New York Yankees v Colorado Rockies

Playing third base!?!??!

Today very well could be the first day of the rest of our lives, as the Jays head into the Bronx needing only *COUGH* a sweep of the division-leading Yankees to get them to *COUGH* four games below .500.

Yes, getting back into the race will be a damn difficult thing, but if the pitching can keep on pitching– and Mark Buehrle is certainly coming off his best performance of the season to date– and the hitting can keep on hitting like it has, why the fuck not? I mean, Vernon Wells can only be the best team in the division’s top hitter and super-utility man for so long, right? RIGHT???!??!?

The Jays don’t necessarily need to keep the good times rolling tonight against the near-mint Big Hirok, but… they kind of do. The lineup still looks like it’s capable, though, with #GibbyTheBest continuing to place Jose Bautista in the two-hole. We shall see…

Well, you shall see, at least. Haven’t decided yet, personally, if Mark Buehrle starts are once again safe to take in, given my condition (my condition, of course, being unease with shitballers and an inability to stop telling people on Twitter to go fuck themselves when they start turning into hopelessly negative fucking insufferable suckholes about goddamn everything).


Reiterating items I included in the Daily Duce, Brandon Morrow says he’s good to start tomorrow, and Dustin McGowan has been moved up to Triple-A.

Josh Johnson threw a side session today, tweets Barry Davis, and he’ll move to Dunedin to continue rehab.

Heading the other way, interestingly, is Jose Reyes. According to Davis, Reyes has rejoined his teammates in New York, and will head to Toronto with them to continue rehab. He will remain with his teammates, including road trips, according to a tweet from Mike Wilner, until he’s ready to go for a rehab assignment.

In fact, Jose took some balls at shortstop today during batting practice, Davis tweets, though he wasn’t running– he was just standing there, having only been cleared for light jogging. He hopes to run in two weeks, Davis adds.

Elsewhere on the injury front, J.A. Happ has no official timetable to start rehabbing, as he’s still feeling soreness in his knee, according to a tweet from Gregor Chisholm.

Rajai Davis, meanwhile, is headed to Dunedin to start to rehab, according to another tweet from Gregor. John Gibbons says that the club doesn’t expect it to be a long-term injury.

Scott MacArthur notes that all of the Jays top relievers are well rested, having last pitched either Saturday (Janssen, Oliver) or Sunday (Delabar, Loup).

McArthur also notes that the Rays have yet to decide on a starter for Monday, though rumour currently has it that Jake Odorizzi will be slated to try and knock the stink out of the Jays in David Price’s place.

The Memorial Cup? Is that still seriously a fucking thing?

Just three wins away from getting to 20-24, and that wouldn’t be half bad, all things considered.

 sn1logosmallTV: Sportsnet One

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.comAnd for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app

Toronto Blue Jays

LF Melky Cabrera (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
C J.P. Arencibia (R)
DH Adam Lind (L)
3B Brett Lawrie (R)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
2B Emilio Bonifacio (S)
SS Munenori Kawasaki (L)

Mark Buehrle LHP

New York Yankees

CF Brett Gardner (L)
3B Jayson Nix (R)
2B Robinson Cano (L)
LF Vernon Wells (R)
DH Ben Francisco (R)
1B Lyle Overbay (L)
SS David Adams (R)
RF Ichiro Suzuki (L)
C Austin Romine (R)

Hiroki Kuroda RHP

Comments (182)

  1. Here comes the 5th in a row. Why the fuck not, indeed!

  2. Buehrle is 1-9 with a 6.19 ERA in 14 career starts against the Yankees, and he hasn’t beaten them since April 10, 2004.
    But tonight that streak will end!

  3. sweep these yankee bitches season!

  4. I love the top 3 of the lineup…but shouldn’t JPA be batting 7th with Lind (against righties), Lawrie & Rasmus all bumped up?

  5. Stoeten: I fucking love your dedication to the idea of being 3 wins away from 20-24.

  6. Sportsnet One….fuck me, right?

  7. If it’s on Sportsnet 1, you might as well be at The Great Gatsby with bean weasel.

  8. Melky hot

  9. Let’s break this fucker wide open early

  10. Fuck

  11. That , kids, is a true natural born leader.
    Just ask him.

  12. dafuq was that? Can’t bring in a god damned lead-off double?

