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Houston Astros v San Francisco Giants

The Junior Varsity Giants are in town, meaning Melky Cabrera gets himself a World Series ring, and we get to see what a team that squeaks into the playoffs via a horrifically awful division and then lucks its way through some random short series wins looks like. Oh, but they do it the “right” way, so I guess that means the affinity so many Jays fans have for tonight’s opponents shouldn’t make me puke in my mouth. Yeah, that’s it, I’m the asshole.

Oh yeah, and R.A. Dickey goes tonight against Barry Zito. Shittballers, ho!


Alex Anthopoulos spoke to reporters today, and Brendan Kennedy tweets that one update was on Jose Reyes, who is now out of the walking boot, and while the GM says he’s still thinking the shortstop won’t be ready until the All-Star break, but adds that he wouldn’t be surprised to see him in late June.

John Lott tweets that Dustin McGowan reportedly feels great, and is about to begin a 30 day rehab assignment.

Chris Toman tells us that Melky will receive his World Series ring in private, as per his request.

Richard Griffin tweets that Marcus Stroman has been activated, and is now with Dunedin, where he’s expected to make a start or two before moving up to Double-A New Hampshire.

Shi Davidi adds that Chad Jenkins and Ramon Ortiz are in the rotation for now, and may last until Happ and Johnson are back, but it’s really a start-to-start thing for them, and Sean Nolin seems like the next name who’ll get the call, should the Jays need another starter.

Win these two and then sweep the Yankees and you’re 20-24– that ain’t half bad, all things considered! Come on, win streak!

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.com. And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app

Toronto Blue Jays

DH Melky Cabrera (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
2B Mark DeRosa (R)
3B Brett Lawrie (R)
SS Maicer Izturis (S)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
C Henry Blanco (R)
LF Emilio Bonifacio (S)

R.A. Dickey RHP

San Francisco Giants

CF Angel Pagan (S)
DH Marco Scutaro (R)
3B Pablo Sandoval (S)
C Buster Posey (R)
RF Hunter Pence (R)
1B Brandon Belt (L)
LF Gregor Blanco (L)
2B Nick Noonan (L)
SS Brandon Crawford (L)

Barry Zito LHP

Comments (303)

  1. IT’S TRUE, YOU’RE THE ASSHOLE [waves orange pom poms]

  2. Has the “DJF powered by Coor’s Light” always been there?

  3. Derosa 4 hole…If he goes off 2day I will never bitch about Gibby’s boner for micro splits again…

    • It’s really that he’s replacing JPA’s bat and Lawrie moves up one spot when Lind is out because a lefty is on the mound.

      Bonifacio is batting 9th because his bat is weak, but he also provides speed on the bases ahead of our best 3 hitters should he happen to get on base. Blanco (bad period) and Colby (bad against lefties) drop down.

      The only quibble you can make with the line up is wether Lawrie or Izturis should bat 4th instead of where they are now.

  4. It’s true that I abandoned my feelings for the National League + did cheer for the Giants because they were exciting + their fans were exciting + I like the juxtaposition of Angel + Pagan. But now they are the enemy + participating in evil interleague play.

    All this to say – Woo! Blue Jays! Winning streak!

  5. DH Marco Scutaro …

    Now there’s a handy guy to have around.

  6. Giants do it the right way? You mean finish poorly enough that you don’t lose your first round pick when you make your terrible free agent overpays?

  7. Melky will hit 2 grand slams.

  8. Oh so that’s how you play the right way

  9. Nice camra angle

  10. It’s not a round tripper, but I’ll take all the fresh air I can get. Thanks, Edwin.


  12. The Jays righties vs a Zito who is bound to crash back down to Earth? Anyone else getting a semi-chub right now?

  13. Now this is a wonderful start.

  14. Does this mean Zito doesn’t have it against the AL East? lolol

  15. suck it hipsters

  16. So far only one Jay hasn’t physically been on base this inning.

  17. Bat around!

  18. This team we’re playing won the world series last year. Hmm.

  19. Melky!

  20. Can Ortiz enter the game and Dickey be saved until tomorrow? Something about knuckleballers having rubber arms.

  21. HO-LY SHIT

  22. I’ve got a soft spot for Zito.

  23. Wait… Zito = Buerhle?

  24. “Biggest inning of the year, everyone made a contribution”

    Except Blanco

  25. Dickey’s command of the strike zone hasn’t been very good this year. Hope he recovers his form sooner rather than later.

  26. Knuckleball looks bad tonight.

  27. Jesus–Dickey’s been listening to Jack Morris.

  28. Dickey’s making this too hard

  29. Shit! We only have a 5 run lead.

  30. milf alert!

  31. come on Zito, lets have some more meatballs!

  32. Ziti must have an 8:30 reservation somewhere.

  33. C’mon Brett

  34. Sorry if I’m late to the party/joke, but what is with the ‘Junior Varsity Giants’ thing…?

    Thanks in advance for an explanation.

  35. Looks like Dickey is settling in with the knuckle shuffle.

  36. Oh – and as long as we are asking about in jokes, why “threat” and not “thread”

  37. And are vegetarians allowed to eat Animal Crackers?

  38. This is the Dickey I signed up for.

  39. Wow! Cleatus the other way!

    That + the good AB’s as of late…. could be a good sign.

  40. #GibbyTheBest

    • I mean, what are they gonna say when Gibby’s gone? ‘Cause he dies when it dies, when it dies, he dies!

      What are they gonna say about him? He was a kind man? He was a wise man? He had plans? He had wisdom? Bullshit, man! And am I gonna be the one that’s gonna set them straight? Look at me! Look at me! Wrong! [points to Commenters] You!

