Toronto Blue Jays v Kansas City Royals

“When the [doctor] says four to five months, they’re giving you the longest period. They’re not going to give you the shortest period. Some guys are going to heal quicker than others. We really just don’t know.”

That was Yankees manager Joe Girardi, according to an piece back on October 20th on the timeline for Derek Jeter’s recovery from ankle surgery. Nearly a week earlier, on October 14th, Joel Sherman of the New York Post tweeted that Girardi had said Jeter would need three months to recover.

It’s now seven months later, and Jeter is still not on the field. He will not be back until sometime after the All-Star break.

. . .

On March 5th, Mark Teixeira was a late scratch from the Team USA lineup in a World Baseball Classic tuneup against the White Sox. In a piece at Bombers Beat, writer Bryan Hoch noted that an MRI had revealed a strained right wrist and that “initial estimates are that the strain will cost Teixeira seven to 10 days.”

Nearly four hours later, Hoch tweeted that Brian Cashman told reporters it was actually “a minimum of two weeks.”

The following day the diagnosis changed again, this time to four-to-eight weeks. By the end of March, Teixeira was saying– as noted in the Sporting News– that his goal was to return for May 1st.

A piece yesterday from Dan Martin of the New York Post says that Teixeira, while taking live batting practice, is not out of the field yet, and that he “hopes to be back with the team by the end of this month.” Should he return around May 28th, that would put his actual recovery time at twelve weeks.

. . .

On February 24th, Curtis Granderson was hit by a pitch from J.A. Happ in an early spring game. Reports at the time, including one passed along by Jack Curry of YES, called the injury a bruise, though the club said that he would go for “precautionary” x-rays, as well.

Curry tweeted the bad news later that same day, as the club announced that Granderson’s forearm was broken, and that “he will be major league ready in 10 weeks.”

Those ten weeks were up back on Sunday, but he was still playing in extended spring at that point, not getting into his first game on a rehab assignment until last night. He is expected back sometime next week, eleven weeks after being “bruised.”

. . .

Last year, after a spring full of concerns about his weak velocity, and complaints following a late March shellacking about “normal soreness” in his arm, the Yankees sent Michael Pineda for an MRI. According to David Waldstein of the New York Times, “Three hours later, the Yankees’ major fears regarding Pineda were somewhat soothed.”

The diagnosis was tendinitis, and the Yankees placed him on the disabled list. Pineda will not throw a ball for the next 10 to 15 days as the Yankees take a cautious approach.

“It’s great news,” Manager Joe Girardi said.

Four days later, Marc Carig of the Newark Star-Ledger wrote that “Pineda said this morning that his right shoulder is feeling better. Though he still feels soreness, said he has no pain. He was relieved when an MRI last week revealed no structural damage.”

“I’m feeling much better now,” said Pineda, who still doesn’t know what his rehab plan is going forward.

The Yankees will start Pineda on the 15-day disabled list with tendinitis in his right shoulder. It’s unclear, however, how long he’ll be shut down. He spent the last few days at the Tampa complex doing conditioning work, though he hasn’t thrown.

On April 5th, Joel Sherman tweeted that Pineda played catch, and added that pitching coach Larry Rothschild said “Pineda felt no problems” with his shoulder. The following day, Joe Girardi told reporters that Pineda wouldn’t pitch in the Majors in the month of April.

On the 21st, after pitching some extended spring innings, Pineda had a session that Joe Girardi said was “not good.” According to a tweet from Marc Feinsand of the Daily News, the pitcher felt the pain in his shoulder again, and was due to see a doctor. By the 25th he had been diagnosed with a torn labrum in his shoulder, and would be out for the year.

Still, on May 9th, Pineda quoted his doctor on as telling him, “You can’t pitch this year, but I promise next year you’ll be ready 100 percent in spring training.”

As of earlier this week, he was still pitching in extended Spring Training games, and aiming for a “midseason” return.

