May 7th v Rays

Batter pLI WPA
Lawrie – 3B 0.67 -0.069
Cabrera – LF 1.29 0.350
Bautista – RF 1.08 0.117
Encarnacion – 1B 1.03 0.077
Arencibia – C 1.14 -0.162
Llind – 1B/DH 1.55 -0.080 Pitcher pLI WPA
Rasmus – CF 1.25 -0.056 Happ – SP 1.45 -0.345
Izturis – 2B / SS 1.05 0.368 Lincoln – SP 0.46 0.001
Kawasaki – SS 0.70 -0.019 Loup – RP 0.26 0.043
DeRosa – PH / 2B 1.19 -0.028 Delabar – RP 1.13 0.128
Bonifacio – PH / 2B 0.38 -0.009 Janssen – RP 0.99 0.071
Total 1.09 0.602 Total 0.85 -0.102

Bests / Worsts of the game after the jump!

GBOOT: Maicer Izturis, 36.8%
Griffin: J.A. Happ, -34.5%
Impact At-Bat: Izturis Home Run, Top 9, 40.0%
Impact Pitch: Desmond Jennings 2-run “Triple”, Bot 2, -16.1%
Highest Leverage AB: Adam Lind Double Play, Top 8, 4.49
Highest Leverage Opp. AB: James Loney Double Play, Bot 8, 2.82
Lineup Contribution: 60.2%
Pitching Contribution: -10.2%
Average Leverage Index: 0.97
Chart explanation

- J.A. Happ’s line: 1.1ip, 5h, 4er, 1bb, 0k, 43 pitches, 0 swinging strikes, 27 game score, 5.25 FIP.

- Roberto Hernandez’s line: 6.0ip, 5h, 1er, 1hr, 1bb, 7k, 103 pitches, 13 swinging strikes, 64 game score, 3.33 FIP.

- Happ was quite literally knocked out of this game by a Desmond Jennings comebacker that struck him flush in the side of the head. Thoughts and well-wishes were extended from many, many members of the baseball fraternity, and it almost goes without saying that we all wish him the best of luck with what looked like an absolutely awful injury.

- Jennings ended up on 3rd after lining the ball off of Happ’s head. I’m willing to give the benefit of the doubt that Jennings wasn’t totally sure what happened and ran instinctively as the professional baseball player he’s trained and paid to be, and he ended up with a triple, 2 RBI and he scored on the next at-bat. As Stoeten mentioned, the biggest concern here was the amount of time this took prevented the medical team from providing immediate care for the injury.

- Brad Lincoln, Aaron Loup, Steve Delabar and Casey Janssen combined for 23 scoreless outs, surrendering just the inherited Jennings in the 2nd.

- For the second game in a row Colby Rasmus (6) got the rally going, cutting a 4-1 lead to 4-3 in the 7th inning.

- For the second game in a row Jose Bautista drove in a crucial 8th inning run, tying the game at 4 with a RBI double that scored Melky Cabrera.

- Maicer Izturis (3) gave the Jays the lead with 1-out in the 9th, launching a solo shot. Cabrera added an insurance run by driving in Brett Lawrie with his 3rd hit (and 2nd double) of the game.

- Adam Lind (1) opened the scoring in the top of the 2nd with his first home run of the year.

- Sean Rodriguez was called out on the play you see in the gif at the top of this post.

- The Jays come from behind to win for the 3rd straight game. They tallied 13 hits, giving them 40 over that same time frame.

- The (13-21) Blue Jays are just 2 games back of (14-18) Tampa Bay for 4th in the AL East.

- This evening’s projected match-up is Ricky Romero (7.25FIP, -0.1fWAR) v Matt Moore (4.08FIP, 0.4fWAR).

{All numbers via Fangraphs}

{gifs via Gamereax}

Ah, what the hell, you’ve all been good. Here’s your daily Lawrie leeeeegoooooooo

(#heeeeem … whatever that means)

Comments (46)

  1. Jays finally getting some calls going their way. The ump looks scared in the lego gif, likely backing off in fear of a helmet coming his way.

