Toronto Blue Jays v New York Yankees

Man, what a difference a year can make, even for a pitcher talented enough to have won the Cy Young award. An ERA over five, a brutal strand rate, a huge jump in home runs allowed, a sub .300 winning percentage… things are pretty fucking dire for a recently-great pitcher who, to this point in 2013, has performed more like a talentless hump, failing, like so many of his teammates, to help drag his preseason-favourite of a team over .500 or anywhere close to talk about them actually being in the race.

Yep, David Price really hasn’t lived up to expectations, has he?



Big League Stew looks back on the last time two reining Cy Young winners met– in July of 1999, when Roger Clemens faced Tom Glavine– and… mostly just provides an excuse for their excellent “Cy versus Cy” photoshoppery.

Pete Walker says, according to Shi Davidi, that the decision to bring up Ricky Romero at the time was a sound one, based on the reports at the time– though I’m sure fans who have no idea what those reports are, and are forcing themselves to forget how he looked at the outset against Seattle, will dispute that.

Davidi adds that “Romero will work closely with Bisons pitching coach Bob Stanley, who will co-ordinate with Dane Johnson, who oversaw [Ricky] in Dunedin.”

John Lott also points out that Walker says he saw a lot to like in Romero’s outing last night. Which… a lot? Maybe a little? Kind of? If you squinted? But a lot?

Barry Davis adds that, with two off days next week, the Jays appear set to go with a four-man rotation for now: Dickey, Ramon Ortiz, Mark Buehrle, and Brandon Morrow. Yep.

Mike Wilner points out that John Gibbons knew Romero was going to be sent down last night when he told reporters that he’d be making his next start. He wasn’t truthful about that because he hadn’t told Romero yet.

Josh Johnson played catch yesterday, tweets Brendan Kennedy, while Barry Davis adds that the hope is to have him pitch in extended spring for two or three innings around March 21st, and that he’ll need a couple rehab starts after that.

Davis also tells us that he spoke to J.A. Happ, who says that “his head is still a little tight but he thinks his knee will keep him out longer than his head.”

Gregor Chisholm adds that Happ is expected to be out four to six weeks, and that he’s going to avoid throwing for a week. He also says that Alex Anthopoulos believes that it’s likely to be closer to a four week absence than a three week one.

Kennedy tweets that the Jays admit they’ve kicked around the idea of a “piggyback” start featuring Brad Lincoln and Brett Cecil at some point.

Another Davis tweet says that Sergio Santos threw 19 pitches in extended spring today, and that he felt no soreness afterwards.

Lott adds that Dustin McGowan also has been “strong” in extended spring.

Gregor  passes on some bad news from the prospect front, as Roberto Osuna has an elbow ligament tear and may need Tommy John surgery, though the club is going to wait and see how initial rehab goes.

More prospect stuff, as Davidi tells us that Marcus Stroman’s suspension will be over on May 19th, and that he’s likely to end up in New Hampshire, though he may get a start in Dunedin first.

“Stroman might make it to majors this year as starter or reliever, AA says,” according to a tweet from John Lott. He will continue to start while in the minors, and… at this rate it looks like that might be where they need him most.

Kennedy says that the club is “confident” that Brandon Morrow will be good to go on Sunday, after having his Friday start pushed back until then after feeling his back tighten up during a side session this week.

Lastly, for your between-inning listening pleasure, it’s today’s edition of the Getting Blanked Podcast.

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app

Toronto Blue Jays

LF Rajai Davis (R)
DH Melky Cabrera (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
2B Mark DeRosa (R)
3B Brett Lawrie (R)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
SS Maicer Izturis (S)

R.A. Dickey RHP

Tampa Bay Rays

CF Desmond Jennings (R)
LF Kelly Johnson (L)
2B Ben Zobrist (S)
3B Evan Longoria (R)
1B James Loney (L)
RF Matt Joyce (L)
DH Luke Scott (L)
C Jose Molina (R)
SS Yunel Escobar (R)

David Price LHP

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  1. Cletus is due for a Dixie dinger.

  2. Cleatus has hung in there tonight against Price…

  3. Nice 4 pitch walk for colby.

    Oh, 3 of those were called strikes? ooookay.

  4. nowhere close to a swing

  5. Hey look. Price’s pitches tail away from a lefty. He must not be a typical lefty either eh?

  6. Wow they screwed colby that at bat. called two outside pitches strikes. then he barely takes the bat off his shoulder and they say he went around.

  7. Cmon dickster throw some strikes.

  8. When Dickey loses his ability to locate i get sad

  9. So PH for Blanco next inning?


  10. Man Im sick of Blanco. Id love to see Thole at this point.

  11. should have caught that blanco….you are up here for your stellar defense and I’ve yet to see it.

  12. Nice inning, Dickey

  13. Decent outing by Dickey. Too many walks but 3 runs in 6 innings isn’t bad.

    • Should only be two runs really. Ramsus misplaying zobrist fly ball and blanco’s past ball accounted for one run.

    • Dickey hasn’t has his best stuff, but he’s battling and still consuming innings. 7 innings would be better, but a “Quality Start” is not bad.

  14. Who would win a bottie shakin’ contest between Blanco and Molina?

  15. Wow blanco!!! Play of the game!!

  16. LOL Fuck all of you Blanco haters!

  17. It’d be nice to see that Jays add a couple here and knock Price out once and for all.

  18. Really? Blanco just did the lo viste? I guess in his case it is def something we must see for it is a rare occurrence.