The audacity of the Yankees and their doctors to misdiagnose and misrepresent recovery times for their injured players in some crudely cynical scheme to keep sucking money from the wallets of fans who are only too eager to give it away on the faintest promises of hope, eh? And shame on the Blue Jays for seeming to have followed down their devious path, with hope-fulfilling lies about quick recoveries and minor injuries for Brett Lawrie, Jose Bautista, Josh Johnson, and others.


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  2. word up….

  3. The moral of this story is that we should all try to be more like Joe Girardi.

  4. This post is medically accurate.

  5. I blame the manager

  6. Free Jim Negrych!

  7. This is awesome! Suck it whiners!

  8. Guess what though? How many times have the Yankees made the post-season since 1993? Answer that.

    As a fan-base with zero to show for in 20 years, we have every fucking right to whine and complain if we want to!!!!

    • We have every right to be insufferable, panicky shit-heels! Congratu-fucking-lations.

      • Panicky? It’s been two decades.

        • So two decades ago you were rooting for Dickey and Jose Bautista?

        • I don’t remember you trolling here last year @jesuscristo

          • he was probably trolling as someone else. Oakville maybe?

            • I am not a troll. There was another guy who was using my username making troll like comments.

              I said two weeks ago that Johnson would be out till June & I am right. Tricep injuries take a bit more time to heal.

          • I can vouch for jesuscristo.

            He’s been an insufferable asshole for years.

            • Does anyone know why Trolls Troll? Other than ‘hater’s gon’ hate’? Trolls gonna Troll? Do they Troll their real friends in real life or do they not have any?

      • Dude are you seriously STILL talking down to people for being in a panic? First week,,, ok, second, sure, but a month and a half into the fucking season with one of the worst records in baseball, some of the worst offensive numbers in baseball, Reyes injured, Johnson injured, Morrow not 100% and so on and so on…. when is it ok to throw in the towel on 2013? Seriously, this is the AL east,,, ITS OVER for 2013 everyone, there will be no playoffs and no world series.

        • There will be no world series for 27 other teams as well. I guess they all should just quit now.

    • +1.

      The Tin Foil at Brigade has been proven correct about Josh Johnson. We said June. We were right.

      Where’s Santos? McGowan?

      Romero isn’t injured physically but it seems obvious that something is wrong in the head.

      I love your post Stoeten on other teams injury predictions. You’re right that no one knows about injuries.

      The Yankees are winning games this year with the ex Jays B team.

      Now, the Jays A team is disabled, not performing etc, . Our B team of Ramon Ortiz, Laffey etc cannot compete.

      AA doesn’t have 20 years of playoff baseball around him.

      • What exactly does a GM’s track record with respect to the playoffs have to do with the team’s ability to accurately estimate injury recovery time, though? One of those things has nothing to do with the other.

  9. Andrew Stoeten placed on the 15 day DL with a blown forehead vein

    • That means in about a month he’ll be transferred to the 60-day DL. And he won’t post again until mid 2014.

    • bravo to AEP!

      Those are a lot of capitals letters up there. I think this season is getting to him. Maybe it’s time for a push……

      So – ah – Joey Batts sucks this year. We should trade him. Reyes? We knew he was prone to injury – never should have made that trade!

  10. We need to get Stoeten pissed more often. It is much more fun this way. Suck it winy bitches!!!

  11. Can anyone think of the last time the Jays (or any team) has given an expected length of time for an injury and ended up overestimating? Just curious.

  12. It’s not panic 6 weeks in idiots, it’s reality. This season is done, forget it. Not panicking, speaking with common sense.

    • Agreed.

      AA needs to be working the phone… see what we can get for this fail roster.

    • It’s still a bit premature for that. But you’re closer to being right than anyone saying that everything’s a-OK.

    • It MIGHT be. That’s obviously a very possible possibility.

      But what fucking value do you think you are adding to say it in response to ANY post or topic that remotely concerns this team?

