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Shi Davidi of Sportsnet talks to the seemingly-different Adam Lind, whose numbers look good, thanks to some excellent usage on the part of John Gibbons and a different approach at the plate. “I wasn’t being a smart hitter, I was being stubborn and for lack of a better word, stupid,” he says of the struggles of the past. This year his swing rate, especially on pitches outside of the zone, is down dramatically.

Elsewhere at Sportsnet, Davidi gets Brett Cecil and Mark Buehrle to make their second round NHL playoff picks.

Weirdness from the mind of ol’ Griff– and J.P. Arencibia– as he makes comparisons between the Jays’ backstop and the genuinely great Buster Posey over in the Toronto Star. Aaron Cibia needs to play in the playoffs to raise his profile, the title says. Yeah, still not going to make him Posey. “I feel like I’m a leader,” Arencibia tells him. “I feel like it’s something that you’re born with to be a leader. I think experience and stuff like that, the more you’re experienced, the more you can handle game situations. But I think that’s something you’re born with. You’re either a leader or you’re not a leader and I definitely feel like my actions on the field lead to wanting to win.” OK, but does anybody else think that? Honest question.

Interesting stuff from Marc Hulet, writing for MLB Trade Rumors, as he includes a nice section about the Jays in his recent piece on prospect depth behind the plate.

Robert MacLeod of the Globe and Mail wraps up the mini-series win against the Giants by telling us that, despite some better play of late, the Jays still have a lot of work to do. Or, at least, the headline of his piece says that.

Matt Brown of Blue Jays Way takes a look at how the Jays have done as the season has reached the quarter pole, as do Ben Nicholson-Smith, in a more word-y piece at Sportsnet, and Gregor Chisholm at BlueJays.com.

Evan Peaslee of BlueJays.com looks at the contributions made by Chad Jenkins and Ramon Ortiz in a notebook post that also talks about Melky Cabrera’s injury– which he’s awesomely playing through– and the Jays’ new day-by-day, win-by-win philosophy.

We’ve got the wrong Bonifacio! Or for a while maybe we had the wrong one. Emilio’s brother, 19-year-old Royals prospect Jorge, broke a hamate bone in Carolina League action this week, according to J.D. Sussman of FanGraphs. Sounds like he’s quite a different kind of prospect than his speedy utility-man brother, and there are concerns that the hamate break could hurt the development of his power.

Interesting stuff elsewhere at FanGraphs, as Dave Cameron tackles the myth of the passive hitter.

Reader @JasonAttwell tweets a picture of a passage from the recent issue of Sports Illustrated, in which DJF is mentioned in a piece about ol’ Young Beedah.

The Blue Jay Hunter shares some mid-week thoughts on revised betting odds, staff ace Ramon Ortiz, and more.

Bluebird Banter has a clip up of R.A. Dickey’s convocation address to the U of T’s Wycliffe College, which he gave on Monday, after receiving an honorary degree.

Elsewhere at Bluebird Banter, Blake Murphy takes an interesting look at John Gibbons’ bullpen usage so far.

Charlie Caskey of Jays Journal looks at some of the guys in the organization who are starting to knock at the door a little bit, in his latest Organizational Filler (In) post.

Lastly, great stuff– as always– from Getting Blanked, as Drew looks at Vernon Wells, super utility guy, and talks to Tim Lincecum about his approach.

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  1. vernon fuckin wells

  2. djf podcast today?

  3. Lind and cecil have to got to be the two biggest positive surprises this year.

  4. Is it acceptable to wear a Blue Jays jersey to a Bisons game? Or is that a Sporting Faux Pas …. like wearing any hockey jersey ever?

  5. I read a daily deuce while taking my daily deuce: The Inception sequel.

  6. Is Marcus Stroman back as of today?

    From his twitter feed, ‘En route to the stadium! Crazy excited. Game tonight at 7PM! Come check it out.’

  7. What do you expect JPA to think of himself?
    most high profile athletes think a whole lot of themselves, they’ve spent 90% of their baseball lives being the best player on their team.

  8. Brett Lawrie seems to be auditioning for a Bud Light commercial in the background of the Mark DeRosa video interview that was posted along with the Adam Lind article.

    Couple good screenshots for the taking Stoeten…

  9. There is a rip in the walls of the universe and we have Bizarro Adam Lind playing for the Jays now.

  10. I hate off days when the team seems to be turning things around.

  11. i really hope what adam lind says is for real and that the results continue to follow. because yeah, i kind of DO feel like a few of the ol’ jays were simply ‘swing for the fences’ kind of guys who stubbornly refused to approach the plate in any way that resulted in a walk or single into the gap.

    has anyone else noticed that suddenly there are like 3 guys on the jays that seem to be specifically targetting opposite field and also willing to put a just a good contact hit on a ball rather than the overswing??

    i sure hope that their recent success in this approach means that it sticks. lawrie as an opposite side hitter could really do some damage. and whatever lind is doing is god damn beautiful in my books, to be honest.

    as for the JPA content in this post…fuck him. AGAIN. his bullshit ego rant. a leader you say??? reallly.

    fuck you JPA>

    • JP would be an excellent backup catcher on a goos team, providing some real power off the bench and in the occasional start. His defense isn’t great, but its not horrible.

      To be mentioned in the same breath with Posey, he;d have to start walking at least once a week, rather than the once a month that he’s shown so far. He currently has the second lowest BB% in MLB. Hardly a leader.

