Toronto Blue Jays v New York Yankees

Man, what a difference a year can make, even for a pitcher talented enough to have won the Cy Young award. An ERA over five, a brutal strand rate, a huge jump in home runs allowed, a sub .300 winning percentage… things are pretty fucking dire for a recently-great pitcher who, to this point in 2013, has performed more like a talentless hump, failing, like so many of his teammates, to help drag his preseason-favourite of a team over .500 or anywhere close to talk about them actually being in the race.

Yep, David Price really hasn’t lived up to expectations, has he?



Big League Stew looks back on the last time two reining Cy Young winners met– in July of 1999, when Roger Clemens faced Tom Glavine– and… mostly just provides an excuse for their excellent “Cy versus Cy” photoshoppery.

Pete Walker says, according to Shi Davidi, that the decision to bring up Ricky Romero at the time was a sound one, based on the reports at the time– though I’m sure fans who have no idea what those reports are, and are forcing themselves to forget how he looked at the outset against Seattle, will dispute that.

Davidi adds that “Romero will work closely with Bisons pitching coach Bob Stanley, who will co-ordinate with Dane Johnson, who oversaw [Ricky] in Dunedin.”

John Lott also points out that Walker says he saw a lot to like in Romero’s outing last night. Which… a lot? Maybe a little? Kind of? If you squinted? But a lot?

Barry Davis adds that, with two off days next week, the Jays appear set to go with a four-man rotation for now: Dickey, Ramon Ortiz, Mark Buehrle, and Brandon Morrow. Yep.

Mike Wilner points out that John Gibbons knew Romero was going to be sent down last night when he told reporters that he’d be making his next start. He wasn’t truthful about that because he hadn’t told Romero yet.

Josh Johnson played catch yesterday, tweets Brendan Kennedy, while Barry Davis adds that the hope is to have him pitch in extended spring for two or three innings around March 21st, and that he’ll need a couple rehab starts after that.

Davis also tells us that he spoke to J.A. Happ, who says that “his head is still a little tight but he thinks his knee will keep him out longer than his head.”

Gregor Chisholm adds that Happ is expected to be out four to six weeks, and that he’s going to avoid throwing for a week. He also says that Alex Anthopoulos believes that it’s likely to be closer to a four week absence than a three week one.

Kennedy tweets that the Jays admit they’ve kicked around the idea of a “piggyback” start featuring Brad Lincoln and Brett Cecil at some point.

Another Davis tweet says that Sergio Santos threw 19 pitches in extended spring today, and that he felt no soreness afterwards.

Lott adds that Dustin McGowan also has been “strong” in extended spring.

Gregor  passes on some bad news from the prospect front, as Roberto Osuna has an elbow ligament tear and may need Tommy John surgery, though the club is going to wait and see how initial rehab goes.

More prospect stuff, as Davidi tells us that Marcus Stroman’s suspension will be over on May 19th, and that he’s likely to end up in New Hampshire, though he may get a start in Dunedin first.

“Stroman might make it to majors this year as starter or reliever, AA says,” according to a tweet from John Lott. He will continue to start while in the minors, and… at this rate it looks like that might be where they need him most.

Kennedy says that the club is “confident” that Brandon Morrow will be good to go on Sunday, after having his Friday start pushed back until then after feeling his back tighten up during a side session this week.

Lastly, for your between-inning listening pleasure, it’s today’s edition of the Getting Blanked Podcast.

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app

Toronto Blue Jays

LF Rajai Davis (R)
DH Melky Cabrera (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
2B Mark DeRosa (R)
3B Brett Lawrie (R)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
SS Maicer Izturis (S)

R.A. Dickey RHP

Tampa Bay Rays

CF Desmond Jennings (R)
LF Kelly Johnson (L)
2B Ben Zobrist (S)
3B Evan Longoria (R)
1B James Loney (L)
RF Matt Joyce (L)
DH Luke Scott (L)
C Jose Molina (R)
SS Yunel Escobar (R)

David Price LHP

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  1. Why the fuck are you pitching to Longoria????

  2. That pitch was 3 inches outside…

  3. Jesus Tittyfucking Christ.

    2-3-4 hitters. Casey Janssen available. Uhhh, let’s use Aaron Loup.

    Hopefully he can escape this and bail Gibbons out.

    • This has been Gibbons’s biggest fault this year. Janssen should have been used here, but Gibbers is obsessed with the save. Ridiculous. I don’t think I’ve ever seen three straight walks to end a game, ever.