      For example we are talking about injuries and healing times. Your comment is irrelevant. We get it. You only cheer and root for teams that are already doing well. Cool stuff.

  13. Breaking: Stoeten’s patience.

  14. Yeah this whole thing of “jays lying about injuries” always seemed like a mDe up conspiracy to me. I mean, for a consoiracy theeory to hold weight, there has to be a clear benefit to the person involved in it.

    What does the FO have to gain by lying about injury times? If a player gets hurt and the team think hes going to be out 6 weeks, why would they say 3? Its not like fans would blame the team if its 6 weeks but everythings cool at 3.

  15. Anything that anyone does that doesn’t give me the desired result I’m looking for is a personal affront to me that I will lose my mind over and constantly flame comments with my stupidity instead of relaxing, going outside, and improving my life that is clearly lacking for me to get so upset over an extra week or two on the DL for someone that’s never been in my kitchen.

  16. breaking: jesuscristo has nothing better to do

  17. So Dustin Mcgowen isnt an option for a spot start then?

  18. Triceps=Elbow (either partially torn ligament or tendonitis)
    Back=Shoulder (either partially torn labrum or rotater cuff)

  19. Posts like this remind of James ‘Angry Nintendo Nerd’ Rolfe’s exclamations against shitty video games. Probably not a bad thing for generating traffic.

  20. Hahaha you hit the nail on the head here good sir!

  21. At this point, I just revert back to enjoying baseball itself and not worry about the Jays’ place in the standings.

    Even bad baseball is better than no baseball, IMO.

    • ^ This

    • +10.

      Everyone is getting riled up about the daily depressing news from the Jays medical reports.

      The facts are that the Jays are being hit by a lot of untimely injuries.

      The injuries are to key players such as Reyes,Johnson, Happ etc.. Romero is unable to help.

      Let’s all follow Kawasaki & drink beer & shout at watching games.
      There is no reason for Stoeten or Wilner to get all pollyannish & pretend that this team is playoff bound.

      Stoeten has acknowledged that the Jays are F88d, so let’s calm down

  22. Besides its not a lie if we know the truth

  23. This post belongs in the DJF hall of fame. Excellent write up.

    There are legitimate reasons to criticize the Blue Jays. Their inability to predict the length of DL stints isn’t one of them.

  24. “The player is out indefinitely with a lower/upper body injury”. That should be a club’s statement on an injury until they really know what is going. As vague as possible. Yes, diagnosis is difficult, which is exactly why clubs should stop making themselves look ridiculous and announcing incorrect recovery times. If you’re not certain, say nothing. It’s pretty simply. That is why I see no reason to try and defend clubs that give incorrect recovery times for their players.

    • My apologies for the multiple typos, if there was an edit button, I would fix it.

    • Recovery times are always always always estimates. Why is this hard to understand? If you have the flu you expect to be back at work in a couple of days. Sometimes you are not. Asking teams to hide information because you don’t understand estimates is a little goofy.

      • Caz you dink – an estimate isn’t supposed to be vague. For example, if you get an estimate on a home renovation you want to hear a quote of 5000 to 5500. You don’t want to hear “it’s gonna be 2000 dollars” and then when it ends up being 5000 dollars they tell you “well it was just an estimate it’s silly of you to have though it would have been precisely 2000 dollars. Ridiculous.

    • Common Sense prevails. They call it common but not a lot of people have it. Bravo Brett

  25. Congrats Stoeten, you’ve picked a narrative and taken convenient facts from circumstantial 3rd party sources to fit your argument. How about you look at the whole 9 yards? You know…like ALL the other times when the Yankees weren’t way off with aging players in decline? Or how about the other 30 teams? Jeeeeesus you’re good at cherry picking numbers to fit your arguments. You use your blog as a way to sound self-righteous. Stop making objective statements and make subjective statements – you’re not smarter than anyone else on here. Just because you’ve graduated from your home office to the Rogers Center press corpse where you meet these people providing the sources doesn’t mean you need to shove your head up their ass whenever there’s criticisms. We have Jeff-ey Blair for that.

