Toronto Blue Jays v Tampa Bay Rays

Brandon Morrow, Chad Jenkins takes the mound today for the Blue Jays, the ninth starter the team has already used so far this season. Jenkins, who has only made one start for Double-A New Hampshire since being activated from the disabled list, will be facing Ryan Dempster, who defeated the Jays in Toronto last week with six solid innings.

Same lineup today for the Jays, something we may have to get used to.

The Jays, along with every other club in majors will wear pink necklaces and wrist bands for Mother’s Day today.


John Lott reviews yesterday’s win, a game in which Mark Buehrle finally shined.

Shi Davidi tweets the results of Ricky Romero’s first start for the Buffalo Bisons, which didn’t happen to go very well.

Richard Griffin tweets that pitcher Edgar Gonzalez has elected to become a free agent. A quick update on Gonzalez, he signed with the Houston Astros.

Barry Davis tweets the latest update on Brandon Morrow, who was of course, scratched from today’s start.

TV: Sportsnet

And now, the lineups, by way of the live box score at And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

LF Melky Cabrera (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
DH Edwin Encarnacion (R)
C J.P. Arencibia (R)
1B Adam Lind (L)
3B Brett Lawrie (R)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
2B Emilio Bonifacio (S)
SS Munenori Kawasaki (L)

Chad Jenkins RHP

Boston Red Sox

CF Jacoby Ellsbury (L)
RF Shane Victorino (S)
2B Dustin Pedroia (R)
DH Mike Napoli (R)
LF Daniel Nava (S)
1B Mike Carp (L)
C Jarrod Saltalamacchia (S)
3B Will Middlebrooks (R)
SS Stephen Drew (L)

Ryan Dempster RHP

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  1. Why would Edgar sign with a AAA team instead of just being assinged to one?

  2. Bat Lind 4th against RHP and that lineup looks okay.

    • I love it. Let your three best hitters go up and hit the ball hard.

      • Yeah before they were just trying to hit slow rollers to 2nd every time…

        • So your preference is what, Kawasaki ground out, lawrie strike out, Bautista solo home run? If the offense is lagging, let your best hitters come to the plate the most.

    • Not a Lind fan but I agree. As long as Lind never faces a lefty, he’s a decent enough hitter and certainly a MUCH better option than JPA who, well, sucks.

  3. Hopefully the bats can come alive today and help the kid out. A series win would be nice for a change.

  4. Shuffling EE down to 4th and JPA into 5th makes more sense to me, put Lawrie in #2 (when is he going to start hitting? Bad luck?) but then again I am not a Major League coach.

    I’m not.


  5. Happy Mothers Day.

  6. Why no nicer Maicer? Watching the boneface play baseball is really starting to “re-aggravate” the shit out of me, as Tabby would say.

    • Uh, I honestly don’t know who is more of a shitbag at this point. I’m inclined to say Bonifacio simply because we haven’t seen as much suckage from him lately (less playing time, haha).

      But seriously, Maicer is fucking terrible. FGraphs has him at a -0.8 WAR ALREADY. Fucking brutal, I can’t stand watching him. Aside from his dingers, everything he hits either looks like a lucky blooper or he rolls over on it directly to a middle infielder. His glove has been horrendous to match that.

  7. There is just no end to the good news as now we hear that Robert Osuna is going to need Tommy John surgery.

  8. Ricky’s done. I wonder how long before we see him in the bullpen? He obviously makes too much to drop him and he’s untradeable.

  9. JPA and that pitiful on base % should be batting tenth. Buffalo News writer regularly needling club for not calling up Negrych:

    “Memo to #BlueJays: Jim Negrych leads IL in BA (.433), slugging (.663), OBP (.487) and OPS (1.151). WHAT are you waiting for? #Bisons” from @BNHarrington

    • FYI
      Arencibia, with his shitty OBP this year, won a batting title in AAA.

      • Well, he’s in no danger of winning one of them here.

      • What does winning a batting title have to do with OBP? I dont get it.

        • They have about as much to do with each other as AAA stats have to do with major league performance.

      • What are you talking about?

        • For the record, he hit .301 that year. Pretty decent….Only 56 players finished ahead of him.

          • my bad…i meant mvp.
            What i was really trying to illustrate is this are no benchmarks at AAA (Jim Negrych) that guarantee major league success. I’m sure the coaches know what Negrych is capable of and won’t promote him because of some inflated numbers he got while hitting of of pitchers trying to sort themselves out.

