Boston Red Sox v Toronto Blue Jays

The Blue Jays, who have now lost three straight after winning the first two games of the road trip, will send Mark Buehrle to mound against a familiar face in Clay Buchholz. Last week, Buchholz, was of course, the subject of some controversy, when he was accused of using a substance on his arm while on the mound against the Jays.

The Jays made some big moves to their lineup today, moving Bautista to the two-hole, Encarnacion to the three, while Melky Cabrera will lead-off.

The news on Brandon Morrow started good this morning, as the right-hander made his way to Boston from Florida after staying back due to a neck and back issue, but he is still experiencing discomfort, and is now expected to start Wednesday against the Giants.




The Jays placed outfielder Rajai Davis on the 15-day DL today and recalled pitcher Chad Jenkins from New Hampshire. Davis tweets that he expects a position player to be recalled tomorrow.

Davis also reminds us of today’s bench for the Jays. Blanco, Izturis, DeRosa.

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And now, the lineups, by way of the live box score at And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

LF Melky Cabrera (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
DH Edwin Encarnacion (R)
C J.P. Arencibia (R)
1B Adam Lind (L)
3B Brett Lawrie (R)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
2B Emilio Bonifacio (S)
SS Munenori Kawasaki (L)

Mark Buehrle LHP

Boston Red Sox

CF Jacoby Ellsbury (L)
RF Shane Victorino (S)
2B Dustin Pedroia (R)
DH David Ortiz (L)
1B Mike Napoli (R)
LF Jonny Gomes (R)
3B Will Middlebrooks (R)
SS Stephen Drew (L)
C David Ross (R)

Clay Buchholz RHP

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  1. Is it still too early? Does Stoeten still have the balls to attack commenters who are now turning out to be exactly right about this team.

    I’m sure he’s a meek nice guy in real life. Internet tough guy lol.

    How them Orioles doin?

    • If you think Stoeten’s so terrible, why are you reading his website?

      And yes, unless you predicted that Reyes, Johnson, Morrow, and Happ would all get injured while Dickey, Cabrera and Buehrle underperformed for the first five weeks, you’re still an idiot.

      Please spend your time waiting for the next great article from Jon Morosi to be published.

      • Is it not possible to have a dissenting or contrary opinion, or is that not being enough of a fanboy?

        • Calling out the author is a dick move. But the response to that dick move was also a dick move. No need to pick a side and make it two dicks against one dick.

          Not being a dick doesn’t make you a pussy.

    • Stoeten merely points out how dumb alot of commenters are and how ridiculous it is to fire a manager or a GM or a pitching coach or blowup a team, a month into the season.

      two weeks ago, the rotation was healthy, Rajai Davis was healthy, there was promise in Romero’s minor league start but since that time things have gone from bad to worse. most of the team is controlled beyond 2013 which means in the offseason they can reload.

      it’s tough for them to make the playoffs this year, but who the fuck thought it would be easy?

      • @sk. I think Stoeten was premature to attack his readership with the “it’s early”, “they will be fine” etc.

        I assume virtually everyone on this board watches the games. You could see problems with the team early on.

        Players getting hurt, Others underperforming, Lineup changes every day have added up o one of the worst starts in franchise history.

        Couple that with high expectations based on pre season hype, gives you a dispirited fan base.

        To Stoeten’s credit , he did not predict the Jays would walk away with the division. He said that it was possible to have 4 good teams in the AL East.

        So far , there are 4 good teams in the AL East & the Jays have taken the place of the LOLOriolies & pre 2008 Tampa Bay Rays.

        There may be some good games to watch the rest of the season, but on the bright side, we won’t have any “playoff angst ” to worry about if the Jays blow 5 games in late September.

        • It WAS early when the team was 8-12 and there weren’t a myriad of injured players.

          It’s Saturday. Take a day off from being a fucking idiot.

          • @Jays 2010.

            Good to see you back. The team didn’t have a complete opening day lineup ever this season.

