Toronto Blue Jays v Detroit Tigers

Big Hirok happens. Dreams of climbing to four games below .500 fell by the wayside on account of the Blue Jays getting owned by Hiroki Kuroda last night, which isn’t all that surprising seeing how Big Hirok pretty much owns everyone. Thus, here we are putting our faith in the rested back of Brandon Morrow as he’s set to face David Phelps and the Yankees in game No. 2.

I gotta say, Mark Buehrle wasn’t entirely shitty last night. I mean, we could be looking at a 4-0 loss as opposed to a 5-0 loss had Melky Cabrera not resembled a drunk bison roaming around the outfield while Brett Gardner stretched a maybe-double into a triple. Anyway, that’s enough about last night.

Morrow is coming off some extra rest due to a nagging back injury, but his last start was rather promising considering he made into this thing they call the eighth inning. Rarely charted territory for the 2013 Blue Jays starting staff.

The shitbags counter with Phelps. The right-hander has made three consecutive starts after beginning the season as a reliever. He’s nothing to scoff at, but he ain’t Hiroki fucking Kuroda either. How ’bout some bats today, ok?


Shi Davidi updates Jose Reyes’ recovery, noting that he could begin to field grounders as early as next week. He’s nowhere near ready for a rehab assignment yet, though. Reyes tells Davidi that he will be ready for some game action once he’s able to run the bases without issue.

The National Post has a great feature on Brett Lawrie’s swing via John Lott.

John Gibbons plans to send Chad Jenkins out to start on Monday, with staff ace Ramon Ortiz throwing on Tuesday, as Barry Davis notes in a tweet.

In a separate tweet, Barry Davis passes along a bit from Gibbons, who says that Melky will be in LF today but Bonifacio could be a late-innings replacement if it’s tight game. I suppose that’s an upgrade in the defensive speed department.

The Yankees have won the Reid Brignac sweepstakes, Jon Heyman reports.

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.comAnd for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app

Toronto Blue Jays

LF Melky Cabrera (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
C J.P. Arencibia (R)
DH Adam Lind (L)
3B Brett Lawrie (R)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
SS Maicer Izturis (S)
2B Emilio Bonifacio (S)

Brandon Morrow RHP

New York Yankees

CF Brett Gardner (L)
2B Robinson Cano (L)
LF Vernon Wells (R)
DH Travis Hafner (L)
1B Lyle Overbay (L)
RF Curtis Granderson (L)
3B Jayson Nix (R)
SS David Adams (R)
C Austin Romine (R)

David Phelps RHP

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  1. I can’t believe the dodgers just let Big Hirok walk.

  2. The Jays get OWNED by any decent pitching. Mark Buehrle destroyed them last year… 7 innings, 7 strike outs, 0 runs.

    The Jays simply cannot hit any decent pitching, period. That’s just the way it is. If only runs from games could be banked for other ones, maybe this team would make the playoffs one day.

  3. was before the new group, led by Magic, that have a bottomless pit of $$$ that signs everyone now. The previous guy, Mccourt, had money probs with his ex wife and the dodgers dumped many players, besides Hiroda, including Furcal among others

  4. Why the fuck are we running JPA in the cleanup spot again . Its as if GIbbons wanted to tantalize us by moving up JB and EE to 2, 3 and then pulled the PSYCHE move by sticking in out machine at four. Id actually rather have almost anyone on the roster there.

  5. Brignac will rake for the Yankees. It’s a lock sadly

  6. agreed. Bad choice to have a terrible OBP guy, and strike out machine, in a position where many times a ball in play will generate a run, especially early in the game. JPA is so easy to SO, I think I could still do it at my age. Once he has one strike on him , he will swing at anything. TWO Fukin walks all year from the so called clean-up hitter? Preposterous!
    Have you ever notice how many balls out of the strike zone, he swings at?? He has to be at the top of the league in that dubious category. Fuk, Lind got more walks in one game, than this cunt has all year. Bat the cunt 8th , before KAwasaki and that’s it, FFS

    • @fukstick

      I agree that JPA should not be hitting cleanup.

      Why can’t the Jays put Lind at Cleanup against RHP?

      Lind knows how to take a walk this year.

      JPA is HR or Strikeout.

