Boston Red Sox v Toronto Blue Jays

Oh the hits, they just keep on fucking coming. From the busy Twitter fingers of several reporters at Rogers Centre who just spoke with John Gibbons, we have this:

And this:

Ugh. Are you for fucking serious?

Oh, and there’s more…

Shi Davidi tells us that, despite all of the positivity we’ve seen via Instagram throughout his recovery process, the timeline on Jose Reyes has not changed, and he is expected to be out until the All-Star break. Oh, and Melky Cabrera will be having an MRI tomorrow on his sore hamstrings, says Brendan Kennedy.

Aaaaaaand Mark DeRosa is hitting cleanup tonight. And, crazier still, the idea isn’t completely nuts, given the other options against left-handers.

But unless you’re a charter member of the fucking insufferable tin foil hat brigade, it’s not all doom and gloom– and I don’t say that only because the Jays host the Junior Varsity whatevers tonight:

Morrow doesn’t appear to have had a setback, it’s just that he’s not at 100%, and the Jays want him to be as close to that as possible when he next takes the hill, says Gibby, via a Brendan Kennedy tweet. The expectation is that he’ll make his next scheduled start, which is now Saturday in New York, according to a tweet from John Lott. Yes, that’s what they’ve said about the last start, but, y’know, sometimes the body doesn’t respond entirely the way you expect it to.

In fact, though, Morrow spoke to reporters later and said, according to a Mike Wilner tweet, that the club is being “extra-cautious” and that he’d come to the stadium today expecting to pitch tomorrow. “Out of my hands,” he said. Shi Davidi adds that Morrow says he was looking forward to pitching tomorrow, while Brendan Kennedy tells us that Morrow said he’d be pitching if it were up to him, and that he feels fine.

John Lott adds that moving him back allows him to throw a normal-intensity bullpen tomorrow.

As for Santos, Shi Davidi tweets that recovery from the surgery is expected to be six weeks “possibly less,” so… hey! New ammunition for the tin foil hat people when that doesn’t work out! The triceps is pretty related to the elbow, so it’s completely understandable how we’ve reached this point, though I’m sure that’s not going to be enough to keep the waves of sarcasm about the deal with the White Sox from continuing to pound the battered shoreline of pointlessness. One day people will see what Santos is all about, I’m still confident, and it’ll be pretty fucking glorious.

Meawhile, Davidi tells us that Josh Johnson is on the road back, needing one more long toss session before getting back onto the mound, though J.A. Happ is still having knee pain related to his incident in Tampa last week. And Brendan Kennedy says that word from Gibbons is that R.A. Dickey is no longer dealing with the neck and back pain that had hobbled him for most of the last month– now let’s see it in the damn radar gun.

So… yeah. All of that happened.

It’s hard to look at it in the context of anything like a playoff race with the Jays so far behind but… I don’t know… if they can weather the storm– and so far, with a couple of surprising performances out of Ramon Ortiz and Chad Jenkins, they have– they’ll at least keep themselves poised for some kind of a second half miracle. If they don’t, though, we probably won’t even have that to cling to– the poor play of the season’s first month has made the margin for error now just that fucking thin.

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  1. Just put Morrow on the DL already, Jesus.

  2. just end santos’ seeeeezun already

    • just kill me already

    • +1.

      Tin Foil Hat brigade continues to be the voice of reason while the Jays apologists continue to mock the fans. The emperors have no clothes.

      Seriously, Stoeten, how can you take anything seriously from the Jays medical department.

      Nowhere did the Jays mention that Santos needs surgey for bone chips.

      What’s next? Jose Reyes out till September.

      Nothing would surprise me at this point.

      • no reyes is the opposite. They couldn’t play down a grown man crying on the field and being removed in a golf cart so they played it up and now we all get excited that he’s back early

  3. Thought Santos had soreness in his tricep. Somehow a little muscle soreness = elbow surgery? Brutal.

    • hey now, didnt you read the post about how the jays have no reason to lie to you?

    • Tricep pain is a giant flag for pitchers. It’s usually a joint, not a muscle problem.

      • Exactly. And if any of you knew anything about the human body, you’d know that everything is interconnected. You can get headaches because of lower back strains, and severe knee pain because of hip issues, etc. A fucked up elbow can definitely present itself as muscular pain before the real cause is sorted out.

  4. Fucking christ. Santos is becoming a permanent DL resident. Id say injuries are the most frustrating thing about following this team. The training staff is just incapable of keeping these guys healthy. Some are freak/unlucky injuries like happ, but others are muscular/conditioning types of injuries. Is it the turf? That might have something to do with it, but this training staff needs to be replaced. The yankees fired their training staff 3 or 4 years ago for this very reason so why cant the jays do the same? Its time. At least if they bring in someone new we can say its not them.

