San Francisco Giants v Toronto Blue Jays

We’ve reached a point in the season and, frankly, the Jays’ record, where I’m afraid enough of tempting fate that I don’t know if I shouldn’t just cash in my chips after last night’s coming true of my Junior Varsity Giants taunts, and calling Barry Zito (and, admittedly, R.A. Dickey) a shitballer. On the other hand, fuck the Giants, and lets let the continuing coming home to roost of Ryan Vogelsong’s magical peripherals… er… continue!

The Buehrle-esque home run rate? The pathetic strand rate? The walks? The 7.78 ERA and 5.40 FIP? Brilliant!

Especially because, y’know, Ramon Ortiz, everybody! Not that his four hits, five walks, and one strikeout through five innings weren’t a pleasant surprise the last time out, but… hello replacement level! Thing is, through seven starts so far for Vogelsong? He’s about a half win below. Four wins from 20-24, and that wouldn’t be half bad, all things considered. Let’s do this!


Richard Griffin tweets that Emilio Bonifacio was out early working with Dwayne Murphy on bunting, which… as much as I’d like to scoff at people dying to make this a negative thing to slag Bonifacio with, uh… seriously, how the fuck is he this bad at bunting?

Brendan Kennedy tells us that it appears as thought the Dome will be open for tonight’s contest.

The lightning-fast Twitter fingers of Scott MacArthur inform us that Sergio Santos is scheduled for his elbow surgery tomorrow. Fingers crossed!

Guillermo Quiroz!

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app

Toronto Blue Jays

LF Melky Cabrera (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
DH Edwin Encarnacion (R)
C J.P. Arencibia (R)
1B Adam Lind (L)
3B Brett Lawrie (R)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
2B Emilio Bonifacio (S)
SS Munenori Kawasaki (L)

Ramon Ortiz RHP

San Francisco Giants

CF Angel Pagan (S)
2B Marco Scutaro (R)
3B Pablo Sandoval (S)
DH Buster Posey (R)
RF Hunter Pence (R)
1B Brandon Belt (L)
LF Gregor Blanco (L)
C Guillermo Quiroz (R)
SS Brandon Crawford (L)

Ryan Vogelsong RHP

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  1. Ortiz was decent against some bad-luck BAIP BoSox on Friday. Would love to see him go six innings today, our 7th inning options are a little terrifying at times. No more Lincoln

  2. anyone else not looking forward to seeing Brandon Belt’s massive nostrils tonight? If you look close you can see his cerebellum up there…gross

  3. Remember when Quiroz, Robinzon Diaz, and Curtis Thigpen were our catchers of the future?

  4. Fuck the Giants and Fuck NorCal.

    • woahwoahwoah, I drove through NorCal once, and stayed in a town called ‘Weed’. That’s the actual name.

      Now, there isn’t much to do in Weed, Calif. But, the region can’t be that bad if they actually have a town by that name.

      • Really? Not much of a nightlife in a town called Weed? What a coincidence.

        • It’s got a wicked Mexican restaurant though. Google tells me that restaurant is called Dos Amigos, oh man that place is fucking awesome.

          And unless one sprouted up since I moved away, I don’t think there are any good Mexican restaurants in the T Dot. I would’ve killed for good Mexican food back then.

          • Late to the party but El Sol on the Danforth is phenomenal traditional Mexican – if, and only if, you have nowhere else to be. Painfully slow (to the point where a couple of dishes have to be ordered *days* in advance) but head and shoulders above anything else I’ve found in the city.

  5. I do not want to be over-dramatic here or anything, but:



  6. Melky playing LF, mustn’t be that injured. A positive? I think so.

  7. Bonifacio’s horribleness at bunting has really been the cherry on top of his awful start. Every pitch is a called strike or popped straight up. Isn’t that supposed to be his game?

  8. If the Blue Jays sweep this series – should we brandish actual brooms? Or because it’s a short series should we use a Swiffer?

  9. Stoeten was that an EXTRAS reference there?

  10. this forum is filled with personal pain.

  11. It’s crazy windy out downtown, I could barely walk down Bay.
    How many homers tonight?

  12. Someone tell my mom to give me a call. I got Kelly Gruber on the line.

  13. this guy is garbage

  14. Arencibia can’t handle Ortiz’s hot stuff

  15. Arencibia is a shitty, shitty catcher.
    So fucking bad.

  16. Guys who have played baseball know that passed ball doesn’t mean shit, cause I hit dingers and drive in runs!

  17. Scoot boots it.

    • He was doing the Boot Scoot Boogie!

      Oh god…even I hate myself for saying that.

      • Beware of low-hanging fruit, bean.