            Why don’t you take a day off from making childish insults ?

            Stoeten kept dismissing the “tin foil hat brigade ” because they would point out discrepancies between Jays PR “Bautista D2D” & Bautista ” I can’t tie my shoelaces”.

            It was easily predictable that Johnson would miss his next start. Then finally the Jays give up & DL him to April 29. Now they extend the deadline till June. No worries. At this point who cares if Johnson pitches?

            We should get the “Tank Nation posts” next month.

            I don’t know why you are so worried what fans think anyways. It’s just baseball.

            The only thing that would hurt Jays blogs is fan apathy due to declining page views.

        • Premature to say “it’s early”?

          Should we wait till the all star break to let people know “it’s early”?

          Isn’t premature almost the definition of it being “too early”?

    • As Leyland says ” you need 40 games to know what you got “

    • There are still other 120 games left…

      Ya its not looking good… But this pitching staff get healthy and falls into a groove, they could real off some wins…

      Not saying they will….

      But why take out your frustration on Stoets Mc Goats?
      Why not take it out on Gregor Chisholm? That guy is boooorrriinngg…

    • Stoeten is fine with other views as long as you’re not basing it on hustle, heart, RBI, team chemistry or other baseless speculations…

    • While it remained April, Stoeten wasn’t wrong–it WAS too early to know whether the Jays sucked or not. Can ring off any number of teams that sucked in April and didn’t make the playoffs.

      He was also right for another reason–for YEARS we’ve been waiting for Rogers to spend on this team. Rogers finally spends on the team, and this happens? We have to encourage Rogers to keep spending on this team instead of being in the bottom half of payroll every year, because for every Tampa Bay Rays, we also have ten Florida Marlins that never do anything.

      I don’t know what’s wrong with this team, but I do know the talent on paper suggests they ought to be better than this. Anthopoulous followed good process, and we need to encourage him to continue following good process. It’s called good process because, most of the time, it leads to winning. Sometimes, it doesn’t, but that doesn’t make it bad process. Sometimes randomness happens and you get screwed even when you do everything right.

      After the season is over, Anthopoulous needs to–and he will–review what went wrong, fix it, and try again in 2014.

      • @Canard.

        Very good points.

        I was encouraged by Beeston’s interview on baseball Central. He said that Rogers has no intention of pulling the plug on AA & forcing him into a firesale in 2013.

        I suspect AA will be allowed to have a similar 125 million budget in 2014, & he can make an necessary changes.

        The Jays need an every day DH. Lind cannot hit against LHP & doesn’t seem to have a much power as he used to.

        The bench has to be upgraded. It’s annoying that the Jays have Derosa,Blanco & Izturis today.

        That is sad.

        Johnson should be gone by year end with a draft pick or resigned to 1 year contract at 13 million.

        AA wanted Johnson last year, so maybe he gives him another chance.

        Romero is a wild card.

      • Can’t believe I didn’t catch this earlier, but that should’ve read “any number of teams that sucked in April and still made the playoffs.”

    • Stoeten was absolutely right, it was too early. Now, we have more clarity about what will happen.

      Being the first one to declare that the Jays’ season is down the tubes doesn’t make you some sort of prognostic genius. It makes you lucky. After all, we’re not writing down the times each of these geniuses made an early prediction and got it wrong. If you really want kudos for being some sort of predictive savant who can use small sample sizes to make accurate predictions, then start writing down your predictions publicly and let your track record speak for itself.

  2. Davidi reminds us, not Davis. Where is my post game graph? What a wasted start by Ramon Ortiz. Never thought I would say that.

  3. Ugh…

  4. Fuck Colby Rasmus

  5. I’m curious how the Jays thought they might have been able to compete this year with a complete absence of minor league depth.

  6. Side note, how cool is it that Bautista is hitting second?

    You know, so long as it’s an attempt to try something new and optimize the lineup and not “well, we know Jose’s comfortable between Melky and Edwin so we don’t want to change that…”

  7. Jose and EE at 2 and 3 is a great idea. Having JPA 4th behind them is not. Isn’t that just going to lead to lots of wasted chances with runners on base?