    • So you jumped conclusions from it being the turf(?) to the Jays needing to fire an entire anonymous body of people (“this training staff”).

      I share the feeling that our pitchers are the most fragile in baseball. But let’s not pretend we have the answer.

      • Well, by firing them and bringing in someone qualified were ruling them out. If half the team is on the DL again we can say its not the training staff. I just cant imagine it all being bad luck. Every year is the the same problem. Maybe its the turf, although for pitchers its hard to believe it would have any impact.

        • I agree with adfg about the trainers. Are we speculating? Sure, we don’t know everything, and we are dealing with high performance athletes. However, my wife and I are both personal trainers, and there seems to be a disturbing number of injuries, particularly those affecting the core. (Obliques, serratus anterior, lower lumbars, etc…)

          Baseball is clearly a different kind of sport (From say, basketball) with its repetitive, non-natural movements, but an example of a team that changed its thinking regarding their athletes might be the Phoenix Suns, who set up a new and progressive style of training that was largely mocked (they were the first pro team to really emphasize balance and core training) until the numbers came out, and Phoenix players were getting injured at a much lower rate than the rest of the league.

          Again, it’s speculation. But at this point, it shouldn’t be casually dismissed.

    • Clearly its the turf leading to all these arm injuries we have had, why didnt I think of that

    • Maybe McGowan was getting lonely on the DL?

    • Yeah the Yankees new training staff are really helping the team stay healthy.

    • And that turned out fucking brilliantly for the Yankees as now none of their star players are on the DL . . .

    • If you equate a bad training staff with injuries, ask the Yankees how that’s working out for them this year.

  5. Before anyone says “we got robbed on the Santos trade”, here:

  6. Jays are cursed!

  7. If morrow makes his start on saturday in new york, hopefully, like all the beat reporters and gibbons are saying, wouldn’t that be 15 + days inbetween starts?

    • all the beat reporters said he’d start on sunday, then on wednesday, now on saturday? I wouldn’t hold my breath

  8. so uhhhh anybody wanna buy my giants tickets tomorrow night?

  9. I’m not sure I ever believed Morrow would make his start on Wednesday, the guy can’t stay healthy. Climbing back to 500 is going to be really hard without most of starters. Just brutal

  10. this may be out of left field.. but, does any one wonder what’s up with the Jays training staff? in particular with it’s pitching? have the jays just been cursed with horrible pitching luck over the past few seasons?

  11. the next Jays press release for these two guys will be as follows:

    “Sergio Santos to be euthanized for chronic pain in his elbow. Procedure set for July 2, 2013.”

    “Brandon Morrow to have right arm amputation. Surgery to be performed by Dr. James Andrews.”

    • That my friend is damn funny

    • Both procedures to be done as “precautionary measures”.

      • +1.

        Rogers should hire a few reporters with medical credentials so we could follow them while they are the DL.

        The team on the DL could provide content during the day for Rogers.

        Santos won’t likely match the 5 innings he pitched last year for the Jays.

        Molina hasn’t done anything, but AA”bargain bin GM” is paying Santos a few million a year to rest in Florida.

        It’s extremely frustrating to hear daily reports about out of nowhere injuries from the Jays.

        Stoeten may think it’s funny but AA better take another look at his training staff.

        What free agent in their right minds would join the Jays when their players keep getting hurt?

        I wouldn’t let my kid anywhere near George Poulis for fear he would get paralyzed.


    • Both will rise from the ashes after applying some of Reyes’s Phoenix Bird Armor.

  12. So they’re “good” for four games after the day off Thursday, with Buehrle/Jenkins/Dickey/Ortiz (uuuuugh), and wouldn’t need another starter until the 21st. Morrow’s last start was on May 5th- I thiiiiiink they can backdate a DL stint until the 6th, and call up a bench bat until then. Right? That move must be coming at this point, especially if Rajai and Melky are dinged up.

  13. Id honestly rather have Morrow, Buehrle, and Dicky vs the yankees than have morrow pitch vs the giants. better to have a scrub like ortiz facing san fran

  14. Also news today, DeRosa is batting cleanup, cray cray

  15. Are we allowed to boo injuries? Not injured players, but injuries themselves? Or is that a too subtle form of booing? Whatever. Boooooooooooooo.

  16. And think, if things don’t go well for Dickey tonight due to neck/back tightness- they might have to consider putting him on the DL as well! It’s like watching the 2012 Jays, only with better players.

  17. Just read today’s Griff-chat. The Dustin Parkes impersonator(s) made me laugh so hard.

  18. The only good part of all the injuries is now we have a good excuse for being in last place and next season we can talk ourselves into believing we’ll have a chance even if there are no major moves.

