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There are no new names on the Jays’ lineup card tonight, as per a tweet from John Lott, so if Jeremy Jeffress really is coming– and wasn’t just trying to inspire himself with that since-deleted tweet this morning– there won’t be a move until after the game.

As suspect, if there is a roster move upcoming, it won’t involve Melky Cabrera, whose MRI revealed irritation in his right quadriceps and left hamstring, though he’ll keep on receiving treatment and will play through it, according to a tweet from Brendan Kennedy. Seriously, look at the “weirdness” post from this morning for an idea of how thin the turf these guys play on is. Kinda fucked.

Richard Griffin of the Toronto Star fills Leafs fans in on what they missed with the Jays while Buds-mania had its short, strange trip in the spotlight this week.

Speaking of the Leafs, in a notebook post with a bunch of injury updates from yesterday, Evan Peaslee of BlueJays.com get reactions from Jays players regarding the Leafs’ spectacular (sorry) exit from the NHL’s playoffs.

At Sportsnet, Shi Davidi and Ben Nicholson-Smith give us a farm report, checking in on the progress of some of the most notable players in the Jays’ minor league system, including Sean Nolin, who may be in line for his big league debut in the near future, if the Jays’ rotation continues to have issues, and he continues to pitch well.

Elsewhere at Sportsnet, Benny Fresh looks at some old scouting reports on R.A. Dickey, Darren Oliver, and Mark Buehrle– really interesting stuff.

Elsewhere still at Sportsnet, Arden Zwelling looks at a no-longer-dominant Roy Halladay.

Speaking of minor leaguers, friend of the Quad-A guy, Dirk Hayhurst, wonders what Jim Negrych has to do to get himself a call-up, as he continues to kill Triple-A pitching, now six weeks into the season.

At Bluebird Banter, Tom Dakers lists some pros and cons on John Gibbons so far– and I gotta tell you, the con list isn’t terribly compelling, unless you really think it’s Gibbers’ call that the Jays still have like seventy-five relievers on the roster.

Interesting stuff elsewhere at Bluebird Banter, as Nick Ashbourne looks at the re-born, swing-averse, less-powerful, more-walk-y Adam Lind.

gamereax looks at one of the absolute beach balls Barry Zito was tossing up to Jays hitters last night.

At Sports On Earth this week, Will Leitch wrote about how good players can turn into bad ones in fans minds just because of their contract. Cue giant picture of Vernon Wells.

Public Policy Polling found that only 1% of Red Sox fans disapproved of the job John Farrell has done so far– making him more approved-of than Abraham Lincoln, Mother Theresa and Santa Claus. Give it time. Give it time.

Lastly, at Getting Blanked, Drew offers his take on last night’s bout of Melkmania, then shows us the greatest bat flip in the long, storied history of bat flips.

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  1. I know its not jays related, but did you catch the lindberg piece on grantland about pitch framing?

  2. Because Halladay keeps coming up, I want to point out only to emphasize it because I am sure everyone is aware but the Jays indirectly traded Halladay for Dickey via D’Arnaud, time and a draft pick. That is pretty awesome even if Drabek and Gose (I know it was Brown, then Wallace then Gose) never become much.

  3. “found that only 1% of Red Sox fans disapproved of the job John Farrell has done so far”

    Well to be fair he is replacing Bobby V. Anyone following him would have almost perfect ratings!

  4. The rebirth of Adam Lind won’t save the season on its own, but it sure would help lengthen this lineup.

    Ironically, with Arencibia and Rasmus’s propensity for striking out and Bautista and Lind’s walk ratios, this could wind up being a lineup that really works the pitchcount.

  5. Read the piece on Lind. Hard to believe in this day and age you still have to point out that a player who makes fewer outs adds value to his club. Someday the brain trust will realize that JPA is a fine looking, tweet laying impediment to the team’s chances at success. JPA has to go.

  6. Re:John Farrell

    So long as Lester and Bucholtz keep dealing (because he “fixed them” after all)…..


    Keep in mind too that the Mass Media (see what I did there!) did everything they could to paint Bobby V in a bad light (deserved or not).

    Even if Farrell ball starts to open the eyes of the fans paying attention, the media will keep propping him up because he’s “their guy”.

    The way I see it, he has two to three years of cart blanche down there.

    • totally

      plus built in excuses of roster overhaul – new GM needs some time etc etc

      my guess is the R Sox have seen the best already and only disapointment to follow

    • See I think it’s the opposite. As the Sox cool down, and it changes from a cool-down to a struggle (if it does, and let’s hope so) the media will turn on him. He has a long leash because he’s following Valentine, but once there’s losing they will turn on him. Look how fast the Boston media ran Francona out of town and smeared his name after all he did for that team and city.

      • The Mass Media was split on the Tito thing (I listened to a lot of WEEI during that time, it was so entertaining) …….. and by the time he came back for the 100th anniversary of Fenway (after a few months of Bobby V), they did a Mia Culpa on that.

        Captain Obvious is right, once they cool down, the roster overhaul/GM needs time narrative will kick in. Add to that that Farrell got them “to play over their heads” story pumped by the media and this popularity stays for a while.

        I know many want to see Farrell fail, but in a “we know what is happening, even though they don’t” kinda way, Jays fans will get heir satisfaction.

  7. The bat flip clip was awesome. That is all.

  8. Greg Zaun just repeated his home runs / rally-killers thing on Connected. I thought he was trolling the first time. Guess not.

  9. Stoeten, big fan of the pod cast and casual swearing in general. However can you layoff the use of the expression “shit on”? example: “I had to shit on some idiot on twitter for blah blah blah” or “not to shit on blah blah blah”

    Maybe my imagination is too good, but I get a gross visual everytime.

  10. Everyone in baseball knows strikeouts don’t mean shit.

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