opinion of managers? Baseball players aren’t robots. They can be motivated and demotivated to do their job, just like you and I can be by our supervisors in our jobs. No, baseball isn’t a hustle/effort sport like hockey or basketball, but it does require effort, focus, confidence and a persepctive of the ups and downs inherent in such a long season. The idea that managers are all just interchangeable button pushers is an insult.

    • my guess would be that most of them have never played any decent level of ball, and just can’t understand what they do because they don’t understand how to quantify it.

      • Your guess would be the typical meat head guess.

        • it’s awesome how baseball fans just hate guys that have played baseball.
          obviously i couldn’t understand the game on your level, you have a computer and check fan graphs everyday… stupid me

          • Nobody hates guys who have played baseball.

            Around here when people make stupid comments, though, I like to point them out. Your hopelessly reductive attempt at shitting on my view that managers, specifically in baseball and at the elite professional level, don’t have some magical ability to coax greatness from their players was certainly one. So are your laughable assumptions about how I’ve come to understand the game, and how your go-nowhere experience in the game grants you some super special insight.

            You want to have an intelligent conversation about it and get the guys you think can only check FanGraphs to not mock you, maybe start by not saying dumb things.

            • stoeten,
              that was my honest guess.
              i’ve had good managers and bad ones, they made a difference.
              no, i was never drafted, and no, i was never under any false illusions i was a pro.
              I did play with guys who got drafted, i did play college ball, and yes i do think that awards me some insight, it’s just my opinion.

              • Fair enough. I just don’t think the motivational stuff makes anywhere close to the difference people want/are led to believe when you’re talking about the elite pro level, because the incentives there to perform well are very obvious and very powerful, and the players have been successful at so many levels, under good managers and bad, good coaches and bad, with good teammates and badd, and in good clubhouses and bad, to have weeded out the vast majority of those whose performance would be so dramatically impacted by any of that stuff. I can entirely understand how it could be a thing at lower levels, and it’s not that I think big leaguers are robots, it’s that they’ve already demonstrated themselves impervious to most of that stuff by virtue of the fact that they’re there, having achieved enough success at enough levels under enough circumstances to make it happen.

                For me, what a manager has to do is put his players in as good a position to win as possible. For all the talk about him being some kind of a motivational guru, I think that’s what Joe Maddon does, and I think that for the most part that’s what John Gibbons does too. Sure, there can be more to it than that, but not nearly enough to warrant managers being scrutinized the way that they are, and so I think the people shitting on him for the team not looking sufficiently prepared or inspired– things they can’t possibly know and that come down mostly to the players themselves anyway– are ridiculous.

                • you can put me in the minority of thinking gibbons has actually done a good job.
                  he’s playing the matchups, keeping calm, and isn’t afraid to mix things up to try to get results.

    • I was just about to tepidly agree with you because I DO think ‘stat people’ often confuse the fact that managers’ impact is impossible to properly evaluate with the idea that managers have no impact.

      But then I remembered that one or two days ago you were being a fucking idiot and this comment is probably coming from some incredibly fevered hatred of John Gibbons. Yep, two days ago you were giving up on the season and trading basically all of the players. So fuck off.

      • Nobody thinks managers have zero impact, but it’s just staggeringly overstated relative to talent on the ballclub, especially when lazy writers get cranking out steady bullshit narrative for stuff that’s simply impossible to explain.

        • Yeah okay Stoeten.That’s your opinion. There are other opinions.Nice of you to ignore any strategy used in baseball by the manager also.
          But Cito was an idiot right?
          So a manager doesn’t matter but he can be an idiot when he manages.
          Can’t have it both ways.
          You’ve lost this argument too many times before for it not to sink in.

          • Exactly,
            its the same rationale people are using when they say you can’t win the division in april but you sure can lose it in april. I’m quite certain stoeten called those people idiots.
            How is that any different than shitting all over the negative value a manager can have and never stating the positive?

          • Hey look, it’s RADAR being hopelessly fucking clueless and wrong. Must be a day that ends in Y.

            • What’s the matter Stoeten?
              Can’t think of something to base a logical rebuttal on?
              Or is your total argument based upon ” because Stoeten says so?”
              Just because your ignorant about how the game works on the field isn’t enough to validate your opinion.

              Btw. Your attempt at insulting me sound rather, how shall I put this?
              Try talking like a big boy.

              • Did you seriously not read my reply to david?

                I’m sorry if it sounds childish, but you have the most frustratingly insufferable habit imaginable, where you talk like you know something but actually have zero fucking idea what you’re on about. Perhaps you don’t notice it.

                • Sorry for sounding childish?
                  It’s exactly what you intended.To purposely mock and condescend to make yourself and what you say, seem more important.
                  I admit there are things that I continue to learn about baseball.
                  Too bad you already know everything . You do, don’t you?Even more than AA.
                  I’ve told you before but it seems to go in one ear and out the other, Everything I know comes from listening to others whole know a shitload more than I’ll ever know about the game.
                  So yeah, I’ve learned from some of the best.
                  I have the humility to realize this and continue to learn, yes even from this blog and it’s commenters.
                  Too bad you can’t say the same.Such a waste.
                  PS. Check the time stamps on the comments. Your second response was after my comment. Jeez.

                  • Hey, look, it’s this fucking clown feebly attempting to take some kind of high road to hilariously cower away from how he just got shit on after jumping into a conversation that had nothing to do with him, in order to childishly shit out some worthless opinion on his hopeless misreading of something I said. Must be a day that ends in Y.

                    • You mad bro?
                      Can’t deal with the subject, so attack the messenger?
                      C’mon Stoeten think quick.
                      We were disagreeing about the value of the manager and you decided to take the low road by belittling somebody with an opposing opinion. .
                      Try to focus a little.
                      Or at least get back on your Ritalin.

                  • P.S. Radar, I’ve been in the comment admin for the last hour, reading them as they come in. Do tell about the accuracy of the timestamps– I mean, when was the last time you talked out your asshole and said something pathetically, hopelessly wrong for no reason other than that you get off on the digital equivalent of hearing the sound of your own voice? Must have been at least 10 minutes by now, eh?

            • I retract my previous statement. Andrew Stoeten gets some of the internets I previously awarded.

              O’Doyle rules!

  10. I was just thinking, last night, that I feel my brain cells slowly withering away anytime I read something from Steve Simmons. I stopped doing it long ago. Why do you still read his garbage Stoet????

  11. Can someone explain to me how the Hell Pete Walker makes a good pitching coach?

  12. lots of links today! the Griff article about Gibby and Sal Fasano was pretty stupid. I’m not sure what he was smoking.

  13. Burhle has 10/5 rights right?

    • No, but those only govern trades. He has enough service time to refuse an assignment to the minors, if that’s what you’re thinking.

  14. That sure opened a kettle of fish whaa? I’m pretty much ambivalent to Gibbons. I think he has too quick of a hook, and wish he’d have gotten more than 11 IP out of the team’s best reliever over the first 33 games (maybe at least one outing in a close non-save situation).

    That said, when basically an entire roster underperforms for 5 weeks straight, I don’t think you can attribute that to bad luck alone.

  15. I think we could hire Otis Nixon on the cheap. We could pay him in crack.

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