With the Jays set to return to the Rogers Centre turf, and about to begin a two-game mini series with some west coast team from the Junior Varsity division, it seems like an appropriate time to revisit some of the early-season’s most trod-upon subject matter, crowd behaviour. And today we’ll do it through a nifty (um… week old, already having appeared on the Blue Jay Hunter and elsewhere) video about when it’s appropriate to boo at a baseball game from reader and Facebooker, Emily W.

Most of it I can get on board with it– though I must admit I’m a little bit wary of the whole unconditional loving of this team thing that they come around to at the end. I also wouldn’t want to tell anybody not to boo whenever they feel is right, rather, I prefer to point out that, when it’s done at certain times and with certain motivations, it just kind of makes you a bit of a lump of shit. So… like… do it if you really have to, just know that.

Anyway, it’s mostly on point. Check it out after the jump!

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  1. I hope the Jays weep the Giants so Parkes can fuck off.

  2. So what are the rules for me booing the shit out of Ricky Romero from the comfort of my fucking couch?!?!

  3. This guy may have THE prototypical Canadian pronunciation of “out”.

  4. We can boo pitchouts but not pickoffs? Come on guy

    • this guy believes he has seen the light (of baseball attendance ethics)

      • haha! (@diogenes)

        pickoffs and pitchouts are both the same etiquette –> acceptable parts of the game. throwing over to 1st is how you keep runners from just taking 2nd base!

    • I like it when Blue Jays steal bases, I boo pick offs to do my part to extend their lead when on base. It’s subtle and it doesn’t work but gerdamit I’m still gonna do it.

      The rest of the video is pretty bang on though.

  5. My home team booing is reserved for players that give up/don’t seem to be trying or otherwise say/do stupid shit.

    Really impresses prospective free agents when you boo a reigning Cy Young winner after a sub par game where he clearly cares and is trying…

    Never got the “boo the ex Jay” just because either…

    Some I get…Rios, for instance.

    Folk like Wells, however, deserved far better. Guy gave his all, including his charity, and he just happened to not live up to our triple crown expectations and took money that was handed to him on a plate.Sure, I was pleased as punch when AA wizarded him out of here due to contract/performance but I didn’t see any quit or asshole of a player…

    Going back a few years, but playing the Twins on opening day and people were tossing pizza crusts and abuse at Shannon Stewart. Did he spike an orphan on his way out of Toronto and I missed it?

    • +1.

      Booing Rios is OK. It doesn’t work though. He hits the Jays well.

      Booing Wells?. No.

    • I don’t care about players charities. I care about playoffs and pennants and World Series. If I don’t get those, you can bet your 1987 AL MVP award I’m booing under performers.

      • … so I have little patience with entitled youngsters (anyone under 50) who think that winning is the point of baseball … no one IN the game dare think that way because believing it’s about winning is a losing proposition … it’s about playing the game the right way and well. Winning is a result that occurs along the way; much like life when you think of it properly …

        for example, Adam Lind works MUCH harder at baseball than anyone writing here and people pissing on him are just ignorant, cowardly and lazy … looking for an easy target to vent their own self-loathing and unresolved anger issues on … this has become endemic and now the whole team is the target …

        a team, their management, their owners AND their FANS are a large network and anyone using the network for personal reasons is a drain on the network’s energy. So a fan gives support and, yes, lives and dies with the team, but does not use the team as a whipping post for their own lacks, longings and hubris – that’s for children who are expected to grow out of it and participate whole-heartedly in sports and life eventually … when things go wrong and this year it seems that the goings wrong are amplified in the face of our tremendously high expectations coming in … when things go wrong we all understand the agony and some of us realize that the players and management are experiencing this much MORE intensely than ourselves; like 24/7 rather than just during a game. DJF has been a place where gallows humour and irony have become a way of working through this and there is a core of reader/writers in here who maintain that. Towards the end of last year and early this year we have been joined by a crowd of whining babies who are not getting enough milk … this is not fandom; except in a weird fantasy way … and it’s worse than trolls, in fact this crowd are local trolls, they are trolling for support for their own shittiness and projecting that on the team and making things worse.

        I totally disagree with Andrew about the relative value of team spirit, momentum and “chemistry”, but I am not going to argue with him about that here, because I don’t think it furthers … I believe that he threads the best and finest line between team support and valid critique and is an example of how to do it. This is his house, so don’t pee on the sofa and then walk on through. Start a blog called BJ_Whipping Post for those of you who think that is the way to be, but leave the word FAN out of it.

        Bitch like a man, eh?

    • I don’t remember people booing Wells. I remember him getting an ovation.

