Toronto Blue Jays v Detroit Tigers


According to Gregor’s latest at dot com, Blue Jays starter Josh Johnson is “expected to be out until at least June.” Soreness in his right triceps muscle has kept him from pitching since his last start on April 21st, and he just began playing catch again recently. He’s eligible to come off the DL on Monday, and there was hope that he’d be back by May 21st but… Nope.

The 29-year old Oklahoma native has a 6.86 ERA over his 4 starts as a Blue Jay. As I’m sure you know, his contract expires at the end of the season, so feel free to speculate about how this affects contract extensions for a guy we’ve all seen less than 5 times and has a history of injury.

Also mentioned in the article is the news that Brandon Morrow’s next start will be pushed back, Ramon Ortiz is starting tonight, J.A. Happ will be out 4-to-6 with his head and knee injuries, and hey top pitching prospect Roberto Osuna might need Tommy John surgery. Tons of good news here.


Stoeten here, with a couple more tidbits related to pitching woes, as Alex Anthopoulos spoke yesterday to reporters– such as John Lott of the National Post– on the subject, explaining that “the fact that we don’t expect it to be a prolonged absence for these guys certainly helps so we need to get through it these next few weeks. Hopefully with the offence starting to swing the bats a little bit more … we can stay in games and win some games.”

The GM also spoke one-on-one with Barry Davis of Sportsnet yesterday, the results of which you can see below.

In good– question mark?– news, the team did activate mid-spring acquisition Michael Schwimer from the DL today, then promptly optioned him to Buffalo. So… there’s that.

Also this:

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  1. I remember when we all thought it was impossible for a season to be worse than 2012.

  2. I’m seriously considering not liking baseball anymore. There’s losing teams and then there is this team which is in no way entertaining to watch. Sometimes losses are ok if it was a good game.. nope, none of that for us. All ugly, all the time.

    • A comment like this just screams that you’re not a true fan. But I’m sure you’ll be back when they do eventually start winning (maybe not this year). By then you’ll probably have convinced yourself that you’ve “always been a fan of the Jays” while stepping back onto the wagon.

      Don’t bother, you won’t be missed!

      • Well said, Sausage King!

        • Its moments like these that make the times when the Jays win that much better. If you dont like them when they are losing then FUCK OFF.

      • Years and years of them mediocre or sucking wears a person down but it’s not that. This year they got hopes high and maybe finally, fucking finally, they might have a decent chance but if not, then it’ll still be a fun team to watch. Nope, hopes are being dashed so spectacularly that is actually depressingly painful to watch the games.

        Not just that though, hopes for the next few years are rapidly going down the drain. The farm is dry and this is the team we’re stuck with. It’s not like we can just go on a fire sale when so many are fucking worthless in trades. We’d get pennies on the dollar.

        Ricky is done, Buehrle sucks and is untradeable, Johnson injured of course, Dickey is ok but not an ace, Morrow isn’t either, wtf is with Santos, but also the luck thing with Reyes and Happ plus maybe Lawrie isn’t a star.

        So it not just this year I see as mediocre at best, it’s the next few years. I doubt I’ll stop liking baseball, I was just frustrated, but I’m not sure how much I can watch over the next while.

        I’ve gone from watching every game I can for years to checking the score here and there because it’s just a miserable experience almost every game.

        • Do us all a favour. If you’re not planning on watching an/or following baseball or the Jays, please stop posting.

          • You know, I don’t follow the Leafs, or hockey, but when I see people post stuff like this, I just think, how many decades of rope have people given to that team?

            Why is the sky falling (seemingly) for the Blue Jays such a big deal then? We can’t just say, “Welp, there they go again!” and get back to enjoying the game of baseball for what it is?

            For shame, Chicken Little, for shame.

            • Ha. The last time the Jays were any good the Leafs were making it to conference finals. Both teams have run out of deserved rope long ago.

              This season is getting tough. Face it. Nothing to do with being a true fan or not, its tough to watch the implosion.