  7. not that this post is an official recognition of anything in particular buuuuuut

    Ramon Ortiz should print this out and frame it

    ‘Staff Ace’ is not something he’s gonna be called to often in the future amirite?

    he deserves though :(

  8. Why the hell is JP hitting 4th over Lind?

  9. Nice! 2 walks! Maybe JPA will learn and also ta… hahahahahahahhahaahaha

  10. Huh…he struck out

  11. Sweet JPA struck out.

  12. Good job Bautista. Guaranteed that comes back to haunt us.

  13. Anybody surprised that granderson has never won a gold glove?
    Also, I’m finding it interesting that phelps threw 23 pitches in the first inning and blue Jays batters only swung the bat 6 times. Looks like the Jays are going to work phelps today.
    P.s. shocked that jpa just struckout.
    P.p.s. shocked that the Jays are having giant lapses in concentration again. They are constantly shooting themselves in the foot. First inning: strikeout when getting hit by a pitch and getting picked off with a runner in scoring position, and arguably your best hitter at the plate sitting on a 3-1 count.

  14. Quick throw to beat the speedy Overbay

  15. Looks like they closed off the undersides of bridges today so we’re stuck with jesuscristo for the afternoon.

    Keep your fingers crossed for his heart attack.

  16. Morrow has taken 22 pitches to get through 2 innings.

    Very positive sign there.

  17. Bonifantastico!

  18. Bonerfacio’s first fair bunt?!

  19. Always late, but worth the wait…

    Morrow looks good today – I like that.

    • Welcome

    • Are you wearing any evil empire paraphernalia today bean?

      • No – I’m wearing a Dragonball Z t-shirt + have all my Yankees gear tucked away in the armoire, so I cannot be blamed for them taking the lead. My Blue Jays cap is out, even. I did have Yankees stuff on my person last night though. Sorry about that.

  20. Fuck

  21. Edwin is a good teammate. He just wanted to save JPA from further embarrassment of blowing another rally.

  22. Someone needs to teach JPA how to frame bitches.

  23. so that’s what a timely hit looks like

  24. This game is over.

  25. Inevitable negative jesuscristo post incoming.

    • I see I’m too late.

      • He cues them up in advance.

        • The team record is 17-25. The payroll is pushing 120 million. What is there to be positive about?

          • 5 shut outs so far this year… most in the American League. LOVE THAT OFFENSE!

            • The more you post, the more people here feel sorry for you because they realize how pathetic and sad your life must be.

              • wrong damn. cristo is pretty bang on from what i’ve seen of this team so far. you just can’t seem to handle it so you’re lashing out like a little child. why dont you go watch junior hockey or something.

          • How about they’ve won 7 of the last 11?
            There’s lots of game left to play.
            Not to mention lots of season left.

            • I’m legitimately wondering when we will see this team compete again.

              You realize they can’t put away a Yankees team of players like Nix, Adams, Romine, Suzuki, Wells and Overbay? This is the weakest the Yankees have been in years… and the weakest they will be in years.

              The only significant offensive injury the Jays has is Jose Reyes. Even with Reyes in the lineup, the team was not exactly setting the world on fire/putting themselves ahead of the pack.

              Many of the Jays best players are only getting further and further from their primes.

  26. Fuck off Buck and Tabby…geez those assholes make losing so much more miserable.

  27. Fuck Arencibia is horrible to watch when he slumps, which is like 2/3 of the time

  28. meow!

  29. I can’t understand why they have Thole rotting in AAA, Blanco has negative value and Thole can catch Dickey, they need every win they can get, every advantage and they’re pissing opportunities away.

  30. Watching Melky limp around in LF truly is a painful experience.

    They’re going to fuck him up long term if they don’t stop.

  31. That boy has a pink iPhone!
    Additionally, bone face is “gonna bunt that ball in YO FACE!

  32. Joke park

    • Last I checked the Blue Jays were playing in the same park today. Let’s see some jokey dingers then, boys.

  33. We broadcast full of dildos in our asses during the entire game. This is why we talk like we do.

  34. Eat flaming death, Cano.

    • A little extreme SP but I feel your pain.

      • It’s the American “right of self-defense” RADAR.

        They also call it reasonable force, defensive force, even deadly force.