  10. OK who the fuck is Jim Negrych?

    #freejimnegrych #halfserious #careerminorleauger #greatMLBnumberswith47ab


    2012- 31

    39 games into 2013- 20

  12. I don’t think he is 100% done but he is on his way, sure.
    It;s been mentioned that he is resembling the path taken by Dontrelle Willis who had a couple of great years then turned to dogshit and suddenly couln’t throw stiikes. Rick Ankiel had a great rrokie year with STLouis and then turned to dogshit with no control.
    Years ago Steve Blass of Pittsburg was lights out for a couple of years and then turned to dogshit with no control and no career. There have been others.

    I hope he makes it back but I think you can forget 2013-he has to reinvent himself to have any chance at this. So.. there goes 1 of the 5 projected to start this year and do good.
    Josh Johnson, who has great stuff when he is able to pitch, which happens less and less with each year is an enigma as the arm can handle only so many injuries. Essentailly he has contributed nothing, looks like he will continue to contribute nothing and will either be dealt in July or walks e.o.y. after winning a couple of games. Whether AA will risk a 14.4m option ( up from 13.3 last year) to secure a draft pick might be too risky even for AA. So there goes pitcher no 2 who was expected to contribute.

    Morrow has won ONE fukin game although he has pitched weill ina couple but that is not good enuf for a guy who is NO 2 supposedly. He better step it up, or I can see him being dealt elsewhere as he has a good contract and great upside but we can only wait so long for the upside. We could get MLB second baseman for him. So pitcher no 3 is so so
    Dickey, our no1, has been 50-50 but has to do better. Unlikely to be dealt but if we are in last place at July 31 he would get a good return also so either he or Morrow could go
    Buerhle is dogshit and untradeable unless another team is told to take him as part of a deal, perhaps for Morrow.
    So, for starters we are now up to the 9th starter already FFS. How many more shitballers will we have to endure this year??
    I hope we can get it going but if not I think AA will put all options on the table and there will be no sacred cows that are not tradeable-not one, not even Lawire who better get his ass in gear too as he wasn’t great last year either and going forward he is entering his arb years so his price is going up.
    Our most tradeable commodity at all come 7/31 if this persists is Janssen. Doing a great job as closer here, but needed only about once a week with this motly crew.
    If Santos ever returns and even if he doesn’t , Casey’s performance and contract make him very attractive for a contender which we sure aren’t.
    Let the farting begin because this team needs a good cleanout

    • Chambo chimpy chaw wow dawgy dog

      Dawgy dogg

    • I see your reasoning, and I think it pretty much boils down to our worst pre-season fears coming true so far. BUT I don’t think it’s time to give up yet. Our BABIP is starting to climb back up slightly, and our hitters are starting to regress back to who they are – actual hitters.

      Pitching is a lot more fucked, but if Dickey + Buehrle can be solid during our four man rotation, and Morrow manages to be serviceable, that’s actually a pretty damn good rotation because we don’t have to worry about sending out a shitbag like Romero every fifth day – instead, Dickey’s going.

      We’ve got AL East games on the horizon, and we’ve done well recently, so if we manage to stay on a 6-4 record for every ten games, we’re back at .500 in around a month. I don’t think that’s too unreasonable, and it’ll probably be easier for us to do better than that.

  13. So I know the negrych issue has been talked about a lot but does anyone have an explanation of why he has not been brought up? Is it defensive range? He does not make many errors.

    • The usual explanation you get is that he sucks.

    • Age, I’m sure. He’s super old for the level

      • That can’t be it. He is 28 and there is no too old for aaa

        • Oops reply error

        • He is a career minor leaguer putting up good numbers. How old were (hate to make this comparason) Bastista and even Morrow before they figured things out. As bad as our 2B options have been isn’t it worth giving him a few games in the Show to see what he can do? If Morrow is put on dl nows the time to give him his starts. Boneface can be 4th outfield.

    • AA said in an interview with B Davis that he’s convinced that the position players on the current 25 man who are struggling are better than what they are performing, and is going to give them time to get back to their historical performance levels.

    • I think it would make sense if we didn’t need to carry a million pitchers to make spot starts. As is, there’s no one to send down that we couldn’t afford to lose if Negrych ends up sucking.

  14. Now that Davis is out, and once Jenkins is sent back down, why not give Jim a cup of coffee?

  15. So I’ll admit that yesterday I wandered off + then a rare WIN appeared + I missed it. I’ve learned my lesson. Today I am here for the duration – scones in the oven – but me + my feelings will be here.

    Let’s go Blue Jays.

  16. A win today would make it 5 out of 8 (.625).

  17. Doing a experiment for the few innings I can catch today.

    Watching the game on mute, with Q107′s Psychedelic Sunday as the sound track.

    So far, so good!

  18. Half order of wings!?!

    I’ll take it!

