Seattle Mariners v Toronto Blue Jays

The Jays manufactured a second straight, albeit less-impressive-than-Monday, comeback last night, though it was obviously overshadowed by the incident involving J.A. Happ (about which there are many updates in the Scuttlebutt section below).

A big part of what was overshadowed is the fact that the Jays now have two cracks at actually winning a series in Tampa, and are two games from pulling themselves up to the level of at least one of their AL East competitors– the first, unfortunately, of four teams who began the month well ahead of ol’ Gibbers’ boys.

It won’t be anything close to easy, though, with the Rays sending David Price to the hill on Thursday to take on R.A. Dickey, and Matt Moore tonight, as he goes up against game two of the Ricky Romero Comeback Extravaganza– and Romero will have to be better than he was in his season debut, or at least avoid the big inning that sank him back on Friday.

Or, shit, with the way the Jays have been hitting the Rays’ bullpen, maybe it doesn’t even matter! Though… let’s not go nuts.


John Lott tweets about the Jays release saying that Happ was placed on the DL, with Edgar Gonzalez coming up temporarily to help an overworked bullpen, and notes that the release only mentions the head injury and not the fact that Happ also appeared to hurt his knee.

Brendan Kennedy tells us that John Gibbons is saying he hasn’t even thought about who might fill in for Happ when his turn comes around again.

Mike Wilner notes that, at his media conference, Happ appeared without crutches and without his head being wrapped.

That, of course, doesn’t mean nothing is serious: Shi Davidi tweets that Happ says he has a fracture behind his ear.

There is no concussion though, tweets Wilner, though Happ says he may still not be entirely in the clear, and that he may stay in the Tampa area, as doctors don’t want him to fly.

As for the knee, Shi Davidi says that Happ limped on and off of the dais, and that he said the knee was tight and swollen. He will see a doctor tonight to get that looked at, though obviously it was secondary last night.

Elsewhere, Davidi tweets a link to a piece of his on the rules that may, or may not, have allowed the umpires to stop play in order for Happ to be attended to more quickly last night.

In other news, according to a tweet from Brendan Kennedy, Gibbons says that Colby Rasmus was going to sit against at least one of the Rays’ tough lefties, so he chose tonight to have him on the bench against Matt Moore.

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And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app

Toronto Blue Jays

3B Brett Lawrie (R)
DH Melky Cabrera (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
C J.P. Arencibia (R)
LF Rajai Davis (R)
2B Mark DeRosa (R)
SS Maicer Izturis (S)
CF Emilio Bonifacio (S)

Ricky Romero LHP

Tampa Bay Rays

CF Desmond Jennings (R)
LF Kelly Johnson (L)
2B Ben Zobrist (S)
3B Evan Longoria (R)
1B James Loney (L)
SS Yunel Escobar (R)
DH Luke Scott (L)
C Jose Lobaton (S)
RF Sam Fuld (L)

Matt Moore LHP

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  1. Gonzalez huffing and puffing out there.

  2. That was inevitable. It is Edgar Gonzalez. Just leave him in there and hope you can get to Price tomorrow.

  3. Crazy that its still only the 4th. Lots ofngame left.

  4. Holy shit we are in the newer comments area!

  5. Shot of Dickey on the bench throwing knuckleball sunflower seeds at his mouth: some went in, some didn’t…..

  6. Where’s Bryan Tallet when you need him?

  7. Melky worked it and won.

    Nicely done.

  8. Dat Melkman.

  9. Loving the way these guys are approaching at bats lately. Remember, Moore has been one of the best pitchers in the league. We’re doing pretty good against him.

  10. It ain’t fair.

  11. I could use a second helping of chicken wings. Any shiraz left?

  12. I wish there was a lesser comments area.

  13. Yeah that was a bullshit AB from our best hitter. Cant be watching 3 straight strikes.

  14. That’s not the kind of ‘walk the parrot’ we want.

  15. Here we go! Our sluggers’s row

  16. Looks like the Jays are on the Kitten Face program.

  17. Gramps is gonna do something here…

  18. Too many geezers tonight?


  19. That’s the power of DeRosa. I fucking LOVE that VETRUN LEADERSHIP!

  20. This game is gonna take 6 hours…

    • What game, I’m eating Cheetos, drinkin’ liquor and running down my ole lady on a comment board where the moderator hates Radar and anyone with their own thoughts.