        • But isn’t Cano one of the more likeable Yankees? Or “likeable” at least? It’s all relative. I get that hitting two homeruns today won’t get him any new non-Yankee fans. But he’s not A-Rod?

          • He’s ruining my peace of mind.
            He’s raining on our parade.
            He’s pissing on us from a great height.

            I’m not inclined to pump his tires at the moment.

            • Gotcha. Maybe after this series we can calmly + rationally discuss who are the most tolerable of the Yankees. Even I don’t like most of them.

            • Oh + “pump his tires” sounds so risque. I kinda love it.

  35. Ok cue Buck and Tabby telling us how fucking wonderful Cano is…

    • Right after they sing Happy Birthday to Reggie.

    • Jays hitters can’t be expected to score runs or hit Big Hirok, he’s too good.

      Jays pitchers can’t be expected to stifle Cano, he’s too good.

      Exactly how does this team make the playoffs again?

  36. Guess we got dogshit Morrow pitching today. Was hoping for good Morrow.

    • If you remove Cano from the Yankees lineup, it’s a 1-1 game and we’d be talking about how we got good Morrow today.

      • Guess what? You can’t just REMOVE good players from a team and play this fucking hypothetical game. You have to face these players. Fucking intentionally walk them if you can’t handle them… I’d much rather put Cano on base every single at bat than have him put up multiple dingers.

        The Blue Jays need to learn the play against big leaguers… not just pad their stats against AAAA.

  37. Jesuscristo, should JP be gone?

    • JPA is a really streaky hitter. Not every player on your team needs to be fucking Edwin Encarnacion, but when you start carrying multiple, one-dimensional hitters, you get fucking exposed.

      Boner, Maicer, Lawrie, JPA, etc, etc, have been disappointing as fuck. You cannot rely on any of them for any sort of production. You get some windfall every now and then… and that’s about it.

      • Jp is a one dimentional batter. Always has been. Bone and iz have not been very good. Just not what was advertised. Good bench utility guys that’s all. As for Lawrie he’s 22. Not everyone can be fucking harper or trout. He’s feeling his way. His ba is up and he’s starting to hit the ball hard he just needs time. He’s got allstar type skills and just needs experience to get there.

        • His BA is .198.

          If you’re not Harper or Trout, don’t fucking walk around like you are. Learn some fucking humility and learn how to fucking hit.

  38. Great job, Morrow! Good teams routinely give up multiple homers to the same guy with two outs!

  39. I wish the Jays had guys like Wells, Francisco, Overbay, Nix… maybe then we would be as good as the Yankees…

  40. this fucking team doesn’t have a chance in shit to win 70 games. it’s over.

    65-97 baby, way to go AA, you really did a great job, a hell of a team you came up with.

    you know what I love, another Boston New York ALCS in 2013. Fuck me, I’m switching to following the NL, at least it’s less predictable.

    • I feel the same way, but i’ll never pull a fucking Parkes. What a shitbag.

      It’s pretty fucking depressing that the Jays no longer have a farm system to look forward to.

      Hoping for a competitive team by 2018.

  41. The Man from Muncie continues to impress.

  42. A year or two ago I would never imagine saying this, but why the fuck ISN’T Lind batting cleanup in this lineup?

    More importantly: who ISN’T more qualified to be in that spot over Arencibia right now?

    • Learn some line-up construction. You put your strike-out-mostingest hitter in the 4th spot.

    • Everyone is more qualified right now, he’s shaping up like last year where it’d good month followed by a month where he’s almost unplayable.

  43. They stink. STFU … morons.

  44. Where were all of you when we were on a pretty nice looking four game win streak. If your really a fan we should see you posting positively when were playing well as well as posting when we suck.

  45. This appears to be the series we may look back on and decide this is where the season ended.

  46. Relax.. it’s early.. still 3/4 of the season to go.

    Only 11 teams to pass for that last wild card!

    • Trade everyone. Complete rebuild.

      • We could start the rebuild by trading for the current Cy Young winner,the 2012 AND the 2011 batting champions,the guy who hit the most homeruns since Sept 2009 and a good defensive 1st baseman who can hit us 40 dingers.
        That’d be an okay start.
        If it were only possible.

        • Have you give up assets to get assets.