    But really, the Jays are fucked. They are so fucked. 3 game series in Boston and they’re starting Ramon Ortiz, Buehrle and Chad Jenkins. The early hole continues to get deeper. At this point, I hope they can finish at .500 and not have a firesale happen so we have something to be excited about for next year.

  8. Everything is “breaking bad”…. who wants to do the photoshop of that?

  9. Ugh…2013 season everyone.

    So this means Morrow’s gonna be out for two months right?

    • My fantasy team is not pleased…

    • @Danny.

      Based on current injury estimates,Ii suspect Morrow will be on dl if he can’t make Wednesday’s start against the Giants. They can backdate the DL date.

  10. If there was a month left in the season and the Jays were 5 games out, we would be saying that they are still in contention. There is still 4+ months left and they are about 9 games out.
    Sure it’s disapointing and things are not looking to improve immediately but it’s not time to give up on the Jays yet.

  11. I’m gonna try something different and take a cue from you guys who try to remain positive; I realise we are probably fucked, but being negative all the time is just making me feel sad, and I’m not actually achieving anything other than a probable ulcer.

    Let’s do this shit boys, beat up on some Red Sox so I can see some sad Masshole faces.

    • I can get behind this

    • The failure and misery of the Red Sox and their fans is what I hold onto during seasons when the Jays are irrelevant. That one season where Boston lost to Baltimore on the last day to miss the playoffs was the apex of my “baseball joy” since 1993.

  12. Actually, if you listen to Stoeten this last week (in the horribly depressing, but still enjoyable podcasts) he has not admitted this team is fucked and has moved on . . . we just have to play out May and June, hopefully people get healthy and then we can make some trades and prepare for our triumphant return in 2014!

  13. Our positivity was rewarded with a rain delay.

  14. sorry sorry, he HAS admitted the Jays are done.

    • +1.

      That’s right AAron. Stoeten’s positions on the podcast are far more realistic than his usual outbursts on the blog.

      I don’t know if he gets more frustrated with the people who comment on his blog as opposed to talking with Drew & the other guys on the podcasts.

      I think Jays fans have gone through the 5 stages of grief & are at peace with no playoffs in 2013.

      Hopefully they can get at least 73 wins in 2013.

      • he gets annoyed at the idiots who clamour for anyone and everyone’s heads a month into the season as opposed to the people who realize that this team should be better than it is but that this season is probably lost.

        • @it.

          I haven’t asked for Gibby to be fired. I think that AA took a risk to get good players who he would never be able to sign himself as free agents & see what they could do.

          So far the results are poor, but that doesn’t mean his strategy was wrong.

          If Rogers decides to keep funding the team at 125 million per year, AA will be able to find replacements for 2014.

  15. i actually think we’ll win this game

  16. Any day I can listen to the Jays at work is a good day.

  17. meh, its not the end of the world if the Jays don’t make it this year, but I think if they don’t make it by 2015 then we have problems.

  18. Even if the Jays are probably fucked for 2013, isn’t this a better spot to be in than this time last year?

    I mean, maybe Rogers pulls a Loria and has a firesale. But, for now, it looks like the Jays are going to try and contend through 2015 at the least.

    An 83 win season, for example, would still be progress in some sense.

    • The only progress is playoffs. Think of the Jays teams of the last decade who consistently hit above 80 wins – matching them is not progress at all.

  19. It’s too bad, just as things looked like they were starting to click, Romero throws 1/3 of an inning, they lose a tough extra inning game, then have three brutal pitching matchups against the Red Sox (because of injuries and Buerhle).

    I’m still holding out some hope that if the Jays can reach .500 sometime before the all star break, they’ve got a shot if they play amazingly down the stretch.

    They’re going to have to reel off a few wins soon though for any chance of that.