            • I just dont understand why unfounded optimism is some kind of badge of pride.

              • If everyone gives up on the jays. And becomes apathetic then page views go down.

                Try running a Tfc blog. It’s sad. No one cares about them anymore.

                The newbluejaysmessageboard is very good.

  3. Can we get a Kyle Drabek or something here?! Hutch? Just bring em back early, they’re likely doomed to this luck anyway!

  4. Well, we’re fucked.

  5. The worst thing is that this team will probably start winning later in the season… just enough so we don’t get a good draft pick.

    • It’s not the NHL you know.

    • Fuck draft picks.

      • Fuck future mediocre teams. That’s what we’re looking at. Get used to it unless we get some good draft picks… that’s why we’re stuck with mediocre teams.

        • Yes, and we’ve been doing that the past 3 years stocking draft picks as a mediocre team. It does come to a point where the team needs to start going for it with their key players. It didn’t work out most likely for this season, but that’s baseball.

          • Lots of mediocre draft picks. This years number ten pick is best in a while but it’s only top ten or even five that can usually be counted on to be stars. The Jays need more undeniable stars like Reyes and in their prime years.

            • No. Not even close. Not saying below top 10 can be counted on to be stars, I’m saying NOBODY can be counted on to be a star. The draft is a crapshoot, teams draft the guys that profile the best to be MLB players but it doesn’t pan out the majority of the time. Here are the top 5 draft picks from 2003-2007.

              1. Delmon Young
              2. Rickie Weeks
              3.Kyle Sleeth
              4. Tim Stauffer
              5.Chris Lubanski

              1.Matt Bush
              2. Justin Verlander
              3. Philip Humber
              4. Jeff Niemann
              5. Mark Rogers

              1. Justin Upton
              2. Alex Gordon
              3. Jeff Clement
              4. Ryan Zimmerman
              5. Ryan Braun
              (A little bonus for you guys)
              6. Ricky Romero
              7. Troy Tulowitzki
              (Kills me. Every time)

              1. Luke Hochevar
              2. Greg Reynolds
              3. Evan Longoria
              4. Brad Lincoln
              5. Brandon Morrow

              1. David Price
              2. Mike Moustakas
              3. Josh Vitters
              4. Daniel Moskos
              5. Matt Wieters

              How many stars do you see there? 1 or 2 per year? More from 2005 because apparently that was a great year? There are no “guarantees” in the draft, and looking at the draft histories, really, the top 5 or top 10 picks only have a slightly better chance than anyone else in the first 2 rounds of turning out to be a star.

              That said, there was a graph put together of career WAR vs. draft position a while back, and basically.1-3 are very good historically. It drops off subtantially after that

              • +1

                Lincoln drafted ahead of Morrow.

                Romero drafted very highly & had 2 good years.

                I wrote a comment last week about Johnson being gone till June. It’s sad that the prediction was right.

                Does AA offer Johnson 1 year at at 13 million?

    • You said this on two other threads in the last 12 hours…It sounded equally as stupid the other times.

      • Wut? I haven’t been near a computer til now. I guess you’d prefer a mediocre finish with a mediocre draft and and much future mediocrity.

        PS lickMYballs

    • WInning at any point is good.

    • Draft picks don’t pan out in baseball like they do in other sports. A first round pick doesn’t always make it. Before you cite Tampa Bay (as I’m sure you are thinking), here’s their draft picks when they had either the #1 or #2 pick. Josh Hamilton, BJ Upton, Delmon Young, David Price, Tim Beckham. Even beckham has been in the minors since being drafted in ’08 and his stock drops every year. We all know how BJ Upton and Young turned out, Hamilton missed a ton of time from the game too. It’s all up the in air man

      • Yes, this wanting draft picks in baseball is ridiculous. Even the top pick is not guaranteed to be a star. Half of the first five picks won’t make it to the majors. It is not like hockey or basketball. People talking about getting a high draft pick in baseball should really go look at draft histories. It is not a way to make a team – “getting a high draft pick”. Smart drafting is a good way, but not tanking to get a high pick.

