May 8th v Rays

Batter pLI WPA
Lawrie – 3B 0.73 -0.079
Cabrera – LF 0.48 0.030
Bautista – RF 0.66 -0.075
Encarnacion – 1B 0.49 0.254
Arencibia – C 0.53 -0.056 Pitcher pLI WPA
Davis – LF 0.50 0.022 Romero – SP 2.20 -0.425
DeRosa – 2B 1.15 -0.032 Gonzalez – RP 0.69 -0.053
Izturis – SS 0.91 -0.064 Rogers – RP 0.02 -0.006
Bonifacio – CF 0.78 -0.018 Cecil – RP 0.01 0.001
Total 0.67 0.017 Total 0.72 -0.483

Bests / Worsts of the game after the jump!

GBOOT: Edwin Encarnacion, 25.4%
Griffin: Ricky Romero, -42.5%
Impact At-Bat: Encarnacion 2-run Home Run, Top 1, 21.1%
Impact Pitch: Evan Longoria 2-run Home Run, Bot 4, -12.8%
Highest Leverage AB: Mark DeRosa Bases Loaded Strikeout, Top 5, 2.25
Highest Leverage Opp. AB: Longoria RBI Single, Bot 1, 2.91
Lineup Contribution: -1.7%
Pitching Contribution: -48.3%
Average Leverage Index: 0.69
Chart explanation

- Ricky Romero’s line: 0.1ip, 4h, 3er, 2bb, 0k, 29 pitches, 2 swinging strikes, 29 game score, 20.98 FIP.

- Matt Moore’s line: 5.0ip, 6h, 2er, 1hr, 4bb, 2k, 104 pitches, 6 swinging strikes, 45 game score, 7.18 FIP.

- Romero faced just 7 batters, allowing 6 of them to reach base. A Yunel Escobar F7 would be the only out he recorded.

- After Romero was pulled, the Jays escaped the 1st inning trailing just 3-2. A very possibly overworked bullpen surrendered 9 hits, 7 runs and 3 walks over the remaining 7 and 2/3rds. Edgar Gonzalez (5 earned runs) pitched 4.2, Esmil Rogers (2 earned runs) threw 1.2, and Brett Cecil mopped up the last inning and a third.

- Edwin Encarnacion (10) took the parrot for a walk to open the scoring in the 1st.

- The Jays had a legitimate shot at stealing this game, as Mark DeRosa came to the plate with the bases loaded in a 6-2 game in the 5th. The Rays finally managed the contain the red-hot DeRosa by getting him to strike out swinging to end the frame.

- The Jays tallied 9 hits, including 2 a piece from Rajai Davis, J.P. Arencibia, and Melky Cabrera.

- Jose Bautista and Brett Lawrie combined to go 0-for-10. Lawrie did make a damn fine defensive play at 3rd.

- Toronto did score a pair in the 7th inning, but by that time the Rays had already scored 10.

- Encarnacion drove in 3 with his homer and a sac fly, and also added 2 walks.

- For the Rays: Evan Longoria went 3-for-4 with a home run, 3 rbi and a walk. Kelly Johnson also went 3-for-4 with a walk, HR, 2 rbi and 3 runs scored.

- For the 2nd straight night, Rays manager Joe Maddon was ejected for arguing (correctly) about an incorrect foul ball call by the home plate umpire. He would go on to secure his 600th win as manager despite being tossed.

- The (13-22) Blue Jays fall to 3 games back of (15-18) Tampa Bay for 4th in the AL East.

- The series finale projected match-up is R.A. Dickey (5.17FIP, 0.1fWAR) v David Price (4.39FIP, 0.2fWAR). Ooh la la.

{All numbers via Fangraphs}

{gifs via Gamereax}

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  1. wish i knew what Lawrie said….

  2. I can throw like R.R. for half the price. Can’t feel sorry for him @ 7.5 this year and next. Talk about a vibe killer, yikes.

    • He had the money the day he signed the contract. All that is happening now is he is being embarrassed in front of millions. He’s on my team and seems a nice guy so…. I feel very sorry for him. And for as bad as he was pitching, I think every hit was a single and most of them were grounders. 3-4 feet over and he has a double play and gets out of the inning.

  3. Does Joe Maddon get the win because he was ejected in the 6th? If he didn’t make it through 5 would it have gone to Dave Martinez?

  4. Ricky Romer-woe

  5. Ro-emo. best.

  6. Ricky Romero was crying in front of his locker late last night. I head this from a team official. The guy is toast.

    • No he wasn’t, he’s a major leaguer. They are all professionals who never let emotions or lack of confidence affect their performance, Stoeten said so.

      • Did he? Show me where.

      • +1.

        Has a pitcher of romeros calibre ever fallen so badly, so quickly without a major physical injury?

        Can Ricky go back to previous mechanics?