  12. In talking about the differences between Posey and JPA how can you not focus on OBP? It boggles the mind!! All this crap about world series appearances like one person has a primary influence on a team winning 90+ games to get into the playoffs and then winning all their playoff series. What a load of crap.

    • JPA couldnt carry posey’s jockstrap. He should shut the fuck up and the useless toronto media should stop giving him complimentary blowjobs because he is a nice guy and hes buds with them. He sucks and it needs to be known.

      • who have you decided it needs to be known by?

        • To the casual fans. A lot of people on this forum are well educated baseball fans. They know he sucks. But the casual fan thinks hes good because he hits homers. The media makes it seem like hes a core piece when he is barely a fringe regular.

          • He’s still 12th in OPS for catches with at least 100 ABs (though technically one person above him had only 98 as of yesterday). Is he Buster Posey? No. But for a guy who doesn’t walk, he’s still not half bad. If he upped his OBP even a bit he’d move into the top third of the the league’s catchers.

            You can focus on what he does bad, but he also does hit very well for power, and that can play at C.

            • Well, thats the problem. Its the ONLY thing he does well on a baseball field. Hit for power. Thats not a good ballplayer if you ask me. Just one dimensional.

              • His catching concerns me. Admittedly, I know next to nothing about it but I’ve heard Zaun and other catchers (Martinez) talk about his set up and it’s apparently not good. And more than just a few pitchers are having to have him repeat his signs. For all this “born leader” crap, I sure hope he doesnt start a clubhouse backlash of people that cant stand that kind of thing. I know it would bother me if I heard him going on about it. Real leaders earn their status on the field and 99% of the time, DO NOT talk about it.

            • “Not walking” is different from “not walking AT ALL”. Power can salvage some value out of a .290-.310 OBP, but a .252 OBP is unplayable on a team that fancies itself a contender. They’d be better off starting Thole. Granted, he was brutal last year, but his career OBP before 2012 was .350 in more than a full season’s worth of PA.

              He’s hitting .337/.420/.520 in Buffalo – I have no fucking idea what the Jays are thinking leaving him there when they’ve watched Arencibia and Blanco puke out a .237 OBP.

              • Yes. Call up Thole and platoon them. Blanco is a black hole. Thole is a lefty bat that has experience catching Dickey. Make him Dickey’s personal catcher and start him against tough righties and he would probably play 40% of the time which is exactly the amount of time JPA should be on the bench, minimum.

                It really seems like an obvious move to me. What am I missing? Why doesn’t the front office do something like this?

          • no word of a lie. i heard this exact sentence the other day ‘i’m glad they kept jpa. he’s a great defensive catcher and a clutch hitter.’

  13. I dont understand the Strohman timing thing. I though due to suspension he was not eligible to return until May 19th, unless they put him on the 40 man….in which case he could return right away. As far as know, they did not put him on the 40 man..so what gives?

    Also, are we going to be bringing up Sierra to replace Davis or do we really need Storey in the pen with a rested bull pen and all these off days?

    • YA…what the fuck gives?! This team/management is hiding shit…in they’re’re ass.


      • “in they’re’re ass”

        Wow. I can say without equivocation that I’ve never witnessed that particular construction before. And there was a time when I graded 500 freshman composition papers every semester.

        Well done sir.

  14. Any chance someone convinces JPA to follow Lind’s plan and stop being so stubborn?

    • Reminds me of that old joke about the donkey and the baseball bat…you have to get their attention first. (ps…I wont be entirely convinced we have Lind’s attention until the end of the season)

  15. Sorry JP, first hand accounts of how much of a leader you are aren’t that convincing….but you said it…’what does ANYbody else think?’

  16. I’d consider JPA more of a leader if he realizes he is hacking his way out of baseball.

    The absolutely god awful approach is already starting to crash and he doesn’t have the defensive skills or platoon splits to be a useful backup.

    He’ll be non-tendered by 2014 at the latest as I expect his HRs and RBIs will be fairly well compensated via arbitration.

    • Disagree. Catchers generally suck at hitting, period. There’s a few Poseys, sure; but then consider that Kurt Suzuki has been a full time catcher for the past six seasons. If you can bat over the Mendoza line as a catcher, you have a job.

      In that environment, a catcher with no discernible hitting skill except he smashes a few out of the park now and again, is pretty much guaranteed a job, as those homers alone give him more value than, say, the Olivos and the Navarros of the baseball world. Heck, we live in a world where Soto and Blanco still have jobs.

      Arencibia’s nowhere near Posey, but he hits enough HRs that the hack approach works for him.

      • I probably overstated it. Sure, there’s a fair chance he has an MLB job for a few years. Although the K/BB is getting uglier every year.

        But it shouldn’t be as anything more than a short term stopgap found on the free agent market. The type of player for which a team is always trying to find an upgrade.

    • And the insightful Pat Tabler often extolls the soundness of JP’s approach! A couple weeks ago, when his BB/K ratio was at about 2/35, Tabler said he had a great approach and then JP K’d by swinging at three straight balls. Fuck Tabler is an idiot.

  17. Huge conflict tonight. Wanting to see the Massholes lose to the Rays but also wanting to see Rodney blow another save. Fuck! Almost had both as the Rays came close to taking it back in the 9th…sigh.

    At least the Yankee scum lost tonight!

    FUCK I hate off days.

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