      • Yeah I’m just watching the live scoring for my fantasy team and online shopping for records now…until the Jays score 2 runs I’m not looking up…

  21. Anyone who chooses to use Pitbull as their walk-up song should automatically be called out.

  22. I kinda love Joe Maddon…

  23. #umpshow

  24. Fuck Joe Maddon.

  25. was there a time when Boneface could execute a bunt?

    • Even better: Is there one coach who’s told him to stop moving before the ball gets to the plate?

  26. Bonifacio ,169 then Lawrie .179. This is he inning

  27. Has Bonerfacio successfully bunted this year?

  28. Gameday just glitched out for a while and all of a sudden threw five pitches at once to Macier Izturis. No wonder the poor guy struck out…

  29. Goddamnit Kelly Johnson. Goddamnit. Couldn’t just play like you usually do for a series.

  30. game was probably done anyway, but what the fuck did we do to deserve EVERY shitbag former Jay coming back to kick us in the balls?

  31. Well, 4 runs in 4 2/3 is 14 times better than 4 runs in a 1/3 of an inning. Oh yeah, F.U. K.J!

  32. 6 runs down. Cue the comeback. Third time’s a charm.

  33. Wish they would just leave Edgar in there unless his arm is absolutely going to fall off on the next pitch. Even then, I can’t honestly I’d care.

    • Really felt leaving Gonzalez in there was a mistake!

    • Fuck it. Save the pen. In hind sight, he couldn’t have been much worse that Rogers, and could save the pen just a bit.. Tough to mount a come back now, but we do have the bats to do it, and some options on the bench.

  34. Ladies and Gentlemen: Your 2013 Toronto Marlins!

  35. I’m actually resorting to watching a playoff hockey game tied 3-3 late in the Third period…

  36. I wish I knew how to quit you, Blue Jays.

  37. I have a feeling we may see Rasmus and Kitten Face before the night is over.

  38. Comeback time…

  39. I suspect all the bandwagon fans are watching the hockey. So this game can be our dirty little secret.

  40. 2 walks and 7 homers, and we got this thing!

  41. They may not come back tonight, but they can still take advantage of the Ray’s pen.

  42. Why Joey…Why?

  43. Jose has been running into a lot of outs this year.

  44. Jesus Christ, Bautista, what in the name of fuck was that? DUMB DUMB DUMB

  45. What the fuck is going on here…

  46. this inning would be a WHOLE lot more interesting if Jose hadn’t shit the bed…

  47. Keep taxing their bullpen. We got one more to go tomorrow.

  48. Comeback time.

  49. Late game juggernaut.

  50. Without Maddons Energy Sphere of Matchups and Tendencies The Rays Are Shitbags

  51. Fuck Yunel…. your suppose to throw it away…. not almost throw it away.

  52. Is there any evidence that suggests that Luis Rivera isn’t a terrible third base coach?

    • Actually, he hasn’t done a good job at all this year, now that you mention it. Butters!!!!!!!!

    • None. I’ve also not seen any evidence that anyone on this team pays him any attention.

      • Sounds like my slo-pitch team. It’s like there’s a wacky inflatable flailing arm man standing behind the bag. “What the fuck is that guy doing?”; keep running of own accord.

  53. C’mon Melk.

  54. Jesus, Lawrie is all kinds of fucked up at the plate right now…he is getting some juicy pitches and can’t do shit with them…


  56. Bye bye Leafs

  57. JP has morphed into a single’s machine.

    Of course he’ll clog up the base path.

  58. The bats have warmed up. Hopefully Dickey throws some more of his Tropicana magic tomorrow.

  59. Well, you know what? I’m mildly disappointed. I’m gonna do something else and completely forget about this game, pretty much immediately. This team is either underperforming or not very good to begin with. I suggest they do nothing for the next few months, then possibly make a few inconsequential trades at the deadline.

    Go Blue Jays!

    • There is a good chance this season is not salvageable… especially with the starting rotation the way it is.

      I’m definitely upset with AA though… I mean what the fuck did he expect trading for Johnson and Reyes? Guys are fucking injured like it is going out of style.