  6. I remember last week, we all thought we’d reached a low with Romero back in the rotation. Wow, who knew it could get SO MUCH WORSE…

  7. The way things have been going this season, I almost expect Ramon Ortiz to pitch a 2 hit complete game gem tonight.

    Please, let this happen to the Red Sox.

    • No, just for fun, the training staff will cause him to need TJS after nine pitches tonight.

      Why hasn’t the entire training/medical staff been removed from the organization? Is it because they haven’t fucked up enough of the low minors prospects? Oh, wait…Osuna.

    • I don’t know what season you’ve been watching, but hey, that would be amazing. After all, we did see an 81 ERA start from Ricky Romer-woe. Never thought I’d see that, either.

      Or Anthopoulos could get over whatever stupid grudge he has against Joel Carreno and call him up for another crack at The Show. The kid has a 0.96 ERA in New Hamp(ster)shire.

      Even the 4 runs or whatever it was he got demoted for giving up in 6+ innings against Cleveland last April would be an improvement from most of the starts we’ve got so far this year.

      • At this point you would think cecil is a necessity to start and Carreno gets up in the BP, I agree AA for him is ridiculous

  8. What did we expect . He was only supposed to miss one start at first, right?

    • Can you not be this shithead on this subject, please. Get upset about things actually worth getting upset about– there are plenty of them.


      • I’m not upset about it, just noting a pattern. I’m not upset about anything. It’s a game, a diverison.

      • When we’re all at the point nobody believes the team when they talk about injuries anymore.. ya gotta see a problem.. and pattern.

        • How is not believing the team on injuries a problem? How is your life affected any way if Johnson is out for 2 – 4 or 6 wks? He’s out however long he’s out.
          Since when does any team owe us exact details at all times on everything?
          You’re not the GM – you’re not planning for this team. Let it go – he’s not playing today.
          Also: You’ve never had an injury that lingered? Seemed to not go away? Thought you were over it but strained it again when you used it again to early?
          Injuries are vague and uncertain – so you get vague and uncertain details – live with it.

          • Thank you Johnny O. Injuries are unpredictable. If we could get robots to play this game it would be a lot easier to diagnose injuries. But since i enjoy watching humans play the game i am stuck with their limitations. They will get injured and unless you cut them open it is hard to know what the hell is wrong with 100% certainty. So they next time you want to bitch about the team not being exact on injures do us all a favor and instead of commenting go smack your head against a really hard surface and FUCK OFF.

      • Stoeten, can we just get a fuck off button made ala like on face book, for every stupid fucking comment that is made about this subject? It would be a lot quicker then explaining to fucking idiots why injuries are hard to predict, diagnose, and give an eta on healing.

        • OK I get that. But then why not just say, “The guy is hurt, we’re not sure yet how long he’ll be out. We’ll see how it goes.”

          I don’t think anyone is criticizing inaccuracy of injury predictions. Obviously that’s a fool’s game. Just don’t tell me the check is in the mail, if you’re not sure you can get the money.

          • You guys are retarded. The Blue Jays since AA has taken over are the ONLY team in baseball that never, EVER provides reliable information to player injuries. This affects a lot of things. My fantasy line ups…buying tickets to Jays games to see specific players who should be back in 1 week (except it’s actually 1 month until they’re back). Not to mention the fact that there’s absolutely no benefit or reason for the Jays Brass to not provide truthful details such as “we don’t know.” They just look incompetent otherwise and when you commenters are bashing someone for calling out the Jays brass you just come off as asinine folks who don’t see how the teams behavior is inappropriate and misleading for a corporate brand and product taht’s supposed to be investing in fans. #hacks

  9. Yeah that’ll do it. RIP 2013.

    I now will owe my co-worker lunch for an entire month in October. I felt so good taking a bet as modest-sounding as the Vegas favorite making the playoffs.

