Podcast The Fifty-Fourth!


Now a little something to kill time on a Monday afternoon: it’s the DJF podcast!

And today we’ve no co-host filling in for the hopelessly disinterested Wally Pip, as we talk about the Jays probably, but possibly not, but probably being kinda already fucked. But at least they’re winning!

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  1. Love the jpa hate. Keep it coming!! Hate that piece of shit. BTW, the media gives jpa an easy ride because he is “buds” with them. If the media isnt picking on him, the casual fans sure as hell wont. BTW, rasmus is wayyyyy better overall than him. Yet, he gets shit on constantly by the likes of blair and mccown. Once the casual fans hear it, theyre on the bandwagon.

    • My only issue is that he makes 500k. Buehrle costs 500k PER START. John Buck (who yes I wish we kept) is making what? 8M? So 16 times what JPA gets.

      So the next time you’re cheering Reyes or Bautista or Dickey, keep in mind that JPA’s salary and Lawrie’s salary helps afford those guys.

  2. Tole had a better career OBP then JP while on the Mets. I thought he was going to be our opening day starter this year. Better defense, better OBP, left handed bat in a right handed dominated lineup, plus he can catch dickey so we don’t have to keep running blonco out there.

    Why not bring him up and have JP be used as both a DH and a backup catcher.

    Rasmus has value. He’s got power and defense. I find it hard to believe that the Mariners would not have a spot for him. He’s playing a little better now than last year, let him continue to play and maybe deal him at the trade deadline.

    • JP can’t DH because the “H” in DH stands for hitter, and if you’re losing your job to Josh Thole, you are not one of those.

      It’s easy to look at Thole’s career OBP and like what you see, but– while I know there was a concussion and that may have had something to do with it– you can’t just gloss over the fact that he was absolutely brutal in 2012.

      • Yep! You also can’t look past Thole’s defence. JPA is certainly not a great defensive catcher but he’s passable. Thole is a shit bag back there.

  3. I thought Thole was a better defensive catcher? My mistake if he’s not.

    Perhaps going after Brian McCann or Russel Martin this offseason should be considered. Is JP starting arbitration next year?

    • Nah, he’s a scrub defensively. He made some minor improvements so that might be what you’re thinking of. I would shit myself if McCann can be McCann again and sign with the Jays.

  4. I think another reason why they love JPA is because he is so dreamy. And he loves his mom.

    Chicks dig it. How many 20-something girls do you see at the Dome rockin’ Arencibia t-shirts?

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