Toronto Blue Jays v Tampa Bay Rays

Brett Lawrie’s “for a while” in the lead-off spot for the Jays appears to have run its course, as Rajai Davis has been moved to the top of the order for tonight’s battle of reigning Cy Young winners. I can’t say it doesn’t make sense, given the way that Rajai has been going against left-handed pitching, and… y’know… Lawrie’s .260/.313/.394 slash line over his last 625 plate appearances.

Granted, he’s only barely past the point where he would have been with a full Spring Training, and last year was a bit of an injury-riddled malaise of a disasterfuck, but I suspect those things would sound awful excuse-y if they were being used in the defence of someone not quite so… how do I put this delicately?… correctly passported.

Or if he didn’t play such otherworldly defence. Or if we didn’t think that he wasn’t still plenty young and talented enough to adjust back to the adjustment the league has made on him.

Or if, y’know, he wasn’t kind of hilarious and awesome.

Case in point? Chirping back at chirps, in a tweet (apparently since deleted) that reportedly prompted Gregg Zaun to say on the radio– GREGG ZAUN!– that Lawrie should just delete his Twitter account for good.

Gregg Zaun!

Now, the tweet is obviously a ridiculous appeal to authority that would get him called a fucking asshat if he pulled it in the comments on this site, but… delete his Twitter over it? Fuck that! It’s hilarious! (His sister shitting on Jays pitchers, on the other hand, not so much– especially since… um… I can’t remember when she did “anything in pro sport .. Ever.” *COUGH*)

Personally, though, I’m partial to the living stereotype episode caught on GIF last night– one of many gems pulled by the guys at gamereax– as Lawrie attempted (and quite obviously failed) to give Ricky Romero a pep talk after the Jays’ attempted-starter loaded the bases in the first inning against the Rays.

Lawries gonna Lawr, eh? #Dimed

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  1. Always dimed to the nuts he is.

  2. I wouldn’t be any more appalled if the Jays signed Lawrie’s underhand softball pitcher of a sister to start in Boston then Ramon Ortiz.

  3. #dimednation

  4. The amount of douchebags that follow this blog is appalling.

    • This blog? Compared to what, TSN?

    • The amount of douchebags who go around calling people douchebags has gone up 1,000,000 % since the internet. If you don’t like the blog, then DON’T DRAG YOUR MOUSE AND CLICK ON IT. DOUCHEBAG!!!

    • Go check out the trolls/morons on TSN, Sportsnet, Bleacher Report etc then come back and apologize to the monkey army…douchebag

    • Including yourself?

    • @greggzaun I should get off twitter? .. I’ll do wat I want actually .. Yeah, except spell words correctly…

  5. He has been a joy to watch at third base this season. The off balance throws, the mid-air contortions, the sheer manic determination to get to every ball, every base. And that look he gets when he wants to punch out the crowd. Gold.

  6. Davis should be hitting leadoff vs. lefties, against Righties not so much.


  7. Seriously though when is this f*cker going to start hitting?

    Is there worse team in baseball at handling young players than Toronto? Anyone who comes up here and has success generally has said success be short lived. Who in recent memory has had a career trajectory whereby they get progressively better over the first few years of their career and then consistently produce? Everyone in recent memory is all over the f*cking map.

    • Maybe not the best example, but I’d say Arencibia is progressing ok (with more progressing to be done, to be sure, but still…)

      • Wow… Arencibia? Shit is worse than I thought.

      • By progressing, you mean the near 25-1 strikeout to walk ratio, which is just plain embarrassing. Yes, he save us the other night, and hasn’t done anything since. JP is clutch, but he throw AB’s away by the dozens, and hasn’t shown very good pitch selection or seem to know if the ball is coming down the middle or a foot outside. If anything, I would have to say that the majority of the time he is guessing what the guy is throwing before he throws it.

      • Dude hit the first three pitches he saw for extra bases. I’d say its been downhill since then.