  10. Remember after the trades when people said:

    Jose Reyes – Injury concerns! Check
    Josh Johnson – Injury concerns! Check
    Mark Buehrle – Left Arm shittiness, will get eaten alive in the AL East! Check
    RA Dickey – Will get eaten alive in the AL! Check

    Emilio Bonifacio – Steal of the trade! (Did the Marlins tell us he had the best “stuff” in their org?) – Fail
    John Buck – He sucks, Trade him! – Fail

    • A month each for Dickey and Buehrle and you agree with those morons, and a freak injury to Reyes, too. Who’s failing, exactly?

      • I would rather believe in these morons and fail


        Not believe in the Baseball Gods, openly mock them, and then not take responsibility when the season goes to crap.

      • Yeah just a month… but in all fairness it’s a month that (barring a mighty turnaround) has likely already sunk the teams playoff intentions and has failed to prove any of those prognostications wrong. The Reyes bit isn’t worthy of the “check” though… Reyes’s concerns were with his knee’s not with a freak ankle injury.

        Honestly, I understand the sentiment. Last year the team was crappy but folk could look at all the shinny prospects and dream of a better tommorow. That dream was sold for the prospect of a better today but the better today doesn’t exist… not yet at any rate and for all anyone knows not any time soon.

        • While the season hasn’t panned out the way we wanted it to, pining away for unproven prospect porn makes me laugh. Someone today compared Syndergaard’s ERA in minor league ball to Dickey’s performance so far. It’s kind of like comparing internet porn to the real thing lying next to you in bed. Sorry guys, I’ll take the warm body that ain’t perfect over prospect porn.

          Let’s talk about the prospects we traded away in 3 years to see where they are.

          • It’s not so much the prospects themselves… it’s the dashing of the hope of a better tommorow in exchange for nothing that made today actually better. I mean what would you rather have a bottom team with a system ranking of #1 or #2 or a bottom team with a system ranking of #19 or #20? Because that’s essentually what we’re faced with today.

            It’s entirely an emotional thing: A team that’s “going for it” and sucks feels worse then a team that’s rebuilding and sucks. Call it the weight of expectations or whatever, crap all over it all you want but I understand it. I don’t always agree… but I understand.

            • Our record sucks, but the assets we received in return for said prospects aren’t entirely a bust. Dickey is coming around, but has been hampered, to his own admission, by an ailing back/neck; Reyes was a god before his freak injury; Buehrle could be better, but is essentially what we expected. The only real bust so far has been Bonifacio, and there’s still a lot of time for him to come around. Two weeks ago people were beginning to shittalk Melky too, but he’s managed to shut up the haters.

              Look at what’s happened to the prospects we traded: Alvarez (injured), d’Arnaud (injured), Hechevaria (.178 avg, OPS+ 63), Escobar (.180 avg, OPS+ 49), Nicolino (he’s in fucking Class A ball), Marisnick (injured), DesClafani (he’s in fucking Class A ball).

              It’s way too early to say we lost in any of the trades or that any of the prospects we gave up will become stars.

              • Those doesn’t matter. Jays sucking but with a bunch of highly touted farm guys feels better then the Jays just sucking. The only reason to make those trades is to try and get into the post-season. They stunk up the joint so badly in April/early-May that most respected baseball prognosticators think that they can’t make it… so no, you can say without any ridiculousness that they’ve been a bust and you can say that they’ve failed. Maybe the good ship Blue Jay will somehow right itself next year but the whole point of all those trades was “now”. I’m all out of patience for “next year”.

                Tired of hearing about how “someone is turning it around”… I no longer care if someone is “turning it around” because the time for turning it around came and went already. Patience is no longer a luxury that the Blue Jays can afford.

    • John Buck was dealt as part of the RA Dickey deal for payroll reasons, not for sucking.