  2. Some pretty horrid umpiring thus far.

    Perhaps giving the umpires power to call a dead ball and stop the play immediately should be considered – use replay to best estimate where the batters will end up. Though we all know replay takes too long….

    • The umpires actually already have that power. They’re allowed to call ‘time’ in case of an injury and stop the play.

  3. Lawrie’s hand is wrapped up. I can’t believe I didn’t notice that during the broadcast.

  4. Why did EE get thrown out of the game in the 9th? I wasn’t watching a stream of the game, just Gameday.

    • He threw his hat and bat after a swinging strikeout — nothing out of the ordinary (I personally think players should not be allowed to do this at any level — but players do the same thing every game), and Foster tossed him for it. Weird ejection.

      There is a replay on the wrap at if you want to see it.

      • Gotcha. Thanks. I couldn’t find a video last night.

      • Anon it was the cursing at the called strike 2 that was probably in the batters box. After he then had to swing at junk and got out – then he threw his stuff and was still bitching.

        I have to say though – I would complain too. If the plate is an extra 6″ on each side, you have no chance.

    • Matt he was real pissed at the called strike two (I think?). The pitch fx thing showed it well inside. Probably in the batters box.

      Thus he had to swing at crap afterward and got out. When he did he threw his bat and helmet. By then the ump had enough and tossed him.

      The ump was in a rush. Gave us some ridiculous calls in the ninth also.

      • Well the ump had to deal with seeing the J.A. Happ injury too and he has to stay on the field the whole time without the ability to take a few moments in private talk to the trainer about what happened and how Happ is doing etc.

  5. Probably no point trying to talk sense into those that would “blame” AA for the slow start and dismiss his above average % of brilliant moves… but we sure are seeing what we hoped from the lineup the last few games. Lind and Rasmus being useful. Izturis with huge HR. Melky ripping doubles. DeRosa helping out.

  6. Was Lawrie’s “emotion”, that may or may not have been directed to the Rays dugout, in the 9th in anyway a response to Jennings taking 3 bases on the Happ incident? Lawrie seemed to be pretty unhappy about being quick pitched as well. Or perhaps he is just nuts.

    • No I think that’s just Lawrie being Lawrie combined with excessive Red Bull consumption

    • The quick pitch maybe. Plus general Lawrie-ness. And hey that was a big run for a team that needs to be winning.

      I really doubt any players are worried about the base running. The Rays and the fans there were all perfectly classy about it all. Rays trainers helping. Rays players and coach tweeting prayers at Happ.

  7. Didn’t realize Moore has a 4.08 fip, maybe this is the game it catches up to him?

  8. I like how everyone has taken an “I told you so” approach to the Jays struggles, when really, the biggest question mark Buster Olney et al identified was the bullpen – which has been pretty good, despite being one of the most overworked in the majors.

    • Agree. While it’s beginning to look like the bats are coming around, the bullpen has been the most consistent piece so far.

      Now we just need our battered, cobbled together rotation to step up.

      • i think a big thing to consider when talking about the bullpen being overworked is that aa has actually helped minimize the damage by using the waiver wire in an unorthodox manner. dave bush et al have eaten some pretty big chunks then hopped on a bus to buffalo or somewhere. those fringe arms scooped off waivers have saved some pretty meaningful miles on the actual quality bullpen arms.

  9. Re: Happ. What, exactly, is the penalty/rule, if the trainer/medical staff rushed onto the field without play stopping? Seems odd that that is preventing staff from providing the attention needed. Is it so harsh?

    • I should add, I’m not blaming anyone for what did happen. It’s in these moments I’m sure where all sorts of reactions could occur.

  10. Regarding the GIF (hard “g” by the way): Why didn’t he just tag him?

    • He did tag him afterwards, the picture and the GIF are misleading. Rodriguez was not called out on that part of the play, the umpire said he missed home plate and that Arencibia missed the tag. J.P. got up and tagged him again and that is when he was called out.