  4. Walking Loney now. Gibby going a little crazy

  5. Great look Gibby gave JP:

    “the fuck are you calling for a something in the zone against Longoria??”

  6. what the fuck is gibby doing?

  7. Lincoln should have been ready for longoria so he could come in an easier spot.

  8. Gibbons is the worst manager in the majors. He doesn’t get Lincoln up in time to face Longoria. So he has Loup face Longo, give up a double, then walk the left handed batter. What a joke!

  9. Pitching to one of the best hitters in baseball L v R then walking James FUCKING Loney??? Why you no think Gibby?

  10. If you dont think loup can get out loney, then loup shouldnt be with the club

  11. Never get off the boat…….

  12. Lincoln makes me nervous…

  13. Just me or is this the most inconsistent balls and strikes ever!

  14. I like Gibbons but he just went full retard here.

  15. Don’t like this matchup…

  16. I’m on the boat. I’m just on the edge of my seat…

  17. What an age we live in – James Loney just got an IBB

  18. Damn I hate it when I keep refreshing and then find out I am supposed to be in the “Newer Kids Comment” section. Surely there must be technology that would just take me there after the REFRESH….Mr. Stoeten…..and others.

  19. How could that have not been a strike…

  20. Oh Jesus…

  21. Oh man…he better not walk him.


  23. Fucking fuck fuck

  24. That’s what’s known as a Lincoln Log

  25. That was a screwjob. Gibbons should fight that ump.

  26. Fucking loser.

  27. walk of walk? how can that happen?

  28. That’s a fucking kick in the nads.

  29. #firegibbons

  30. Gibby you fucking clown!!!

  31. Gibbons decision making in this inning is a prime example of how managers , who cant win you games, can surely lose them.

  32. Fart.

  33. Are you fucking kidding me?

  34. WHY WHY WHY WHY pitch to Longoria then walk 3…you gotta fist fucking me…

  35. Where is Janssen? Fuck this pitch to the save bs

    • +1 to that. i have been bitching about that for years. i recently heard a podcast on espn tat had a few pundits (surprisingly) bring up the issue and wonder aloud at the stupidity of many managers when using the closer (ie – only in situations where they can get a “save”). one commented that agents put pressure on managers and that is part of the reason behind the asshat-tery….

  36. Fuck off Gibbons.

  37. Lincoln has his uses. Long reliever. Just not high leverage. Wrong player in the wrong situation. Where the FUCK was Janssen?

  38. would’ve been some revolutionary thinking if we actually brought our best pitcher in to stop with Longoria on second.

  39. IBB to Loney? Lincoln? Really?

  40. I’m glad the Jays saved Janssen for the save opportunity!

    - Loup over Janssen to face their best hitters.
    - IBB to Loney? With a lefty on the mound?!?!
    - Lincoln to finish it off?!?

    That was an embarrassment.

  41. just wait for us to beat ourselves.!!!!

  42. Why the fuck was J.P setting up down and in when a ball loses the game.

    Fucking duuumb.

    • because a hit also loses the game

      • Putting the ball in play is way better than walking in the winning run. At least make the hitter have to put the bat on the ball. Could have gotten a ground out or fly out.

  43. 3 walks in the 10th, c’mon man.

  44. It’s a Torampa Split…I’ve had worse.

  45. I don’t understand not pitching to Loney.

    • Exactly…you have the match up there…what’s the point of walking a LH LP to go to a RH RP??? Never heard of that…not to mention if Loney does single have the outfield in and then bring in Lincoln…Seriously what are the odds Loney of all people gets a XBH there?

      • Career Slugging .362 against lefties…fuck me

        • He’s made swing adjustments and has been hitting very well with runners in scoring position. Just player the numbers. Lincoln was a complete disaster. We would have needed to set the Rays down if we took the lead, so I could see why he would save Jansen. Just didn’t work tonight.

  46. Brilliant strategy. Have Loup face Longo, then issue an intentional walk to Loney. Worst managing ever! A sad sack franchise with a bush league manager. #firegibbons

  47. we get the first two outs….we then load the bases and walk in a run….#LOVETHISTEAM

  48. This one is going to have me scratching my head for a while.

    walk off walk

    2013 Blue Jays

  49. What a useless fucking piece of shit Lincoln is…I knew this fucking game was lost the second that shitbag came in…flush that fucking turd…

    Boston loses, Baltimore loses, and we go and blow this one? That hurts…surprised he didn’t BALK in the run…hand him a Greyhound bus ticket and leave his shit in a pile in the dugout…

  50. BRAD LINCOLN SHOULD BE BURIED IN THE MINORS FOR THE REST OF HIS LIFE. Don’t trade him, don’t release him, just ship around from town to town on a dirty bus for the rest of his career.