    • Are you serious about Dickey being eaten alive by the AL? Give the guy a chance. Some fans expect these guys to not give up a hit, run or walk over 200 innings.

    • Finally… someone cutting through the bullshit and not gargling AA’s balls.

  11. Thank god for Buehrle and his guaranteed 200 innings!


    Think I’ll learn a new language. Maybe finish off that room in the basement.

  12. Headline – “Archduke Ferdinand shot, Blue Jays don’t expect him to miss next start, cause World War”

  13. By the report they gave on Happ, it can only mean he has a serious grade 3 concussion and a blown ACL, right?

    • Seriously, people. Fucking stop.

      • Stoeten – you make a blog called DRUNK JAYS FANS and then create a posting board for jays fans to post. Now you’re trying to tell people what to talk and complain about? Fuck off. # hacks

    • Ya bcause the Jays are the only team to misjudge healing times? Wasn’t Jeter supposed to be ready for opening day? Every team is optimistic with injury reports, deal with it

  14. Wrap it up boys. If there was any chance of making something of this year it slammed closed when the Jays have to run shitbags like Ortiz out there.

    Fuck me what a dumpster fire season. I agree with the guy that above that said nobody thought it could be as bad as 2012.

  15. I’m thinking if JJ could look like his old self, he may be the type of asset to trade at the deadline that could actually draw a decent return… Y’know, if he actually gets healthy and pitches welll… With Hutch/Drabek back in the fold next season + Happ +Buererlerleelrereuuehehh + Morrow + Dickey he’s probably not where they should be dropping tens of millions of dollars. Would there be compensation if he walks as a free agent?

    • Yes, but they’d have to give him a qualifying offer. Which I think they should, I’d rather give him another shot then see him walk for nothing.

  16. I wonder if AA has his scouts in Lancaster PA tonight to take a look at this Lancaster Barnstormers player:

    #54 – Tallet, Brian – LHP

  17. Johnson missing a big chunk could help the Jays in terms of contract negotiations, so there’s that, I guess (his value would diminish slightly, I’d guess)…

    Our first half may well suck, but you know what? The Oakland A’s won a very tough division last year and didn’t get back to .500 for good until about 88 games into the season. So, there’s always hope…

    Beeston said on BC today that the Jays won’t be selling, or going backwards, and still want to win the trust of the fanbase. I think the best way to do that is to give Robinson Cano a giant effing contract this off-season…

  18. You stop Stoeten. Humans need to rant to relieve frustrations. So now it’s my fuckin turn.

    So here we are, kinda as advertised with the whole Marlins deal. Reyes and Johnson broken, Buerhle a batting practice pitcher, Bonafacio can’t pivot up the middle playing 2b and isn’t hitting, Romero acting like Lindsay Lohan minus the drugs, and most of the other bunch pumping out their Lo Vistas and egobrations when games below 5 hunny.

    Fuck me. Wake up Blue Jays, or get shaken the fuck up.

    And the whole fire Gibby shit is disgusting. Under performing primadonas are trying to jack over the fence and are a selfish bunch of pricks.

  19. At the risk of Stoeten absolutely losing his shit, I just feel the need to mention the common denominator here; the Jays medical and training staff. To be clear, I am not saying this is their fault, or even that they are responsible in any way, but at this point, it would be foolish to at least not acknowledge the possibility, however remote. Medical staffs DO matter in all sports, including baseball, and I just think we are getting to the point, over the last two years, where it’s really hard to just keep saying “bad luck.” Happ is of course not included in this, but Dickey is tightening up and still playing. I will not be surprised if he’s next to go down. Morrow has issues every year. Johnson now. Last year, I won’t even mention. The bad luck thing is just getting harder and harder to swallow. This has become a comedy.

    • We are not the only team suffering from injuries, it’s only really bad for us because it’s compounding on our slow start and terrible record.

    • But injuries happen to other teams too. The Jays’ training and medical staff
      have nothing to do with them. I’m pretty sure the common denominator is that
      we have baseball players playing baseball, and sometimes they get hurt.