  13. Wow, that was just some horseshoes there… Not altogether sure Cano wouldn’t have gotten to it, but it had a shot.

  14. Ben Francisco batting 5th? Odd choice…

  15. Cmon buehrle have a good outing pleeease.

  16. That was a pretty terrible pitch…

  17. Nothing says hot streak like a leadoff triple and a 4-pitch walk.

    Actually, fuck it, we’ll score 15 unanswered runs after this inning and win, 15-3.

  18. Realistically the most they take is 2/3 against the yanks and this is probably the least favourable game for them in terms of the pitching matchups

  19. My hubby played jr hockey back in the day. Once in a while a kid comes to the door for an autograph. It’s a bigger deal than I ever thought.

  20. Did Francisco lose like, 50lbs?

  21. Does anyone not realize that “bi-weekly leasing” is a blatantly transparent marketing ploy? (Assuming you all have the same commercials I do…)

  22. Gotta give Buehrle some credit there. Saw that lead-off triple/4-pitch walk combo and thought about finishing this beer and taking a nap.

  23. C’mon Kittenface!

  24. Alright Lind, pop fly to right field!

  25. Cmon guys take some pitches.

  26. Kuroda is going to pitch a complete game on 50 pitches

  27. Can you imagine what Murphy would do to Kawasaki if he was still the batting coach?

    Talk about fucking up your shit.

  28. Watch Melky hit a double now

  29. wtf was that. moron was leaning back to first, knew he was going to first….and still got picked off. Perhaps you over estimate your diving speed?

  30. Love those outs on the bases.

  31. Moosehead, get drunk on a cliff

  32. Jesus: am I watching a baseball game or a promotional New York tourism video?

    How many shots of the city and the subway do they need?

  33. Well, that play equals at least a home run for JPA.

  34. Love how Mr. control pitcher Buehrle walks nix to get to cano.

  35. Back to back homers, here we go.

  36. We arent going to get many hits tonight if we keep trying to pull those outer corner pitches…which is pretty much all he’s been throwing.

  37. How jpa didnt strike out there i’ll never know. The baseball gods were on his side.

  38. Tired Hiroki Kryptonite.

  39. Well the boys are seeing a few pitches now at least…

  40. Noxious Nix.
    Yet one more fukstik of ours.

  41. When is the next time the Jays hitters get to pad their stats against a shit baller?

  42. Five inning, two runs from Buehrle….in NYC..yeah..ill take it every time.

    but holy fuck the bats are asleep

    • Kuroda has owned us this year. We may have to knock around the ‘pen.

    • The Jays hitters have been feast or famine for some time now. I remember being upset last year when idiots like Wilner would fucking beat the drum of “MOST RUNS IN THE MAJORS” everytime someone would complain about the anemic offense.

      I understand getting shut down by Felix Hernandez. But any solid #2 or #3 pitcher destroys the fucking Jays. I’ve seen absolute shit pitchers like Hochevar and Dice-K annihilate this team…

      • Havent we faced Beckett, Bucholz, Felix, Price, Moore, Zito (who was great until the game we faced him) all in like our last 12 games?

        Weve faced a lot f aces and some have had success but weve averaged almost 7 rpg in our last 12

      • This guy has a 2.6 era against everyone in yankee stadium. Good pitchers do a good job buddy.

        • Ok, well just don’t expect this to ever be a playoff calibre team if they can’t hit “good pitching.”

          You can’t just crush shitballers and roll over for anyone who challenges you at the plate.

    • You’re right of course, but I haven’t had one comfortable moment this whole game.

  43. Wow, this is really sucking.

  44. come on jays, wake up!

  45. I think if we can get one fucking guy on kuroda will fall apart from being completely foreign to the concept of pitching from the stretch

  46. Jose, that should have been a quadrangular

  47. Hak Hak Hak away boys. we’re burning evening light

  48. ya they need to hit Koroda already this is getting stupid

    and there goes EE.

  49. After careful observation and much reflection I have determined we hit better against crappy pitching than against good pitching.

  50. Was that first pitch on the corner?

  51. Buerhle has been solid. 2 runs in 6 at yankee stadium. Coudnt have asked for more. The bats should be embarassed. How many times can you get shut down by the same pitcher in a season?