  19. Gibbons knows JP is an out machine, right?

  20. Watching Colby play CF really makes me understand the expression “patrolling the outfield”.

  21. Since when is Melky a fuckin defensive liability?

  22. I’m not a fan at all of JP in the 4th spot. I would rather see Lind there, or leave Encarnacion there. Strikes out way too much.

    It would be nice to see Jenkins have a solid game, I’ll take 6 innings.

  23. It would be all sorts of awesome if JP didn’t try to hit a home run with every swing.

  24. Does anyone know if you can stream the game audio anywhere online?

  25. The Man from Muncie comes through yet again!

  26. C’mon Cleatus….work it full.

  27. P.S. look out for that pitch up and away.

  28. Having seen 2013 Lind for 6 weeks now I gotta say he looks alot stronger and more balanced…maybe he’s learned that his back wont be fucked if he exercises occasionally…could be a valuable asset against RHP

  29. Kittenface rounding third is a scary sight.

  30. Man Lind is really slow. Don’t care too much though; if we can get a credible LH platoon partner for him that’s a nice little 1B/DH tandem.

  31. Re: Psychedelic Sunday experiment…….

    As Colby struck out, “the long and winding road” started to play.

    *single tear*

  32. Kawasaki!

  33. KAWA-SAKE!

  34. Jesus having the lead in a game makes me really uncomfortable. More than if we were trailing.

  35. Fuck the Rays for being at .500
    Come on San Diego, you useless pieces of trash.

  36. Gotta go to Saigon.

    Stay in the boat people.

  37. Even if jenkins shits the bed at least dempster will be gone by the 5th or six as he is up to 48 pitches already

  38. Liked Kawasaki’s AB better than Melky’s. Make them throw some pitches!

  39. Jenkins has been ahead of every batter but seems to lack a confident strike out pitch.

  40. Love it!

  41. Very pretty.

  42. Time for some back to back!

  43. YES Bautista!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. that bautista homerun pitch was bascially right down the middle

  45. Boston is sinking like a stone. Pretty soon we’ll be climbing over them to get out of the basement.

  46. Forget Negrych…when does Thole get a shot?? Raking in Buffalo, and certainly has more upside than Blanco. Could spell JPA and has experience catching Dickey. Do it.

  47. keep it up boys

  48. JPA just really doesn’t like to walk. He has to know that pitch was outside for his walk pitch.

  49. Yes!

  50. We’re just good enough, and that’s no bad thing.

  51. Knock the shit out of it, Cletus.

  52. Boneface! Looks like the shitbags are coming around.

  53. You know Fenway is a clown park when even Bonifacio is hitting homers

  54. Let me preface this by saying that I hope he’s okay. But what a fucking dumbass!

  55. Melky Cabrera, professional hitter.

  56. Jenkins vs lefties= loup vs righties.

  57. fuck boston chicks are hot eh, I popped like 3 chubbys already when they pan over the stadium

    • But even the chicks as Massholes, so beware.

      Toronto girls are…sturdy? Serviceable?

      • friday night jays game, don’t even get me started I’m more mesmerized by the chicks than dickeys knuckler

        • I’m vain + needy enough to take this as a compliment. As the only Blue Jays game I’ve been to this year was one on a Friday night.

  58. Parrot stroll

  59. Hello Mr. Parrot…enjoying a Sunday walk are you?

  60. Wing Dinger!

  61. Man where was this shit in the last series. Not that I’m not loving it…

  62. Edwin is good at playing baseball sometimes

    • I was blown away last time he was on a hot streak….then he entered into an extended winter of suck the last few weeks. maybe he’s back

  63. If the Jays can win this, it would be a gigantic series win given the pitching matchups.

    Oh and a bonus for Fuck You Boston.

    • I’m glad you’ve gotten over playing Chicken Little like you were at the beginning of this series.

      • There was zero reason for optimism heading in. Ortiz is trash, pitched like it but somehow escape with minimal damage even though they lost the game. We all know Jenkins is fringe MLB starter material. But if you can steal a game every now and then with guys like these, great. The Buehrle start was encouraging though.

        • The point of being optimistic is that it doesn’t have it’s basis in reason. That would make you a realist.

        • Doesn’t matter who faced Lester that game.
          Buehrle was a pleasure…works so quick and he was on.
          Now to eat up their bullpen and rest the Jay’s

  64. It sure is easy to forget with all the other pitching prospects hyped that Chad Jenkins was a Blue Jay first rounder. He “should” be doing this.

  65. Boy, that fire Gibby hashtag sure is quiet today…

    • Well, he hit five bombs, pitched a decent five innings and played solid defense. You can’t fire him when he does that.