        He wasn’t that bad. Now he seems worse.

        Jeff Blair says Romero needs to be traded. Another team can fix him.

        I disagree. The jays can’t keep trading away players. Get someone within the team to fix them

        • How quickly you forget Josh Towers. Hero to zero in about five seconds

        • Dontrelle Willis. Brilliant start to his career and then cliff. It’s awfully hard to remember examples because new pitchers are constantly arriving on the scene and we tend to forget those that roared off to great starts and then became trainwrecks.

        • Rick Ankiel. Maybe Ricky can hit?

  7. What looked to be our strength – now is a disaster

    Romero – toast
    Johnson – hurt
    Happ – hurt (thank god is wasn’t worse)
    Buehrle – pissed at Toronto for not allowing his dogs
    Morrow – one day an ace, next day a AAA pitcher (most of his career)
    Dickey – looks like a #3 SP right now

    I can’t believe that we don’t have anyone at this moment that we can bank on 5-6 solid innings for most of their starts

    • This has been the biggest shocker of the season for me. Not that they haven’t been dominant, but they haven’t even been able to grind through any 7-8 IP, 4-5 ER type starts.

      There are 16 individuals pitchers who have more starts of 7+ IP than the entire Jays team.

    • Morrow is always a slow starter and is far from looking like a AAA pitcher every other start. Dickey is facing the other Cy Young winner today who looks just as bad this year…. so that tells you how early it is.

      I agree that our strength is not playing out like we imagined it would.

    • Fuck Mark Buehrle and his dogs.

  8. So suddenly all ofour pitchers have gone bad, maybe it’s time we look at a common factor? Arencibia. The guy can hit a ton but it seems maybe he has no idea how to call a game! Or how to locate pitches! He doesn’t show a target, he more snatches at the ball as it comes in. When showing, you can draw a ball in and convince an ump it’s astrike, when lashing out to catch it you are pushing it outside so less favorable calls. Also, if you through an outside fastball and the guy is way behind it, you don’t came back with an offspeed!

  9. Idea for an article. Compare Rickey to Scott Kazmir.

  10. I was pumped when we got the lead but my enthusiasm evaporated when I realised Ricky was pitching. I really think it is over for him. I blame management for bringing him back after one start in A ball.

  11. Romero can’t keep his new mechanics together. Under easy circumstances in Seattle, he was able to do it for 3 innings, came apart in the 4th. A little adversity against TB and he comes right apart.

    He has to go back to the minors (back to A ball), coming up through the system level by level and he should not be allowed back until he has pitched a couple of good starts at AAA. Otherwise, he will be toast. The problem is the organization is low on pitching depth who can start at the MLB level.

    Claudio Vargas needs to come up for Happ’s spot – he’s pitching well and could likely survive. Beyond that, who takes Johnson’s spot – Dave Bush, Justin Germano, Miguel Batista? Do you bring up Aaron Sanchez from AA? Trade for somebody?

    • Sanchez isn’t even in New Hampshire yet. If he pitches well enough to reach Buffalo by season’s end as some predicted, then maybe — MAYBE — you give him a cameo in September, depending on where the season is by then (moving towards in the shitter). I don’t think we’ll see him even for a spot start until 2014 at the earliest.

      Remember, the next two guys on the starting pitching depth chart, Hutch and Drabek, are hurt. That’s why they are looking to Ramon Ortiz, Vargas, Batista, etc. If Hutch and/or Drabek aren’t hurt they get the call before any of these guys.

      • Goodness gracious, let’s let Sanchez develop.

        Just keep him in A ball for half the year and IF he’s ready bring him to AA. He’s the best pitching prospect the Jays have had in a long time, I’d be a much bigger fan of them doing right by him than trying to rush him through 3 levels of the system for a cameo in September.

  12. And breaking news…Romero to Buffalo, Edgar DFA’d, Mickey Storey and Ramon Ortiz are up. Damn.

  13. I see Carlos Villeneuva is throwing like a fucking rockstar for the Cubs!

    • He’ll be hurt soon enough. He always wears down as the innings pile up.

      • worst non-sign. If you have a guy that can give you half a year of quality starts and can get him for wayyyyyyyy below market value you do it. I remember being very angry when they didn’t sign him; it seemed like a pissing contest.

  14. I have tickets to next Tuesday’s game against the Giants. Rumour is that Rickey’s pitching.
    Odds look good for me to go to 0-3 on the year for games I’ve attended…

  15. Parrot Gif Forever!!!!

  16. Noah Syndegard had a 1.61 ERA in the minors this year. I’m starting to like Dickey less and less.

  17. [...] have been referring to Encarnacion home runs that way since the beginning of May, and they even linked to the above GIF earlier in the month. When Encarnacion hits a home run, he circles the bases with his right arm [...]

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