Seattle Mariners v Toronto Blue Jays

The Jays manufactured a second straight, albeit less-impressive-than-Monday, comeback last night, though it was obviously overshadowed by the incident involving J.A. Happ (about which there are many updates in the Scuttlebutt section below).

A big part of what was overshadowed is the fact that the Jays now have two cracks at actually winning a series in Tampa, and are two games from pulling themselves up to the level of at least one of their AL East competitors– the first, unfortunately, of four teams who began the month well ahead of ol’ Gibbers’ boys.

It won’t be anything close to easy, though, with the Rays sending David Price to the hill on Thursday to take on R.A. Dickey, and Matt Moore tonight, as he goes up against game two of the Ricky Romero Comeback Extravaganza– and Romero will have to be better than he was in his season debut, or at least avoid the big inning that sank him back on Friday.

Or, shit, with the way the Jays have been hitting the Rays’ bullpen, maybe it doesn’t even matter! Though… let’s not go nuts.


John Lott tweets about the Jays release saying that Happ was placed on the DL, with Edgar Gonzalez coming up temporarily to help an overworked bullpen, and notes that the release only mentions the head injury and not the fact that Happ also appeared to hurt his knee.

Brendan Kennedy tells us that John Gibbons is saying he hasn’t even thought about who might fill in for Happ when his turn comes around again.

Mike Wilner notes that, at his media conference, Happ appeared without crutches and without his head being wrapped.

That, of course, doesn’t mean nothing is serious: Shi Davidi tweets that Happ says he has a fracture behind his ear.

There is no concussion though, tweets Wilner, though Happ says he may still not be entirely in the clear, and that he may stay in the Tampa area, as doctors don’t want him to fly.

As for the knee, Shi Davidi says that Happ limped on and off of the dais, and that he said the knee was tight and swollen. He will see a doctor tonight to get that looked at, though obviously it was secondary last night.

Elsewhere, Davidi tweets a link to a piece of his on the rules that may, or may not, have allowed the umpires to stop play in order for Happ to be attended to more quickly last night.

In other news, according to a tweet from Brendan Kennedy, Gibbons says that Colby Rasmus was going to sit against at least one of the Rays’ tough lefties, so he chose tonight to have him on the bench against Matt Moore.

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And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app

Toronto Blue Jays

3B Brett Lawrie (R)
DH Melky Cabrera (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
C J.P. Arencibia (R)
LF Rajai Davis (R)
2B Mark DeRosa (R)
SS Maicer Izturis (S)
CF Emilio Bonifacio (S)

Ricky Romero LHP

Tampa Bay Rays

CF Desmond Jennings (R)
LF Kelly Johnson (L)
2B Ben Zobrist (S)
3B Evan Longoria (R)
1B James Loney (L)
SS Yunel Escobar (R)
DH Luke Scott (L)
C Jose Lobaton (S)
RF Sam Fuld (L)

Matt Moore LHP

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  1. Rasmus should be in

  2. This is ridiculuous. We can’t be sitting our starting CF every time the Jays face a LHP. Mark DeRosa is not even a replacement level 2B and shouldn’t be on our 25 man roster, nevermind starting at the big league level. I get that he brings leadership and calms Lawrie’s emotions but why do we need another Vizquel? Why did we need to keep DeRosa when there are better options avail. (e.g. Freddy Sanchez, Mike Carp, etc.)? Can’t we just hire him as a “Special Assistant” or something?

    • Release De Rosa? Because a .843 OPS isn’t good enough for this team? You’re a fucking idiot. Fuck off.

      • Call me an idiot all you want but it’s not going to change the fact that his “.843 OPS” is from a ridiculously small sample size. He’s only had 49 Plate Appearances and is currently maintaining a .220 BA. and his WAR is 0.0. For the sake of comparison, Mike Carp has had 36 Plate Appearances and his OPS is 1.293. He’s also hitting .394 and his WAR is 1.5.

        So yeah, so choose one statistic which is bloated due to his small sample size. Idiot.

    • yeah, he’s right, you’re an idiot

  3. In honour of Ricky’s first win of the season:

  4. Fuck Happ looks great…good for him!!! Pretty hardcore to be doing an interview the day after that…respect!

  5. Looks like everyone saw the lineup and went to watch the Leafs game.

  6. Just saw that the Pirates D’dFA Jonathan Sanchez for assignment. Any chance AA picks him up to plug the hole in the rotation?

    • I fucking hope not…I’d rather have Linoln stretch out for one spot start then hopefully JJ can plug back in…

  7. Eddie definetly leads the league in bat tosses…

  8. Chicken wing!

  9. Dingers!

  10. The Wing Ding Thing.


  11. I finally get taken for a walk!

  12. Let’s get to the bullpen early.

  13. Walking dat Parrot again.


  15. OK can somebody explain the whole Encarnacion parrot thing?

    • When he hits a home run and does his chicken wing thing it looks like he has a parrot on his shoulder.

