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Ramon Ortiz

Well… at least his face hasn’t aged in 15 years.

Hell of a dispiriting tweet right here from Barry Davis of Sportsnet:

Yes, it’s come to this. Unless Ortiz gets used, in which case it’s going to– somehow– probably come to someone even worse.

This is all happening, of course, because of this fun little new situation:

The Jays sure do get their share of back injuries, huh?

Oh, and the Morrow situation comes in addition to this one we heard about today:

Shi Davidi noted at Sportsnet earlier in the week that Johnson was set to resume throwing today, following a second MRI on his right triceps, which came back clean, but that he’d likely need a couple of weeks and a couple of rehab starts in order to build his arm strength up.

Hey, maybe here’s a solution (but not really):

Don’t hold your breath for Stroman, folks. Not that, at this point in his development, he’d make that much of a difference anyway. So… seems like things are going to get worse before they get better, which is. not. good.

Hey, but the Yankees keep dragging out corpses and making them dance somehow, so… I dunno… why not us? Fun stuff, eh?

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  2. Once the game is 9-0 Boston in the 3rd, just keep Ortiz in there and not use up any other arms or forfeit the game.

  3. 2012 called. It wants its DL back.

  4. Just awful. I cant believe they dont have anyone better.

    • Well, generally teams don’t have much when it comes to the 7th or 8th starters on the depth chart. But yea, Ortiz is a special kind of turd to be starting against Boston.

    • Quit it with the negativity. When AA got Dickey, it added depth. Not his fault that JJ is injured, Happ took an LD to the head and Romero is….Romero. Yes, Ortiz isn’t dreamy, but at least he’s an old arm. If the Jays didn’t have guys like him in Buffalor we’d be calling up young guys who are not ready. When Drabek and Hutch return in a month or two we’ll have way more depth. In the meantime, stop following the jays. You – like many TO fans – obviously don’t care about them winning, you prefer to be dissappointed. I feel sorry for you.

      • Laugh. Post of the fucking year.

        Obviously Happ was a freak injury. But Romero has sucked dick for a year now… he couldn’t be relied upon.

        Josh Johnson is your reliable starter?

        You have to at least be somewhat concerned about Dickey given his age.

        Sorry, AA did not build an adequate roster this year. From the bench right up to the starting rotation.

      • Are you the douchebag who tried to start the cleverly named blog soberjaysfans? Fail.

        • Nope, that douchebag stole it from me. BTW, Riggs is a real fucking original screen name. Go have sex with a lot lizard you wannabe truck driving douchebag. Its the only poonaner you’ll ever get. I’m about to go make love to wife and watch the Jays game. Have fun crying yourself to sleep. And yes, I am 30 and well aware of the the fact that its been 20 year (didn’t think a deginerate like you would live that long, probably all fucked up on your shitty Labbatt blue).

          • This guy is comedy gold.

          • LOL…I won’t bother with a reply to your baseless random insults. Truck driver? What? Assuming I don’t have a wife? Weird…

            • well you just replied, retard. and yes, judged on your Twitter profile which you were fucking stupid enough to link to, I think its fair game to assume you don’t have a wife. may have jumped the gun on paid/forced underage sex, but that’s the way shit goes. go fuck Rob Butler in the ass.

              • But I am engaged…so fail. Also, I link my twitter profile because I’m not a little pussy making anonymous comments on the internet lol. If you have a problem you know where to find me! I’ve linked it!

            • Sober Jays fans = pathetic troll

              • Man the fuck up Poons Goons, I just got some poon. Fucked my wife in her vag then her ass. It was awesome!!!!!!! Anyhow, obviously you don’t get any poon, let alone the kind that comes from the poo hole. Your name is so freudian.