  6. It’s a good vid…and an ever better sentiment…
    …but it’s worth pointing out that teams want home-field advantage for last bats as well as the fans.
    Also, although I typically don’t boo – except A-Rod – I reserve the right to expect more out of MY team.
    Just being an asshole. :)

    • what about first bat? that’s pretty advantageous.
      Now i want to know the all time home/away splits for every MLB game…

  7. Booing ARod is dumber than 90% of what’s in that video.

  8. Been saying this for months! This is now my booing bible.

    Thank you for addressing the drunk paper planes, too. Those are a prick in my side.

  9. We’re passionate fans. We’ve gotta hammer something

  10. #don’tgetofftheboat

    • Get on board but get out of the boat? How is that even possible? Wait, is he just encouraging others to get on the boat on which we have to stay? Does that mean those of us on the boat don’t have to do a thing?
      There’s plenty of room on the boat right?

  11. Never boo your own team. Other than that boo whoever the fuck that you want.

  12. Ned Flanders would allow more booing than the guy who made that youtube video.

  13. I have yet to watch the video but why can’t you boo the home team?? I mean I understand the paper air planes and such but if the teams playing lousy you should be able to show your displeasure especially with an error/strikeout prone team like this

    • that not knowing there were 3 outs thing was pretty embarrasing too, especially given the timing during the game and season. I’m not saying they should’ve been booed relentlessly or anything, but I have no problems with a crowd reacting to such signs of carelessness.

    • But is it going to make them play any differently?

      For instance, the night the crowd boo-ed Dickey off the mound about a month back. I’m sure he was WELL aware that he sucked balls that game. He’s more aware of that than anybody else. So what good is boo-ing going to do?

      I dunno. I’ve just never seen the merit in making somebody else feel lousy because they did a bad job, even if they are getting paid millions of dollars.

      • for sure there are better times to boo than others, and in general I dislike it when the home team is booed, but there are times when booing the home team is warranted. but how PG do we want baseball to come? the video would’ve been much better if the guy suggested to treat the home team better, rather than lay out his sermon on the mount of booing ethics: Thou shalt not booest pick offs. Thou shalt booest Farrell but once. Thou shalt not boo the double play because it is a part of baseball, but fans booing shall not be a part of baseball for I am the way of baseball fan conduct.

  14. Not sure why booing pick-off throws is so bad that it got two mentions in the video. I figure as long as the pitcher is going to throw more than one pick-off throw, I’m going to boo him in the hopes of rattling him.

    • pick off boos are generally just a tame “booooooo” from the crowd anyways. no one really thinks twice about it and both teams probably hardly notice it.

    • I’ve got no problem booing a pick off throw if it’s a catcher on first and the pitcher throws over more than once. Or if it’s repeatedly done in a situation that there’s no way in hell the runner will be going. But really.. the whole goddamn crowd boos every pickoff.. and every step out of the batter’s box. and every step off the rubber.

      Yet nobody boos the idiot(s) who just decided to saunter down the aisle in the middle of an inning and step directly infront of you during a play.

  15. Fuck Colby Rasmus! Boo him too!

    • Please stop making these disgusting comments about my son. I suspect you have a man crush on him or you wouldn’t be talking about him all the time. And no, I’m too old for you.

  16. Never boo the home team but it is okay to boo any other time specially you ALWAYS have to BOO Rios duh! it’s part of the game!

  17. fuck this, i will BOO whoever the fuck i want!! i once BOOED a woman when she was giving me head! i booed a fried egg that wasnt cooked enough! i booed my beer when it was empty! i booed at my box of boo berry cereal for fucks sake! BOOOOOO to chicks who dont swallow, and boo to fuckin boo jays when they stink!!

    • I guess when you have to pay women to blow you, you’re allowed to boo if it’s not good.

      • BOO to drip derp or whatever waste of semin you call yourself! I am Cornelius Fuckin Woodenfeet for fuck sakes!! i fucked queen elizabeth in an apple tree when you were still living in your dads sack!! she paid ME100 schillings for every squirt of my glorious love sauce, and i booed her then too!

    • Good one. Misogyny is hilarious.

  18. Take the fan out of fanatic? Fuck off. Daaaaarrrrellll.

  19. If I see you at a game I will make a point of booing the Jays just to piss you off.

  20. Jays> leafs

    • A big fuck you to Stoeten for using his beard genie sports wish asking for a Leafs disaster on the podcast. Couldn’t have spent that one on a 10 game winning streak buddy?

  21. However I feel generally about booing the home team, I will NEVER apologize for booing Coco Cordero. His fat ass deserved everything he got.

  22. Powered by Coors Light.

  23. Well that should be the end of the ‘Go Leaves Go’ chants at games…what a thoroughly enjoyable 10 mins. of hockey tonight!