      • I think every year that the Jays have injuries, there’s always calls for the heads of the medical staff and trainers. George Poulis has been head trainer for a while now, and obviously the front office think he’s doing fine… I believe a lot of the troubles to the rotation last year were more attributed to the pitching coach than the trainers…

        As for Dickey, he’s probably pitching because of the good work of the trainers.

    • There’s been a lot of bad luck. The injuries to Happ and Reyes were just freak things to occur.

      As far as other bad luck, take a look at BABIPs on this team… most of these guys are in the toilet, well below league and career averages – I looked it up I felt “they always seem to be hitting it right at the defenders”. If they normalize, and start hitting the gaps, they’ll be better. 2012 was our year to be hit by the “bad luck injury” wave all season. This year’s got to be different.

    • I’m in agreement with you, MorganC. One year, fine, shit happens, bad luck, blah, blah, blah. But this is now two seasons plus of a ton of pitchers with significant pitching motion related injuries. Osuna and Dickey are new to the injury fold…it is starting to become too much to be chalked up to just shit luck/coincidence.

      • Osuna? What does that have to do with the team’s medical staff?

        Happ and Reyes were freak injuries. Lawrie’s problems are 100% caused by Lawrie (so far). Dickey is old and has a stiff back. Big deal. Johnson just came to the team. How could we be the problem already? And he’s still going to be back and pitch before the all-star break.

        • Osuna matters as I have been making reference to the medical/training staff throughout the organization.

          There’s also Bautista if you just want to stick with the MLB team…

          • sorry…I wasn’t clear on this particular reply about my comment being organization-wide…I have made clearer comments about this in recent days.

          • Bautista? He torqued his wrist swinging the way he swings – that has made him the No. 1 home run hitter in baseball. What does that have to do with anything? And he is back and healthy enough. You mean missing a weekend with back pain?

            • Yes, I mean the seemingly instant issue with back pain when he switched to 3B. There would have to be a stretching regimen that infielders follow that would differ, at least slightly, from what is used by outfielders, based in the different movements that the different positions utilize. If there’s a physiotherapist amongst this drunk bunch, I would love to hear your opinions on this…

  20. Love these comments!

    Well, at least Joshy Johnson won’t be getting that big fat contract at the end of the season.

    p.s. I wailed on my triceps two days ago and they were sore the day after. But after two days of rest, I wailed on them again. Does that mean I’m more of a man than Johnson??!?!?

  21. 3 more wins to date would sure look a lot more appealing. I am hoping for a miniscule miracle and 2/3 against the Sux.

  22. So he’s gonna miss 3 or 4 more starts than we thought? No big deal.

    I’d even let Dickey rest up and get better until June too – it’s not like we’re winning his starts.

  23. Morrow pushed back till Sunday?

  24. Soooooooometiiiiimesss..

  25. While it’s not quite as spectacular as last year’s three starters down in four games, it’s crazy how our starting pitching injuries have all piled up at the same time AGAIN this year.

    It’s not just the big league guys. The starters who might have been seventh or eighth on the depth chart — Chad Jenkins and Sean Nolin — got hurt at the beginning of the season and are only now getting started. If they’d begun the season healthy and progressed, maybe they’d be decent fill-in options. At least they’d offer some potential upside, unlike all of the older AAA arms. John Stilson’s been hurt, too, although I don’t know if he was still seen as a potential starter.

    Then layer in the fact that a fourth upper-minors prospect, Deck McGuire, appears to have stalled out developmentally and a fifth one, Marcus Stroman, has been suspended for the first two months of the season.

    This is why I have a hard time blaming AA, as I have seen some commenters do, about not building enough pitching depth. Going into the season, we had six (relatively) proven Major League starters, which is a better position than the vast majority of teams. Yes, it was a decent bet that Johnson, in particular, might get hurt or that Romero might not recover, but it was also a decent bet that one of Jenkins/Nolin/McGuire might develop to the point of being a credible 7th starter or that the health of the big league rotation would at least last long enough into the season for someone like Kyle Drabek or Drew Hutchison or Dustin McGowan or Stroman to be ready to return.

