Not a whole hell of a lot to talk about just yet here on the second off-day of the week (until I muster the energy to tackle the latest Ricky Romero minor league shitcanning), but this shot of the age- and, dare I say, talent-defying Ramon Ortiz celebrating the end of an inning last night during his terrific performance against the Junior Varsity Giants seems like a rather awesome moment to linger on now that the Jays have actually started looking something like the team we expected them to look like.

It comes from the always-excellent Flickr stream of @James_In_TO.

Check out another Flickr gem after the jump!

Here’s one  more, just to make this post that much less entirely mailed-in, this time from the Flickr stream of John Lott of the National Post (aka @LottOnBaseball), wherein we see Munenori Kawasaki marvelling– and then some– at Pablo “Pedro” Sandoval’s tattoos.

Check out John’s recap of last night’s action, in the Post, while you’re at it.


Hold on, a baseball season can actually seem fun? Who knew?

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  1. It looks like Ortiz is dancing a jig in that picture. Id like to see more of that, pitchers dancing their way to the dugout after innings …

    haha, no, no I wouldnt …

  2. Ummmm, Shouldn’t that read “Staff Ace” Ramon Ortiz?

    Also, has anyone gotten RickRo a copy of “The Mental ABC’s of Pitching” by HA Dorfman yet?

  3. He looks like he’s starting a motorcycle.

    Sandoval’s tattoo is obviously some Japanese writing. Kawasaki is dumbfounded at how explicit the message is.

    • speaking of motorcycles…..did i ever tell you about that time i fucked molly ringwald on my harley davidson while jumping blindfold over the grand canyon??? the blindfold was because shes ugly but i gaver anywho…..GO BLUE JAYS!!!

  4. Jesus Christ Ricky, what’s with the fucking 6 walks?!?! It’s gooddamn AAA! Throw strikes!

  5. Re: Not a whole hell of a lot to talk about just yet here on the second off-day of the week

    Just post your AA post that you have banked.

    That’ll get you sum clicks!

    • Seen this posted on an earlier thread.
      Seems the source of injuries may not be the turf but the cleats.
      Even the researchers were surprised.

      Caught the Taste says: 05.16.13 @ 11:05 AM EDT
      Reply I’m a bit behind on this, but I just read this article today:


      About halfway down it states “Playing surface, meanwhile, had almost no effect on injury risk. Injury rates were similar on grass and artificial turf, whatever shoes the players wore.”

      So perhaps the turf is not cauing injuries are the dome, but rather the cleats the players are wearing while playing on the turf.

  6. check out Griffin’s latest article at the Star. total, complete garbage. I didn’t quite realize that Griffin has the baseball IQ of Greg Zaun. wow. I knew he was a traditionalist, but that article is something else.

    • The piece about Posey and Arencibia? You mean it’s garbage because it’s saying Arencibia has to succeed in the post-season to prove his value? Sure, that’s a pretty dumb thing to write. But the point about how good Posey is is totally valid. He’s scary good.

      • But it seemed like Griffin was underplaying how good Posey is, or overplaying how good Arencibia is. It seemed like he was saying that if the Jays get to the playoffs then Arencibia is an elite catcher and that that is the difference between the two players. The last few weeks it seems like Griffin has gone crazy. Presumably, barring some sort of big leap forward in catching skills, if the Jays make the playoffs they’re not going to be led by Arencibia, they’re going to be led by all the other players that are actually good at their positions and can raise their obp above .240.

      • I highly doubt he’s taking issue with Posey being praised. Not sure what is worse: JP leg-humpers or Zaun saying homeruns kill rallies (which I jokingly/seriously think is a fireable offence for the Blue Jays lead analyst to say something that asinine). Either way, both Griff and Zaun earned this:


      • He said the biggest difference between Posey and JPA is Posey has won 2 world series. HOLY SHIT is that ever a dumb thing to say!!! As mentioned in the comments section of the Star:

        The biggest difference between the two is that Posey gets on base (.391 this year, .381 career) and Arrencibia doesn’t (.252 this year, .272 career). .139 OBP (.109 career) difference is massively huge! Not getting out in baseball is critical. I think JPA is also likely a little bit weaker defensively than Posey. # of world series rings means next to nothing as players have little influence on their circumstances (there are 25 players on a roster, no one man can win enough games to get into the playoffs and then the world series by himself).

    • http://www.thestar.com/sports/bluejays/2013/05/16/blue_jays_catcher_jp_arencibia_needs_postseason_to_elevate_profile_griffin.html

      Is this the article?

      Catcher’s ERA 4.51 for JPA. That can’t be a valid stat because it should depend on the pitcher.

      JPA had to catch Jo Jo Reyes etc…

      • Not to mention Posey was catching the likes of Cain and Lincecum when JP was catching Reyes and Drabek.

        Not saying JP’s defense is good, by any means, but there are many better ways to shit on him than to compare his “ERA” to the catcher for the fucking Giants.

        • No, for sure it is a dumb article. But it is true that Posey is very very good.

          • Remember when Posey won the MVP?

            I’ll remember when JPA finally exceeds 2 rWAR — it has a chance of happening this year, but it’s going to be close and only if he keeps up the current pace.

  7. Ramon Ortiz reenacting his favourite scene from Treasure of the Sierra Madre:


  8. I followed your link to Romero’s box. It looked sort of ok as I was scanning left to right. Then I saw 6BB. Ouch.


    • Fucking sucks. At least nice to see Gose finally fill up a boxscore again for the first time in a while.

  9. Ricky is turning into the Chuck Knoblach of pitchers. Or maybe Rick Ankiel I don’t know.

  10. For those of you who enjoy the Ramon Ortiz/Richard Pryor in Brewster’s Million comp……


  11. Did I miss something, what happened to the zubes?

  12. DJF now powered by coors light? yuck

    • …..And on the first day, God invented beer…real good beer too…..real cold delicious beer….”and only for canadians” he said from a mountain top, ”everyone else gets apple juice” he then giggled. GO BLUE JAYS!!!

  13. I am guessing Ramon Ortiz did not expect to pitch in let alone win major league ball games this year

    I don’t think he’s won a game in the bigs as a starter since 2007

    good for him, great for the Jays

  14. Kind of looks like he’s doing the Gagnam Style dance.

  15. Who would have believed???

    The season turned when we called up Ramon Ortiz…

  16. No post game analysis lately – what gives?

  17. Now we’re rollin’. this is starting to look exactly like the kind of approach I’d hoped for and was looking forward to. that’s the kind of baseball i want to watch!

    not only that, but at the dome 2 nights in a row, plenty sizeable crowd, but no douches!!

    things are indeed coming around.

    except for JPA. Still hate that muthafucker. get him out of here.He’s got a case of the ‘Frasor’…..still giving interviews where he thinks he knows better than everyone what’s valuable and what will win you baseball games. and an inflated estimation of his own worth.

  18. Jim Negrych did not start or play last night for Buffalo……

    Scheduled off day?


  19. Is Ramon a hobbit?

  20. M V P! M V P! M V P!

  21. Two decent starts. Beat the Yankees and maybe Ortiz gets to stay up for another start or two…. Until Happ and Johnson and, dare I say, McGowan come back.

  22. Hey y’all. I’ve been aren’t horrifically slow connections to Score Blogs.

    I’m still watching, but now I make sure I hide the shotgun from the shells when watching and drinking whiskey.

    Good run lately. Has the Fuckoff Guy come outta retirement? Has Stoeten shaved that nasty nest yet?

    • Haven’t been on due to horrifically slow connections at Score…….. I gotta proof read more often. Damn lazy and it shows!

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