Can’t possibly imagine why anybody routinely patrolling the Rogers Centre outfield would end up having leg issues. The delightful artificial turf they’ve got in there, as seen here from one of the photos used here back when over the winter we breathlessly updated every new alteration to what used to be Windows Restaurant, looks super cushion-y and forgiving, eh?

Not only does the turf potentially fuck up hamstrings– like the one Melky Cabrera will have an MRI on today– it apparently also causes some vague kind of “weirdness.” That is, if you believe what they were talking about on last night’s Giants broadcast, as relayed by California-livin’ friend of the blog, Ryan Oakley:

Word of the night indeed…

Sure, they were talking about some of the uncharacteristically sloppy play from the Giants, but weirdness was happening all over the place last night, the most notably– and delightfully, if you ask me– on the Sportsnet broadcast.

For example, we have a bit of text following Buck Martinez’s lead and butchering the name of a player (via @BenPJull and @ProductiveOuts):



Seems that’s just par for the course, though, for text on Sportsnet’s screens, as over the weekend we saw some text following Gregg Zaun’s lead and rather hilariously calling it like it is when it comes to Chad Jenkins (via @ericashby and possibly theCHIVE):



More impressively weird, though, was earlier in the night, when we were treated to a not-terribly-informative graphic representation of the velocity drop on R.A. Dickey’s knuckleball from 2012 to 2013:


This prompted some hilarious other “Sportsnet stat graphics,” whipped up by our own @ScottJohnson48, like this one:


And this one:



Scott also provides for us the subtle-yet-fantastic reaction to one of the Jays’ weirder moments  last night, which was when Maicer Izturis was caught stealing third base– a “miscommunication on signs,” as John Gibbons later called it, according to a tweet from Brendan Kennedy of the Toronto Star. I think it’s pretty clear that, in the moment, ol’ Gibbers would have used some different language to describe what had transpired on the field.


For me, though, the weirdest thing of all goes back to Melky Cabrera, who had his best game of the year– a 4-for-5, two run, two RBI performance– and did so against his old team, using a bat that they had delivered to him, which he’d used last year and was emblazoned with his number 53 in the burnt orange of the San Francisco Giants! This excellent look at it was tweeted by @BlueJayHunter during the game:


Henry Schulman of SFGate.com explains that Melky “left in such a hurry last year he didn’t take anything, including his bats. So equipment manager Mike Murphy delivered them to the Jays clubhouse when the Giants arrived yesterday.”

Stranger still is the fact that Schulman notes a contradiction in the stories that emerged about why Melky received his World Series ring in private. Earlier in the day it was being reported– as noted in a tweet from MLB.com’s Chris Toman that I used in last night’s Game Threat– that it had been Melky’s decision to receive the ring in private. That’s what Schulman thought too, as he writes that “when we asked Bochy at the start of batting practice why he didn’t have the ring with him, he said a Blue Jays official approached Giants media relations man Matt Chisholm and said Cabrera wanted to do it privately.”

After the game, though, Melky explained, “It was Bochy’s decision, whatever he wanted to do. He wanted to do it before the game, which was fine. If he wanted to do it on the field, that’s fine with me too. But they decided to just do it here inside.”

Schulman calls it “a whopper of a lie,” which… I couldn’t possibly care less. Weird, though. But if some supposed weirdness is all we have to endure on a night like that, and for a victory like that, holy shit, will I ever take it.

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  1. Last night was the least worried/concerned I’ve been at a Jays game in AGES. Since mid-last season maybe. It was awesome.

  2. Sounds like I missed some kind of ballgame

    • Oh if only you could’ve seen Gibby’s reaction to Maicer’s steal attempt live, it was something else. Because first you’re wondering why he’s even attempting that at that stage of the game, and then they cut to Gibby basically saying and looking like ‘you’re a damned idiot’

  3. Ha, I’ve been railing at the Sportsnet graphics team for ages. Their command of axes leaves much to be desired.

  4. Seems very likely that the PR departments got together decided on the ring exchange thing. Bruce and Melky didn’t care where or when it was, and neither seems to know who made the decision.

    Perhaps Alex Rios can give us a quote about how we should feel about this.

  5. Pray Melky’s bat never breaks.

  6. I’ve always hated having your best power guys split up down at 3 and 4 in the batting order. I love that we get Bautista and EE guaranteed in the first inning. And SSS alert, in 3 games thus far, the top of our order:

    .486AVG, .657OBP, 11R, 11RBI, 3HR

    • I also like the new order with Bautista/EE hitting 2/3. Without Reyes they don’t have enough guys for the top of the order, so the simple yet innovative solution is just bump everyone up a rung.

      • The Gibbons monkey strikes again

        • It’s obviously working for now, but there has been lots of study around the impact that using an “optimal” lineup would have on a team’s win probability. Generally, its seen as having very little importance, unless you’re comparing it to the absolute worst lineup , which I assume would have EE and Jose batting 8th and 9th. But it terms of moving guys in the top 4 around, it would seem the impact is nominal.

  7. “A whopper of a lie”

    Jesus Christ. Who seriously gives a shit? I read so many dramatic, breathless tweets about this last night from SF beat writers…does it really fucking matter…like, at all?

  8. Did anyone catch gibbons mid game interview stating Dickey needs to drink more milk to keep his nails from breaking? Lol

  9. Why does Melky lie so much? :(

  10. That playing surface is a joke. They are spending all this money increasing payroll, refurbishing the old Windows restaurant area, extensive marketing campaign, etc. and they keep putting off converting to natural grass? Toronto is not Tampa Bay. Just get ‘er done already. Who gives a flying fuck about the Argos – they should be playing at a local football field, not the Rogers Centre.