    • There isn’t enough mustard to cover this hot dog. He will never hit unless the batting coach stops his antics at home plate. Jumping around and take flat footed swings, HE THINKS HE JOSE CANSECO and he’s not or ever will be. Teach the idiot to play within himself and hit line drives and singles that will turn into doubles. He’s trying to hit every pitch 500 feet. Seriously I don’t care how good he thinks he is he’s batting .182 the only jay worse is Blanco. Fix him or trade him cause he isn’t an asset to this team and as a Canadian boy he should be role model but not with his attitude. He needs some chin music, too bad they missed him in the KC series.

  8. There’s pretty much nothing more annoying then having someone who’s never down something tell you how you’re doing it wrong… that being said they should all delete their twitter accounts, or have someone manage it for them.

  9. can we all chip in and hire a lip reader, so we can get a transcript of this motivational speech?

    I bet it will replace all those outdated Vince Lombardi motivational quote posters

  10. If you’ve ever wanted to use your photoshop skills for the good of all mankind, you’d pop that vein sticking out of Lawrie’s neck.

  11. #LawrieForPrimeMinister

  12. And now he just retweeted an account called “Life As A Bro.” Living the fully-dimed stereotype, for sure.

  13. Is that clip sped up at all? Because Lawrie looks like an old-time 1920′s baseball player colourized and inserted into modern footage the way he’s moving.

  14. You have to wonder if anybody in the org is begging him at this point to slow down the gyrations in the batters box before he hits. The minute he came up I felt like his bat dip in his swing would cause problems – and for him – its still early, but he’s having a real hard time getting the bat on the ball lately and partially he just doesn’t look ready/settled enough when the pitch gets there.

    I fuckin love the comic strip that is Brett Lawrie.

    • Try to get him to sit still, but ya, you’re right about his swing

    • Yeah. The guys at have said the same thing. He’s so jumpy and twitchy at the plate. Looking at video from 2011 when he first came up he was much more still and had a simpler approach. Right now there’s so many gyrations, he always seems off balance even when he does hit the ball. He looks like a mess at the plate, frankly. Mottola to blame?

      • He was like that last year too, and raked in Vegas with Mottola. Why does everyone always take the lazy explanation?

  15. Maybe it wasn’t “pros,” but I’m pretty sure she was pretty much top of the heap.

    I’e started to consider the possibility of Lawrie as a glove-first player, though obviously I hope I’m wrong. And at least if the season completely derails we may get to see the Lawrie-at-2B experiment firsthand.

    • he hits the ball pretty hard, he’s shown power to the alleys in the past, and he’s extremely athletic.

      i think it’s more reasonable to go with the spring training argument over the glove-first argument

  16. Brett Lawrie is fundamentally awesome, it’s like if you woke up after a bender and discovered you’d signed Andrew WK to your pro ball team… if Andrew WK could play world-class defence. Yeah, he only has one speed (“overdrive”) but given how much crap we tend to give bland, cookie cutter, PR trained atheletes you don’t enjoy a guy on your team who you can imagine waking up each morning, bellowing “LET’S DO THIS” like Joe from Family Guy and then just givin er’ for the next 17 hours straight until he passes out mid sentence and some sort of helper robot shovels him into bed?

    Yeah – and as for his sister – you know what? If Joe who one “thought real hard” about signing up for his companies Beer League team, and once saw the face of John McGraw in a grilled cheese sandwich, is allowed to have an opinion on pro baseball pitchers then someone who stood on a mound at a Olympic games in a similar-esque sport and represented the country sure as shit can too. I know whose opinion *I’ll* give more weight to in any case.

  17. How about Brett Lawrie spends more time learning to hit a fucking baseball or take a fucking walk and less time on Twitter?

  18. Love Lawrie’s defense this year but the hitting has obviously been underwhelming. I wouldn’t get worried about the last 625 plate appearances though because it is just a “small sample size”, right Wilner?!?!?!?!?

    What do you think Lawrie actually said to Romero that prompted Ricky’s “Oh God, get me out of here and back to Buffalo stat” expression?