  66. Loup and Hutchison essentially blew by him though having the same draft year. The other stories were bigger with 3 of the first 4 not being signed and later Marisnick being a steal in the third round. This set up the big 2010 draft of the former big 3.

  67. I forgot Lawrie had power…

  68. Jays need to be reminded that they can crush division rivals once in a while…

  69. Things have definitely turned for the team. Now, we just have to hope they can get hot enough to get back to .500 soon enough to get into the pennant race.

  70. Maybe Boni will start to hit more consistently? He has a career .322 OBP…nothing remarkable but far better than the .200 or whatever OBP he’s currently at.

  71. A professional at-bat.

  72. Fuck you, Massholes.

    Suck it, Farrell.

  73. Red Sox tears make me more powerful.

  74. This makes up for the shitkicking they gave us in Toronto. Fuck you Massholes.

  75. Ahhhhhhhhh…have been waiting so long for a laugher. That one against Seattle didn’t count like this one against the Sox

  76. Man, I love it when the Jays beat up on the Red Sox.

    Four straight quality starts from the rotation too, and that’s including outings from fill-ins like Ortiz and Jenkins. Could the Blue Jays’ luck finally be turning around?

  77. The world is about to feel the wrath of the Jays bats…

  78. That’s what we call a mercy called strike by the ump to save the Sox further embarrassment. Edwin is right to shake his head there.

  79. The team just needs quality starts- 6 innings 3 runs (which isn’t even really that good in the current run environment but…). The rotation couldn’t do that before but maybe GM AA can find ones that can.

  80. I like the aggressiveness up by 6. Weve had too many games this year where we get ahead by 3 or 4 early and then just shut down.

    I like what this team is doing, getting ahead and keeping your foot on their fuckint throat.

    Team is startong to hit like theyre capable of. And you know whays really sxy? We have Jose Reyes on this team.

  81. Time to let Jenkins rest his arm. Great effort!

  82. Introducing the kids to Star Wars Episode 4 while watching the Jays. It’s a good Sunday.

  83. I hope this win doesn’t overshadow Sportnet Connected’s upcoming retrospective that chronicles the greatest Jays off-season ever.
    Hazel Mae goes behind the scenes to give viewers a minute-by-minute account of how the Jays won the winter. Steven Brunt gets up close and personal with Mark Buerhle’s dogs as they try to digest the news that they’re not wanted in Ontario, and Mae covers the offseason trophy presentation at the state of the franchise event at the Skydome.
    Stay tuned for Sportsnet Connected.

    • Your schtick is starting to wear on me.

    • Just when I thought we may go the whole day without a troll.

    • Dude, we won. You can’t stop being an asshole for one fucking hour?

    • good thing trolls did not show in numbers … I have a 5 paragraph missile, explaining in DETAIL the difference between barking and biting; adults and babies and shit and shinola

      • ’cause Obie came to the realization that it was a typical case of American
        blind justice, and there wasn’t nothing he could do about it, and the
        judge wasn’t going to look at the twenty seven eight-by-ten colour glossy
        pictures with the circles and arrows and a paragraph on the back of each
        one explaining what each one was to be used as evidence against us. And
        we was fined $50 and had to pick up the garbage in the snow, but thats not
        what I came to tell you about.

  84. nice

  85. One thing you have to hope they do is move JPA down in the lineup. I’d prefer to see him never hitting higher than 6th or 7th.

  86. Loup has looked good.

  87. 4 runs in 17 innings by our starter this series. Much needed. And a barn burner to finish the series. Much needed.

  88. Let’s go umps, get this one over quick and in the books!

  89. Jose Reyes is still 3rd in WAR among hitters on this team only playing 10 games and 4th on the team because Jannsseenn has been a force.

  90. I know it’s dickish, but why not tag Napoli at the start of each game in the hip to get him thinking about it.

  91. I notice Lawrie takes more than his share of pitches high and in.

  92. This Esmil definitely not been what the Jays had in mind.

  93. they somehow lose this game im done for the season

  94. Rogers sucks.

  95. I havent started singing yet

  96. It’s sometimes little things like Boni being unable to turn two that is really doing the pitching no favors when they have already taken a shit kicking this season.

    • In fairness, it was a low feed from Saki and Gomes (a beast) came at him like a linebacker.

  97. For those that said this quiets fire gibby crowd. Why can he not credit for loss in your mind but credit for win lol. At least he didnt change lineup for a day. And i like jp but he is not presently 4 hitter. Having said this i would just like to enjoy a series win go jays go

  98. Atta boy Melk. Time to pile on.

  99. Good to see Melky keep hitting. Team really needs him performing with so many other cold bats being carried at the bottom of the lineup.

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