          These players not helping us win championships or even make playoff appearances. Fuck, they aren’t even helping us stay out of last place. This means that they are completely wasted on the Blue Jays roster. They should be traded to obtain assets that will help the Jays when they are legitimately ready to compete.

        • +1

        • Jeez, Louise (er, RADAR)
          I’m feeling your pain now.
          These negative Nancys bite the big one.

        • Love it Radar!

          • The problem is that the rebuild was rushed. AA did not exercise proper patience.

            Now we have a dogshit roster and a dogshit farm. Essentially, the Jays are starting all over again.

            Loria just cockslapped the Jays and is laughing all the way to the bank with those massive savings.

            Before you make some dumbshit comment, check and see how many playoff appearances/World Series wins the Marlins have in the last two decades.

            The Marlins know how to rebuild properly.

            • The Marlins also know when it is time to cut bait with underperforming, shitty players.

              • So how’s that workin for the 2013 Marlins?

                • Most teams are not competing every single fucking year. Not even the best ones.

                  I’m asking for a fucking PLAYOFF BERTH in 20 fucking years. That isn’t too much to ask, is it?

                  They are in a rebuild year… they understand how to properly manage the ebbs and flows of baseball… I’m certain they will be competing before the Blue Jays.

                  • If you’ve ben waiting for twenty years,then you must realize the conditions that the Jays were operating under, with ownership,during that time.
                    Learn some history.

                    • Ok? So what do you do, just give them a pass? Stop making fucking excuses for this organization and demand a better fan experience. From the shitty stadium to the crap they put on the field.

                    • Rogers and AA put their money where their mouth is. They are actively trying to improve the on field product and the stadium experience. If the players start slowly, management can hardly be blamed for that. Shit happens and that’s why they play the games.

                • At least the Marlins can expect a #1-#3 pick next year. Good on them.

                  The Jays just wallow in mediocrity rather than obtaining these franchise-defining players.

            • “Before you make some dumbshit comment”
              Pot meet kettle.
              When it comes to snark,you’re out of your league JC.
              Keep tryin.I appreciate your effort.

  47. Gross! That is all.

  48. The team should have a Brett Lawrie policy:

    If he fails to get on base, he’s not allowed a Red Bull for one inning. If he fails to work the count passed 3 pitches, he’s not allowed a Red Bull for 2 innings.

  49. Fucking Ortiz

  50. Lol Lind

  51. Was his ‘inner core’ or his ‘inner idiot’ responsible for that faux pas?

  52. Got a feeling they’ll nick one tomorrow. Rasmus grand slam.

  53. This team is fucking shit, what a poor effort.

    • Well Ian, given that that was your one and only comment for the entire game, I’d say your so-called effort was truly piss-poor.
      Thanks for sharing.

  54. Sorry DJF-ers. I can’t help but feel somehow responsible. Being a Yankees fan is literally the only thing I do right in life, if that’s any consolation.

  55. So tomorrow does Bonifacio lead off? Gotta figure Lind and Arencibia on the bench because of the lefty/Dickey factor.

    Bone LF
    Melky DH
    Bautista RF
    Encarnacion 1B
    DeRosa 2B
    Lawrie 3B
    Izturis SS
    Rasmus CF
    Blanco C

  56. The worst part is that the Jays are single-handedly responsible for this “Yankees are getting it done!” storyline. Yankees are now 8-1 against the Jays this year…that alone has gotten them into first place in the East and above the .500 mark.

    • This team feeds.

    • That’s what I was thinking. Their record against is other is directly why NY is in first and Toronto in last. They’ve only played 9 games and yet those have led to a 7 game difference right there.

    • +1. The yankees would only be a few games above 500 without playing the Jays.

      When I looked at the jays schedule in march, I thought they would be able to beat up on the Yankees . Unfortunately, the opposite has happened.

      I think the Jays may be able to get to 500 by the end of the season. 82 wins would be great at this point.

      Kudos to Melky while playing hurt. Morrow was OK. JPA has the lowest OBP of any catcher at .245. He should not be hitting cleanup. I don’t care if he hits 25 HR a year. He’s a very easy out.

