Toronto Blue Jays v Minnesota Twins

Hmmmm. Interesting stuff here via the Twitter, as late this morning an excited tweet from @JMontana41 was posted and then quickly deleted. The account belongs to Jeremy Jeffress, who has made four appearances for the Buffalo Bisons this year, putting up a tasty WHIP of 2.41, after beginning the season with the Jays.

Because it’s the internet, of course, some fans caught the tweet before Jeffress took it down:

Now, what does it possibly mean?

Let’s assume it actually means he’s been called up– a bit of a leap, yes, but a fair enough one, seeing as this is all speculation anyway.

With the bench as short as it already is, they can’t possibly be calling up Jeffress up in case something funny came back on Melky Cabrera’s MRI, so I would think it would have to be something to do with a pitcher. Brandon Morrow told reporters yesterday that he was fine, so I don’t think a back-dated DL stint for him would be it– though you never know.

Uh… Brad Lincoln getting shipped back down to the minors, then? Mickey Storey getting D’d FA?

Either one of those moves seems about right, I’d figure. And no offence to those guys, but that sounds way preferable to another damn injury.

So… there’s that? I guess we’ll find out shortly, most likely. Are you as completely uninspired by this juicy tidbit as I am?

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  1. I can see Lincoln being sent back to Buffalo if its not another unforeseen injury. He’s been not awesome so far.

    • And he pitched two innings last night (which ended on a 3 run jack by the Panda) so maybe they are hoping to protect Jenkins from having to go out of the bullpen so he can start early next week?

      Does that make any sense?

  2. I think if Melky was taking time off, we would see Sierra up. I am thinking Lincoln, because he still has options.

    • on the positive with Lincoln sucking atleast Snider has not looked fantastic this season his obp is decent but no 3b, hr, and low R, are not impressive although his K’s have gone down.

      • He got a HR last night but the guy is ONLY being used against RHP.
        Against lefties he’s had 7 AB’s and he’s gone .143 / .250 / . 143

  3. Maybe he just woke up really stoked to try and make it to the majors and it has nothing to do with a callup.

  4. May want to get Lincoln back to Buffalo to stretch him out further and get him more innings to get some control?

  5. Lincoln hasn’t looked good here from day one. Didn’t he have the lowest relievers ERA in MLB when we picked him up? Weird.

  6. I took the tweet as him pumping himself up and stating his goal.

  7. I think he’s coming to Toronto to shop, to take advantage of the temporarily dipping Canadian dollar against the US dollar

  8. Stroman tweets things like this all the time. Just inspirational, I think.

  9. is “Toronto” code for smoking a spliff?

  10. Not Travis snider Has to go

  11. He has 200 level tickets for tonight.

  12. Unless the doctor prescribes absolute rest, Melky has to be the DH considering his production as of late.

    There is plenty of opportunity to PH Lind (which they kinda have been doing as of late).

    Also, with the better performance from the starters as of late, along with potential need for another outfielder on the bench, perhaps the Jays may go to a 7 man pen for the time being.

  13. More importantly is DeRosa batting cleanup again?

  14. P.S.S Only 6 1/2 behind the Wild Card!

  15. I actually think it would be a good idea to DH Melkey, I’m not 100% on this but would they have called up Jefferies because of the Santos situation? I know he has been out for awhile and but maybe calling up a more of a long term replacement for Santos is in the cards, after all Jefferies is pitching well for those Bisons… Lincoln being sent down sounds like the obvious choice….. All that being said, it looks like the Jays are starting to fire up, like I tell everyone… The Jays are soo good, all we wanted to do was give the American League East a head start GO JAYS GO

  16. Melky will be on the DL by tonight and miss a month . . . it’s the 2013 Jays, people, let’s stop trying to believe this is all going to work out:

    injuries to Reyes, Morrow, Dickey, Happ, Santos Melky etc. and as we know they always take four times as long to heal as anyone else.

  17. After i read a John Heyman extravaganza, I always search out what Aaron is currently not thinking about.

  18. Lincoln. Not Abe, but Brad.

  19. Who here wishes Jason Frasor were still around in the bull pen?

  20. If I were to guess I’d guess either Lincoln down (because he’s kind of sucked so far and has options) or it’s just him pumping himself up and he then deleted it because he (rightly) thought people might think it was something other then what it was.

  21. Lincoln sucks, just like the fuck we traded for him.

    You give shit, you get shit.

    • I’m glad we’ve reached the point where someone can call Snider something other then the greatest thing since sliced bread without his maniacal lynchmob of apolagist followers going apeshit.

      Guess not being a member of the Blue Jays anymore will do that.

  22. Maybe Jeffress was being sarcastic after he got torched in his last outing. Kinda like Bonifacio saying something like “Hall of Fame here I come” after going 0 for 4.

  23. If it wasn’t a Tony Robbins moment, then it’s Abe or Moby.

  24. Lincoln down or Morrow DL both make SOME sense but I’ll join the crowd here and say it was a rah-rah tweet more than anything else.

    David Aardsma just opted out of his minor league contract. I know he’s not exactly a starting option, but you could do worse than sending Lincoln out to stretch out and signing Aardsma to fill the Mickey Storey/Esmil Rogers role.

  25. With all our pitching woes, what the fuk ever happened to Sam “best stuff in the organization” Dyson? Did he die?
    One year after we brought him up from AA, and he pitched a beautiful .1 of an inning before being farmed out we have not seen or heard his ass since- did he end up in the rule 5 draft or something and end up in SD or soemwhere?
    Chrst , is he really worthless and by that I mean worse than David Fukin Bush, Aaaron Laffey, Jeffress, Lincoln, Edgar gonzales..seriously-WTF??

    • He’s putting up good numbers. For the Marlins.

      • I really didn’t understand why they didn’t protect him (or why they had to). Since last year was his first season in pro ball, he should have been able to kick around the system for another 2-3 years at least.

      • Thanks, Smasher-appreciate the update. I’m usually up on this shit but must of missed it. Fro a guy deemed “best stuff”… to a giveaway to Marlins ina matter of months-what the F were we doing?

        • Yeah I’m not sure what happened that he needed to clear waivers so early in his career.

          Maybe they removed him from the 40 man roster and that put him on waivers.
          I’m sure somebody lurking around here knows.
          Does seem early to give up on a guy.

    • Come on, fukstik, get your back into your living.

  26. Jeffress has been no better than mediocre so far in the minors and even Spring Training. I’d call up Carreno before Jeffress. Or this guy (whose been white hot since ST) …

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