  19. Price has become a freaking junk baller.

  20. Can we hold this one run lead? I have a bad feeling with the Rays magic that seems to get us almost every game except the first two this series. Perhaps the worm has turned though.

  21. BAL and BOS losing…..

    just say’n

  22. Odds of Delabar walking the first batter. 100%

  23. Fucking fuck.

  24. If Dickey was coming out of the game, why did Blanco hit? And run for himself. Way to go Delabar, prove me wrong and give up the homer.

  25. Can we send this piece of shit to Buffalo?

    • That’s the first HR he’s given up in 20 innings. Hardly a piece of shit. You on the other hand…

  26. Never get off the boat….

  27. well that was pretty much the worst

  28. Seriously, why did Gibbons not pinch run for Blanco? Get Bonifacio out there stealing bases. With a one-run lead, it is very important to get an insurance run. Is it really so bad for Arencibia to catch a couple of innings?

    • He probably wanted to, but JP has played a lot this year. Need to give him a rest. Really hope they DFA him and bring up Thole.

      • I suppose so. But Arencibia was super pissed he had a half day off earlier this week. I guess it’s kind of trusting him to know his own body and be honest, which is probably asking a lot.

  29. That wasn’t a cheap homer, either. Straight away.

  30. It feels like half the homeruns we’ve given up this year have been to ex Jays.

  31. Delabar is being greedy. He wants all the wins in this series he can get!

  32. Who’s the emergency catcher?

  33. you cant just get behind guys consistently and then groove one right down the middle. even pieces of shit like escobar are going to crush it.

  34. Dickey should be throwing a minimum of 8 innings with any lead. #firegibbons

    • 110 pitches for someone who has a tight back, that is getting better. He did a good job, probably should have been two runs, if Rasmus gets a good read or Blanco squeezes that one pitch. Either way, gotta let him get to full strength before asking him to throw 130 or so pitches.

    • Troll

  35. At least they struck out KJ.

  36. That’s the KJ I was waiting for.

  37. Both KJ and Cletus had hammy problems in the second half last year. And they both sucked.

  38. Time for Edwin to park one in the 500′s

  39. so much for getting Price out of the game early…

  40. A single tear just rolled down the parrot’s face…he thought it was walk time…

  41. The Trop sounds like a public pool on special adult discount days.

  42. The Jays need to somehow win this game so we can stop fucking hearing about how they haven’t won a series in Tampa since the Paleolithic Era.

  43. I like Melky to score the winning run.

  44. Damn lawrie and ee put good swings on the ball.

  45. Price is the skinny CC. Hang around, keep team in game. Nice.

  46. Fucking crushed the ball that inning and get butkus

    baseball can suck balls sometimes.

  47. I actually will take giving up the single there.

  48. Of course Escobar hits the tier

  49. Wow, that slider was clearly a strike. Jays getting fucked by this umpire.

  50. C’mon magic

  51. Gibby cares not for Maddon’s tricks

  52. Fuck yeah!!!

  53. Very nice indeed.

  54. HOSE!


  56. And that’s why Blanco was still in the game.

  57. NICE!!!!!

  58. Luke Scott has the ugliest facial hair since Kerry Lightenberg. Fuck him and his RBI. Nice play!

  59. Well, atleast we found something blanco is good at.

  60. FUCK YES.

  61. I’ll give Blanco credit there.

    Great play and you know JPA would’ve fucked that up.

  62. Never got off the boat…..

  63. HUGE play by Hank – if that’s JPA in there, not only does the run score, but the ball goes to the backstop…

  64. This team sure has its moments.

  65. Arencibia not feeling the love from here…

  66. woooooooffffff … gibby genius keeping blanco in, eh?

  67. Park one, Cletus!

  68. Now THAT is GIF material.

  69. JPA on deck… sweet. Hopefully he fucks Rodney up again

  70. Please dont be hurt JPA…

    • When Arencibia cools down after the game, the hand may really hurt. The “Free Thole” movement might get their wish…

  71. We may be out of catchers.

  72. Can’t pinch run for Arencibia…

  73. Davis is having a game.

  74. Davis against lefties and properly used is a good player.

  75. “I like Melky to score the winning run.”

  76. I’m already worrying what Rivera is going to do at third.

  77. Buck Martinez thinks every line drive base hit is a “little looper”

  78. Hate that Rodney.

  79. damn…100 mph fastball with ridiculous movement. How the hell do you hit that?

  80. Bye bye lube

  81. Like a fine wine…

  82. #OliverTheBest

  83. It’s amazing that Black magic is so effective throwing in the mid to upper 80′x…

  84. I would like to see Gibby go to Jansen next inning, regardless if we score or not.

  85. Hey, who ordered the wings?

  86. fuck we need to score here.

  87. shoot. darn. dangit.

  88. Kawasaki damn near beat that out…

  89. They better have Janssen ready for Longoria if runners get on.

    Or why not just let Janssen face their best hitters?

  90. so looks like if blanco really did tag longorio we got screwed out of win already

  91. Loup against righties makes me really nervous. I would take him out after zobrist.

  92. If you send Casey out and then we get the go ahead run, who will come in for the save?

  93. Tabler just said it was loud in Tampa…BAHAHAHAHA…


  95. I’m surprised that Gibby didn’t just walk him

  96. Fuck Longoria.

  97. Thats on gibbons. Loup is a fucking loogyy gibbons!?

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