  5. Remember when Happ was freaking out and thought he’d rot all year in Buffalo??? Ya……

  6. Why not brad Lincoln? If he shots the bed at least we know he’s not good

  7. There are no words.

  8. Where is Chad Jenkins? I know Joel Carreno is in AA – he was good enough to start last season, why not him?

  9. I’m starting to think Jays pitchers are cursed.

    • It’s appears even if you were linked to the Jays as well. Remember Gavin Floyd’s sisters , best friends second cousin or something like that said Floyd was coming To on twitter last year . Well he is for the old DR Andrews visit so the curse reaches out even to potential Jays it would seem

  10. “Why not us” is key. Things often even out in life. They Jays have had many years where they have underperformed. This year, it looked like they had the best laid plans, not everything has panned out. Anyhow, as I see it, we are due for some good luck!

    If you believe in chemistry and motivation, “Why not us?” was used by the Red Sox in 2004. Why not use it for us now. Things will get better.

  11. But we have a bunch of pitchers coming back from last year’s disaster so this is bad but possibly not terminal.

    • finally some positivity!

      I am sick of the “fans” on here criticizing AA for these injuries. He made his best effort FFS! Can’t wait to see all the negative nancies on this forum cheering their brains out when the jays make the playoffs (either this year or the next). You are all band-wagon loosers!

      • [citation needed] on that best effort.

      • LOL bandwagon losers, give me a fucking break. Most of us here probably know more about baseball than you know about your cock. Sorry we’re not all little fanboy cheerleaders…it’s been 20 fucking years! Maybe you’re not old enough for that to sink in, but the bandwagon fan thing is pretty ridiculous to say to people who get down on a team after seeing the same thing happen for almost a quarter of a century. Sure I like to tweet how shitty Brett Lawrie is and then all of a sudden jump on his ding-a-ling when he gets a clutch rbi. That’s called being a fanatic, aka fan, aka fuck off and come up with a little more original screen name.

  12. why not cecil for two starts?

  13. I’d almost say to use Casey Janssen. But if we somehow fucked him up, I’d jump off a bridge.

  14. Maybe Nolin gets a shot soon?

  15. Someone please KILL the strength conditioning coach.

    But Wilner will maintain it’s just bad luck and the Jays pitchers don’t suffer any more injuries than other teams. Piss off Wilner!

    I wonder if Ortiz rubbing cocaine on the ball will give it some life.

    • I wish Mark Buehrle’s money could have been invested in better coaching/training at all levels. Could probably get an ace fucking squad for 20 million / year.

      Oh well, at least we’ll get to watch him piss away our chance at the playoffs for the next two years because he’s pouting about a dog.

      • You’re one sad motherfucker, no?

      • Cause last time I checked coaching was the only thing that stood between a player and success.

        FFS, I honestly think that Toronto “fans” have some kinda Stockholm syndrome when it comes to winning. We’ve been dissappointed for so long that we actually want our teams to fail because we identify with failure. AA tried, it might be turned around this year. THey still have a very good team going into next year. In the meantime, shut up

        • Have you seen this team? Have you seen the team’s fucking record? It’s going to get better somehow next year? Who the fuck are we adding? Is Kenta Maeda going to be posted?

    • Your opinion is no less laughably unfounded than the one you’re attempting to shit on here.

  16. How can a team so invested in this year be running out Ramon Ortiz for a start?

    • You kind of answered your own question.

      The Jays went all-in and got exposed. This is why rebuilds NEED to happen organically for them to happen correctly. You cannot expect that players won’t get fucking injured during the course of a year… and when they do? You better have fucking depth available.

      The Jays were probably 1-2 years away from competing with home-grown talent. Instead, they traded the fucking farm away and we got a bunch of aging, injury-prone and some absolute shitty (Mark Buehrle, Bonerface) players. Now that depth that would have been available in a couple of years? Pissed away.

      The Jays have two players they can call up from AAA that could/should be major leaguers at some point in their careers — Anthony Gose and Josh Thole. That’s fucking it.

      AA rushed it and lost. Now the Jays can rebuild for another couple of years. Injuries happen — you better have the fucking depth to cover it. Not fucking Ramon Ortiz.

      • I guarantee that our messiah-named friend over here would be the first pissing all over AA and Rogers if the Jays hadn’t made any moves this year. He’d be all like “you can’t build a team on its own” you need to add the right pieces, etc, etc.

        The jays time was/is now. Joey bat, morrow et al are not getting any younger. If we’d waited for the Lansing three to come up, we’d still need to add depth.