  19. Can’t believe I’m gonna say this but.. In Gregg Zaun’s defense (which rarely comes out of my mouth), he did say that ALL pro athletes should not have a Twitter account if you cannot handle the fans and what they have to say about you/your team’s performance. He did target Lawrie but also all athletes as well. Watched it on The Score today, which by the way, is great to see Tim & Sid back

  20. haha that gif is too funny…

  21. That gif could easily be turned into a Cialis commercial.

  22. Sorry but he is the epitome of a douchebag. I want to like the guy but he sure isn’t likeable to me. Changed for me when he took a cheap shot at his high school coach. The guy needs therapy.

  23. Wonder what might happen to Lawrie if he gave up Red Bull for a month.

  24. I… honestly don’t see the problem with what he tweeted? It’s pretty par for the course. I’ve seen dozens of athletes tweet similar “Hey, if you don’t know what you’re talking about, don’t chirp me” tweets, across all sports. He didn’t swear, it wasn’t hateful or targeted or offensive… uh…? Help me out here?

    And honestly, Twitter’s fun and all, but reading your interactions must be a fucking nightmare if you’re a 23-year-old struggling in the public spotlight. I die a little bit when someone tweets me “hey that joke sucked”, I can’t imagine checking your Twitter on your phone, hitting the mentions and seeing a hundred people FURIOUS at your existence as a human being. I run a J.A. Happ parody account that’s clearly not J.A. Happ (despite the ROUGHLY FIFTY WISHES OF PRAYERS I’VE RECEIVED, but I digress) and I had some Yankees fan, right after Happ took out Granderson, tweet at me (paraphrasing):
    “Hey Happ I see you’re from Illinois I hope your mother goes down to Chicago and gets raped by a gang of [African-Americans.]”
    I mean… Jesus Christ.
    Huge swaths of sports fans are just fucking shitty awful people to each other on Twitter and for God’s sake, if Brett Lawrie can’t occasionally say “ease up, dickwads” (he didn’t even swear or anything!) then what the fuck’s he supposed to do? Delete his Twitter? He can’t. The Jays marketing department prints T-shirts with his Twitter handle on it. Even after an ex-girlfriend hacked his Twitter and tried to ruin his relationship with his current girlfriend, I bet he wanted to delete the fuck out of the thing, but the Jays already have way too much invested in the name @blawrie13.

    • This. Whoever the fucking genius is at Rogers that insists on the players having twitter accounts (and marketing the shit out of them), should be fired and sent to Siberia. A completely unnecessary distraction for the players (it’s probably contributed to the shitstorm of Romer-woe to a degree).

  25. It’s clear now that Gibby took Romero out early to prevent Lawrie from killing him.

  26. Lawrie said to Sportsnet we lose one game and people get mad. True sports are sports but fans want to see their team they spend time and money on do well or at least take something from the Blue Jays have not done anything well. Maybe the problem with Lawrie other than the fact he’s leading off and can’t get on base is your team has lost more than one game. Other than a 3 game win streak your next longest is one two game win streak might be why fans are little rattled, although some take the whole my team losing thing way too far.

    Looking at his MLB line Lawrie hasn’t really done anything in pro sports either at least not noteworthy….. dude can play defence(sometimes really well and sometimes really stupidly) though.

    • sports are sports but fans want to see their team they spend time and money on do well or at least take something from the team their doing well or growth as players but the Blue Jays have not done anything well.

  27. He can make up for it with good play but it appears likely that Lawrie is human garbage.

  28. Lawrie’s tweet has people worked up? Seriously? Zaun. Kettle, meet Pot. Zaun has tweeted statements that he should have been fired for. He’s made horrible tweets about women, and has bragged on Twitter about being a misogynist, I agree, more than most people do, with the bulk of Zaun’s baseball observations & opinions, BUT he is the LAST person to pass judgement on Lawrie’s use of Twitter. Lawrie’s a pumped up, RedBull fuelled entertainer/athlete….if his tweet was inappropriate or offensive, then people just have too much free time & waste it looking for something to be riled about

  29. I have serious doubts about anyone who isn’t inspired to puke by every aspect of the so-called human being called Brett Lawrie.

  30. Fuck you Blanco…

  31. His sister has a right to say something since she plays in a similar sport, went to the Olympics and plays professionally in Japan.

  32. zaun is terrible on television, and worse on radio

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