    Some of us are more educated than you. # hack

    • I’m expecting a “Dear John/Gibberish” reply toot sweet.

    • “Some of us are more educated than you”.

      Why bother going there? Some of us are more educated than you too, you know. Yet we still come to this website for the analysis. No need to be an ass.

    • You should take something for that cough. #Buckleys

    • Why don’t you present me the findings of the research project you did that demonstrates how all 30 teams are always entirely accurate to the day with all of their diagnoses– as are the Yankees in every other situation except the ones I “cherry picked.” Because, you’ve obviously done the work to find out, right? Clearly you’re not just talking out your ass, right?

      • Apparently his contractors always deliver according to their estimates. I’m guessing he hasn’t had any renos done to his house. I always thought the rule of thumb was to add 20 percent.

    • so it is possible for humans to talk out of their asses…

  26. Like, really? Is there nothing better to flip your shit over? A guy gets injured, has a setback and timeline gets pushed out. End of story.

  27. What I saw: Brandon Morrow

    What I read: “When the [doctor] says four to five months, they’re giving you the longest period. They’re not going to give you the shortest period. Some guys are going to heal quicker than others. We really just don’t know.”

    What I thought: “What the fuck happened to Brandon Morrow?!??!?!?!?! OH MY GOD HOW WHAT WHY WHAT HOW?! THE FUCK?!?!?”

    I’d prefer you don’t do this to me anymore.

  28. I don’t always agree with Zaun, but his bit on the umps making a spectacle was dead on. Let the competitors vent, then move on….. if they can’t move on, then throw them out. If they egg them on, they should be dealt with. They are suppose to be neutral.

  29. Did I miss something? What is this post in response to? Because if it’s not in response to anything then it reads like Stoeten is stating the obvious and have a coronary about it for no particular reason.

  30. *having

  31. Well that escalated quickly.

  32. you sir, have nailed it. i dont think anyone can complain about a blue jays poor diagnosis for the next several years.

  33. Was this an inner turmoil piece or did the comments section explode again?

  34. i can’t agree with ya on this one stoeten, which hurts me to say. But in hockey and football when they give timelines they are generally right OR the player comes back earlier then expected far more often then players timelines getting pushed back repeatedly as is happening with the jays (and apparently the yanks, and maybe other mlb teams). i just don’t understand the purpose of giving these short timelines when clearly they must know better, as they are hardly EVER right about them. If they stated they would be longer & the player returned early it would only be a good thing & generate excitement, just trying to really figure out what the benefits are of saying a player will be back sooner then what should really be expected, they don’t seem to do that in any of the other major sports consistently or at least not on purpose.

    • yeah. football players also play with broken ribs/hands/whatever else they can play through because contracts aren’t fully guaranteed and the average football players peak tends to be pretty small. gotta play to get paid. football is insane.also awesome.

  35. Mr. Stoeten, I consider myself duly lashed. Touche.

  36. Anyone think this issue could be related to social media expansion?. Within the hour someone’s shoulder is sore people tweet out everything said by anyone. Probably a couple day cone of silence should be the plan.

  37. What bothers me is when a pitcher’s velocity is obviously down, the jays will deny it and say something stupid like “actually, we’re not worried about his velocity at all, it’s his location that needs fine tuning.”

    It’s an insult to everyone’s intelligence, better off that they would just say nothing.

    From Gord ash, to JP, to AA, filtered through Wilner and Buck, the Jays have always treated fans like they are morons.

    While most Jay fans didn’t know the game through the World Series days (50,000 people used to cheer hysterically when a player hit into a fielder’s choice), now it’s different.

  38. Now here finally is a decent post by the stotes

  39. [...] And even though Andrew Stoeten debunked the whole “lying about injuries” theory, with a look at our pin striped rivals injury history over at DJF, there are still times when I feel like Conrad Murray could do a better job as a team [...]

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