Jose Reyes with a bat and glove in his hand? Yes, please.

The image above comes via Jose’s Instagram today, after last night he tweeted that he’s #comingsoon.

Of course, he can’t come that soon– he’s on the 60-day DL dating back to April 12th– but as I was quickly told when I pointed that out on Twitter, June 11th is a whole lot better than “around the All-Star Break,” as we’d originally been hearing. Which isn’t to say that there’s a new diagnosis or anything, but Jose certainly seems to feel that things are going very well with his recovery.

The Google translation of the caption for the photo above says it all, I think…

I hoped this day forward and thanks to Mr. and came! Ready With Phoenix bird armor back to retake the battlefield! Today apparatus and hit for k so god wanted it! Thank you sir are very great and thanks to you my fans who give me strength to go forward! # amoloquehago

For the Spanish-speaking among us, here’s the original:

Esperaba este dia con ansias y gracias al señor ya llego!!! Ready Con mi armadura del ave Phoenix vuelvo a retomar el campo de batalla!!! Hoy se apara y se batea por k así dios lo quiso!!! Gracias señor eres muy grande y gracias a ustedes mis seguidores que me dan fuerzas para seguir hacia adelante!!! #amoloquehago

And in another Instagram post from today, he addresses his fans in English:

Sometimes we look down on ourselves when we make a mistake thinking that we could’ve done it a little different. Don’t let things from the past come back and haunt you and torment your present because it’ll affect your future. Remember we are all Kings and Queens so Never put your head down or you might drop your crown!!! Good morning and blessings to all #teamreyes #roadtorecovery #sevenstrong

I’m not going to lie, I don’t usually go for inspirational stuff like this, but from Reyes? Sure, why not? Especially since, like everyone else, I’m sure, I kind of can’t fucking wait to see him get back on the field again.

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  1. Jose it ain’t so!

  2. An even better sign than the bat and glove: he’s wearing shoes, socks, and no walking boot or cast or anything like that in sight.

    • Maybe a bit of a wrap/tensor/something on his left ankle?

      Anyway he has almost a whole month until he’s off the DL, so plenty of time to heal up.

      Can you play minor league rehab starts while still on the DL? Am I getting overly optimistic about him returning right as the DL assignment ends? Can I ask more questions that no one will answer?

      • You can play minor league rehab games while on the DL

      • Yes. I think you have a max of 20 days of rehab before they have to take you off the DL, unless there’s a setback and they stop the rehab assignment and the time starts again (the 20 day number might be off a bit)

  3. Phoenix bird armor

    Can this be tested? Drugs?

  4. Jose doesn’t use his indicators when turning he rolls down the window and points left or right.

  5. Can anyone translate the original Spanish tweet? I don’t know how reliable Google Translate is..

  6. “Today apparatus and hit for k so god wanted it”
    Hoy se apara y se batea por k así dios lo quiso!!

    “Today I am able to field and hit because god wanted it”

    He was able to field. and hit.

  7. “Ready With Phoenix bird armor back to retake the battlefield! ” I actually laughed out loud reading this

  8. did the jays fuck up by putting him on the 60?

  9. Even if Buerhle is a shell of himself, and Johnson leaves… I’m STILL fucking happy about that trade because we get Reyes the next 5 or 6 years.

    I’d be thrilled if he’s back in a month or so. I thought he would be out for a year.

    • ya, but then I wish they would have just tacked on half of buerhle’s contract onto an offer to Reyes and signed him in FA.

  10. I just hope they keep Kawasaki up when Reyes returns.

    He’s a great springboard for racist humour.

  11. Yuca boner?

    Chambre boner?

    Chimichurris boner?

    I’m having difficulty expressing my overwhelming joy.

  12. Great. The guy’s clearly lost his mind.

    • Ok – I read the second quote and maybe he hasn’t lost all his marbles. I’m still curious who Mr. Camel is.

  13. Lol! When I saw the photo on my phone screen I thought he was washing his car. That ain’t no bucket of sudsy water!! Thems baseballs!!!

  14. I can’t speak Spanish, but I think this is what he’s saying.

    I have looked forward to this day with anticipation, and by the grace of God it has come!! With my Phoenix-like armor I’m ready to take to the battlefield. Today I am able to field and hit because God wanted it [thanks Alvaro]!!! Thanks to the most high Lord and thanks to you my fans who give me strength to go forward!

  15. I’m still wrapping my head around the new CBA pick compensation model….

    If JJ was to return and be decent to good, let say 24 starts in total, 11W 8L (remember that they measure with old stats), and an ERA of 3.88 on the year…..

    Considering that so few starting pitchers are hitting the market these days, would he have shot at being a compensation pick FA?

    All educated guesses are welcome.

    • Jays would have to offer a one year contract, likely around ~14M for the year. If he declines, then compensation will come if he signs with another team (first or second round pick depending on the team, first 15 picks in the draft are protected)

    • If the Jays make him a one-year offer of the average of the top 125 players (?) and he declines the Jays get comped if he signs elsewhere

  16. Santos having surgery, Morrow having a start pushed back yet again, Melky getting an MRI?


  17. Man! Just love Jose Reyes! You can tell he’s really embraced being a Jay! This guy is gonna be a cornerstone for this team success for the next while! Gotta love the energy and vibe he brings to the team. Realize why AA was so high on him when the whole trade happened! Can’t wait to see him back on the field! If this team can keep it close, then the jays will really get a shot in the arm upon his return!!

  18. #Reyesthebest

  19. Jose has been hashtagging #comingsoon for weeks…

  20. damn straight God wants Jose Reyes hitting and fielding

  21. Google translate got the idea of it, it says basically:

    I waited for this day anxiously and thanks to God it is here. And ready with my Phoenix Armour I am at the battlegrounds. Today we prepare and we fight because that is how God intended it. Thank you to the Lord who is great, and thanks to you my followers that give me strength to continue forward.

    From a native Spanish speaker.

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