Here’s something that ought to fire up the free Anthony Gose set. Fair enough, as it’s rather fucking awesome. Gose stole home for his fourth steal of the season in the first inning of the Bisons’ game versus Norfolk on Tuesday.

Gose pulls this off while none other than the 2012 Baltimore Orioles Opening Day starter, Jake Arrieta, is on the mound. The speedy outfielder has been caught stealing in four out of eight attempts in Triple-A thus far in 2013. Not that swiping home makes his .250/.352/.352 triple slash line any more palatable, but y’know, it’s still totally fucking NAILS.

For those who would rather watch video of the theft, the Bisons have made the play embeddable:

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  1. That’s what happens when you work from the full windup with a guy with speed on base. Good on Gose for exploiting it.

  2. What a slow delivery. My grandmother could have stole home off that pitcher, and she has no legs!

  3. the .350 OBP will play – if he can sustain it at the mlb level .. the slugging is awful ..

    • He’s rocking a .325 BABIP, so as long as he can make contact he should be able to reach first. That slugging is frighteningly poor, though.

      • His SB ability should make up for his lack of slugging/ISO, no? Although, only 3 SB thus far is quite surprising.

        • That’s an extremely low SLG/ISO even if he does steal bases. He’s hitting a high number of groundballs and his speed maybe bailing him out there already.

          The drop in K’s is always a good sign though.

      • He started last year extremely slowing in regards to slugging. He’ll get er going.

        • *slowly

          • He is still quite young for his level. I would not even begin to worry about him until NEXT YEAR….im thinking the experience at a real AAA park and league will force him to adapt more than playing on the moon last year. Look for gose to make big strides starting around june and through the end of the AAA season..then watch as he forces the jays hand next spring.

            im not saying he’s every going to hit 300 and slug even 450..but he will hit enough to make him a major league starter given his defense and speed to go along with a decent enough bat.

  4. there he Gose

  5. I like his OBP which is party of the reason I like Melky he might not hit a lot of HR but, gets on baseball well.

  6. Against a righty, too. Holy hell.

  7. A .352 OBP for a speedster is bad? For a defensive all-star? Get someone who knows baseball to write the blog posts.

  8. More like the Buffalo Bye, Sons! amiright?

  9. So…what happens to the ball/ strike count if a player stealing home is hit by the pitch?

  10. If Gose can get OBP 35% of the time and add gold glove defense and 50 steals, I don’t really care if he slugs like my grandma. If he added a good slugging percentage on top of that, we are talking perennial allstar.

  11. If gose could turn into brett gardner, I’d be fucking thrilled. Thats not likely to happen though.

  12. Cool

    Bit of a non-sequitur:

    One thing that sorta irks me is the term 5 tool player.

    Really shouldn’t lump in the other 4 tools with the ‘hit’ tool because its vastly more important than the rest.

    I mean if he could tear the ball off the cover but sucked in every other facet of the game would he be up on most big league clubs? Probably.

    • The hit tool is divided into average and power. I’d say the most overrated tool is speed. If you cant hit and cant get on base does it really matter if you have speed? Weve seen this with davis and boni and to a lesser extent gose. It does help playing defense but to me thats the least important tool as most pro ball players arent slowpokes to begin with.

  13. Andrew (W K) Stoeten, if Gose improves enough offensively – say a .270/.350/.400 slash do you think he warrants a call up to at least spell our outfielders defensively?

    I can appreciate what Rajai can do on the paths but he flat out scares me in the outfield. Occasionally he gets a good read and can track a ball but most times I find he freezes at the crack or worse takes a step in the wrong direction before he gets his shit together.

    Is it plausible to carry both guys? Or would promoting Gose mean you’d need to send out Rajai?

  14. I could watch this all day!

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