        • Yeah, I think that because that song was so popular when I was a young ‘un I’ve developed some sort of automatic response when I hear the prompt word “scoot.”

          I’ll try harder.

  18. Hmmmmmm…..dropped ball by Scutaro? Hopefully they can capitalize

  19. HAHA

  20. Wow JP just took two pitches

  21. Wait, these guys won the World Series? For serious?

  22. Thanks Pagan!


  23. The Man from Muncie continues to impress.

  24. San FranciscLOL

  25. Jays signed the right Giants player… Pagan and Scutaro butchering it this inning. But, fuck it, I’ll take it.
    Lind with a 2 run bomb? What the hell is going on.

  26. Ermahgerd! Kerternferce!

  27. MVP

  28. Who the fuck are these guys? Surely not the 2010 and 2012 World Champs…

  29. Seattle up 7-0 in 1st vs. Yankees

  30. Although Kawasaki has been interesting, I am really disappointed that Izturis wasn’t able to handle shortstop duties where you can have that additional switch hitter in the lineup.

  31. The question now becomes which team are the real Blue Jays…

  32. Jays getting all the breaks now. Sure feels nice.

  33. But Ortiz is pitching. Need more runs.

  34. This is a prime example of why you don’t sac bunt in the top of the first inning.

    • Agree. Scutaro is hitting everything in sight and they have him lay down a sac bunt, in the first. Joke.

  35. Dear Giants,

    Can you guys stay and keep playing us? Like this, especially?

    I’ll put you guys up, and I make a passable slice of toast and cup of tea.

  36. Who’s pitching for the Yankees? They are getting shelled. Seattle put up 7 in the first…

  37. Awesome inning. Nice to see the good luck is going the Jays way a bit. Two broken bat hits and 2 brutal errors.

    But still, it’s Ramon Ortiz and he’s awful. The offense will need to score more.

    Also, did Buck called that Lawrie blooper a “liner to right”?

  38. I cannot stand Evanka’s voice…..

    One degree away from Mary Hart.

  39. Fuck, I can’t even eat dinner without the jays jumping out to a 5-1 lead.

    .500 here we come. The question is… Will we get to .500 or Boston first?

  40. I think we should pool our $$$ + win that Broadcast Experience or whatever it’s being called. Can you imagine experiencing Buck + Tabby up close + personal? It would be awesome!


  42. On Baseball Central today, Blair said the Jays are the oldest team in the league. Thank you, Ramon Ortiz.

  43. Wait—Alomar is coaching them now?!

  44. Richard Pryor induces the gidp

  45. Pence is pretty funny out there.

  46. More breaks! Just hopefully not Cabrera’s hamstrings!

  47. Apparently, weird turf makes you completey misjudge flyballs and lose all sense of hand eye coordination.

  48. Scutaro, doing his best impersonation of a shitty player on weird turf.

  49. This Giants team needs to play to circus music…

  50. Anyone else thinking of the Benny Hill theme?

  51. Bad turf makes you give up homeruns.

  52. jebus jays!

  53. I was thinking about what they said about playing on turf. Could that have been the reason for some of the shittiness? The new guys have never played on turf and they play spring training games on grass.

    Oh, and yea JPA!!!

  54. 35 more of those and I can forgive he rest of his game.

  55. This is quite cathartic. I was having a shitty day.

  56. Chad Gaudin!

  57. Sweet bat flip on the walk, bro

  58. After JP’s moonshot, I’m left wondering if the vertical height of these blasts are tracked. I know the lengths are always shown, but I’m curious how high they’re getting (heh) ?

  59. Not a game without Rasmus collecting a K.

  60. Hey who are we rooting for in BOS-TB?

  61. Guys, this may be the first time all season where our starting 9 are all currently hitting above .200.

    Say what you will about batting avg, but I consider this a small victory

  62. These clowns are the reigning champs? I’ll take the charity, but the Giants’ attempt at defence is fucking embarassing…Hunter Pence has butchered every play out there, even the one he accidentally caught…I hope this shitshow by SF doesn’t set up a bad weekend…I’d say the Astros would present a bigger challenge than those turds out there in orange, let alone Sabathia/Kuroda/Pettite with no Jeer to hand out free hits…

    SD helps out by beating BAL, SEA out to a nice lead over NY…baby steps…

  63. Can’t the Jays turf out Lincoln and bring up somebody to play left field and let Melky DH for awhile?

  64. Can the Jays face every teams 4/5 pitchers every day for the rest of the year?


  65. Man, I’ve enjoyed taking the year off!

    • To play a sport and be that fat, he must eat like a total pig. I’m amazed he can get anything done at the hot corner.