  41. My night will be perfect if Boston loses.

  42. You guys hear Gibby way Dickey’s broken nail came back?

    Guess that explains why he hasn’t been super sharp… but like… when are we going to see him without some back/nail issue?

  43. Could De Rosa have been any slower turning that?

  44. The Knuckler command is concerning for the long-run.

  45. I really cringe when they talk up Bonifacio and say he’s a good hitter and is ready to turn it around

  46. KyleZ reporting in from Las Vegas. It’s fucking hot so I stopped at that sports bar in New York New York. Watched a pretty stellar Blue Jays first inning. Not surprising since i just put 10 bucks on em to win the World Serious at 50/1. The baseball gods smile upon this.

    Anyway, stopped at the hotel room to grab a handful of beers or a couple innings. Whatever. Im drunk, getting drunker.

    Peace be with you

    PS STOETEN, Coors light is so fucking shitty. I hope they’re paying you lots of money to put that shit stain on your banner.

  47. Sober Jays fans, powered by Coors Light, is much more appropriate.

  48. Powered by Coors Light? I drink Half Pints and Fort Garry, thanks.

  49. Anyone notice Lawrie’s OPS+ is 55? If he ever turns it on, this team could start putting some serious offence together,

  50. What a fool.

  51. hey guys I don’t want to stand on second base, I want to sit on the bench, let me run towards the dugout.

  52. Lol Gibbers just incredulous at Izturis’ dumb ass.

  53. Can’t believe Pence hit that! Was eye level.

  54. hopefully Tampa can keep reeling in the Sox.

  55. Jeez that knuckler’s movin tonight.

  56. Be of good cheer.

    The Canuckler is just fine, thank you very much.

  57. Run ‘im out there in the 7th!

  58. RA Dickey powered by Midi-chlorians…

  59. Hope RA can go the distance tonight, its kinda looking that way.

  60. Dickey looking better and better as the game goes along.

  61. Shit Dickey looked REALLY good to those last three batters…

  62. If Dickey is done, why is Blanco still in the game?

    • Because they don’t need added offense up by 7 with an inning left. Baseball players do get days off ya know.

  63. Could someone explain to me why with a knuckleballer, who just struck out the side, why he wouldn’t go back out there for the 7th?

    • I hear you, but given the injuries, and the fact that his finger-nail is apparently messed, not the worst idea in the world to cap him at 115 and count it as a success.

    • He’s old and has had recent neck issues. Not much strain on the arm but I get taking him out after so many pitches.

      Goddamn Blanco though, holy shit…

  64. Yes Tabler…..They are indeed ball players……………………..moron..

  65. See now, this is how I thought it would be. 9 ks for Dickey. He’s pitching beautifully.

  66. They’re all ball players! They play the game of ball!

  67. Eddie the best…

  68. Come on Muncie

  69. At least Bautista can show some fucking restraint.

  70. Oh Tabby. Never change.
    He also mentioned “soft hands” in the 1st inning. Just to get that obligatory remark out of the way early. Lest we forget.

    • Give me ambiguity or give me something else.

      • George Bush:

        “I wish you’d have given me this written question ahead of time so I could plan for it…I’m sure something will pop into my head here in the midst of this press conference, with all the pressure of trying to come up with answer, but it hadn’t yet…I don’t want to sound like I have made no mistakes. I’m confident I have. I just haven’t — you just put me under the spot here, and maybe I’m not as quick on my feet as I should be in coming up with one.” –after being asked to name the biggest mistake he had made, Washington, D.C., April 3, 2004

        • “There’s an old saying in Tennessee—I know it’s in Texas, probably in Tennessee—that says, ‘Fool me once, shame on…shame on you. Fool me — you can’t get fooled again.’”[13] — Nashville, Tennessee; September 17, 2002

  71. I can’t wait to hear what the attack dog ‘Ankle-biter’ has to say about this game over at “Getting Spanked” tomorrow.

  72. The Giants do not look like a good baseball team today…

  73. Since when does Ray Liotta coach the Giants?

  74. If only the Jays played in the NL West… they might be undefeated this year.

  75. NO chance I am thinking this will be a win tonight after the Leafs blew that lead in the third last night.

  76. I’m watching the Giants feed… they are blaming the lights and the turf right now.

  77. I like that Ortiz is hanging with the Dominican inner circle.

  78. It’s still the 6th inning. Hustle it up.
    There we go.

  79. These ask the expert questions.
    Q. what do people eat?
    A. people eat different things.

  80. I’m a bit ashamed that I have also wondered about what players eat before games. Also, when they eat. The timing seems awkward. And this isn’t asked because I would like to stalk players @ restaurants.

  81. Boston is a big pile of shit as soon as their starters are done for the night.

  82. Goold ol shit kicking

  83. Apparently Dickey has a cracked fingernail again?

  84. Pagan is wearing a crucifix, George Carlin would have a field day.

  85. Brett is that you??? You’re pitching very differently this year…

  86. Well this should be a win…provided the Jays don’t ‘leaf’ this. That would make 3 in a row. Too bad Morrow isn’t going tomorrow.

  87. Just realised Wilner blocked me on Twitter, he must be sensitive, I never harped on him, not badly anyways. wow

  88. FYI: If the mountains on your can are blue, that means your beer is Mountain Cold.

  89. Holy shit, is the turf SO bad that the Giants (who will play 2 gMes on it all season) are sitting players to give their bodies a break?

  90. Melky!!!

  91. Tax that fucking bullpen. They are going to need help with Vogelsong in tomorrow.

  92. Im guessing the exchange went something like this:

    Bochy: Hey Melky heres your WS ring. Oh, and you left this generic, non descript package in your locker. I can give it to you after the game if youd like”

    Melky: “no no Bruce. I think Id like it now.”

  93. Zaun is looking somewhat silly questioning Melky batting ahead of Bautista.

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