Houston Astros v San Francisco Giants

The Junior Varsity Giants are in town, meaning Melky Cabrera gets himself a World Series ring, and we get to see what a team that squeaks into the playoffs via a horrifically awful division and then lucks its way through some random short series wins looks like. Oh, but they do it the “right” way, so I guess that means the affinity so many Jays fans have for tonight’s opponents shouldn’t make me puke in my mouth. Yeah, that’s it, I’m the asshole.

Oh yeah, and R.A. Dickey goes tonight against Barry Zito. Shittballers, ho!


Alex Anthopoulos spoke to reporters today, and Brendan Kennedy tweets that one update was on Jose Reyes, who is now out of the walking boot, and while the GM says he’s still thinking the shortstop won’t be ready until the All-Star break, but adds that he wouldn’t be surprised to see him in late June.

John Lott tweets that Dustin McGowan reportedly feels great, and is about to begin a 30 day rehab assignment.

Chris Toman tells us that Melky will receive his World Series ring in private, as per his request.

Richard Griffin tweets that Marcus Stroman has been activated, and is now with Dunedin, where he’s expected to make a start or two before moving up to Double-A New Hampshire.

Shi Davidi adds that Chad Jenkins and Ramon Ortiz are in the rotation for now, and may last until Happ and Johnson are back, but it’s really a start-to-start thing for them, and Sean Nolin seems like the next name who’ll get the call, should the Jays need another starter.

Win these two and then sweep the Yankees and you’re 20-24– that ain’t half bad, all things considered! Come on, win streak!

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.com. And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app

Toronto Blue Jays

DH Melky Cabrera (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
2B Mark DeRosa (R)
3B Brett Lawrie (R)
SS Maicer Izturis (S)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
C Henry Blanco (R)
LF Emilio Bonifacio (S)

R.A. Dickey RHP

San Francisco Giants

CF Angel Pagan (S)
DH Marco Scutaro (R)
3B Pablo Sandoval (S)
C Buster Posey (R)
RF Hunter Pence (R)
1B Brandon Belt (L)
LF Gregor Blanco (L)
2B Nick Noonan (L)
SS Brandon Crawford (L)

Barry Zito LHP

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  1. Parrot time!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE…

  2. It’s a beautiful night to take in a game

  3. It’s a lovely night and it’s a terrific game. Cabrera, Dickey and even Bonifacio reminding us how thrilled we were that AA signed them.

    • and King Felix holding up his end of the bargain so far

      • King Felix is finished for the night. Not that the Yankees are doing much of anything against the powerhouses of the Seattle bullpen.

  4. Don’t look now, but the Jays are almost at .500 in May.

  5. I’m glad the bats have been coming around because I wouldn’t want Cito to look too justified in having Murph as his hitting coach. I like having Motor and Murph both available.

    • Murph has to be given *some* credit with helping Bautista and Edwin come around.

      I would imagine it is just like any teacher/student combination — it is not a one-size fits-all approach.

      • Murph doesn’t get any credit for EE, he worked with a Dominican hitting coach before the 2012 season.

        • He heated up at the end of 2011. August and September he produced 126wRC+ and 356wOBA.

        • Wrong…IIRC EE did work out with Cano and Luis Mercedes but when he came to camp Murphy tweaked the swing as it was too short. Can’t find the articles on it but remember slick Buck and the Tabbler talking about it for the first 3 months….but what the fuck ever.

  6. Good old fashion guts by Dickey today.

    He’s not !00% but he knows how much they need him right now.

  7. A Bonifiasco.

  8. You’d think the expanded strike zone would be making its appearance with the Jays up eight runs, but Lincoln’s getting pitches on the corners called balls.

  9. Just when I started thinking Lincoln doesn’t suck, there he goes sucking again.

  10. I honestly dont know why Lawrie was ever moved to 2B instead of 3B in the first place.

    His tools (arm strength, quick reflexes, fearlessness, Bro-ness) are tailor made for 3B.

    Whereas the skills needed for 2B (strong footwork, quick hands) he doesnt seem to have in any great capacity.

    Seems like a no brainer.

  11. C’mon San Diego!

  12. And there’s the k.

  13. If the jays win that would put them at 6-4 in their last ten games. That must be the first time this year they would be on the winning side of their last ten.

  14. Really late with this, but how does Bochy not have Sandoval DH instead of play the field; Okay, Chang From The Hangover, you say it, because I just won’t (even though it is exactly what I was thinking as I watched that hippo ballet unfold):


  15. What a call for the shitballer

  16. Id much rather Thole being brought up. If hes hitting, we could find a spot for him in some dh situations

  17. Ump ready to go home.

  18. Up to a .400 winning percentage now. Brings a tear to the eye.

  19. It’s true for everyone. Blow out games you best be swinging and pitchers be throwin strikes.

  20. Even in a blowout game Lincoln has to go 3 balls on everyone.

  21. Guess what, Lincoln, walking the last “out” of the ball game is not going to make you many fans.

  22. Fucking Lincoln… Jesus Christ they have Rogers warming up…. LOL.

  23. You never wan to face Scutaro and his clutchness.
    Fuck, now they have to get another guy warming up in the pen. FINISH HIM!