  57. There are six pitchers in the national league that have as many walks as JPA. AA once said that strikeout to walk ratio is one of the stats he feels is most important when it comes to hitters. Has he spoken to JPA about this? Is the pitching coach a-ok with this? I can’t understand how this could happen at the big league level.

    • Also out of all players in major league baseball that have taken two or fewer walks, JPA leads the pack with 150+ ABs and only ONE player even has half as many ABs with the same walk totals. JPA is the single worst player in all of baseball at taking a walk and it really isn’t close at all.

  58. Stilson up to buffalo for you prospect porners

  59. AA is a silent assassin.

    Unfortunately, the only thing he killed was the Blue Jays’ future.

    What a joke he is.

  60. Jays need a 2b badly. Kinsler for Drabek and What’s-his-facio.

  61. 180 posts with 80 of them being jesuscristo the shittiest posting troll on DJF.

  62. This game was lost in the first three inning where we had five baserunners through 6 total outs and yet scored zero runs.

    the star ‘tard of the game goes to Jose bautista for his inexcusable pickoff at 2nd with two on, two out, and our hottest hitter with a 3-1 count.

    jose likes to talk about being affected by umpire mediocrity? he is sub mediocre on the base paths.

    shut the fuck up and play ‘alf

  63. The jays slogan should be: Helping the Yankees make the playoffs since 94!

    Seriously. Just pathetic. The hitters should be embarassed. Its time to send lawrie down to AAA to work on his hitting. Who to replace him? I dont fuckin know but hes not cutting it with the bat. If they DFA’d jpa tomorrow I wouldnt give a shit. Im sick of that bozo. Fucking backup catcher with his .250 obp running his mouth about being a leader. Izturis and boni are not everyday players. Morrow has been a disappointment. 1-8 against the fukcing yankees and their scrubs. Just soooo many disappointments.

  64. You know what is truly amazing with regards to this jays shitty start?

    How not a single player on the entire roster is really playing even slighly above their true talent level.

    Just go peruse any game box scores in either league and you will find two or three guys per team that are playing well above their true talent. Sure those numbers will regress and often regress fast, but these lucky streaks from non star talent are what allows teams to go on little runs.

    look at the yanks with wells…look at the orioles with davis, mcclouth….rays with loney, kelly johnson….just go look at nearly EVERY FUCKING TEAM and you will find a couple guys playing over their heads.

    then look at the jays….everyone play at or below their talent level.

    and that is why we are shitting the bed.

    • JPA is performing at his true talent level, but he fucking sucks. Lind could be performing above. Guys like boni, izturis, and davis just arent that good to begin with.

      • @afdg. Davis is hitting well & he has been OK in the OF. It’s still an adventure to watch him try & catch a baseball hit to him in the OF.

        • Rajai Davis career BA: .270 , 2013: .284
          Emilio Bonifacio career BA: .263 , 2013: .194
          Maicer Izturis career BA: .271 , 2013: .217

          Almost everyone except Rajai is underperforming. And the pitching is just as bad.

    • +1. That’s pretty much true with respect to hitters. Casey Janssen is having a career year.

      . As Stoeten pointed out, Lind looks good this year because Gibby won’t let him hit against LHP.

      Edwin is fine.

    • other than Janssen, who has been light out, I agree with you. +1. So many that are underperforming it’s fukin unreal

  65. I’m still baffled as to how JPA ever hit .336 and won MVP in the PCl-seriously how is that possible? To hit .336 one must put a lot of balls in play and not SO at a ridiculous rate. There was nothing in the marketing BS when they were promoting JPA asa callup that indicated he would whiff at anywhere near this atrocious level-I mean it is becoming borderline farciacal.
    The whole PCL must be filled with Josh Tower clones lobbing in gopherballs for all to whack. Now, Cooper hit .370 and won a batting title down there but at least he looked like a fukin hitter when he has appeared-JPA is really justa SO waiting to happen.
    If I was pitching to the Jays and there became a crucial point in the game, where a SF would beat me, I would walk BOTH Bautista and Edwin to get to that cunt, as he is so easy to SO.
    Some games when the Jays have had JPA and Rasmus batting back to back have been comical with the swings and misses-like a bunch of cane farmers FFS.
    I guess it looks like they will stay with this shit show until the end of June, and go from there on who will stay and so on.
    Like I said before, and I had hoped things would improve, but the season is now turning into a big long audition as to who stays and who goes. The rumour mill will be hot and heavy starting mid June if this BS continues as action will be taken I am sure, to try and keep the fan MOMO going into 2014. We have good players but certainly not a good team and ultimately, THAT is the goal, nothing else.
    Forward Soviet-Nyet, gimme the merlot. Hey Jude, take a sad song and make it better