        • The Jays needed to make some moves… sure. But going all in?

          Adding Darvish and Cespedes would have been the best moves AA could have made over the past two offseasons. All that would have cost was cash — not prospects/draft picks.

          • Honestly, I think that bringing up “Yu Darvish” is the equivalent of Godwin’s law in the Jays world. If you bring it, you are admitting defeat.

            So, let me get this straight. The Jays were 2 years away from competing organically, but should have acquired Yu Darvish? Oh, and Romero and Morrow suck? So, who was part of this organic contender? The guys years away in Lansing?

            You are obviously a very sad person. If you ever need to talk, post your number and we can work through the issues you are going through.

            • Yeah because Yu Darvish and Cespedes are signed to one or two year deals.

              Most of the “valuable” players on the 2012 Blue Jays would have been around with the team to compete in 2014/2015.

              It doesn’t matter. I can criticize the fucking mishandling of prospects (Alvarez, Snider, Hutchison, etc.) or the fact that we traded away the farm for shitty returns. People are always going to fucking back up AA.

              I loved AA and thought he was one of the best GMs in baseball until 2012/2013. Now I look back and realize that really all he has done for this fucking team is that he traded away Vernon Wells. Oh, btw, he added a player worse than fucking Vernon Wells in Mark Buehrle… so I guess it doesn’t matter anymore.

            • Yu Darvish is just coming into his own THIS season. Not bidding enough for him was a MASSIVE mistake. How about Yu as our ace, no fucking Dickey and d’Arnaud when healthy comes up and replaces our current catcher who…can’t fucking catch and is a 2 outcome hitter who will likely lead all of MLB in K’s? Cespedes, Fielder, all signed multi year deals that would be fine having on your roster while waiting until this year. Instead we got Mark fucking Buehrle LOL. Reyes injury makes a huge difference, but you think he is going to help our team score 10 runs every time Buehrle takes the mound? Doubtful. I love argueing in hindsight by the way so fuck you.

              • People were complaining about how Prince Fielder’s contract was going to hamstring this team.

                • It will though, we’re in year two. It’ll hurt them bad 10 years from now. Makr Beurhle oonly hurts us for 2.

                  • 10 years from now?

                    • Sorry, 5 or 6 years from now. It’ll be like A-Rod’s contract, Yes, quantitative easing will lead to inflation, but you can’t inflate away that contract. Especially in such an economically vulnerable area like Detroit. Poor bastards. Just goes to show you how important manufacturing sectors are to the economy. Think of it as having a deep farm system.

                      So yes, they wil live to regret signing fielder. He’ll probably fuck up his knees and/or hip for too long. Or fuck, he’ll follow his dad’s footsteps end up getting gambling addication and shit and get killed.

                      Mark buerhle, isn’t great, but he’ll be off the books in two years. AA is a god.

                    • The God of Under 500 teams.

          • And dip stick those players willing to sign here

            • Darvish wouldn’t have had a choice if the Jays won the posting. It would have been Japan or the Jays.

              Cespedes signed with Oakland… he went where the money was.

              You are right on Prince Fielder though… there is a good chance he would not have signed with the Jays.

            • Typical insecure Toronto fan, worries that players won’t sign here. Get some confidence. Mind you, if the read this board and realized how stupid some of their fans were, they wouldn’t sign here.

              • Players are lining up to whip out their passports non-stop and cross that fucking border all year long. They love playing for a fucking 20 year loser as well. Oh, and the turf? They eat it up. Shitty attendance? LOVING IT!

                • Turf will be fixed. As for passports, most players aren’t american anyhow, so makes no difference. Shitty attendence will on the other hand will only be fixed with dickwads like you and Riggs stop being such dicks. Quit dwelling on negativity. I hate being at games with negative uniformed fucks you guys.

                  Anyhow, I’m going to fuck my wife. Who I’ve had many a threesome with, although tonight its just the two of us fucking Then I’m going to watch the jays game. We are gonna win. Good luck with you lonely ass lives and metabolic problems.

                  Oh btw, the threesomes have been always been 2 girls, one guy. My wife is very accomdoating. She also lets me fuck other women without her.