  11. What I don’t understand is why the umps didn’t call the ball dead as soon as they saw Happ lying on the ground. It’s not like they didn’t know what happened. I don’t remember if I heard the contact on tv, but apparently everyone in the stadium heard it so the umps must have as well, and they couldn’t have thought he would have gotten up after that. But they let play continue for around 5 seconds I think during which the trainers etc couldn’t go on the field. That is ridiculous. I’m not bitching about the runs scored, we won the game. But that was just dumb shit on the part of the umps and I hope they hear about it.

    In other news, huge kudos to the Jays for focussing on the game like that when they were worried sick about their guy. That was the high point of the season so far for me. Not the injury obviously but their ability to stay in the game after it.

    • By rule the ball is live. The Rays are running the bases, but the Jays have to make a play, and even try to get the out. If you recall last year when Brandon McCarthy was hit, the Athletics actually recorded a 1-5-3 putout while McCarthy was on the ground, before the A’s could attend to him. I don’t blame the Rays or the Jays, because both teams have to complete the play while trying to tend to the injured player. It’s hard on both teams to finish the play.

      Now, if MLB wants to create a dead ball rule on these kinds of plays, that’s their business. But I doubt they would. Think about if an outfielder tears his knee chasing a ball, which gets by him and leads to an inside-the-park home run. The other outfielders have to chase down the ball and record the out before the guy with a torn knee can be carted off, that’s just how it works. As beneficial as a dead ball rule might be for the next time a pitcher gets hit in the head, it could open up a lot of other scenarios where managers will argue about calling a dead ball, placing runners, etc. MLB will probably say it’s easier to let the play finish. At the very least I’d put in a future rule to allow managers and trainers to run to the field before the play is completed so long as there’s no interference with the play itself.

    • And I should add, I can’t blame the umpires either for not stopping the play. By rule they can’t stop the play. If a rule existed and they let Jennings take third that’s a different story, but without a proper rule in place the umpires can’t do anything either.

      • Thanks for explaining that Sharkey! I wish the rule was open to liberal interpretation. Happ is apparently ok and will be released from hospital this afternoon which is great news, but that injury could have been a ‘seconds’ count kind of injury and in this case there were quite a few seconds before the staff could get to him. In the case of an outfielder tearing his knee or breaking his arm, that’s horrendous but not life-threatening. A ball to the head from a short distance away well could be.

      • By rule they can call the ball dead and Jennings can’t take a free triple while a pitcher’s life is in danger.

        The ball becomes dead when an umpire calls “Time.” The umpire-inchief shall call “Time” — (c) When an accident incapacitates a player or an umpire;

        In other words, the umpire blew the call.

        • I didn’t know that, thanks. I’ve just always seen plays completed after injuries.

          • I think its because they usually dont call it on examples lile the one you gave (OF comes up limping while chasing a ball) and those probably make up 99% of the situations. And I agree with that, no time shouldbe caled on those types of injury.

            But for the less then 1% of the time……i.e. the Happ injury or the Mcarthy one last year, basicly potential life threatning, play should be called right away.

  12. Anybody know where I can find Jack Morris’s call during the delay? I’m listening to Jerry talking about his call and it sounds like he handled it wonderfully, Jerry just said listening to him discuss it was a highlight of his career. If anyone has it and could send a link I’d really appreciate it.

  13. Literally woke up to the news coming out that Happ will be released this afternoon and he’s in good condition and spirits. That’s the best kind of news to wake up to. Can’t wait to see JA back on the hill.

  14. I nominate Peralta for the meltdown award. He was losing his shit on the mound. Was really possed after giving up the base hit to Lawrie.

  15. Ok so now just win tonight and Jays are back to 400

  16. Re: Jennings, it really didn’t look like he had any idea what happened—afterward he’s seen standing looking shocked/worried about the scene on the mound, so it’s pretty likely he just kept running because that’s what you do.

  17. How can Rasmus have a negative WPA when he hit a 2 run homer?

  18. Would I be right in saying that Lawrie is the most Giff-able player in the MLB?

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