  24. worse losss of my life

  25. At least the Leafs have a talented young core with a good shot at going deep in the playoffs for the next few seasons. Making the MLB playoffs is a different animal, but still… Jays are 19 years and counting with aging and/or injury-prone pitching, a relatively depleted farm system, and an unpredictable lineup that has the potential to be awesome but could turn out to be just not that great.

    Fuck, I’m just depressed. Let’s go Blue Jays!

  26. Thank you for bringing up the paper airplanes. There isn’t much that bothers me about what fans do, I mean, a lot of the people at games are idiots and I’ve come to accept that over the past few years. But the paper airplanes annoy the shit out of me. I just find it so unnecessarily disrespectful of the teams, the stadium and the game of baseball in general.

  27. Who in the fuck makes that sort of video without getting paid to do so? Get a life and mind your own business I say… I’m not even a boo-bird, the paper airplanes drive me crazy, and agree that Vernon should never have been booed.

  28. Fuck is it possible for a Toronto sports team not to kick me in the balls every chance they get? How do you go from such a euphoric high to a depressing low?

    Allright Jays, time to turn this bad boy around or else I’m moving to Boston.

  29. The paper airplane throwing is fucking embarrassing.

  30. The one that always gets to me is the booing of Vernon. His only sin was being a borderline MVP candidate until he wasn’t.


  31. Booing should only be done at your home team in three instances

    #1 – Lack of effort
    #2 – A totally pathetic performance (when team looks like a group of 12 year olds)
    #3 – A player who disgraced the team/city through something stupid done or said

  32. I hate the Leafs, but…

    Did anyone else notice the abhorrent fab behaviour last night in Boston?

    First, the throwing of waving towels onto the ice after the tying goal, which resulted in a stoppage of play, that was just beautiful.

    Then, my absolute favorite, the coup de gras, was fans throwing water bottles AT Reimer after the winning goal. Just imagine, giving up 4 goals to blow the lead, then being pelted with water bottles from the fans. SOUL CRUSHING!

    Stay classy, Boston.

  33. Fuck Boston man. Couldn’t sleep last night. I need a vacation to recover from this shit. What have we done to deserve this? Why it’s always us that get their ass fucked one way or another? Every year every T.O team finds a new and creative way to fuck us up. From now on I wanna be a proud bandwagon fan. Those are the smart one.

  34. Leafs lose

  35. Enough of this jumping on the wagon BS. You stick with your team through thick and thin. Even if it’s only ever through a whole lot of thick. One day, things will come together and we can all pop bottles together in celebration…but for those that don’t stay on board with the Jays and the Leafs, instead of passing you the bottle, I’ll wait till it’s empty and I’ll just throw it at you.

    Go Jays.

  36. Dumbest thing I’ve ever seen.


  37. It is definitely OK to Boo that video.

    what a piece of shit.


    In other news, JPA comes off as a right jackass in this article, in my opinion.

  39. Oh, there’s also a lot of rational debate going on at…a Griff-chat!

    • This made me laugh from the Griff Chat. Notice the name of the commenter …

      Why not always bat your best hitter second? Hell, why not bat him first? The more AB’s for Jose the better, right? by Dustin Parkes 12:17 PM
      Is that you, Keith Law of by Richard Griffin 12:17 PM

  40. “No one cares about strikeouts other than people that aren’t in the game,” he said, defiantly. “People who understand baseball understand that strikeouts, for myself, really don’t mean as much.”


    • “This is what people don’t understand and this is what baseball people understand: what I’ve done in the major leagues, in the AL East, to catch every day, you don’t just roll over and find it”


  41. The big one for me and where I will boo without hesitation is when the player arses the dog.
    Things like not running out grounders, assuming a play will be made and then it isn’t, stupid mental errors( as in not knowing how many outs). they are being paid to be alert and to hustle-no excuses!
    Why do you think Johnny mac was a fave despite a lack of real talent.

    I agree that bboing someone who is having an offday ( eg Dickey pitching) is pointless-they already know they are having an offday and there will be a certain number of them during the year unfortunately

  42. “And seriously, no more booing pick-off attempts” – Lol

    First 1:30 was good.

  43. Ok so next time a pitcher throws over to first for the 8th time in a row we are supposed to all applaud, remember that.

  44. Coors Light?

    Doesn’t seem very responsible, Coors Light.

    Also, your beer sucks. If I want to drink piss, I’ll drink piss.

  45. Boo the home team when they are shitting the bed, no problem with that. Its the only way the fans can kick the team in the ass. sometimes a team needs a kick in the ass.

  46. Dont boo pick off attempts?
    turned off the video after that little pearl of wisdom.

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