      You pick up a dipshit like Mark Buehrle. He should have LOOKED at his fucking career numbers against the AL East. The guy is just terrible. The Jays should have traded his ass + cash for Morales when they had the chance. You know those retarded Angels will take any big name… Moreno just has a rock hard erection for any sort of “big name” baseball player.

      IMO, AA did not make the right moves in the offseason to effectively shore up the roster. Hindsight is 20/20, but the fucking writing was on the wall.

      • I must admit I was unaware of Buehrle’s failure against the AL bEast. However, I am skeptical of the value of such comparisons because divisions are of course evolving entities; his woes against the AL bEast were present for his whole tenure with the Sox? Hmmmmmmm?

        I’m still not going to complain about the Reyes trade. The only piece I was personally sad to see go was Hech, and there’s no guarantee he will ever be able to hit his own body weight.

        Johnson is a bummer so far, for sure. But I’m more dissappointed in Morrow.

        • Morrow has never been consistent. He has all the potential in the world, but has yet to put it together. Fuck, he may never figure it out. He has brilliant starts peppered with absolutely terrible ones. You just have no idea who you are going to get.

          Finesse pitchers like Buehrle tend to get exposed in the AL East. You notice how the rosters keep changing for teams like the Yankees, Red Sox and Rays, but they still tend to be “successful” organizations. Some of this shit is institutional… coaching, development, etc. Their approach to the game stays pretty uniform, regardless of roster changes. This is really, really apparent in the Yankees/Red Sox approach at the plate. They tend to be a lot more patient and grind out a shit-ton more at-bats than the Blue Jays do.

          It doesn’t help that Buehrle can’t locate a fucking pitch to save his life. I hate to fucking think this way, but I have to imagine that Buehrle sees himself retiring right after he makes the 40 million he’ll collect in the next 2 seasons. He’s already won a ring. He’s just showing up to collect a fucking cheque at this point. Fuck him.

          I didn’t like either of the big trades this year. I never felt that these players truly fit the mold of what AA had seemed to like: young, controllable, high upside. Instead we got aging, under-performing, aging, vetruns. To make matters worse, the farm was stripped to do it.

          • Sadly, not a lot for me to argue with there.

            I think the good run Morrow went on last year fooled me into thinking he might be ready for his first consistent year.

            I don’t consider Nicolino or Marisnick to be particularly great losses, though. It was a gamble, yes, but if there was faulty logic it was in believing the team was worth going all in on (prior to the big trades) rather than that the players acquired aren’t good enough.

          • Buehrle doesn’t give a flying fuck. He didn’t even pretend to want to be here.
            I know next to nothing about baseball. Can he be sent to Buffalo to spend quality time with his dogs?

      • And I’m sure you knew all those things when the trade was made, too! I’m sure you weren’t just as impressed as everyone else in baseball that AA had managed to pull of the trade.

        • Researching Buehrle’s failures against AL East opponents was not hard.

          The injury histories of Reyes and Johnson is well documented.

          Bonerface had one good year.

  60. This one is totally pegged on Romero, you can’t expect the BP to go 8 and 2/3.

    • It is on the Jays organization. He was not ready to fucking come back. Shit… he may never be ready. The guy sucks.

      • Yep. Romero is not only shit but also totally unready. What you saw against Seattle was basically a best-case scenario outing for him. The Jays took a big risk in rushing him and it has failed miserably.

      • I disagree, there is only so much you can blame the organization for. As a major league player, and someone who advocated himself to be up with the big league club, you have to step up at some point and perform. He had his extended practice sessions and a few starts, but only getting one out?
        Baseball players are treated far too gently and slowly, these are not teenage kids that you see dominate other major sports, he is a grown ass man who should be able to deal with the pressure
        That being said I thought he settled down after his initial walks, and got a little unlucky with some ground balls that went through some gaps.

    • I’ll be very interested in Romero’s own take on this fiasco.

  61. The Jays are in a fucking terrible spot. They are down two pitchers. Romero has shown he can’t fucking pitch OUT OF THE DAMN FIRST. Buehrle really shouldn’t even be pitching here either. Morrow is fucking Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde out there… you don’t know if you’re going to get the guy who can give you 8 innings or not get out of the third. Dickey complains about back pain before every fucking start.

    Holy shit.

