Jose Canseco #44

Some rather funny stuff from late last night, east coast time, at least, on Twitter, as the Rob Ford crack-smoking scandal– the Rob Ford crack-smoking scandal (sorry, not sure how many times I’m going to get to write that)– was exploding across the internet.

You see, it would seem that Jose Canseco– who you may remember from his 46 home run, 29 stolen base, club record 159 strikeout, .836 OPS season with the Blue Jays in 1998, or, more recently, from his blatherings about becoming the next mayor of this fair city– doesn’t particularly like our current mayor.

He demonstrated this through a number of tweets in the wake of the Gawker piece about the alleged existence of a video of Ford smoking crack (which was also written about in the Toronto Star, who appear to have been working on a bigger piece on it but were scooped by their American competition). Thing is, dislike him as he might, he doesn’t quite bothered to learn the mayor’s name:

A sad man, even a powerful, ignorant, buffoon of a sad man, getting heavy into bad drugs isn’t really all that entertaining to me– fascinating, politically and voyeuristically, as it may be– but a sad man chirping a guy whose name he doesn’t even know? Hilarious!

Canseco, as you may remember from a piece Ben Johnson wrote for us back in January, will have a tough time ever becoming the mayor of Canada’s biggest city, but good on him for continuing to hump this ridiculous dream.

And if for some reason you really care to see it, by the way, apparently Gawker is trying to get people to donate so that they can come up with the $200,000 being asked for to buy the clip from the drug dealers who hold the video in their possession. Journalism!

Oh, and… uh… Taiwan’s Next Media Animation is all over this already. So… why not?

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  1. Wow

  2. I agree with the sadness, Stoeten.

    At first, I was all “BWAHAHAHHAAAAA”, but then I was all “this mother fuckers gonna die and leave his children fatherless.”

    Canseco = riots.

  3. I have to think people are going to come together to pony up that $200k.

    I wonder how this will affect his re-election prospects, we’ve seen a mayor survive getting caught smoking crack before.

    • Which one was that?

      • DC’s Marion Barry in the 90s. Here’s an account of his rise and fall I found on CNN from 2005:

        (I’ve pasted a TLDR version here)


        In January 1990 Barry’s political reign came to an abrupt halt when he was caught on video in an FBI sting operation smoking crack cocaine with a woman at the Vista Hotel. The incident — played over and over on cable television — produced what is perhaps the most memorable quote of Barry’s long career: “The bitch set me up.”

        Barry was convicted on a charge of misdemeanor drug possession and served six months in prison.

        Barry has many staunch supporters, who view him as an activist and a champion of the poor. In 1992 he was once again elected to the Washington, D.C., City Council, and two years later, elected mayor again.

        His fourth term as the city’s leader was overshadowed by allegations of financial wrongdoing, and Barry decided not to run again in 1998.

      • Marion Berry

      • Marion Barry? I can’t think of any others.

    • I’m sure there are charitable organizations that could put 200k to a better use than giving it to local drug dealers. But sadly, I’m sure this will get its money. And then the donors will fail to vote in the next election.

    • I sort of hope they don’t. Fairservice made a good point on his twitter feed:

      Drew FFF ‏@DrewGROF
      Hey @gawker, please don’t give $200000 to drug dealers who live a short bus ride from my kids. Regards and go fuck yourselves, Drew

      • Ironically, I could see Ford and his allies accusing the nebulous ‘Left’ of giving $200k to drug dealers simply to see him out of office, in an attempt to galvanize his base – and I could see that strategy working in a re-election bid given how polarize things have become these days.

        Don’t count this man out until he’s out.

      • I understand where Drew’s coming from, to be sure.
        But there’s no way these guys are sticking around once the video comes out. Ford is a buffoon, but he’s a powerful buffoon and he seems the kind of guy to seek some sort of crack-fueled vengeance.

        Their flight is assured.

  4. You don’t have to be a citizen to run for mayor? Really. Throw my hat in the ring.

  5. Stoeten, are you doing a post on the Kawasaki article in SI?
    Might be good for a few larfs.

  6. Holy shit it’s not sad at all; everyone knows that amphetamines and opiates take over your life and lead to a slow, sad death. With this prior knowledge, it’s a conscious decision to fuck your life up, whereas 90% of the people on this planet don’t even have a choice on how fucked up their lives are.

    I’ve been around people with crack, and have been offered the opportunity to participate, and listened to my better sense, choosing not to participate; I’ll never feel bad for someone’s choices.

    • People make all kinds of bad decisions consciously. Doesn’t mean you deserve the outcome.

    • Congratu-fucking-lations.

      • Thanks Stoeten, but I don’t think I was expecting to be patted on the back; that’s tantamount to applauding me for not drinking poison every day.

        And yes, I grasp the depth of your sarcasm.

    • Congratulations on being flawless. When the guy takes a jammer and kicks it, it’ll still suck for his kids.

      • Speaking on one narrow issue is hardly proclaiming myself perfect.

        It’s crack cocaine guys. Everyone knows you don’t smoke crack! It’s like that first time you decided to put the needle into your arm with heroine in it; what could possible make you think that was a good idea knowing what we know?

        I think making mistakes is human, but the magnitude of those mistakes definitely matters.

        And if you’re gonna start getting all bleeding heart on me about his kids, well then we better tell him to lose 150 lbs too.