                  • Why are you talking about a team being handcuffed 4-5 years from now? 1 world series, yes 1 makes up for that ten fold. Turf will be fixed? LOL…ya maybe 3-4 years from now.

                    • It sickens me that you’d use the term handcuffed considering the possibility that lot lizards are often underage, and essentially trafficked


                      Realize some of us have to pay for sex, but there are so many other options. Can’t you meet a nice girl in the satellite communications industry?

                    • Ya, ok didn’t realize I was dealing with a 14 year old. Discussing baseball here mate, aggressively yes…but you are taking it to a creepier level!

  17. Cody Eppley is available and there are decent pen arms in AA/AAA (Perez, Carreno, Wagner, Hinshaw)…If this isn’t just a stopgap while they ramp up Lincoln or Cecil to 5 innings, then I don’t know what to think…

    • Lincoln and Cecil both suck dick as starters.

      • Cecil’s arm velo is way up though. That was what was missing in 2011/12. He could be a starter. BUT, we’d miss him in the bullpen

        • Velocity tends to go up with a move to the pen.

          • True, but thing is, his velocity didn’t go up last year when he moved to the pen (and was sucessful). He used Delebar’s program in the off-season and added a few miles. How about instead of trolling good blue jays blogs, you actually read up on the jays? You’re such a typical hockey fan, who occassionally follows baseball.

      • Both suck(ED) dick as starters, sure. But at this point I’d be a lot more interested in seeing if they can be developed into mediocre swingmen than continue to see a parade of major league burnouts from 2003-6. I’m not saying it’s optimal or that I think they’re going to give you top-of-thee-rotation stuff, but you might as well find out if one of them can give you 150 average innings.

        • Ok, well Steve Delabar was a starter. So was Darren Oliver. Fuck, even Casey Janssen.

          You’re getting a start, and you’re getting a start, you’re ALL GETTING STARTS!

          There’s a reason these players are in the bullpen and not the starting rotation.

          • When was Delabar a starter? And I’ll be honest, Oliver and Janssen crossed my mind but there’s no way that’s happening for a multitude of reasons. Lincoln and Cecil were both starters recently, are both relatively young, and aren’t really being utilised to any great effect right now.

  18. Wouldn’t mind the Jays trying to sign Jonathan Sanchez who’s terrible but at least his ghost of good season past is a little more recently removed then the ghost of Ramon Ortiz.

    • I tried suggesting that the other night. He can’t be any worse than what we’ve been trotting out there so far.

  19. It’s days like this that I think of walking away from my job and chasing the big league dream.

  20. Ferguson Jenkins seems to be in decent shape, let’s sign him.

  21. Look at me I dont know anything

  22. this sucks

  23. Where art thou, Aaron Laffey?

  24. Can we take a flyer on Stroman’s dad?

  25. Anybody here see Delabar being stretched out to start? Had an argument in a fantasy league with a guy who picked him up. I say no.

  26. Sometimes the comedy of comments makes me briefly forget what the bad news of the post was about. But then I have a small cry knowing that some of the comments are meant to be serious, that injuries are easy to cover and starting pitching is easily found, and that AA should have signed all these players doing amazing right now as opposed to trading for a group of players that included a batting champion and last years Cy Young winner…because it’s that easy, and you don’t have to compete against 29 other teams (ok…27 taking into account the Astros and Marlins) trying to do the same thing.

    “AA should have just signed Darvish and Cespedes and got Clay “Sunscreen” Buchholz for Farrell.”

    It’s that easy! AA is so stupid for not getting it done, clearly.

    And then I type a shit load of run on sentences to delay having to think about having Ramon Ortiz as a starter against a team I so dearly want the Jays to pummel into oblivion.

  27. Holy fuck this is the stupidest thread of all time

  28. Well I’m down in Boston with tix to tomorrow’s game. Going to have pretty good seats for this shit show. With the behaviour of fans this season, and now fielding a third rate starter I’m expecting some good jeers!

  29. at this point all i want is an uninjured arm that throws strikes over the plate for an extended period of time

  30. Still a better option than Romero…

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