  20. does anyone have an update on the rain delay? at work

  21. So I was just cruising stats on ESPN and the Jays currently hold a -56 run differential for 2nd worst in baseball…that makes me sad…

    • you weren’t sad before reading that stat?

    • ya, and I was just reading an ESPN article about the jays, when it occured to me…why should i give a fuck what JPA or anyone else has to say about anything. They’ve won just 13 games outta 37. Thats AAA territory.

  22. Good to see Buckholz hasn’t showered since we last played

  23. I think I smell another perfect/ 1 hit game against the woeful jays offense, or maybe its just Buckholz BO

  24. Not looking forward to Gomes/Napoli vs Buerhle today.

  25. After a half inning, this one already feels over. Buck and Tabby knob slobbing Buchholz doesn’t help much either.

    • Its either they compliment the Opponents pitching or actually discussing the terrible jays offense this season. They go with the prior.

  26. Time for the offense to wake the fuck up.

    • can anyone tell if Bucholz arm is greasy like last time … if not give Dirk and Jack some credit at removing an opponents edge

  27. Was that good process? I couldn’t tell.

  28. Lawrie has been a huuuuggge disappointment on offense and i dont think its mentioned enough. Everyone has their maple boners out and hasnt noticed he has the bat of a utility player.

    • I dont like to rip on guys who had they not made it in baseball would be selling cell phones in a strip mall in Langley saving up for new rims for their 89 perlude…

    • he and bautista should put twitter down for a sec and hit the batting cages. i wonder if all the other teams star players blast their haters on twitter? or is this a jays thing?

      • I read a lot of baseball Tweets + so far I’ve only seen Blue Jays players blasting their “haters.”

  29. Plate seems a bit wider for Sox pichers.

  30. Bonifantastical or Bonifiasco?

  31. I’m fairly certain watching Bonifacio play baseball has been the low point of my spring so far.


    • He really has been unbelievably bad, if this keeps up they should probably send him down (assuming he has options left).

  32. Looks like they might be getting to the greasy weasel.


  33. Jpa is the wrong guy to have up in that spot. Surprised he didnt strikeout.

  34. Nice, Melky.

  35. The Man from Muncie is 2 for 2–Woo!

  36. Man I really hope Lawrie figures something out soon, there really isn’t another option at 3rd but he’s pounding everything into the ground

  37. ugh….Bonerfacio!

  38. Hahaha wow, Bonifacio is so fucking bad and yet we keep running him out there.

  39. really glad the flyin’ hawaiian bobbled that. i think kittenface was dead at home if he didn’t.

  40. Fact is, weve been facing aces pretty much every game since the Seattle series, and I like what weve done. Even accounting for last night, if you told me wewere gonna face Moore, Price, Lester and Buch, and then showed me the nunbers weve put up, Id be pretty happy. If we keep this up, when we start facing average pitchers again (which is the majority, the last 4 games notwithstanding) were going to do some damage.

    And yes he putching has been bad, but you cant completely seperate pitching from hitting. I mean, has Buerle been able to pitch with a 3+ run lead all season? Pitchers pitch differently when they have a lead, thats a fact, and if our bats get going and give then some, then the pitching is going to improve.

    • props for this kind of comment … makes the game more enjoyable … ADDS something to the conversation … baseball is a game of failure and patience … which sometimes unexpectedly lead to success …

  41. this is the Buerle we were expecting to show up 2 out of 3 times

  42. You mean the next few years could be fun after all?

  43. Polly wants some rbi’s (r’sbi?)

  44. Just tuning in, Buchholz’ left arm doesn’t look as shiny as last time.

  45. I like the way we’re tormenting Bucholz today

  46. tight zone FOR us

  47. Jeri Curl wearing shitfuck

  48. yah Oscar … he hasn’t even been messing with his hair … he heard the news

  49. gotta like that gibby stuck with MB for this inning as well

  50. John Gibbons does not look long for this world with that walk. And gut. Heart attack waiting to happen.

  51. I just hate all the Massholes so very much.

  52. …and comes the blown lead…

  53. May shmay. I’m looking forward to the Sportsnet Connected feature of Mr. November, AA.
    Stay tuned for all the November drama, when Steven Brunt recounts late-night phone calls and nail-biting press conferences.