    • Didn’t you say that last year?

    • +2.

      AA has his built in excuse for not competing in 2013.

      What could go wrong in 2013 when these players are a year older.?

      AA needs to have 10-15 MLB reliable starters. Petition MLB for extra roster spots & build a hospital in the Rogers basement.

      • What team has 10 – 15 reliable MLB starters???

        • @James. No one has 10-15 reliable starters, but AA burns through so many players, that he would need to stock AAA with 4 MLB ready pitchers. Laffey types. Pay them MLB salaries & let them pitch in AAA. They shold know that if they sign with theBlue Jays they could get several spot starts a year. Where’s Jo Jo reyes? Dana Eveland?

          We all know players heal differently, but these “out of the blue” injuries are “odd” in Stoeten speak

          • Laffey types? Isn’t that EXACTLY what guys like Ortiz, Chad Jenkins, Todd Redmond and Claudio Vargas are?

            Didn’t we already watch Aaron Laffey himself start for this team once this year?

            I don’t understand this complaint. None of the options are pretty, but they’re basically what you’d expect when you’re reaching back for your 9th starter of the season or whatever they’re on now.

            • @Rob. For whatever reason the Jays are unable to keep any of there players , starters in particular healthy.

              Thus AA should ask Rogers for a bigger budget since he needs 10 starters, 5 will end up on the DL, so he can have a decent pitching rotation.

              It wouldn’t shock me that the Jays have the most days on DL for a pitching staff in the last 2 or 3 years.

              Is it bad luck? Aging/ rushing kids to te rotation?

              Does AA get discounts on pitchers because they are injury prone.

              I recall that AA wanted Josh Johnson when he first called the Marlins. Let’s say that he only got Johnson. Johnson was known as injury prone throughout his career.

              Perhaps AA hoped that a healthy motivated Josh Johnson would get him 30 + starts in 2013. Now, that looks unlikely.

              • First you were complaining about not having enough ‘Aaron Laffey types’ in Buffalo, which they have plenty of and now you’re saying they purposely target injury prone pitchers. How are these two things related at all?

                • @Rob.

                  AA stated his target was Josh Johnson, who was injury prone but when healthy is an excellent pitcher.

                  As a 1 year deal , AA must have hoped that a healthy Johnson would give the Jays 30 starts with ERA below 4.

                  Unfortunately, that hasn’t happened.

                  AA wouldn’t be able to get a healthy Josh Johnson if he had a great contract etc…

                  AA gambled on Johnson. So far it hasn’t payed off.

                  The Marlins trade provided a reliable 200 inning starter with Buerhle. All Star SS with Reyes. Wildcard with Johnson & Bonifacio.

  19. If only those guys were gritty! Like me!

  20. Best reply on Stoeten’s Twitter from Scott T:

    “We should just call him Sergery Santos”

  21. Tin Foil Hat Brigade = Those with a grip on reality.

    • Hahahahaha. Yes, how dare I suggest that people who think that diagnoses of injuries for athletes who put tremendous stresses on the injured parts of their bodies on a daily basis should be some kind of exact science, then concoct conspiracy theories about why this entirely expected and common difficulty is taking place, are pretty much just a bunch of fucking clowns. So ridiculous of me.

      • Hey Stoet… My lady’s haemeroids are acting up again. Any timeline for her return?

      • @Stoeten.

        No one say players can’t get hurt. But how does Surgery Santos go from pitching well in a spring training game to needing bone chips removed?

        It’s bizarre.

        • errr, because he developed bone chips in his elbow at some point before or after pitching well in a spring training game?

        • …and (to follow oakville69′s point) why the hell did it take so long to diagnose the bone chips in the first place? The way it has been presented, it sure sounds like the chips have been there for a while…

          • Anyone who follows Oakville’s “point” is an idiot.

            • @Jays2010.

              When does high school finish for you?

              Come at me Bro as you kids say. Why weren’t the bone chips found?

              • Dude you are not a complete idiot, are you?

                You go from blaming AA for all the unforseen injuries (August/September 2012), praising AA and thinking you are vindicated for Rogers finally spending (offseason), linking this to John Farrell leaving and the Jays looking like a joke franchise (offseason), to acting like chicken little after, what 10, 20 games this season?

                Followed by asking about knuckleball experts. Blaming AA for having too many Laffeys or not enough Laffey’s (I’m not quite sure which).

                It’s not good for your mental health to have so many contradictory thoughts in your head all at once and ready to unleash on the world whenever something good or bad happens.

                You fucking idiot.

                • @Jays2010.

                  Get a grip dude as you kids would say. It’s a school night so you shouldn’t be posting.