    • Come on, fukstik.
      You picked the song…

      So let it out and let it in, hey fukstik begin,
      You’re just waiting for someone to perform with
      And don’t you know that it’s just you, hey fukstik, you’ll do
      The movement you need is on your shoulder.”

      Two (2) games ago, most of us (including you, I suspect) were best pleased. 7 of 11 (if you credit RADAR’s counting stats. I ran out of fingers, and polite society forbids me to remove my socks.)

      JP has been JP all season–he is what he is, and makes absolutely no excuses for his glaring faults. He has no sense of self, but that’s no sudden surprise. Deal with it.

      You know full well that a GM needs partners to deal with, and there are basically none at present. So yes, it will take time, as it always does. This is no surprise either.

      You call players fukstiks, demand they be immediately jettisoned, then express surprise that “the season is now turning into a big long audition as to who stays and who goes.” Quelle surprise.

      Why on earth would we NOT want the momentum to be carried into the future–this team was NOT put together for one last kick at the cat–we are NOT the Phillies. The good team you so desperately want is still being built right before your eyes (he said hopefully.)

      So gird your loins, fukstik, and “take a sad song and make it better.”

      The Eiffel Tower and the Taj Mahal are mine to see on clear days
      You thought that I would need a crystal ball to see right through the haze

      Well, here’s a poke at you
      You’re gonna choke on it too
      You’re gonna lose that smile
      Beacuse all the while

      I can see for miles and miles
      I can see for miles and miles
      I can see for miles and miles and miles and miles and miles
      and miles and miles and miles

      Enjoy your merlot, my friend.

      • Yeah, your right souds. I keep hopin to see forward traction and it really isn’t happening or at least I don’t see a whole lot of evidence of it.
        JPA doesn’t bother me when he bats 8th or 9th as I figure the rest of the line-up can carry him. When he bats 4th, it’s like admitting the rest of the team from 5-9 is horrid, which isn’t completely true because Lind is having a bit of a renaissance( merlot kickin in , think I spelt it right) and Lawrie is certainly not achieved fukstik status yet.
        I dunno, maybe we have to follow the tradng routes to wealth

        Gold Coast slave ship bound for cotton fields
        Sold in a market down in New Orleans…..
        Scarred ol slaver knows he’s doin allright
        Hear him whip the lads in shape around midnight ( i changed the line to be nice)

        I’m still a bit hopeful AA can pull a rabbit (white of course) and maybe we win 16 in a row.
        But then I realize I’m in a dark hole and I just hope it is not an arse.
        As I said, we have a lot of good players ( which form a core to continue building on) but we are not a good team-the numbers do not lie I’m afraid.
        Now back to my merlot and my cellophane flowers of yellow and green.
        Goin to the Vic day game vs Tampa-hope we do well

    • @fukstik

      +1. The focus of the posts should begin to be on the 2013 trade deadline & what can be done to improve the team in 2014.

      Obviously I will still watch the games but I don’t have to worry about whether or not the team will make the playoffs.

      75-85 wins seems to be likely outcome.

      Will the Jays keep Rasmus? Trade him?

      Johnson will probably be gone.

      It would be nice to see thole & Gose.

      Half a season of Reyes would be fun to watch.

    • I like making numbers up too. JPA hit .301 – that’s .301, not .336 – in his career year, which came against minor league pitchers in a hitting environment. Not so hard to see a guy like that lose 60 points off his BA in the majors.