    • AA is toast come fall. Not much point having all those scouts if you never listen to them.

      • Wow. That was a ton of uninformed dumbass you managed to pack into two sentences there. [Wiser clap]

        • “Wiser clap”

          Aren’t you a broham?

          AA has some bigassed fuckups this year. He’s a bit of a control freak.

          • I don’t know what the first two parts of that comment meant, but I’m gonna guess… no?

            As to the third, as far as I can tell he’s made one bigass fuckup – not properly evaluating our middle infield depth because it was obvious Reyes would get hurt at some point and it’s clear Bonerface can’t play second to save his life – and one smallass fuckup – not having enough pitching depth, even though who could have guessed that the entire staff would go to shit.

            Otherwise, it makes no sense that you would oppose the Marlins trade. For Reyes alone it was worth it. Nor the Dickey trade, unless you know something about D’Arnaud literally no one else does.

            If you think AA deserves to be fired for making this team, you weren’t a Jays fan from 2009-2012. If you told 2009 me that this would be our team, I wouldn’t have believed you. Then I would have asked you for a sports almanac…

            • ORLY?

              Pissing away pitching depth, no depth in the middle infield, Henry FUCKING Blanco!

              He’s a micro manager like Richard Nixon.

      • Please elaborate.
        Producers of Mr. November need some intel.

      • You’re a moron, regale us of stories where the 24th and 25th man win you and extra 10 games

  54. wow why can’t anyone play fucking shortstop!

  55. God dammit, maybe they can pick up a fucking shortstop that can field, it’s not like Kawasaki can hit so and all glove SS is fine

  56. Horrible team can’t do any fundamentals

  57. C’on magic

  58. Holy fuckernauts we’d better not bring in Delabar. In my mostly uninformed opinion (ie without consulting any stats) he has looked like shit with runners on.

  59. Ok, time to save Casey Janssen for the save opportunity that never comes again.

    You definitely can’t use a “closer” in a tie game!

  60. I went away for a bit, and came back to see it 2-2. Why was MB taken out? The workhorse, innings eater, who looked great earlier on?

  61. oh look, all the “fans” who believed at the outset that we would lose, now are jolly that they are “right” … you don’t think that that kind of crazy thinking has some effect in a quantum world? I know, too much for a dawg to handle. I’d rather be happy than right.

  62. Kittenface!!!!!

  63. Holy fucking balls…

  64. Get Casey up!

  65. The Man from Muncie, bean & gentlemen.

  66. who thought that would happen?

  67. Adam Lind wins the game!

    Assuming Casey remains automatic.

  68. Buck: Brett Lawrie having a good series with the bat”

    Tabs: “yeah, thats his first hit”


  69. Somewhere in Toronto Parkes’ brain just exploded…

  70. Well, I suppose 1 run will be enough.

  71. How can an inning where the Jays hit a go ahead home run in the 9th be so depressing?

  72. Collateral damage.

  73. Time to ban Red Bull

  74. That aborted stolen base by Lawrie better have been after a hit-and-run sign. If not Gibbons should be having a word or three.

    • It better not have been! A hit and run with Rasmus?

    • I don’t see how it could have been. There isn’t a human on Earth that would call for a hit and run relying on Colby to make contact.

      • That’s my point. I can’t believe it was a hit-and-run but I also can’t believe that Bonehead there would run in that situation either. Ferchrissake Lawrie did you not learn anything last year?

  75. now THAT was funny … maybe Bonny is our clown

  76. be cool with imperfection … stay on the boat!