    • Late 2013 and 2014 should be better for pitching depth, because Drabek and Hutch will be back, and maybe Romero can get his shit sorted out, and right there you’ve got 3 major-league able guys sitting in AAA.

      My thought though in regards to pitching depth is simple – realistically, you can’t have 3-4 major league pitchers in AAA waiting to get called up (unless they’re homegrown guys). Free agent pitchers won’t want to sign with a team if they’re going to get demoted to AAA as a “just in case” guy, at least not quality pitchers. You’re going to get your old guys, like Ramon Ortiz, or fringe guys, that can’t stick anywhere else. Even Aaron Laffey knows that he’ll get a shot somewhere (if not now, in a few weeks when a few more injuries occur around the league) as a left-handed starter that was pretty decent last season.

    • Sure but why in the face of all this shit did AA give a Edgar Gonzalez “thanks but fuck you” straight out of town? Then there was the Laffey stuff.

      The Jays have NOTHING now.

  26. Fuck Colby Rasmus

  27. Fuck, at this point whatever, let him sit out til August and ill gladly take him back for 13.3m next year or whatever the qualifying offer costs.

  28. Free Jim Negrich!

  29. I wonder if any of them would like to borrow my Golf Clubs seem like they will be getting lots of practice this year

  30. If DJF did a financial times blog:

    Winter 2007: Dow Jones drops 12% – things are looking down. Murmurs amongst some investors that market is primed for a crash. DJF “We are fucking awesome investors. 2008 is going to be the best year”

    Summer 2008: Dow Jones drops 10% – loud rumours that market isnt as strong as thought. Average investors are wondering aloud if things could really be this bad. Soothing DJF “its early. still 6months left in the year. fucking early. you are all braying morons. arbritary end points. small sample size. nails”

    Fall 2008: Dow Jones drops 38%, complete anarachy in finacial world. Investors who called the crash early rescued their money from the market before it evaporated. Lots of fingers pointing at the head of the federal reserve, Ben Bernanke. DJF “Its not Bernankes fault, he is the best. fucking nails. you are all braying morons.”

    • And the market got worse in 2009. Oh wait…

    • +1.

      Stoeten’s admitted on the podcast that the jays are fuc&&d.

      He is realistic.

      Wilner said the jays have not being mathematically eliminated.

      Jays still have a shot At 80 wins

  31. I’d have bet most anyhting this guy would have a monster year since he is pitching for his next contract, but nope. So far, for me anyway, he has been the biggest disappointment. It kinda makes you wish the Red Sox had beat us to the punch on that Marlins trade. Speaking of the Red Sox, their starting pitching hasn’t been worth a crap since spitballgate.

  32. 2012? Is that you?

  33. I guess the positive (for those already looking ahead to 2014 and beyond) is that the smartest thing for Josh Johnson to do might be to accept the Jays qualifying offer. Assuming he gets one.

    At best, Johnson makes 24 – 25 starts and around 150 innings. Nobody is giving him more than 2 or 3 years, I suspect. And that’s assuming he pitches like a #2 starter when he comes back. And that’s assuming he doesn’t get injured again.

    I’d gladly take Johnson at 1/14 or something like 3/36. Sure he’ll get injured again. But as long as he pitches well when healthy, he’s AJ Burnett 2.0. Which worked out well enough for the Jays once upon a time.

  34. Lol
    Trade for shitty/oft-injured players
    Get mad when these players get injured or play like shit

  35. I think Pearl Jam says it best for Jays Nation

  36. It probably won’t happen, but I would love to read what you guys write if Ortiz gets a w tonite…

  37. FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So far, this season has been just delightful…

  38. Is it time to anoint a Shea Hillenbrand curse?

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