      • No, it shouldn’t. . A young guy on his way up who tears up the minors should not have a drop off of some 70 points+ with no batting eye or idea of how to adjust to pitchers. He was touted as a bonafide up and comer and now looks like a Guiiermo Quiroz with power. Do you think the Orioles would put up with Machado SOing all the time and hitting 75pts below his minor league average all the time? Even if they did , he sure as shit w/n bat 4th

    • JPA’s ‘MVP’ season at Triple A was his second year in Vegas. He certainly did have a good year, but a lot of shine comes off that when you’re repeating the level & you’re in a completely absurd hitters environment. I mean, Randy Fucking Ruiz was the PCL MVP one year too. The year JPA won that award also came on the heels of whatever eye procedure he had to have done – the year before (his 1st in the PCL) was abject & apparently because he couldn’t see shit.

      JPA’s problem – & it’s plagued his entire career…even from before the time he was drafted, is that he has zero discipline. It was the knock on him then & it’s never changed. He’s been unable & even more baffling – UNWILLING to make progress in this regard. He’s so fucking thick headed, he’s convinced himself that he’s somehow a middle of the order hitter…a ‘run producer’ & that taking walks aren’t useful / helpful to the team concept. What a dumbass.

      Hayhurst had a tremendous rant on Baseball Central the other day. He started by comparing the approaches of the much ‘maligned’ & denigrated Rasmus to fan favourite Arencibia. Of course Rasmus comes out far ahead because he can get on base via the walk. Anyways, he lit JPA on fire & it was brilliant. Co-host & noted JPA supporter Jeff Blair had no response. Nothing.

      Jesus Christ. If Adam Lind(!) can at least attempt something resembling discipline, you’d think JPA might see how it can actually benefit the team. But no….it hasn’t registered with Arencibia. Not yet anyways.

      Stupid, stubborn baseball player is stupid.

      • +1.
        You hit the nail. If Lind can finally see the light, and he has gotten more selective, then you would think JPA could smarten up. Does he not realize that virtually all goood “middle of the order” batters need discipline to do well. It would be interesting to hear JPA tell Barry Bonds why he should’nt have walked 120 times+ a year and instead should swing at balls in the dirt and 2 feet wide of theplate. What a fukstik

      • Lind took a lot of walks in ’09…he’s just redefined his focus after a couple of years in the wilderness. Arencibia makes Jeff Francoeur look like Ted Williams.

  66. I choose not to simply accept JPA because we have a better alternative already in AAA in Thole.

    Thole is not a good hitter. He is not even a league average hitter..but he is likely an average hitter for a catcher which is better than JPA.

    You can afford to have a guy like JPA in your lineup when you bury him in the 8 or 9 spot and dont have a ton of other guys in your lineup that are hacktastic.

    As the guy pointed out yesterday our TEAM swing percentage on pitches outside the zone is TEN PERCENT above league average. that is TERRIBLE.

    so as far as our lineup is contructed, a better on base guy like thole would be synergistic to run creation…if we were a lineup of disciplined hitter with no power, then JP would be a better alternative.

    I dont believe in “team chemistry” in the traditional manner, but I do believe that there is something to lineup / batting order synergy and “chemistry” in which the whole becomes greater (or perhaps less than) the sum of their parts.

    guys like JPA, rasmus, Lawrie…they are not good when hitting 3 out of 4 consecutive positions in the order.

  67. JPA has 50 k’s vs 2 bb

    that would be hilarious if it wasn’t on our team

    • It is beyond embarassing. This whole season is a massive disaster. What the fuck? There is no defending this team and there is no defending Anthopolous. We thought he was the baseball ninja. He is a giant shit bag. What a cluster fuck. The Padres have a better record than us.

  68. why the fuck did we just toss aviles away for esmil “thousand guys just like him freely available” rogers?

    aviles is a totally useful player who can play solid ss and 2b…yet we tossed him and banked on reyes not getting hurt and izturis/boni not sucking balls.

    stupid stupid trade

    • Izturis:
      .315 wOBA, 92 wRC+, .271/.333/.379, 5.1 UZR/150 at 2B, 1.6 UZR/150 at 3B, -3 UZR/150 at SS

      .312 wOBA, .89 wRC+, .277/.308/.410, -6.1 UZR/150 at 2B, -19.4 UZR/150 at 3B, 8.9 UZR/150 at SS

      Perhaps because Aviles and Izturis are more or less the same player, except Izturis is a switch hitter. And Rogers was seen as a player who may have figured something out when he was traded to the Cleve last year.

    • Aviles was traded away to avoid any reference to Farrell.
      A bag of balls woulda worked.

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