    • wow astute comment there! Unfortunately people, other than you, actually care about the Argos. Mostly the Argos. It is easy to get frustrated but think for a second before you rip on a sport/team someone else may enjoy.

      Ever had someone say baseball is boring and slow and why do you even watch it? Same thing here.

      • People who care about the Argos should know that the Argos need to get out of that stadium as badly as the Jays need them out.

        • I have a deep love for all things Canadian especially the CFL and I agree: even if they have to build a new venue. Hamilton, Sask, Winnipeg will all have new stadiums by 2014.

      • Even if you’re a die hard Argos fan, surely you realize that even if the team has an unprecedented run of victories next year they will never, ever pack Rogers Centre. Ever. Montreal moved their team to McGill’s smaller stadium and the experience of watching a game improved immensely. Fewer seats mean more sell outs and a crowd that’s more engaged because they’re not scattered over 40 miles of stadium. Honestly, the best thing that could happen to the Argos is to get kicked out of Rogers Centre.

        • + Eleventy billion.

          Why would it be any better for a football player to get tackled onto that, or even hurt their knees and hamstrings less?

          Astroturf is fail.

          • + Eleventy million and one.

            • Definitely. Whose bright idea was it that baseball should be played on cement with a thin rug on it? That’s why people should love Colby Rasmus even more, considering he dives onto that shit once a game.

              Also, let me throw this out there re: the Argos; the Ti-Cats are getting their new stadium built this year, and in pretty short order got a deal to play in Guelph for the season. I’m sure the Argos can cobble together a deal to play elsewhere (York, U of T, some guy’s backyard), if only the had the motivation – and this motivation needs to come from Paul Beeston telling them grass is coming next spring and they need to get the fuck out.

  11. Another weird thing I noticed at the game last night….I only purchased 1 beer at the dome.

  12. lol @ the graphics.

    good move by Gibbons with MK, JB and EE top 3 in the order.

  13. I think the first 6 weeks of this season is the baseball gods telling us -


    • If that is the case, we are screwed for 3-5 years. The Argos recently signed a 5-year contract extension. The Argos can opt out after 3 years, if they find someplace else to play.

  14. Wonderbat!

  15. I dont want to use the word “weird” because I dont think it really fits. But is everyone else really starting to feel the shift in this team. Obviously the hits and runs being up are a big part, but there just seems to be a different feel to the at bats right now as compared to April. A calmness, confidence that they guys are actually good baseball players. Despite what everyone said in April.

    Weird is not the right word. About fucken time might be more appropriate.

    • I don’t think anything is that different except for the result. The exception might be Melky who was swinging – no flailing – wildly at pitches nearly a foot off the plate.

      For the rest, it’s just a few more hits than it was before + a bit more luck.

      For example in that bat-around inning there were 2 errors and a couple lucky hits. In fact with a 10-6 score, they probably lose that game if not for errors and miscues plus a bit of luck on some hits.

      • You are completely discounting the fact that without the 8-run lead, Brad Lincoln is likely not in the game and the Giants perhaps don’t get those 4 extra runs.

  16. Jefress tweeted that he’s coming to Toronto possibly

  17. Crapoli/Pedroia missed a pop up last night: FIRE THE MANAGER!!!

  18. Any update on melkys wobbly hammy’s?

  19. Jeremy Jeffres just tweeted “Toronto here I come” and then when people asked him about it, he deleted it.


  20. How about those pretender Giants supporters from Toronto who claim to be lifelong fans? They may be as pathetic and annoying as the local Yankee and Sox fans, eh? Worse maybe.

    • It’s pretty amazing how a bunch of fake hipsters followed Parks in his attempt at being a cool former jays new giants fan after they won the ws. They aren’t fooling anyone. Losers.

    • They might just be fans of the Giants from when they almost moved here in the 70s?

  21. I think the “no better option” graphic with Jenkins is unfair. It is sort of a truism for every player. Everybody is replaceable by someone better, but you go with the best you have at any particular time. Except for JPA that is, because there ain’t nobody better nowhere.

    • Holy triple negative day Batman! KAPOW!

      Yeah I as well thought the Jenkins thing was awfully uncalled for and rude.

  22. No need to feel sensitive about the turf. Jays and their fans should fucking own it.

    Thats one of our home field advantages.

    Boston hold the fucked up dimensions of Fenway as a badge of honour, why can’t we do the same?

  23. So. What the fuck Brad Lincoln? That guy sucks. I’m just not at all impressed with im or Esmil Rogers.

    Good win, but I genuinely got scared there for a minute; I was flashing back to two nights before thinking the Leafs were wrapping shit up…I’m still a little skittish and twitchy.

  24. Fun game to be at last night with the exception of the fucking wave, but I’m all “no-fun” according to some anyways.

    One new observation for me- there’s just as many stupid drunk fucks yelling dumb bullshit in the 100′s as there is in the 500′s. And I sat in both sections last night.

    Two dudes in front of me leave before the ninth- they’re fucking loaded, first row, third base line, four seats away from the section usher (or whatever they’re called). I did a quick tally after they left and there was easily 12-14 empty cans in and around their seats.

    These guys weren’t “kids” by any means and were just sloppy drunk when they left.
    And I’m no prude- I like a couple of what they call “beers” at the Dome, but seriously dudes, keep your shit tight, y’know? Not everyone is here to make stupid jokes about the Giants third base coach over and over and over again.

    Methinks the Dome has a serving problem more than anything.

  25. I’m a bit behind on this, but I just read this article today:


    About halfway down it states “Playing surface, meanwhile, had almost no effect on injury risk. Injury rates were similar on grass and artificial turf, whatever shoes the players wore.”

    So perhaps the turf is not cauing injuries are the dome, but rather the cleats the players are wearing while playing on the turf.

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