  16. Red Sox getting dick-kicked in the first so far.

  17. Got a bad feeling Ricky is gonna implode again. Quickly.


  19. Cibia really doea need to receive better.

  20. It’s hotter than Hell on Van Island and I’m ready for another win Boyz! I even broke out the cooler for this one.

  21. Throw fucking strikes.

  22. Is he trying to out-Buehrle Buehrle?

  23. He’s around the plate at least…get a ground ball for East LA Ricky!!!!

  24. Is anyone warming up in the bullpen yet?

  25. I really wish Dickey was pitching tonight and Romero (and eventually Edgar Gonzalez) were sacrificed to Price tomorrow. Shame it had to work out this way.

  26. At this point, I just want him to throw strikes. If they hit him all over the yeard, so be it. I cant handle walk after walk after walk though.

  27. I’d be OK with the BP taking over early again.

  28. Holy fuck Ricky!

  29. Nice analysis Tabs. Why is Loney doing so well this year? Asks Buck

    “Its easy” says Tabby “hes getting ready early”

    Really? So thats all it takes to turn a sceub into a good hitter? Get ready early?

  30. Just release him already.

  31. Someone’s gotta GIF that Lawrie pep talk

  32. Has there been a watchable Jays game yet this season?

  33. Lawrie is the Blue Jays’ Sergeant Hartman.


    Romero: *wimpering* uhhh.. 6’1″


    Romero: *cries*

  34. oh my gwaaad why you so shit whyyy

  35. Dear mutton chops: Please go die.

  36. Fix your hat and get that dumb look off your face Ricky.

  37. I guess Ricky wasn’t seeing a shrink in Dunedin. Not to worry, the bats will bail him out tonight.

  38. Gonzalez may pitch at least 4 innings tonight right?

  39. Josh Johnson, please hurry back. I’d rather only have one shitbag in the rotation in Romero than 2 with him and whoever pitches in Happ’s place.

  40. I picked a bad week to give up quaaludes.

  41. Why the fuck did Ricky act surprised about getting pulled?

  42. A couple of seeing eye grounders and he’s out?

  43. Lol. Gibbons having to do the peacock strut in the first inning. Thanks for coming out Ricky!

  44. Boy it’s gonna be a long night

  45. Those first two Yunel hacks made me LOL

  46. Seeing Happ is injured, do you keep Romero in the rotation, or send him back to the minors?

    • Minors.

    • Before this game I would’ve said that you’re crazy and of course we have to keep Ricky up, who else would be better?

      Now? Who the hell knows? Even trash like Gonzalez or Germano should be a bit better, right?

      • Agreed….Im already thinking that Gonzalez looks a mile better than Ricky just did.

      • That’s my take. They tried, he doesnt look ready, try someone else. You can’t walk guys after your side put up two. Fuck, rather see two solo HR than 2 BB.

  47. wow. If we wernt giving it to Edgar Gonzalez Id think its def the right move. Given everything thats going on, we cant afford to lose a game hoping Rickys figures somethng out. This is a very winnable game.

    But who is this guy?

  48. Gibby da best. Give em the hook.


  50. Laffey > Ricky I’m not joking

  51. Good move Gibby. Good move.

  52. Shit if it were not for the injury situation there is no way Ricky is getting on that plane to leave Florida. Actually they might just leave him there anyways.

  53. He pulled him in the middle of an AB?

  54. I’ve been a bit constipated today so I’m envious of the massive turd Ricky just dropped.

  55. Ricky’s not ready yet. Too bad.

  56. Can Ricky play 2B?

  57. Does AA have to make a move now that Happ, Johnson and Ricky are gone from the rotation?

  58. Did he get yanked due to suckage?

    I’m sadly following on MLB Gameday.

  59. I know he was a little wild, but a couple of those hits were lazy grounders that easily could have been GIDPs if they were defended differently.

    The other overlooked aspect of this is that now there shouldn’t be any issue fatigue-wise with bringing Romero back on Sunday…If you’re willing to risk the proposition of this Romero facing the Red Sox, that is.

    • I thought most of the hits through the infield were hit sharply. I thought Melky would have ran through the ball and caught that one that Rajia hesitated on, then had no choice to let it drop in front of him. Tough luck for Ricky, but think it’s good that he knows that he’s on a short hook. Get outs or your out. Now the bullpen gets to clock some more miles.

  60. This is the right move. Ricky knew he was on a short leash. Everyone did. Pulled him before he completely imploded. The game is still salvageable. Next time bring him up in relief first. Or give him proper time in the minors.

    any consequences from spot starting aaron sanchez?

  61. Im ok with just rotating through AAA pitchers every time this start comes up until Johnson is back.

  62. Show him how to pitch Edgar.

  63. That inning could have been so much worse.

  64. This now guarantees that Lincoln is starting right?

  65. Fuck man, KUDOs to Gibbons this series. He’s made a lot of ballsy calls that have worked out for the team.

  66. Lucky to get out of that mess without having to make up a 6 pak o runs. We can thank Gibby for that at least partly.

  67. Time for the bats to bail out Ricky.

    Hey Spuds, you might want to decant a second bottle. This may be quite the ride.

