San Francisco Giants v Toronto Blue Jays

We’ve reached a point in the season and, frankly, the Jays’ record, where I’m afraid enough of tempting fate that I don’t know if I shouldn’t just cash in my chips after last night’s coming true of my Junior Varsity Giants taunts, and calling Barry Zito (and, admittedly, R.A. Dickey) a shitballer. On the other hand, fuck the Giants, and lets let the continuing coming home to roost of Ryan Vogelsong’s magical peripherals… er… continue!

The Buehrle-esque home run rate? The pathetic strand rate? The walks? The 7.78 ERA and 5.40 FIP? Brilliant!

Especially because, y’know, Ramon Ortiz, everybody! Not that his four hits, five walks, and one strikeout through five innings weren’t a pleasant surprise the last time out, but… hello replacement level! Thing is, through seven starts so far for Vogelsong? He’s about a half win below. Four wins from 20-24, and that wouldn’t be half bad, all things considered. Let’s do this!


Richard Griffin tweets that Emilio Bonifacio was out early working with Dwayne Murphy on bunting, which… as much as I’d like to scoff at people dying to make this a negative thing to slag Bonifacio with, uh… seriously, how the fuck is he this bad at bunting?

Brendan Kennedy tells us that it appears as thought the Dome will be open for tonight’s contest.

The lightning-fast Twitter fingers of Scott MacArthur inform us that Sergio Santos is scheduled for his elbow surgery tomorrow. Fingers crossed!

Guillermo Quiroz!

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app

Toronto Blue Jays

LF Melky Cabrera (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
DH Edwin Encarnacion (R)
C J.P. Arencibia (R)
1B Adam Lind (L)
3B Brett Lawrie (R)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
2B Emilio Bonifacio (S)
SS Munenori Kawasaki (L)

Ramon Ortiz RHP

San Francisco Giants

CF Angel Pagan (S)
2B Marco Scutaro (R)
3B Pablo Sandoval (S)
DH Buster Posey (R)
RF Hunter Pence (R)
1B Brandon Belt (L)
LF Gregor Blanco (L)
C Guillermo Quiroz (R)
SS Brandon Crawford (L)

Ryan Vogelsong RHP

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  1. Whoever thought it was a good idea to ever put Wilner and Hayhurst on the mic together needs to be beaten with a rake.

  2. ‘Drifting back’ maybe. Melky ‘hustling back?’
    Are you nuts, Buck?

  3. so i think it would make sense at this point to get melky out of the game….day off tomorrow and then games on grass in NYC.

    BUT…I dont think we actually have another outfielder on the roster.

    when the fuck are we going to get an actual position player up here? Holy mother of fuck.

    do we really need the last two shitty arms in the pen? when we use those guys, we are either way up or down anyway….we can just let rogers pitch those games.

    • Fuck it, throw one of the bullpen arms in the outfield for a few innings, probably got 1 disposable arm in there that’s played enough OF innings in his life to suffice

  4. Melky’s legs are going to fall off any time now.

  5. Holy shit, did the ump really need to be THAT enthusiastic about the punch out on jose?


  6. Every time I look at Adam Lind’s stat line this days I have a stroke. Everything this season is on it’s head.

    • It’s a shame every year is not a contract year for Lind.

    • No one’s asking you to give the Man from Muncie a reach-around.

      Just pump his tires a wee bit.

      • Did not need that mental picture!

      • I’m loving the new and improved Lazarus Lind. If he maintains this throughout the season, do you pay the $7MM for a platoon DH?

        • Thank god it’s much too soon to worry about that.

        • @gsmc.

          Good question.

          2 million buyout. 7 million in 2014.

          Can AA find a DH that can be used everyday & not being on the bench against tough lefties.

          Kitty can’t run either & only play 1B.

          I think Mcann is available.

          • if mccann is still mccann and he becomes a bluejay he’s our catcher. not our dh. we’d be saying bye to the one tool wonder mister moon shot ladies man.