  62. Brett Cecil needs to be stretched out.

    • No he doesn’t.

    • I’m pretty sure they are not that fucking stupid. But who knows after the premature jerk around of Romero.

    • If they were going to use him for a future start, they wouldn’t have put him in the game tonight. Before tonight, he had pitched 2 innings in the previous 9 days. I wouldn’t mind see him spot start, if needed (75-80 pitches max or 5 innings), but only if needed. He has done a good job out of the pen, lets leave him there for the extended future.

  63. The pitching didnt give the jays a chance to win this game. Offense wasnt great either, mind you. Part of the blame should go on AA for bringing romero up too early. It was a questionable move and they got burned today. Maybe having a scrub like vargas or germano would have been ok for this start against a weak offense? Also, Good move by gibby yanking romero when it was clear he was shit.

    • Kudos to Gibby on that call. He at least gave the Jays offense a chance to win. Unfortunately, the Jays were unable to cash in on some runners (YAY DEROSA!) and Edgar/Esmil didn’t really help keep the game under control.

  64. Didn’t see Ricky’s meltdown. Was it location, velocity, movement? All of the above? What happened?

  65. Hayhurst really took the Jays management to task with his blog post today, re their handling of Romero.

    • Good. And this isn’t the first time they’ve fucking rushed people. Look at fucking Travis Snider. Look at Drew Hutchison. Fuck, Drabek shouldn’t really have been in the rotation until he proved he could locate.

      • I don’t see how Hutchison was rushed. He actually performed well given his age/experience. Isn’t it likely he would have gotten injured regardless?

        • I agree. Hutch was hitting a groove before tommy john. If anything, Farrell pushed too hard, too early in the season, in his career. He will be an interesting option for the rotation next season. Hopefully he can come back and pitch to some extent this season.

          • 31 fucking innings pitched in AA before giving him the call-up?

            They pulled the same bullshit with Henderson Alvarez.

            How many times do you see clubs that are EXCELLENT at developing talent internally (for example, the Rays) rush their prospects like this?

            The Jays have not had any fucking success developing players through the minor league system. When is the last time they produced an above-average player?

            • technically jpa has a ops+ over 100

              • The Rays only “rushed” Price and Moore who are +++ prospects and can fucking deal…They bring up guys when they’re ready whether that’s after 20 games or 200 games…Odorrizi and Archer are waiting in AAA right now because the Rays arent rushing them (not to mention Myers but that’s more about control)…we should be so lucky…I think the management of Alvarez was horrible….he has one of the best sinkers in baseball but no other pitch…that being said I think playing in that massive park and in the NL he’ll do well albeit with a 4% strikeout rate

  66. The good news is that the Jays have two off-days next week so they won’t need a fifth starter again until May 23rd. Get someone else stretched out in Triple-A or from the bullpen since Romero clearly isn’t able to face major league hitting right now.

  67. On the bright side, Melky has caught fire. He has been smoking the ball all over the place. I kept thinking, this guy missed the last 50 games last year, so maybe it took him awhile to get back in the zone. Hope it becomes contagious. It would be nice to rock Price and knock him out early tomorrow. Would like to see Dickey string together some good outings.

    • Agree. Melky seems to be coming around.

      • cant keep having lawrie leading off if he is going to be this shitty

        • Agreed but who we got that suits that role? Emilio would be ok if he could get on base a bit….hmmm…ok considering nothing has worked so far let’s take a page from Joe Maddon’s book and go crazeballs… Bautista, Rasmus, Melky, Eddie, Lind, JPA, Lawrie, Emilio/Izturis (2nd), Kawasaki (SS)…unconventional yes…but lately Joey best tool has been walks and if he hits a jack to start a game sweet 1-0 and he’s back in the mix hitting behind Emilio and Kawasaki which would be a more conventional approach…It’ll never happen but i kinda like it when managers go bat shit once and a while just to shake it up…

          • Sticking with the batshit crazy lineup topic, how about:

            Lind, Bautista, Rasmus, EE, Melky, JPA, Lawrie, Kawasaki, Izturis

  68. wow, did u see what happened in the oakland game? they hit a tying homer in the 9th off of indians closer perez and umps call it a double.

    they go in and review it..and holy shit..they kept it at a double even though it clearly hit the railing on the replay

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