bailey blue jays tattoo

…than forever etching the Blue Jays updated logo into your forearm?

That is what some brave soul thought this weekend. So they wandered into Time Will Tell Tattoo and let Bailey put this into their skin forever and ever. Which is awesome? Admirable? Let’s go with somewhere in between.

Thanks to Bailey for letting me share this, follow her on Instagram and hit up their shop if you live in The Steel. (The website seems a little wonky right now.)

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  1. so 9 games in the book with Boston in 2013 , don’t see them again until late June and not in TO until July. 4 wins, 5 losses (2 games could have swung the Jays way, so could be 5-4 or 6-3 Jays: Fuck Farrell is still alive in my books, could be the only thing that saves the season for me if they pummel his chin repeatedly). now, a -15 run differential in those 9 games soooooooo.

    big fat talker Pete Abraham tweet:

  2. At least they did the new logo, which will presumably be around for a while. I feel bad for the poor soul I saw on the TTC a few weeks back who had the old “T” tattooed behind their ear.

  3. I want all the fukin players to play like they are wearing one of these

  4. Nice tattoo. Maybe a tad less visible location would suit my liking.

    Although I have a forearm tattoo, just not of my favourite MLB team.

  5. Currently working on a 3/4 sleeve at Time Will Tell … they do great work. Glad to see them get the credit here!

  6. That’ so boss.

    I want one.

  7. apparently he likes olives as well.

  8. whats with the penis tatoo above it?

  9. Not just a series win.

    We also jumped ahead of the Angels in the wildcard race.

    Small victories.

  10. I love Melky – Bautista – EE at the top. I have always thought it odd to put your best hitters at 3 and 4.

  11. Uhh… That’s not the new logo… It’s the original.

  12. wow, that is some good quality work right there. very nice work by Bailey.

  13. Nails on the tattoo.

    You can bet this guy isn’t walking around Toronto wearing a stupid f*cking Yankees cap.

  14. No bandwagon here. I know cause it’s my arm!

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