            • JP isnt that bad. If he could get his walks up and strikeouts down a touch, fine. But,…for catchers position JP is:

              top 4 in rbi
              top 6 in hits (2 behind mvp posey)
              tied for 1st in HR
              11th in batting average for catchers

  7. Oh jpa, whats a game when you dont swing at shit in the dirt?

  8. When Reyes gets back we could have a real batting lineup

  9. Strikeout!!

  10. Ramon Ortiz is pretty much fucking awesome…I’d be ok with giving him a spot in the pen for 0 leverage long man scenarios…

  11. Richard Pryor is really dealing. Simple but effective.

  12. Melky looks like he is labouring out there.
    why is he still in the game?

  13. Is there really any reason for Melky to be gutting it out there in the field in a 10-1 game? Off day tomorrow…why not get him outta there..

  14. Dear Gibbers,
    Please take Melky out of the game to rest. We need him. Move Lind to LF and Edwing to 1st.

  15. Okay, let’s forget about the Broadcast Experience – let’s go for the Clubhouse Dinner! Ten of us can go! And someone can have my dinner…any takers?

  16. Cletus!

  17. yes cletus

  18. The Giants fucking suck and I should know I’m one of their coaches.

  19. its about freaking time

  20. Current bid of $3800 for a hitting lesson with Cletus.
    Just sayin’.

  21. They should have auctioned off a clubbing night with Lawrie.

  22. The Excitable Boy

    Well, he went down to dinner in his Sunday best
    Excitable boy, they all said
    And he rubbed the pot roast all over his chest
    Excitable boy, they all said
    Well, he’s just an excitable boy

  23. Nice close up of Chad Je kins picking his nose and then rolling up the boogers….

  24. Joey chirping in a blow out…fuck…

  25. Ortiz followed by Storey and it’s 10-1 Jays… I must be dreaming.

  26. Hold the phone. Buck + Tabby just upped their game with the inclusion of dinner with them after the game!

  27. The auction staff look like they’re using some seriously old Latitude D series laptops.

  28. I’ve been sneaking to the computer to say hello to you fine folks, there’s a ripper going on here and I don’t want to neglect.

    Just want to say that you fine folks are loyal/awesome/assholes.

    I’m raising a glass of rum to you and to the…..

    “Blue Jays of 13 that are in the midst of staging the biggest comeback in AL East standings history.”

  29. Is that woman behind the plate wearing a fuchsia life preserver?

    • You mean the old lady who is always there? Fashion icon, to be honest…wonder where she gets her $$$ from…

      If I could afford seats there I would be very self-conscious about my fashion choices. And I wouldn’t eat a single thing. I know some eagle-eyed people here would be looking.

      • She’s been there for years.hardly misses a game.Haven’t seen her husband for quite a while. She’s there through thick and thin.

      • @bean weasel.

        The old lady has had those seat for years. Her husband used to sit next to her . I think he passed away a few years ago. She is a loyal Jays fan & likes popcorn

        • That’s sad. But nice that she has baseball to comfort her. And popcorn is a wise, classy choice.

          • +1.

            One day I hope to sit in the “action seats” & say hello to her. There were rumours on the blue jays message board that she was a friend/relative of Geddy Lee from Rush.

  30. Pussface is seriously slow.


  31. At the risk of an overshare I’ll just say that I won’t be here for the game on Friday as I have a superhot date. It’s the Yankees though so I’m sure I won’t be missed. But I’ll miss every last one of you + that’s what counts.

  32. Excellent attendance. Rogers have to be happy with that.
    And the first sweep of the season. Congratulations Jays!

  33. Woo!

  34. Does this match the longest winning streak of 2012?

  35. hmm, imagine that. Ortiz goes 7 against the Gigants, and the Jays push 11 runs in. Are the Giants new or something?

  36. Jays at .500 in May.

  37. Fuck yeah Ortiz

  38. Mr. Ortiz looking quite dependable against a tough lineup with the wind blowing out at rogers centre.
    I hope he gets a second chance if/more likely when he does have a bad start.