  68. Seriously what the hell is AA going to do about the starters?

    After last year’s injuries/ineffectiveness to Hutchison & Drabek, he did more than anyone could ask by acquiring 3 established starters and pushing Happ/Romero to the #5 & #6 slots.

    He has also tried to get as many AAAA pitchers as possible and stash them in Buffalo. But obviously all of those guys are unpredictable.

    What’s left? Calling up Sean Nolin for what would be his second start of the year? Piggybacking him with Aaron Sanzhez.

    Fuck, those might be the best options as unrealistic as they are.

  69. fuck you ricky romero, your fucking terrible, and you should be released…

  70. What a greasy/slutty little swing by Boni.

    I’ll take it!

  71. Calling 2 steals and scores on ground ball for Emilio here…

  72. Hey Rick, this is probably onenof those times when hitting the lockerroom for an hour or so might be appropriate.

  73. Sweet bunt Brett.

    Atta Kid

  74. Last few days the Jays found their balls. They’re not rolling over anymore.

  75. Wonder how awkward it is to be on the bench right now with Ricky sitting their sulking?

  76. How crazy would it be to call Osuna up? Not saying I think they should, because they really shouldnt.

    But didnt he play against men as a 16 y/o, and isnt he years ahead in his development?

    Are we talking, like, Brittny Spears shaved head crazy? Or Kim Jong Un/Dennis Rodman bromance crazy?

  77. Rajai fields like such a little pussy…

  78. Who the fuck is Edgar Gonzalez?

  79. Thanks for that run Maicer

  80. Get your head in the fucking game Izturis, they had Johnson dead in the water at second.

  81. What about a spot start for Cecil. He has started and was pretty good from the pen this year.

  82. Jesus…

  83. Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful but I think they should give Claudio Vargas a spot start.

    • Just so buck can say Claudio Vargas, I’m in.

    • couple of pretty good years in AAA, has pitched in the bigs so he won’t be in awe and he’s Dominican so he’ll feel right at home.

      • Spot starts are just that so why not, but they may need more than that at this point.

        • If we need to trade then that’s another animal.
          If we need to fill 25 starts then AA is going to need to expend some assets.
          Our prospects are too young.

  84. Stromans suspension is almost over right?

  85. Excellent! Escobar the Undercover Jay manages to quietly end another promising inning for the opposition.

    Just logged on and looked at Romero’s stat line. Them’s some fine starters

  87. Very encouraging that the good approach from the Seattle game has carried on. If nothing else, if we can get into the pen by the 6th, we’ll be in good shape.

  88. Boston doing some implodong of their own, freah off a sweep by Oakland, looks like theyre gonna lose 2 of 3 at home to the Twins. Theyre starting to suck at exactly the right time fo us.

  89. Beauty.

  90. Call the Marlins and tell them we’ll take Nolasco off heir hands if they throw in Slowey.

  91. No matter what this AAA shitballer does the rest of the night, I’ll take him over Ricky vs. Boston this weekend…it’s so goddamn frustrating to watch a pitcher get behind 1-0 when most batters are just handing you the first strike…

  92. What about signing that guy who won that knuckleball reality series?

  93. What the fuck are we bunting for???

  94. Get Moore out of the game then we can get Lind and Rasmus bats in the game.

  95. Meanwhile over in Boston it’s Minnesota 11, Boston 6.

    • Love the Twins, hate the Red Sox. Whatever the Twins are doing – it’s amazing.

    • God ISABELLAREYES nobody hates the fucking Sox more than you or I…..lets live together on the interwebs based on hate only?

      • Name your babies Papelbon and Youkilis

      • I now pronounce you…

      • If hating the Red Sox got one into holy matrimony I think most of us would be involved in some sorta super freaky polygamy situation.

      • @ Tom W
        Yes, I hate them. I hated them even before the recent unpleasantness. I hated them and their loud-mouthed obnoxious fans. So I will be your internet consort and hover over the BoSox whispering bad luck into their ears.

        But our kids will be called Kentucky and Coors.

  96. Damn I hit enter before I said that it’s only the 3rd inning. BoSox opener went 1.2 innings.

  97. F.U. K.J, where was this moxy last year? I want Aaron Hill back!

  98. Why aren’t we giving Kelly Johnson some high heat. It worked against him last year?

  99. I miss Orlando Hudson. We always suck at 2nd base

    • What about the great Nelson Lariano.

      • Miss him too

      • Or Homer Bush? Seriously tho, they had a good 2B prospect back in the day, but Alomar was doing his thing and David Cone helped us win the world series that year. Jeff Kent went on to have a pretty good career. The O-Dog was fun to watch, especially when he was young. It was a shame that when he won his gold glove with us, he got injured(broke something) and missed the last month. Then left in free agency. Can’t think of any other 2B the jays have developed in their history worth noting???

  100. Fuck, Longoria is so fucking good…..

    • Check his bat for a cork. Just joking, it would probably piss him off and he’d come back and hit another 2 jacks.

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