  77. ok … I’ll confess … I’m watching NESN and Bo Jackson is promoting 5 hr energy and I had me some …

    • Were you watching NESN or Cause that’s pretty much the only ad they have on no matter what feed you’re watching…

  78. C’mon piano legs

  79. Nice play, Grandma

  80. Fuck you Jobu; I’ll do it myself.

  81. Melky was once a centre fielder for the Yankees. WTF happened.

  82. Bean Ellsbury

  83. Yeah!!!!

  84. Yesiree!!

  85. Casey is great

  86. Me Lind you long time!!!

  87. By Jove…Cubs prevail…Tally Ho

  88. Casey Janssen, ladies and gentlemen!!

    And Buehrle pitched they way he was supposed to as well. Good game guys.

  89. Is it my imagination, or did we just see the ghost of Adam Lind past? dirty win but a win anyway. woot!

  90. Okay, only 10 games below .500, baby steps

  91. there’s a lot more room on this boat … last 7 days MUCH better feeling for this club in spite of terrible news and stats against us …

    • They’re not rolling over anymore. I like the way they’re competing. I still don’t think .500 ball is out of he question.

  92. We will take it.

  93. Who goes down for the 4th bench guy?

  94. Who’s up tomorrow? Jenkins?

  95. Sierra up then?

  96. I’ll take Jenkins. Man you just never know what guys are gonna step up when they get a chance in the bigs.

    I think I should go play second base, though.

  97. Guess what dickheads. I left my work today after the 2nd inning to get 5 1/2 inches of my hair cut off and guess what. Beuhrle pitches not shitty, Lind hits a bomb and the Jays beat that cheating fuck buccholz, intentionally not capitalized. Fuck him.

    Anyway, its time we all start making sacrifices. If I can cut off all my hair then Stoeten can give his balls a tug, shave his beard and buy a clean fucking hat. As for all the rest o’ you, give your ladies some lovin’ with their best interests in mind. I’m lookin at you Tom W.

    I’m headin out to Vegas for 10 days tomorrow and the first thing I’m doing is droppin some cash on the Jays winnin the world series. Help me make some money.

    One love.

  98. Romero time in buffalo today!

    • Ouch. 3.2IP, 10H, 6R, 6ER, 5BB, 0SO, 14.73ERA. And a Balk for good measure.

    • Apparently this was Romero’s pitching line

      Warning: UGLY

      • Hes gonna be stuck there for a whiiiiillleee. Poor guy. Needs Arnsberg.

      • well, he will always have those first three innings vs seattle to tell his future kids about. he can make up some injury story like….

        “i was mowing them down, 9 up and 9 down, when I sat in the dugout between innings and a rabid Toronto street raccoon that had made its way to the dugout attacked my pitching arm. I was never the same after that.”

        Kids: “Daddy, daddy, how did you get the raccoon to stop biting your arm?”

        Romero: “Good ole Cletus Rasmus had his crossbow mounted on the dugout back wall, only took him one shot to nail the sucker right between the eyes..varmint dropped faster than a pitcher’s ERA facing our team”

      • I’d normally make fun of anyone who said there was something mentally wrong with a ballplayer, that kind of thing…

        I think he has some serious baseball-related demons knocking around in his head right now, and until he beat them, he’s not going to throw strikes or get people out at any professional level.

      • The guy needs a shrink.

  99. Pretty amazing to see Buerhle pitch like that against a good offensive team. If he can even be OK going forward, that’d be huge.

    Love to see them win 2/3… going to be fucking tough with Jenkins in though. Maybe the bats can slug their way to a win.

    • I’m still in disbelief. A well-pitched game by Buerhle and Lind is an offensive juggernaut…

      • Buerhle was a delight to watch today, at Fenway of all places. Good stuff.

        • Making good pitches to good spots pretty much negates any park factor. In fact, that big wall looming ten feet behind the infield might make that changeup of his even more effective as hitters are jumping out of their shoes trying to crush something off the wall,

      • @ Al…Lind’s performance isn’t that exceptional…he did the same thing in one game last year

        • Lind’s approach has been much better this year and there is no sign that he is fighting the platoon situation … he’s seeing a lot more pitches

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