  52. Things I wouldn’t have said last year: I wish Lind was batting after EE.

  53. JP is the man of hot and cold streaks. Right now in this cold streak he does not belong in the 4 hole.

  54. Fuck off jpa. Lind should be hitting 4th against righties.

  55. Fucking JP. Take your walk, asshole.

  56. I can see Arencibia hacking at stuff over the plate, but why does he swing at crap that is clearly a ball after it leaves the pitcher’s hand?

  57. You could fucking try to intentionally walk JPA and he’d strike out.

  58. It’s not JP’s fault.

    “Kuroda just wouldn’t give him anything to hit.”

  59. It seems like JPA needs to be benched regularly to motivate him.

  60. Might want to start warming up the pen gibby. Actually fuck it, the offense has already lost this game.

  61. Wheels falling off.

  62. O-Swing% – Percentage of pitches a batter swings at outside the strike zone (provided by Baseball Info Solutions)

    Blue jays: 39 percent
    League average: 29 percent.

    that is a HUGE and significant discrepancy

  63. If Buehrle gts out of this one, the bats owe him a lead.

  64. Can’t believe the bottom third of the order has killed us today.

  65. brutal

  66. As an aside from this offensive horror-show, does anyone know why we are more excited about Gose than Pillar? Pillar seems to hit for reasonable power, has speed (51 SB last year), and has yet to hit below 320 in the Jays organization – currently at 335 leading off for NH. Is it just the defence? I know Gose is insane in this department, and this season is teaching me not to undervalue that, but … the numbers that I am looking at (albeit at different levels) don’t make it entirely clear to me why Gose is so obviously the better prospect.

  67. This game is still within reach.

  68. Everybody is rested, six solid from Buerhle seems like it should be enough. What more did Gibbers want?

  69. Lawrie just struck out. That never happens.

  70. WTF is Tabler talking about? Some fucking CDs?

  71. Was just watching the Yankees feed … Color man, who I believe is Paul O’Neill (a player I despised during his career) made a reasonable point … Bonifacio, who has borne the brunt of a lot of criticism, fouled one off his leg and seemed to be hamming it up with players in the dugout …. O’Neill’s comment, in the context of the season the Jays are having and the score of the game, was “there is a time and a place”. i wish I could get a sense that this Jays club was half as emotionally invested in the outcome of this season as we are …

  72. What we need is an Avian Amble.

  73. Great way to end it jpa!!! Great leader u are!!

  74. Holy moly, JP made an out!

  75. What a leader. GRINDING OUT DEM AT BATS!

  76. How does any team lose, with any kind of regularity, to a roster comprised of

    Jayson Nix
    Vernon Wells
    Ben Francisco
    Lyle Overbay
    David Adams
    Austin Romine

  77. You’d think the results so far this year would be enough to never have JPA hitting 4th again.

    • + infinity. Should be batting 8th at highest. i don’t care how many home runs he happens to hit.

    • Well, the offense was doing well this week with him hitting 4th but that had more to do with the rest of the hitters like cabrera and jbats heating up. I would bring up thole and play him against most righties. Play jpa vs. lefties and some shitbag righties. Thole isnt great but if he hits 8th or 9th all I ask for him is to get on base for the top of the order by taking walks which hes shown he can do. JPA should be becnhed. Im sick of this. His bat is a mjor liability for this offense. Rasmus, can atleast play good d and take walks. JPA cant even do that.

      • There are too many gaps in this fucking line-up. More than half the line-up is a liability.

        • As a few people have sort of mentioned, this team has some weak hitters with some major holes. A few of them have been declared fukstiks, such as Rasmus and Davis(injured) and Lind. But Lind , may get out of the category if he has a good year with OPS. The key is year-can he do it all year? I doubt it but I’ll pull for him.
          Also tough to take this team’s offense seriously, as like the last couple of years , we are great at lambasting shitballers but we never lace into the No 1 and 2 pitchers on teams and rarely even smoke the No3 guy. So we have a good shot at about 2.5 out of 5 so we are about a .500 club as I seeit. Too many stupid batters that think guys like Verlander et al in the league, will throw them fat ones on counts of 0-2 and 1-2, instaed of realizing the good pitchers will “paint” in those situations and you must learn to go to the opposite field a lot, something the majority of our hitters seem loathe to do.
          Don’t know hot to get them to improve-been waiting 6 years but it seems same ol same old. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.
          Forward soviet-gimme my merlot

          • @fukstick.