  66. Kawasaki’s Stretching Routine > Everything

  67. So is our run differential evening out yet?

  68. I don’t think you’re doing that right, Jose.

  69. cue the comeback season!

  70. David Price injured? Yesssssss!

  71. Allergies lead to triceps issues.

  72. I was pretty (cough highly) dismissive of Kawasaki, but I’m not gonna lie if he can maintain an obp anywhere close to his current .346 I will eat a lot of crow and say he is a perfectly acceptable short term replacement.

    damn it feels good to get that off my shoulders.

    • The question is does he stay on the team when Reyes is back?

      • Gotta think if he continues to play like this he gets to stay, mainly because their other shortstops can’t really play shortstop anymore. But I doubt it’s as a starter, unless they platoon (I don’t know if the other 2nd baseman have a platoon split).

  73. Who do the Rays have to start instead of Price these days? Call up Ordozzi or Archer?

  74. Who is this young Ortiz fellow?

  75. Did Buck just say “self-defecating”?

    • I sure hope so.

    • I’m not listening, but probably. I’ve heard him say it before. Which leads me to believe that either (a) neither Buck or any of the producers noticed and haven’t corrected him, or (b) they totally have and continue to let him do it for the humour value.

  76. Ortiz’s enthusiasm is a bit refreshing, honestly

  77. Ace

  78. Meow!

  79. so is Ramon Ortiz going to become a thing now?

    I hopehe doesnt

  80. I think we’re going to see some Lind in LF before the season is out.

  81. That was intentional

  82. Hopefully Ortiz as an old timer knows how to properly respond next inning.

  83. A purpose pitch

    • Lawrie sort of deserved that. jumping out of the box in the last second.. on the other hand the ump doesnt have to give him time that late. perhaps gaudin should bean the ump or at least tell the catcher to “miss” the pitch.

      to gaudins credit though, he did hit lawrie in the ass.

  84. So during the first inning, all Im thinking is “wow, this is what it must have felt like to play us earlier in the year:.”

    But here’s the thing, even though we were gifted many runs, we took advantage of their mistakes, put balls in play..and forced them to make plays instead of whiffing up a storm and not even giving the opposition a chance to fuck up.

  85. dunno if anyone is watching the san fran feed but they are talking about what kind of party toronto would have if the leafs won the cup….than went on to say it wouldnt compare to the cubs winning the world series lol

  86. Is it worth escalating it? Clearly an obvious hbp, but if you respond now do you get hit again? Brett Lawrie was doing as Brett Lawrie does, maybe he will learn one day.

    • Apparently he was the only one in the park who didn’t know he was about to get hit. Embarrassing.

  87. Good to see the offense wake up finally. They still really fucked themselves but these next 7 games are big. If they can go 6-1 theyre right back in it. Thats very unlikely to happen but heres hoping!!

  88. Hola .

    Im going to pitch a complete game .

  89. How long can Ortiz be successful striking out absolutely nobody each start?

    I guess we should enjoy this while it lasts.

  90. Wait, Parkes just tweeted a photo of himself at the game in Giants gear…granted, I haven’t been following DJF as closely as I used to, but…what the fuck? Did I miss something?

    • He’s a hispter douchebag?

    • Bandwagon ass clown.

      Unless you have previous history (example you used to live in, say, one city and then moved elsewhere and took your fandom with you) thers no reason to cheer for some random team from somewhere when your from a city with its own team.

      Its idiotic.

      • I know it’s not a popular opinion, but I will forever crusade against this. You can cheer for whatever damn team you want to cheer for.

        • What’s idiotic about it. Say you like the name, or the colours, or some guy on the team. You start to follow the team and become a fan. What does geography have to do with it?

          • Agree to disagree.

            If you grew up in a city with a pro sports team that plays a sport that you ostwnsibly like…..and you support the other team because of colors or becayse they’re good that year……I think thats idiotic.

            Geography has nothing to do wih it? Its got prettty much everything to do with fandom.

        • Of course everyone can cheer for whoever they want. It doesnt make them less of an asshat though.

          • Some people end up being fans of other teams because of old farm systems, or great players that played in a jr system (Bobby Orr, Oshawa Gens…lots of bruins fans in Oshawa). My brother is a die hard red sox fan because he was a fan of the Toronto Maple Leafs/Red Sox Farm system in the 60s.


          • I too agree to disagree…but I must say I really despise people that are fans of a team for one or two years because of a championship etc than flop on that team and jump on to the next bandwagon asap, than they are the first to put you down for being loyal to your hometown team…these self righteous fans remind me of lawyers for some reason but that’s another story

  91. Well this game is fuckin awesome.

    I think I’ll drink my face off.

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