    • But, but, but…I mean , snider was out of options and well, we couldnt afford to lose him for we traded him for something that is , in fact, worse than nothing.

      • Not his fault Gibby used him when he shouldn’t have. Should have used Jansen, not like he’ll be needed tomorrow.

      • +1. Snider would have been useful on the bench. He’s a better defensesive OF than Bonafacio.

        He’s getting more hits this year.

  51. Natives are restless.

  52. Well, at least they’re finding new ways to be the worst team in the league

  53. Anyone remember the last time there was a walkoff walk?


  55. Anyone who criticizes Gibby for pulling Dickie (still sore with back and neck) is an idiot. Can criticize him for not using Jansen

  56. Don’t worry, guys. No one can ever take the winter away from us.

  57. Just trying to have fun tonight but I just found out that Korean hotdogs are just that……..thanks for coming out!

  58. I generally have faith in Gibby, but pitching to Longoria and walking Loney just doesn’t add up…

    not taking advantage of Minnesota getting frisky and nearly sweeping Boston stings pretty bad…but at least Delabar helped us chew up the bullpen – we probably won’t need them the next couple of days, right?

  59. Ramon Ortiz pitching in Fenway should be fun.

  60. I think the actual plan was for Loup to give Longoria nothing to hit and essentially intentionally walk him, and then have Loup face Loney . Martinez pointed out in the broadcast that Gibbons was yelling at JPA to give Longoria nothing to hit. Unfortunately the lefty grooved one that was hit for a double.

    I think Gibbons was pissed at Loup for screwing up, then decided instead of risking another Loup shit ball, he had Lincoln come in to face the righty. To me Lincoln didn’t seem like he had enough time to get loose.

    This one is on Loup.

  61. I still want an undecided comments section. PDQ

  62. Ok that was a royal fucking fuckety fuckerson fuck up. How the fuck was Janssen not throwing those pitches?! Why didn’t Loup pitch to Loney? I don’t understand?!

    This time we can directly point to something Gibbons did that cost the game, cause man was that fucking horrible. I’m so genuinely pissed off right now!

    I say fire the little troll, I’ve had it; it’s time for a head to roll, and it should definitely be his, and he can take his shitty coaching staff with him. This is bullshit.


    • Maybe I should wait until you calm down to explain it.

      • You can try to explain it but you’re wrong, and so was he. This is baseball fucking basics man. You can’t play devil’s advocate forever, it’s just annoying. He. Fucked. That. Up. Plain and simple. There are so many things wrong with what he did in that inning I can’t even formulate my thoughts correctly I’m so pissed off about it.

        • No problem, Moseby.
          BTW. How many outs were there, when the IBB was issued?

          • There were two outs. Loup got Johnson (Gag) and Zobrist. Then Gibby, who for some reason didn’t have ANYONE warming up in the BP, orders Loup to “kinda” not pitch to Longo? Then he walks the Lefty matchup intentionally. Then he summons a cold middle reliever into a high leverage situation instead of the wonderful Janssen. Then Lincoln (shitbag) proceeds to walk Roberts and Scott. Game over. Granted that was a strike 3 on Scott that was missed, but it never should have gotten there.

            Fire the little fucker. End of story.

    • Mether Coffee is a bitch!

  63. What a fucking GOLDEN oppurtunity wasted. Now theyre back to 4 games back of the rays and 9 back of the massholes. So disgusted with the managing+ execution today. THey looked like a team that deserves their 13-23 record. Well, at least were not on the verge of getting swept by the astros like the angels are.

  64. They need to fire or placed Gibbons on DL; get somebody else that inspire respect; the guy’s strategy tend to lose more than win; and this season is already a “losing” season…

    • Gibbons was forced to make some tough choices tonight. He shouldn’t have been in that position to begin with. Colby tracking Zobrists 3B or Blanco squeezing the knuckler that Zobrist scored on would have made Dickey’s start more impressive. Then running into outs with runners on 1st and 3rd. Jays had their chances, they were just not able to execute when it really matter. I know alot of people don’t like the Loney walk and then Lincoln coming in. He was playing the percentages while saving Jansen for shutting the Rays down if they did get the lead. And what if it had of went a few innings more, maybe they were hoping Lincoln could bridge the gap. Not to mention Happ got 4 outs and Romero got one out in their previous two starts. Loup was stretch out his last game, and they probably don’t want to make a habit out of that. I don’t have a problem with call from Gibby. It could of easily worked out for the Jays, but it didn’t. Have to move on. Lots of good signs out of this club in the last week. Hopefully they keep improving as a whole.