                  The Jays PR dept when discussing injuries is inept at best.

                  Morrow says he can pitch, Jays scratch him. Johnson said he could pitch in April. Now he’s on the DL.

                  AA is the GM, & it’s his responsibility to make sure the team has a proper training staff, good procedures , etc…

                  I was vindicated when Rogers decided to invest in the team & get high calibre players.

                  Stoeten was defending the low spending Jays until they became the high spending Jays. No problem with that.

                  As for Chicken Little, the team hasn’t looked good all year with various injuries, poor performance. Gong show defense etc. The team’s playoff chances have steadily declined throughout the year.

                  Even your leader, Stoeten & Drew have said “they are F**cked”. It’s not something I wanted to have happen but its reality. 15-24 with 4 strong AL east teams makes it very hard to win the division & 2nd wildcard seems almost as hard.

                  As for the “knuckle ball experts”, they do exist & it was discussed by Hayhurst on baseball Central. Phil Nikro, Wakefield etc all provide coaching /consulting services to teams.

                  When you get out of high school ,you will be able to learn to have a rational discusiion without resorting to childish name calling.

                  As for the Laffeys, etc, the team seems to need 10 starters because they have trouble keeping everyone healthy for whatever reason. AA’s approach of DFA’ing starters after every poor performance is ridiculous. Laffey could have helped the team more over the course of a season than whatever retread AA picks up over the waiver wire.

                • @jays2010.

                  Oh yeah I forgot about Farrell. Farrel made it clear to AA after 1 year that he didn’t want to stay with the Jays when Francona left.

                  AA keeps him anyways. During Year 2, when it becomes apparent that Valentine will be fired,

                  AA doesn’t take any steps to start talking to Francona to get him to come to Toronto. He waits till cleveland takes him, Farrell states he wants to leave again, then he gets Gibby who is a competent field manager in terms of in game matchups but may not be suited to a clubhouse of “all stars”.

                  It was Rogers that decided to spend. AA was given 125 million or so in payroll .

    • +1.

  22. “No one cares about strikeouts other than people that aren’t in the game,” he said, defiantly. “People who understand baseball understand that strikeouts, for myself, really don’t mean as much.”

    “He’s still very inexperienced as a catcher, but he’s highly intelligent,” Gibbons said, calling Arencibia a “natural leader.”

    • so now, as a natural leader, he’s tradable?

    • The main reason I wanted to see JPA get traded is because of statements above – he’s just a douche.

      What does he mean, “for guys like me”? For a guy that can hit 25 home-runs a year and give up 10 runs a year on passed balls? He has to realize at some point that walking once for every fifteen times he strikes out nullifies a lot of the home-runs he hits, right?

  23. At least its not like last year when starters and relievers needs TJ surgery. While the precaution is frustrating cause were all waiting for this Jays rocket to take off, if we can hold the fort for a few more weeks than reinformcements should be on the way. Any word on Perez?

  24. It’s hard to believe the Jays can weather the storm with Ortiz and Jenkins in the rotation – but then you look at the fucking Yankees kicking ass lead by Vernon Wells and Lyle Overbay. Hopefully we get a little of that luck.

  25. I am glad I have been removed from the comment board for a while, because man way to many tin hat brigadiers.

    The bullpen has been fine without Santos. Freaky injuries happen you gotta just accept it for what it is.

    To the dumb-asses suggesting grit it out, do you really think it makes sense for the jays to grit out players who are injured so that they play like crap and b cause a recurring injury that forces them to lose the asset in the future?

    The only thing that has me concerned is the Melky injury, because who do they bring up Sierra, Gose? I like Gose, but if you bring up Gose you have him play Center and I do not see Rasmus in LF.

    As much as Stoeten smugness, bothers me sometimes I really feal bad having to see him constantly justify to the trolls, and tinfoils, the jays actions, injuries, skill set, and holding true to supporting your team when times get tough.

    Do people not remember the 2004 redsox?

    • Grit it out?

      ‘Morrow says he was looking forward to pitching tomorrow, while Brendan Kennedy tells us that Morrow said he’d be pitching if it were up to him, and that he feels fine.’

      Doesn’t sound like it would take much grit.

  26. Shit balls

  27. Hereafter forever known as…….Surgio Santos.

  28. Fuuuuuuuck me.


  29. DeRosa cleanup? Holy shit! :(

    My question is…when did the Jays really find out about the bone spurs? Yesterday? Last week? The week before? When did they have the MRI?

  30. Anyone seriously willing to take the under on the Santos injury recovery time?

  31. [...] manqué un article intéressant de Andrew Stoeten hier avant de poster l’article précédent sur les [...]

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