  24. Lincoln sucks.

  25. So much for the good bump in run differential we were going to get. I can’t believe we traded Snider for this pile or dog shit.

  26. “Well, you told me to throw strikes.”

  27. Better get Casey warming up. Might be a save opportunity before its all said and done.

  28. It’s okay….we’ll let them get nine runs today and then none tomorrow when Ortiz pitches. That’s how it works right?

  29. Gibby’s thoughts “goddamnit why can’t you just get the last out. I gotta bring in another guy from the bullpen and walk out here and shit”

  30. Sweet!

  31. lol Lincoln

    Awesome game though.

  32. That kind of pitching bullshit takes the shine away from the team win. Seriously, players almost deflated after winning. FFS
    Not to over read body language displayed but fuck Lincoln and his shittiness since the trade.

  33. I wonder if Dickey has a big blue vein that runs down the centre of his back?

  34. I just noticed this blog is powered by Coors LIght now. No wonder it’s so weak.

    Am I late to the party on that joke, or what? Somebody must have tossed that out by now, am i right? Fucking meatball.

    Actually, I don’t really mind Coors Light.

    • It’s a day or so.
      Actually, I’ve found that people either love or hate it, very little middle ground.
      Personally it’s one of the only two beers I’ve ever poured down the sink and didn’t finish.
      But I know some people, that’s all they drink.

  35. fuck off parkes

    and fuck off to all the corncobs who jumped on the orange bandwagon. I hope you were all completely miserable down at the dome tonight.

  36. It’s a day late – but are you allowed to boo the Home team is they walk in the winning run?

  37. Well, I won’t get fooled again, because I am “OUT HERE IN THE FIELDS”
    Just got back from Vegas where the local sport scribes are shitting on the blue jays pretty good and the odds were going up daily.
    Bet 50 a game for six games on the jays, w3 l3 but made about 120$ as they were severe underdogs in every game. FUK the Jenkins game, they went off at +202, while Boston with Dempster was-222 YIOKES!
    Won 4 hockey games in a row but blew it all betting Pittsburgh to score 6 or more and they failed-fukin assholes.
    Basically split on other baseball bets doing dumbthings like taking Houston at +240 vs Verlander (loss9-0), but won on Minny at +180 vs Boston 15-5
    Saw a guy bet 1400 on that Minny game-fucker won almost 3K

    Anyway, I feel a little better about the lads, starting to hit some, but my opinion still hasen’t changed in that barring a huge winning streak the season is still about who may be kept or not come 7/31 as they have built such a large fukin hole and continue to get devastating injuries to the pitching stff. I mean I’m sure they will be a dog against SF tomorrow even playing at home against SF because of Ramon fukin Ortiz.
    Just wanted to let spuds and radar and KGBS, among others( Karen) know I’m still fukin kickin.
    Now, back to my Merlot which I missed greatly while consuming copious quantities of free beer in the casinos and poolside ( you can do both if you are particularly devious and don’t fall down).
    Forward Soviet- maybe DA DA DA, doo doo doo ( the police)

    • @Fukstik

      +1 for the vegas review.

      Jays have a lot of teams to catch, but at least the games are watchable.

      If Johnson is pitching by July 31st, maybe he will the most likely to be traded.

    • Aaah Vegas.
      Rented a cabana and had them fetch me beer all day, watchin the ladies having the misters keep me cool.

    • Hey fs nice to see you back, but maybe you should have stayed down there a bit longer, and kept an eye on Kyle. We may never see him again.

  38. At this point Snider for Lincoln is looking like a fair trade… and that’s no credit to either of them.

  39. Was at the game. The most encouraging thing for me was the fact that they scored 10 runs and didnt hit 1 homer! Not 1! Got to say, melky is a key player for them. If he can get on base in front of jbats and EE he is going to score a lot of runs. Still worried about the lineup 4-9. Particularly against good pitching. Good pitchers know how to get those guys out. Zito hasnt been good since 03, really.

    • You’re right. Homers are terrible.

      Why is everyone so excited that they scored and didn’t hit any home runs? Don’t understand that. I would think that’s much more sustainable than scoring 10 runs on a shit ton of singles.

      • Not that homers are bad, just that this team cant score without them generally. Its a good thing to see more variety in the offense.

      • 18 hits will get you a win most every time.
        3 homeruns will not.
        If you are not impressed with how they hit the ball last night, you should probably stop watching baseball, because you will be disappointed by your team an awful lot.

  40. Can any Hammerhead post on here? This site is hilarious three people told me about you. I am a Linley alcoholic with no friends except the mailman who HAS to visit every day, I mail myself letters.

  41. no long ball but yet they can get 10 runs. the wonders will never cease for this team.

  42. Looking at the lineup, the Jays seem to be in need of one key power bat. Hopefully Lind and Lawrie can kick it up a notch. BAM!

  43. Melky is heating up.

  44. Also, given that they were mishmash from the opener, even with the depleted line up the seem to be gelling as team mates, instead of just a group of ball players.

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