  65. DO THE TALK; man-up Anthoupolose….

  66. My friends, let not your hearts be troubled. Yes, we should have won tonight. But, we most def should not have won games 1 or 2. Things have a way of evening out. We are playing better, bats are coming up, everything will be okay.

    Whether it is Buddha, Jesus, Allah, etc, take comfort. Tomorrow is another day and we’ll win.

  67. Obviously this comment is too deep in the thread for it to warrant a response or even a look at by Stoeten, but ya… I mean the sarcasm re: how awful the Jays are is wearing thin. The fact is, they are awful right now, and Dickey has been bad. There is a difference between shitting on everyone aggressively and stupidly, and acknowledging facts (i.e. the Jays are bad, Dickey has been bad). I can only begin to comprehend how mind-numbingly frustrating it is to deal with many on this message board who are overly-reactionary, but at this point, it’s foolhardy to claim anything other than the Jays are bad and in deep shit. Dickey is not good right now. Can you not acknowledge that? Why do you have to just clearly sarcastically talk about him and the team sucking, and tongue in cheek write shit like “#FireMaddon” (obviously could be replaced with Jays and Gibbons, hence the irony).
    Thing is, it’s not ironic. No, we don’t want to fire Gibbons, but ya, Dickey is not good right now and our team sucks. You long view is admirable, but I think it’s also misguided. This team is in serious shit, and it’s okay to say that. It’s okay to talk about our good players playing like shit. It’s not reactionary; it’s fact.

  68. You know what fucking blows my mind is some of the trolls that come on here are so shitty at trolling. Like seriously, at least come with some fucking smarts regarding not just baseball but any fucking sport. I actually get a kick out of trolls when they are clever or at least having a sense of humour. In short fuck off or I will get your IP and impregnate something that you know.

  69. The loss sucks, but 4 things that need to happen for this team to fight their way to the playoffs came to be during the game…..

    Decent start by Dickey.

    Rajai mashing the LHP + manufacturing a run with his legs.

    Cleatus worked the count (against a LHP!) and had strong AB’s (he saw 21 pitches in 4 PA’s).

    Black Magic showing his old tricks again.

    These things add up.


    From a simpler time, the Oreo dome

  71. Jays website looks pretty sad right now. Headlines read, in order:

    “Blue Jays fall on two-out rally in extras”,
    “Happ to miss four to six weeks with head, knee injuries”,
    “Johnson to be out until at least June”,
    “Ortiz to make emergency start against Red Sox”,
    “Morrow’s next start delayed by back spasms”,
    “Prospect Osuna may need Tommy John surgery”


  72. Brad Lincoln was taken 4th overall in the 2006 draft. One spot after Longoria. Taken right after Lincoln was Morrow. 2 after him was Clayton Kreshaw and 3 spots after him was Lincecum. After him was Scherzer. 3 picks later was Snider. 2 picks later, Jeremy Jeffress, and two picks after that was Drabek. 10 picks later is Daniel Bard. 10 picks after that was Rasmus.

    Cory Rasmus. WTF. I didn’t even know he had a brother, let alone that he is a minor league pitcher. And he has a 0.56 era in AAA so far this year. Fairly good numbers in the minors, except 2011, which after that season was converted to a closer. Might be another Rasmus in the majors soon.

  73. Converted to a reliever, not a closer.

  74. You gotta be kiddin me……in a situation like that, he throws a ball ?? Its not just the losses anymore, its the flaky, mindnumbing ways that they’re losing. Throw a fucking strike in there, let him earn that hit. This is getting sooooo fucking stupid.

  75. Looks like The Red sox have lost 7 of their last 10. The bad news is, 2 of the 3 wins were against the Jays.

  76. Big difference between Price having a bad year and Dickey having a bad year after Cy Young seasons is Price is 27 and can come back and have many great seasons. R.A’s chances of re capturing last years magic is quite smaller at 38 years of age.

  77. Good interview with Beeston on baseball centreal.

    Rogers is patient and there will be no fire sale this year.

    Gibby is safe. As well

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