            Well said. The Jays have to be able to beat the #1 & 2 pitchers on good teams in the AL east if they want to make the playoffs.

  78. JP Arencibia is hitting .178 with risp….WHY IN THE FUCK IS HE HITTING 4TH? I HATE him and Lawrie. Fucking attitudes of superstars with the skills of a utility infielder and backup catcher to match. Who the fuck does JP think he is coming up in the 9th with 2 on and hacking at the first pitch to end the game? What an asshole.

    Also interesting note, Jays are now 1-7 this season against Yankees. What does that mean? If we reverse that, the Jays are tied for 2nd and Yanks are in last place. hypothetical, I know, BUT just shows how shitty the Yankees really are. The ex-Jays just literally love beating their old club. Why is that I wonder? All I know is it’s fucking annoying.

    • he was just showing his mad leadership skillz – people who know baseball all agree, he’s the best thing ever, and strikeouts don’t count. Agree on Lawrie 100%. The gap between what this deluded over-caffeinated goof perceives himself to be and what he actually is has reached a schizophrenic level. He doesn’t need coaching, he needs an intervention. Don’t hold your breath waiting for AA to admit he got it wrong on this guy though, that seems to be a character trait that’s not in this GM’s toolkit.

    • nobody likes to play for unreasonably entitled whining fans like you. that’s why. so when ex-jays go somewhere else, they remember the insults and attitude. they remember how much they don’t like whining entitled fans who insulted them repeatedly on boards like this any time they might’ve had a bad stretch. won’t bother to mention the nonsensical booing that comes from out of nowhere. so the players think about that all of that and they gear it up a notch. adrenaline pumps. focus gets clearer. because of you. not kidding. think they don’t notice? we do. sure a lot of towns have the same stuff. but not like there. you guys could learn a few things from fans who cheer their teams when they’re not doing so well. that’s when players need their fans. but a lot of you guys haven’t figured that out yet. hope one day you do.

      • Hahahahahahahahaha, wow. Go fuck yourself. I have never booed an underperforming player. I would never boo my home team. Who in the fuck do you think you are? This is a MESSAGE BOARD, a place where I can come to vent. JP and Brett are not in the middle of bad stretches, hate to be the bearer of bad news. Unless you’re definition of a bad stretch means, they’re play in the majors thus far? I get frustrated with the play and attitude of some guys and you think you have the right to throw me under the whining idiot bus? I am ten times the fan you will ever be and know more about baseball than you could possibly ever know. How could I say that from reading your post? I can’t. Just like you shouldn’t judge me from a general post. I’m sure Lyle Overbay always scans the net for people insulting him on message boards. Fuck off.

        • It’s rather fortunate that you chose a Saturday to refer to this site as a ‘message board’, although just the thought may have awoken Stoeten. Rest in peace Mr. Riggs.

      • @leaguer.

        That’s a ridiculous statement. Yankees players are subject to much more vitriol from the fans when they underperform. I suggest you readany newspaper in NY & look at what they say about Alex Rodriguez.

  79. Melky’s now slashing .350/.370/.510 in May, which is looking a lot like the .346/.390/.516 he put up last year.

  80. Trade JPA trade JPATrade JPA trade JPATrade JPA trade JPATrade JPA trade JPATrade JPA trade JPATrade JPA trade JPATrade JPA trade JPATrade JPA trade JPATrade JPA trade JPATrade JPA trade JPATrade JPA trade JPATrade JPA trade JPATrade JPA trade JPATrade JPA trade JPATrade JPA trade JPATrade JPA trade JPATrade JPA trade JPATrade JPA trade JPATrade JPA trade JPATrade JPA trade JPATrade JPA trade JPATrade JPA trade JPATrade JPA trade JPATrade JPA trade JPATrade JPA trade JPATrade JPA trade JPATrade JPA trade JPATrade JPA trade JPATrade JPA trade JPATrade JPA trade JPATrade JPA trade JPATrade JPA trade JPATrade JPA trade JPATrade JPA trade JPATrade JPA trade JPATrade JPA trade JPATrade JPA trade JPATrade JPA trade JPATrade JPA trade JPATrade JPA trade JPA

  81. How the fuck did he ever hit .336 in the PCL?
    FFS, they must have a lot of guys like Josh Towers with 79MPH “fastballs” for him to get that high average which obviously came about because he wasn;t striking out 15 times a week. Geez

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