        • Go hang out at the National Post

        • Haha *heroin. I’d definitely not think twice about injecting some Joan of Arc.

        • Moseby we agree doing crack is stupid. But the leap from there to having no sympathy for him is callous.

          • I suppose you could call it callous, but I still haven’t received my apology from the Toronto Blue Jays front office for what they put me through in April, so I’m just expressing my sadness.

    • I can only speak for myself and my experiences when referencing.

    • There goes my hero, watch him as he goes

    • Oh for fuck’s sake here we go with all the people who don’t think personal responsibility is important. Who gives a shit about integrity, discipline, ambition, or dignity? Let’s just all do crack then and let the world feel sad for us. Wah fucking wah.

      • Thanks for all the Baseball chatter moseby,
        i think you’re on the wrong website

        • Did you read the post david?

          • Hey i’m not upset,
            this is where I come to read about baseball and remind myself of the stark realities of crack cocaine.

          • Did you?
            What Stoeten said was “A sad man, even a powerful, ignorant, buffoon of a sad man, getting heavy into bad drugs isn’t really all that entertaining to me– fascinating, politically and voyeuristically, as it may be”

            I don’t see any apologies for drug users in there. He just said it’s not entertaining to him. And I’m inclined to agree, as much as I find everything Ford doesn kind of sadly entertaining in a way. It’s sad to see someone make shitty decisions and otherwise ruin their lives. That doesn’t excuse it, but it’s still sad. It’s especially sad when there are kids involved.

            • well put.

            • Well then I guess we have to apologize to the children cause he made the choice to even have them in the first place, knowing that he was gonna be a sad, fat fuck?

              If we were talking about the children, then I could understand, but we aren’t. I’m merely pointing out that it’s not fucking deserving of empathy, pity, or sadness when all he’s done so far is smoke some fucking crack. He’s an idiot. He’s not dead, his kids still have their dad.

              Let’s try to keep it in reference with what actually happened instead of what might fucking happen.

              Sure, he might not find it entertaining, but he made a post about it. On a blog. Where people comment. I’m sure he considered it might create some discourse.

              • i’m glad we covered this off,
                next week we’ll be looking at the value of sacrifice bunts and abortions

  7. THis whole thing is bizarre. I mean, I always thought crack was the drug for like poor people and dirt bags. You would think the mayor could at least afford to freebase. So fucked up, but I am willing to bet true.

  8. The best part is when he appearently calls Justin Trudeau a Fag. Yeah 0k there Escobar, thats no way to talk about our future PM.

  9. does he still have the club record for strikeouts? I just sort of figured Kelly Johnson would have stolen the crown.

  10. We’re all getting sued

  11. To be honest my only concern is who would provide more entertainment value for tax dollars…my vote is for Jose, but Rob is doing a very admirable job in his own right.

  12. I will warn our mayor here in Kelowna as I see Canseco is doing an autograph session through West Coast Authentic on Saturday, June 1.

    Kelowna, BC is awesome in the summertime. Love tourists for our economy BUT not wacky tourists like Canseco OR Rob Ford:(

  13. Don’t ask me how I know, but I can tell you with assured certainty that Rob Ford loves cocaine.

    Smoking crack is a natural extension of cocaine use because one can attain a similar high with in a “cleaner” way (no drip etc.).

    So…. um….. yeah….. end of story time.

    • Dude are you kidding me? Smoking crack is 1 million % not a natural extension of dong coke. I know many, many sane, normal, succesful ppl who will partake in a bump or two on a night out with friends that would be horrified at the thought of doing crack.

      Thats like saying because someone enjoys a beer, then drinking a quart of vodka in on night is a “natural extension”

      Most adults understand moderation.

      • Wow, you are talking about cocaine like its weed. It’s not. Cocaine in moderation can still cause your intracranial vessels to constrict and stroke you out. Noone every stroked out on weed by itself.

        • Not everything the Drug Czars tell you at school is correct. Often its a flat out lie.

          Coke is stimulant, same as caffeine. Stronger sure, but there are lots of normal ppl who can and do partake with no ill effects, and without escalating the amount they use.

          Anyways, not saying there are not risks. My main comment was that there is a huge gulf between coke and crack.

      • The examples you cited enjoy a bump or two……

        The fellow I was referring to, at one time at least, was much, much beyond a bump or two.

        The levels of use are a huge distinction.

  14. Oh, I’m sorry, I thought this was a fucking baseball blog…

  15. That video where he runs over the guys on bikes and reverses to hit the last rider is damn funny.

  16. Thing is, dislike him as he might, he doesn’t quite bothered to learn the mayor’s name


  17. And don’t backhand Gawker for its journalistic integrity or lack thereof; it’s a blog much like your own, and we all know how much you adore comparisons between your content and journalism!

  18. Big series this weekend against the douches that reside in NY. I keep checking this blog for insight.

    Although disapointed in the lack of baseball information here today I now appreciate the diferences between coke and crack.

  19. must have smoked after the leafs game…

  20. “A sad man, even a powerful, ignorant, buffoon of a sad man, getting heavy into bad drugs isn’t really all that entertaining to me”

    This is completely entertaining to me. I simply can not wait to see what happens next to this guy. I mean, seriously. This guy is off his rocker.

    The whole magnet on the car video? As if he is not cracked right up there. Hello?

    What is next Rob Ford, what is next?

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