  39. I’ve been out of the loop lately, anyone know when Reyes coming back?

  40. come back soon san fran!

  41. Gibby must be loving life these days.

  42. Caller asking what Lind has done to his swing… Gibby removed it from LHP.

  43. Powered by Coors Light.

    Fuck that. DJF you selling out.

  44. coors light is the shittiest piece of fuck it isnt even worth the piss that comes out my ass

    • This however is true. Well…probably true, as we’re not so intimate that I would know for sure.

  45. I feel like a variation of this would have applied to today’s game as well:

  46. Re the LAwrie hit in a blowout.
    When I played these things were not glossed over. In a way I was very surprised someone on SF did not get it. We must protect our valuable players. When Clemens was here no one dicked with us because they never knew who Roger would get back at.
    If the Jays are a close team I expect somebody on SF to get it early in that next series to send a message. I know that;s what I w/b doing. First time there is 2 out and nobody on, someone from SF gets it. My money is on Gibbons in any dustuo

  47. Just like to point out that our entire starting line up is at or above the Mendoza line now.

    Thank you SF for no Cain, Baumgartner, or Lincecum. We need to get lucky and run into a few more shitballers to make it back all the way.

  48. BTW, for all you bobos who say a SO is the same as any other out, think the Jays first inning tonite showed what a phony argument that really is, because if you put the fukin ball in play, something may happen. When JB popped up rather than SO, Scutaro dropped it.
    When the SO King himself, JPA , lined a ball to CF insteas of EL whiffo, the Giants flubbed it. Out of those 2 misplays we scored 5 times! If we SO twicw we get ZERO.
    Of late, the Jays have gotten more walks, seem more pitches and put more balls inplay. Result=some wins. Hope they stay the course.
    Forward Soviet-Out here in the fields-gimme that Merlot Small potatoes

    • I’ve got it all here in my head
      There’s nothing more needs to be said
      I’m just bangin’ on my old piano
      I’m getting in tune with the straight and narrow

    • @fukstick.

      Good point.

      Gibby’s new lineup is working. The Dominican trio is hitting very well. I wonder how they will do against elite pitching they will face in NY this weekend.

      The offence is really coming around for the Jays.

      Who’s back first with the Jays. Melky o LL Cool J impersonator, Ricky Romero?

      • should be a good series; jays playing bettter this time around. Hopefully jays can win the series.

    • Love how everyone thinks “not striking out” is some kind of “approach”… like the manager just needs to tell the player “stop striking out guys, k?”….

      Listen, the Jays hitters are who they are. They are “true outcome” hitters and they have been for their entire careers. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. One need not go too far to see a ton of great research that K% really has nothing to do with offensive “efficiency”…

      For example, today on fangraphs.

      Encourage you guys to think outside of the box on this one.

      • If you have true outcome hitters who are incapable of getting on base via walks (jpa, for example) it is a very bad thing. Please get a clue as to what the fuck you are talking about.

        • Fuck dude. Relax.

          • Seriously though you purposely omitted the fact that it is THREE True Outcomes, its not like people are ever use the term ‘true outcome’ on its own. You have to take walks for that expression to ring true. Also JPA hits a good amount of doubles, he’s hardly ‘if he connects it leaves the yard’ He just strikes out a lot and occassionally belts a dinger; there’s no complimentary name for that.

  49. Another win, Another beer. Pass out..Drank!

  50. So…no more morning after recaps? I enjoyed those

  51. The headline for the morning recap should be “Fuck off Parkes!”

    Because it just feels good is why.

  52. No recaps?

  53. Was hoping to see it this morning – after all those crap losses it was a horrible reminder. Now I wanted to see what it looks like when we win – climb those WPA mountains!

  54. Keith Law’s 1st Mock Draft has the Jays selecting catcher Reese McGuire at the #10 pick.

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